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CNBLUE Lee Jungshin on Ceci Magazine 2014 October Issue

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Through the released of drama “The Temptation” Lee Jung Shin and Kim So Young met, seemed like reaching sort of ‘sweet less’ parallel theory’s prime.

“While not working means receiving lots of stress.” So fearful personality grew but as time goes by I am becoming more courageous. It is not an important time seeing my major commitment to them all. Sometimes when cameras off I still want to run and play like usual high schooler, I missed that time.

If there is a time machine, I should go to 40 years old Lee Jung Shin. Together with my wife, kids pursuing a happy home, I want to see that side of Lee Jung Shin.


CeCi: When the camera off a few times Jung Shin gave different suggestions. Is it usual for you to appeal actively giving your own feedback?

Jung Shin: I am sure that I am on a doctor expression. I like things like taking pictures also have interest in pictorial shooting. Today I want to do sexy feel pictorial. I got inspiration from Kimura Takuya pictorial for today’s concept that includes rose and water, that’s where gentle emotion collected through close up shoot.

CeCi: The drama which you shoot together “The Temptation” is coming to an end soon. During that time, did the two of you get closer?

*So Young: We align not breathing for two months is enough. First time we met it’s totally awkward! As we getting familiar to each other, Jung Shin always use honorific and so do I can speak easily to each other. After meeting four times, we barely talk comfortably. Even now, when I met Jung Shin he was fully attached to ‘Noona’ words. Jung Shin also has lots of thoughts, just like ‘old kid’.

Jung Shin: Right Man examples. (Smile) It’s always in the beginning, as maknae I am trying to be familiar with everyone, it’s a bit difficult because there are lots of acquaintance who are only one year difference. Although only one year difference, if it’s Hyung, it Hyung, is its Noona, called Noona, that’s how you have to do it.

CeCi: When looked at your SNS, you seemed to be playful with member Jung Yong Hwa.

Jung Shin: Because Yong Hwa Hyung is like my own Hyung, so I feel comfortable enough to make fun of him “Uri Hyung”. Not only on SNS, in the real life have we also done that.

CeCi: In the drama every other impaired seemed to be divided. Jung Shin character Hong Gyu’s girlfriend Sejin called him “Ddorai (Crazy)”, heard through her spit, how about both of your dating style?

Jung Shin: I am not the style that pursuit certain style of dating. I will be throwing jokes and not like Hong Gyu who mistreats her girlfriend. Around front of many people I won’t be please if someone looked down, so nowadays women like cold city guy like Hong Gyu. If I have a girlfriend I will be a caring boyfriend. But to celebrities we usually had a lot of consideration; thought of wanting to be in a relationship seems like huge greed.

CeCi: Aaaa, Stress! What do you do to relieve stress?

Jung Shin: Either taking pictures or talk with my own Hyung (older brother) to loosen stress. Both of us live together so we are ready our ears, although it’s late at night we talk in veranda.

CeCi: Since now you living with your Hyung so your adopted “Simba” and be your companion?

Jung Shin: Oh right. In our house there are three brothers with maknae (youngest), Simba. At first we want a Retriever but it’s too big, the Siberian  that we want is not available. So we choose to raise king (Retriever) that we want to raise long time ago. These days Hyung and I giving overflowing love to Simba.

CeCi: Both of you debut 5 years ago, mid 20s almost passed. What part of you that have been growing since then?

Jung Shin: Part where my obsession to great detail. Not as a perfect performer, but to a perfect performance. My hearts still like a high schooler, time flows for me and what important now I am having heavier responsibility, that’s how process to be an adult.

CeCi How much and which part of you that will praise yourself to be satisfied?

Jung Shin: I want to be generous to everyone, but I am very strict to myself. Through small mistakes I’ll receive great stress, everything that I do I want to give a round of applause but there are part of regrets that made me worry.

CeCi: In the present to myself what I need the most.

Jung Shin: Confidence. I am on the side where deviancy of confidence happens. If I don’t have confidence whatever I do won’t do any right.

CeCi What kind of role that I am greed to have in an agreement immediately?

Jung Shin: A character that needs huge emotional bond.

CeCi: September is Jung Shin’s birthday, October is So Young birthday. Any plans to celebrate it yet?

Jung Shin: In the dorm every time members birthday preparing a cake is a must. On birthday to birthday’s boy with serious voice always said “Big Trouble” then throwing surprised birthday party.

CeCi: When living apart from other members?

Jung Shin: I miss them at that time. When birthday party we just can see other again. The four of us has special relationship.

CeCi: 10 months passed after you shot CeCi 20th first issue. If you could give roses as present, how many will it be?

Jung Shin: 100 roses stalks. Since CNBLUE debuted, every year we’ve joined the bonds. Last year January spread <CeCi>, ‘till now Yong Hwa Hyung still have cover photos pasted in his working room, if we look at our figure at that time, I remember “so old school”.



*note: So Young part only the part she talked about Jungshin

Scanned by susiayh

Trans by Yasmine @ CNBOICE

Scanned posted by Nuru Chan @ CNBOICE

Edited and posted by Tara Lee @ CNBOICE


Author: tara lee

Author @StorialCo and AsianFanfiction. Founder Mr. Galaxy Fanfan House and CNBOICE, co Admin @Indonesianboice. Find my books The Stars | In Between | Through the Lens | Burning Melody at Find me @lanhudiee

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