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Yonghwa for Esquire Korea August 2014 Issue

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A woman I knew like Jung Yong Hwa.
A man who was mature in manner and attire. Reason was to stimulate singing skills, a man that has been recognized not only for his singing skills but also look. . .

So, there was no boundary either Jung Yong Hwa sing or act.
Especially he didn’t change in front of his girlfriend
WHO anyone can’t be Jung Yong Hwa

Photographs by: KIM CHAN

If we look at Jung Yonghwa’s appearance a few months ago <RADIO STAR> it leave us with some dipped impact. Jung Yong Hwa appeared as CN Blue Leader along with all members, they were consistently displayed his leadership through words. Seconds before debut, through drama <You’re Beautiful> he received attention and increased his popularity, Jung Yong Hwa went to lead CNBLUE, but recently all the members also not only displaying their singing skills but also their acting skill was gaining recognition, Jung Yong Hwa “share” less than before. Successful dramas which starred Jung Yong Hwa, made main topic to <RADIO STAR> and leading to persistent attack from MC. We don’t know what inside Jung Yong Hwa heart, he gave surprising answers. “I like when everyone succeeded” kind of decent answer or “Because of that I am different” expression of hot handsome young man ambition topped answer.

When he went to the studio, Jung Yong Hwa suffered some lip injury. Recently he is busy filming season Sunday TVN Drama <The Three Musketeers>. <The Three Musketeers> is based on 19th century fiction writer Alexander Dumas < The Three Musketeers>. Unattended Artificial Joseon Dynasty in Gangwondo as background, a man from a poor household went to Seoul, challenger “Park Dal Hyang” and The The Musketeers “Crown Prince So Hyeon” they both escorting ‘Heo Seung Po’ for free , to meet ‘Ahn Min Seo’, Joseon and China to expand elegant to exciting Action Romance plot. That’s for the original D’Artagnan’, in here ‘Park Dal Hyang’. You can say ‘main actor’.

“Yesterday, when I was riding a horse during filming, I got a little bruise.”

It was a wobbling sensation. For Park Dal Hyang role, I grew my hair, got tanned for my skin by staying in the province and also building muscle. That the recipe to be a man. Those marks three times filming <The Three Musketeers>.

“Although it my first time doing historical drama, it was fun.” On variety too, I like doing <Running Man> that requires motion, because there are action made me like it more. My body is not hurt at all. In words I could say, even though I fall from riding a horse, a bit hurt but I am not offended at all.”

After a long time, Jung Yong Hwa chose man oriented production drama <The Three Musketeers>. Predecessor  <Mirae’s Choice>, <You’ve Fallen for Me> etc, are romance oriented, through his previous drama appearance, he casted by variety show <Running Man> and also doing other contest programs.

“Latest teaser video has been shot. It is also the first time for us The Three Musketeers and I gathered in front of camera together. All four of us shot and monitor the scenes, and then we worried for nothing. Later it’ll go well, if someday our thoughts scattered, it is already frown in the beginning though.”
Manly Man Park Dal Hyang.

“The character of D’Artaganan in British drama is a heavy role; Yong Hwa <The Three Musketeers> is bright but in this drama looks like a Rock Star. I hate things like obtaining pride, although there must be some tough adult staff in the corner. In countryside, a kid that placed first will be overflowing with confidence when they came to Seoul. So, I want also want to upgrade when starting The Three Musketeers. I also expect transformation after doing this drama.”

Innocent and funny man is appealing enough to attract viewers. Since I was a kid, I also have a girl that I adore and one sided love romance. Through words, receiving love from public is enough in general; a character who likely to give a gift set might be one of them.

“Sure.” Would have been because of second season, it feels like US drama. But now greed about getting high rating has been tossed out. To tell you the truth, until now it also the first time for drama even before shooting happens to have that kind of thoughts, I pour nerves in this production. Since I was a child I really like the story <The Three Musketeers>. Our <The Three Musketeers> team groups have Katalk Room. Until season 3, not getting hurt and together till the end, that’s our pledge.”

Lee Jin Wook, Yang Dong Geun, rookie Jung Hae In, each of them has their own assumption. Jung Yong Hwa is the maknae. Whereas I have the courage as the leader of CNBLUE, I played the role in silence and performed.

“Now each of other members has their own location. So till now every time I pack my bags my heart relieved. Instead I have to be better than other members. People give interest and we being recognized by many people, I thought about it.”

Twenty six years old, Jung Yong Hwa’s brand and worrisome, slowly making shape.

“However we see celebrity hits there none like actor-celebrity-singer. But if we looked back . . . Short after debut, until last year I cannot forget how I receiving lots of love, that’s increased sort of obsession. But started this year, no tight schedule and I am feeling comfortable with it? My stress level decreasing a lot and starting happy thoughts. Idol feeling started to fade, when I do music I do music, when I do acting I acted.”

Jung Yong Hwa as D’Artagnan, fans giving new nickname Hong Gil Dong and combined it to “Yong Gil Dong”. Rushing in the east, flashing on standing, it looks like busy that much.

“It’s been approximately 5 years after debuting. Really no spare time I want to run away. One day I think to that something while ‘watching a person’s and eggs indeed be great as much’. Even though there are busy filming it is still awkward. Next year, I was thinking of having holiday. In an old time, there is time I was awkwardly ready but bags didn’t appear.”

Among many Hallyu Star, one performer Jung Yong Hwa keeping it simplicity till the end.

“In China I received award for newcomer, I felt happy. When my mom’s friend daughter ask for my autograph? This event might be the happiest among all. Friends like ‘My friend is Jung Yong Hwa’ that kind of proud I like the most.”
Jung Yong Hwa consistently using Busan accent in this interview. Then so this article was recite stitched per stitched.

“Just like Jung Yong Hwa. I hope did this. That boy is really fancy, so what with it? That kind of thoughts point all in terms of . . . That’s how Jung Yong Hwa answered∙∙∙.”

In the rings, Jung Yong Hwa well-toned abs looks like a prince who is full of power.


Trans by Yasmine @ cnboicee

Posted by Linda @cnboicee

Update trans by Tara Lee @cnboicee

Take out with full credits towards The Blue, don’t delete the logo or edit the photos.


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