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CNBLUE Jung Yonghwa and Lee Jungshin Photo Battle, Who’s Win?

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Earlier today, both Yonghwa and Jungshin had “argue” in twitter about whose better in taking photo.

: 제가 찍은 멋진사진!!! 이정신 보고있나?
: 도발하시는거…? 근데 멋있다 나도 곧 올리지…
: 용화형은 보시오. 그저 온몸을 자동차라는 탈것에 맡긴채 누운상태로 발을 창문으로 뻗어 발가락으로 찍긴 하였소만.. 
: @MentalShin 어디서 저장했냐?
: 이정신 보고있나? ?
: @JYHeffect 브라질에서 찍은 사진~~
They did not meantion each other and in the end Yonghwa was mentioning himself LOL
Ps:  Sorry no translation, there no translator available in this site, sadly 😦
Repost by Tara Lee @cnboice 

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