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CNBLUE Jung Yonghwa W Korea 2015 January Interview, “A Single Man”

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Jung Yonghwa put down his responsibility as CNBLUE leader and now preparing for his first solo stage.
As big as holga, see how far those potentials can go.


Last year was said to be one of the most remembered time for Jung Yonghwa. Almost all the trackas in CNBLUE mini album <Can’t Stop> was filled with his self-composed songs, the 5-years-band was successfully transformed and obtained top spot in the popularity chart. First historical drama’s role <The Three Musketeers> of course to that he was meeting new character and widened activities as an actor also meaningful experiences. But in 2015 he still don’t know what is more important turning point. Few weeks before he will be 27 years old musician that is preparing for first solo album through bustling in regular condition. CNBLUE’s music was different to each members taste and fans expectations also self-satisfaction with fairness will be negotiable in the end, its time an attempt for Jung Yonghwa to reveal honest voice. “Compared to CNBLUE, it will be more delicate or harder, although it is needed in the middle of the term I want to try my own key.” Gyeongsang-do accents is lighter than people from the Southern Province and very distinctive made tension and expectation higher. “If I can say for my solo project it will be ‘Dok Bak’, if it turned well its my fault, if it’s not well also my fault with that thoughts my heart feel lighter.” How far can my self-confidence go as a musician I still don’t know either. Soon nearing completion of solo recording as to Jung Yonghwa or to fans whom waited with exciting heart that would be worth to wait for.

A few days ago, CNBLUE just finished Japan Arena Tour that more than 10 thousand fans as audiences mobilized, we heard it was a great success. Scale preparation and investment, formidable time, solitary concert has been held and when it finished I wanted to feel different.
Everytime also feels the same as the drama ended. For more than a month to concert, we’ve been hearing staff insights, it was all exciting time, a few weeks later the feeling still linger.

If you can turn back time while the tour is going on, what do you remember the most?
Having concert in 360 degree circle rotation centre stage. Just before our major debut in Japan, I’ve been seen that once in books, this entire tour experience is surely different. The gap between audiences is close and I am touched how they had an immense and fast reaction.

Before CNBLUE busy in Korea, first debuting as Japan Indie Newcomer. You have fulfil as a Budokan Band now, is there a time when you feel loveable?
We started in a small concert place then slowly moved to bigger place. The dream to held concert like Arena Tour seems like inexplicit. Even just for a moment I want to enjoy to be in this place. But the thoughts of how we can’t steadily grow haunts these days. That would be better if we are not a beginner.

What kind of person Jung Yonghwa is when you first debuting?
However it was, that time was a good time for me. I know nothing so I don’t feel any loss. So I took every challenge with ease. Because I overcame harshness in courage or foolishness, activities becoming more and slowly I felt the burden was increasing.

What kind of burden?
Even when debuting and now too, business is the same. Just before when something is strange, everything will change and becoming hectic. When things turned out to be unfamiliar if boundaries appear, because of many thoughts, in some ways seems losing some courage. Although worried of this and that, now I am more in easy condition.

As a musician, are you feeling suitable in this kind of work?
If I am not a singer I cannot make any selection, I often had this question but I can even imagine it. For me this talent things already makes me happy.

When do you feel the happiest when doing this work?
When setting the stage, also when writing a song I guess. Every doing concerts for two and a half hours, I felt tough it’s true but when looking at the audiences I am gaining a great strength. Composition or lyrics for me it just a fun things to do. If I have side to change to other work, I often thought of things I had till now as a great achievement.

Lots of musician talk about experiences thrilled feeling addictive.
That kind of strong experiences in work must be extremely rare. Sure. A singer’s dream, we think just quite a few can go through it while working. That such a thing and the fact suddenly unbelievably be awed.

This time you are preparing for your first solo album. What is your expectation from this album?
From producing music for CNBLUE, I don’t know when it started just becoming a habit. Through solo activities, I want to relieve what I want to do. So it is an effort to exchange the atmosphere, in a band we can sees as a positive impact.

Jung Yonghwa solo project, how is it different from CNBLUE? Can you give any hint?
Personally, the taste of music is always change. I used to like hard-sound music oriented but not now. CNBLUE album nowadays turn into traditional sound and more lovely. Or be harder. Inside the band I am being watched by others but this time I will go all in and honest ‘till the end. I think you can hear many kind of music as final result.

When you write songs for CN BLUE, band’s colour slowly trying to show and you are in effort to.
Nothing I can do about it. If I do what I want that not what a band is. Other members also has their own taste and mind to keep CNBLUE waited and raised fans expectation. Everybody will have to consider. A few years probably, looking into activities involved, some existing will happen like that.

If you can do solo project, any attempt on attention that you want to do?
I want to do various collaboration. If I made it alone that will be different from CNBLUE, that would make huge difference. With different artist rarely has the chance to exchange and I think this work will expand their acts also. I want to experience different style and get influenced and I think I am surer of what I like.

If we can see CNBLUE discography itself, Jung Yonghwa self-composed songs seems to be more and more. It seems like you have huge greed in making your own song.
Of course, all musician need to think is singer-songwriter. It takes about calling the song is not wrong to criticize the singer. Rather than being greedy, just writing a song is fun. For me, I am the one who knew what will fits me well. That “what” need the help from someone who does not express anything directly but, slowly think that they can express themselves and so. I have lots to say through music.

How old are you when you first write a song?
Third year of junior high. It was due to fragile vague curiosity rather than focusing on music. I want to know how music demo was made so I installed a computer program and also wrote lyrics. I even bought a cheap microphone to do a recording. Till now, that file still safely stored in my computer in my house in Busan. Somehow, I tried to listen it, it not bad (smile). The song was well written or not that’s not what is important. Although I might be amateur at that time, it still has its own charm. I wanted to know new things one by one, even though there are time when I feel I will lose it. Neither now nor that time is a failure. Its good think to know a lot but sometimes you just need to go with your feeling.

What was the content of your song that you wrote on 3rd year of Junior High?
The title was ‘Easy Love’ (smile). It’s an easy love. I don’t know what’s on my mind when I wrote the song. Lyrics also didn’t make sense just funny. But it still has some feel in the midst.

What kind of feel?
Well, the feeling of making a fart … ?

I feel more curious of that song than your new album. In fact, this solo album project it’s not your first individual activities. In Korea, you first debuted as an actor, up till now you still steadlily doing music and acting.
Drama one by one, I felt success and also failing rather than dwelling it is better to build long-term career. While I was away doing another field of activities, the important standard in my work is starting anew. It is fun because actor and singer are different. When I finished with one production, achievement were different, it is not for the person named Jung Yonghwa but to the character that I played, it feel interesting. It is a special fun to live as different person.

We often met a great character in the drama, but it feels unreal.
That’s why people mistook me as that kind of person.

How is Jung Yonghwa in real life?
I think I have more charm than in the drama. Haha!

This year <The Three Musketeers> Park Dal Hyang character certain a different character. Even its historical drama. It also seems to be a different experience.
It is a first time I tried digesting historical drama till action. I am feeling proud of myself. It’s not easy. When I think that we were nearing the end of the filming, finally it came to an end. However, I find it hard to forget because it has to be easier.

Historical drama has a distinctive dialect that not easy to adapt right?
It was awkward at first and slowly it’ll be more comfortable. In the future, when I do different work in narration, historical “Jjo” will come out.

You are a Busan native. Which one do you think is harder, to learn a historical accent or dialect speech?
There is a standard for accompanying actors but in fact the answer to conduct the speech in historical drama is none. We directly live in Joseon Period and we didn’t know if it right or wrong. Specifically, we add our own interpretation. Correction for dialect is different. Because there is a distinctive standard for Chinese, Tigger will fly soon. I am the type of person who can follow well so when it really helped when I fixed my speaking in dialect.

We’ve seen you gave a classy impersonator in television.
Even when I am abroad, rather than saying that I am good at speaking in reality, they will be saying that I’m good.
Like CNBLUE, it’s quite rare for all band members tried as an actor. Did you guys monitor each other well?
Because of our schedule, we cannot give any comment when the drama airing. We couldn’t see it but something like each give spoiler?

Do you guys didn’t have any talk on how dealing with acting?
Rarely. The answer is not who had good acting, it can pointed out the good and bad and sometimes when we do it’s all about each pride, you know.

If you ever have thoughts of “In acting, I am the best”.
Of course not. But first, I am the main actor and other members still supporting actor … Haha, just kidding. But there is such thing. I didn’t mean that main actor is more important than supporting actor but the higher role you get the greater burden you had. If I’m not doing well is it because I am lacking something. It becomes a worry.

It seems like you are undertaken by burden and courage at the same time.
Because I felt lots of burden as I’m doing work I have to gather courage. It also because I am leader and eldest “hyung” in CNBLUE. But in my house I am a ‘maknae’.

What kind of youngest son are you?
I have lots of aegyo and speak much.

Busan man known to be blunt and had old prejudices.
I think it’s because of our way of speaking. To tell you the truth people in Gyeongsangdo are really talkative. (smile)

You received lots of attention from people, often had up and down in your work. Sometimes there are time when you heard some malicious talks.
I don’t care much about that.

You really don’t care much since the beginning? Or you don’t want to think about that?
The latter is, I am learning how to ignore any unnecessary talks.

Is living with attention of the public eyes becomes more comfortable?
I think it’s going well while focusing on making good music. The thought of others come first than mine. Many fans like us now and I also feeling satisfied I think that is good enough. That much meaning adjusting.

As a musician, do you have live the way you vaguely targeted?
If it’s proceeded steadily it would be nice. I want to be long-lasting. So it will be better to think of it comfortably.
Although years change, this question is a must. Is there anything that you expect in 2015?
Firstly, as the year start, I will begin my solo activities. I will try my best in singing and doing concert. Besides, I still haven’t think about it yet.

You becoming a year older, how does it feel?
The sensitivity of reacted to the age was changing, but was not. I was not seriously accepted it but just suddenly amazed. I was already 27 years and soon be 30, that’s what I think.

Its 30 or 40 do you have something to expect?
When I am in my 30’s it will be super fun. What I want to do is clearer and with it I will be familiar also can comfortably enjoy and relax doing it in that age.

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Trans by Yasmine @ CNBOICE

Edited and Posted by Tara Lee @CNBOICE


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