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[STARCAST] CNBLUE Lee Jung Shin’s ‘Korea’s Next Top Model’?… The day when he went upon runway of ‘Seoul Fashion Week’



A new top model is born?!

Who is that guy walking confidently on the runway getting attention from people and hot responses even by getting photo shoots from the camera?
He’s a possessor of perfect well-proportioned figure and beautiful boy-like appearance that went up on the finale stage again. Isn’t he familiar to you and do you recognize him?
He’s ‘Lee Jung Shin’ of band CNBLUE.
He’s a guy who shakes global fans’ minds as being a charismatic bassist.
He is that Lee Jung Shin who had got favorable comments of ‘Lee Jung Shin, god of emotion’ with his delicate acting skill which showed the ardent mind of thinking about the sister recently!
Lee Jung Shin, who is at the core of Korean Wave being a singer and actor, is also a model that has experienced fashion shows of designer Song Hye Myung’s ‘2011 S/S Seoul Fashion Week’ and designer SONGZIO’s ‘2011-12 F/W Seoul Fashion Week’.
He has got spotlight with his confident catwalk by going up on runway for the third time on October, 17th.
We release the day when he went upon the runway of SONGZIO’s fashion show, ‘2015 S/S Seoul Fashion Week’ from now on~
Lee Jung Shin is standing by showing off his unique charisma from far away before the ordinary clothes rehearsal. Doesn’t he look like he has taken a photo shoot? The red scratch concept which seems it could be bullied that he has chili pepper on his head even looks great. *0*
B.u.t when we looked at it closely, it was just a hairpin which is used for permanent at the beauty shop. He was fixing his hair by putting on red hair pins on both side of his hair for perfect hairstyle. We thought it was a 2015 S/S must-have-item since Lee Jung Shin was putting madam’s hairpin.jpg
So shall we go to the earnest rehearsal scene? GoGo~
Lee Jung Shin is focusing on what the person concerned is saying before going up on the rehearsal stage.
★Beware of heartthrobs★ He’s lowering his waist for the eye level and shoots Lee Jung Shin’s eye-contact!
‘Walking confidently wherever he is~♬’
‘Walking forward by imagining seats full of audiences’
‘This is serious mode, Lee Jung Shin is totally serious’
‘Lee Jung Shin even shines among models’
‘Keeping his facial experience even until he steps out from the runway’
The tension raised more after the real-like rehearsal. We caught the image of ‘mirror prince’ Lee Jung Shin who was checking himself meticulously from the top of his head after getting back to the waiting room.
‘Lee Jung Shin focusing himself in the mirror’
‘Checking until the last with hot pink hand mirror~’
After meticulously checking hair one by one, he finally went upon the runway. Are you ready to appreciate model Lee Jung Shin’s image?
Before going up on stage,
‘Digest chick all-black color easily’
‘Zebra of runway? He also digests zebra pattern perfectly’
‘He also matches well with see-through look~’
Lee Jung Shin got big hands for showing relaxed catwalk like a professional model. We found him gone back to the youngest mode after coming down the stage!
‘Nervous whenever going up on runway’
Lee Jung Shin also got hot interest even at the backstage. There was media’s hot coverage heat and continuous interview scene. ‘Lee Jung Shin, can also speak’
‘I was so nervous. My heart still bounce bounce~’
‘But like a pro, does interview leisurely~’
Finally, Lee Jung Shin’s third model challenge got over.
The last picture is him with designer SONGZIO who invited him~
Designer SONGZIO is known that he’s band CNBLUE’s fan and a reliable helper at the same time. An unexpected relationship? Nope! Actually, Designer SONGZIO and Lee Jung Shin met at ‘2011-12 F/W Seoul Fashion Week’ for the first time and shared a lot of stories about fashion by making time even when they had tight schedule.
Besides, he gave high compliments by replying to the reason why he casted Lee Jung Shin as a model at this show by saying, “I highly assessed his beautiful boy-like appearance and model-like proportion, and his attitude of doing his best in managing himself even at the top status”. Lee Jung Shin also ended warmly by revealing his thoughts, “I feel so honored to go upon the stage of the best designer”~! You will call him again, right~?
‘Let’s meet at the next show again~’
‘Lee Jung Shin’s doppelganger’ has appeared at the fashion show set?!
“Hey, Lee Jung Shin~?”
“Oh, I’m sorry.”
There were these kinds of conversation going on here and there. It was because model Nam Joo Hyuk who is famous for ‘resembling Lee Jung Shin’ also went upon the runway on the same day. Both of them who look like brothers have finally met!
‘With same pose although they do not match it~’
‘Do we really resemble with each other that much?’
★Bonus 2★
We release the video that fully contains the day of Lee Jung Shin’s third runway challenge.
Writing/PictureFNC Entertainment
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  1. Lee Jung Shin is realistic when it comes to modeling .. he’s moves and facial reactions is good .. He looks so handsome.. I LOVE LEE JUNG SHIN EVER..

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