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CNBLUE Jung Yonghwa Interview in Ceci Magazine 2015 February Issue




CNBLUE Jung Yong Hwa was back as solo artist. With strong smooth a flexibility and through firm and tight charisma.

EDITOR : Cha In Seon (Pictorial), Park So Hyun (Interview)


CeCi: If we look out news about CN BLUE, it overflows with overseas schedules. How does it feel to live like you are sewing the world?
If we look at the schedule, 24 hours seems to be very short. I mean if a day could be any longer that would be nice. (smile) To tell you the truth, I didn’t even check the packed schedules table. Instead, I feel that with schedules given more to be a mission that when finishing one would a great achievement. After concluding a long world tour, also finished filming drama, “I’m already grow this much”. I have developed. Finally I am much better!” I think about it every time.

CeCi: Question about your First historical drama “The Three Musketeers” cannot be missed out. It helped you grow.
Historical drama was a new challenge. Even though I was caught in overseas schedules when the Public Relations team came, I really must try this so I give it a hand. Production team for “The Three Musketeers” is the same as “Nine” the atmosphere was great, all team packed and worked well together so we can finish filming happily. Drama filming along with overseas concert schedule were too much physically exhausting as engaging those two. When both finished, I’m feeling strange. It already passed a month. I also feel emptiness even when doing concert.

CeCi: Recently you are selected as Hot People on Chinese’ Weibo, in the States public information in Mashable chosen as “2014 TOP 50 Most Tweet Song”. In 2014 you must be feeling fairly proud of yourself.
Fortunately, it was so much fun, I live hard to live. (smile) To communicate easily with fans so I’m on Twitter, it’s difficult to use Twitter in China so I started Weibo for Chinese fans. I couldn’t focused only on Twitter or Weibo so I made two version of photos and writing. I wrote in Chinese on Weibo, nowadays I depend on Chinese dictionary. It is a period for enforcement to learn.

CeCi: Finally, this year Jung Yong Hwa solo project started. The word “First time” might have a deep meaning.
As a rookie that don’t know anything, more clod and my thoughts are full of challenge. Because at that time I also wasn’t afraid. As CN BLUE getting enjoyable and the weight that we feel today is different than it was.

CeCi: That weight is responsibility?
Yes. Now because the recording has finished, my share already done and time for me to leave it release. When I’m in season to write songs, like a lion chasing its prey that cannot talk in its sleep and dreamed. Slept and woken up, a trail of eating lots of snacks and sometimes it’s shocked me. Mostly I didn’t eat in usual, but in my sleep I usual dreamt of eating snacks. The most important thing was memories flew. When the time finished, those burden now change into excited feeling. Again, it was all embarked a good night sleep mode. (smile)

CeCi: Your creative liver becoming sensitive on the tip of the dream more than breaking it.
While I was working it will become more sensitive. Those sensitivity can be the strength, when it appear to be a problem when producing an album because it becomes more powerful.

CeCi: Is there any difference while working together with other members?
As long I don’t meet their gaze I think it comfortable. We care about each other that much. If I did solo, I think that can I do it freely alone, vaguely think about that. Firstly I was given freedom, but I continued to modify every single detail till I feel satisfied. Because of that I felt lots of stress. It slowly come to resolve and I will be eating snacks all night long. (smile) I have to do my own portion.

CeCi: Last album in a cafe near Hongdae, I heard that you encounter inspiration there. How about this time?
I watched lots of movies. Like a copying charm, I don’t want to write the same way as before, so I forcibly constructed out the new way. Side by side, so human are limited and if there is something that lack of materials of course we don’t know. Every time I am attracted in certain topic it might be not an easy work to do. As I am preparing an album I constantly felt of being Blood Type A. Even while in a conversation if an idea appear I suddenly wrote a memo, or in the middle of eating or shower I am less doing it. (smile)

CeCi: Oo, a school boy type. Suddenly I am curious of your favourite sites. When you have free time what did you do.
I am curious of which songs do people listen to, mainly billboard chart site and You Tube image.

CeCi: Besides working don’t you have any hobby?
Beside writing songs if I do anything else hmm. If I did that, what did I get? Others have hobby to relieve their stress in life, for me it is more uselessly time flies so fast and build my stress. What a weird stance right.
CeCi Finishing homework must be done first and more of your character.
Very true. That’s why I thought that a day is very short. Because I have to sleep as much as possible, but when I wake up I have many things to do.

CeCi: In this album which section do you think is the most giving you power?
Through solo, the thing that I want to do the most as CN BLUE and wanted to challenge is collaboration. Meeting new people while collaborating and I remembered being a beginner. I think I don’t know when it started to feel comfortable living, in reality I am still trying to settle. I still hang on other people to detail, I am why easy-easy way to do, did I only want everything to be fast. I am reflected a lot on that.

CeCi: Do you have any hint on your upcoming album?
Title track and album title is <One Fine Day>. I am focused on using new musical instruments to create new sound, I’ve putting my effort when mixing and raising standard and combination. I collaborated with Yoon Do Hyun, YDG, Verbal Jint senior from Hip-Hop till Rock-Ballad and captured many kinds of genre. I always writing love songs in the past, I am trying to escape. I want a change.

CeCi: If we looked at the finished songs, the feeling is different.
All songs feel like my own child and I am proud of it. Compared to any other songs since they are all my child, they are the prettiest of all. (CeCi Haha, maybe if all 10 fingers burnt, might be a feeling of parents hurt heart). Even all 10 fingers all are like gold fingers must be sweet and pretty.

CeCi: Among all, what kind of praise do you want to hear the most?
‘Kyaa, no songs to be thrown away, it might be good.’ If I heard that kind of thing, I think I can sleep peacefully. That time in my dream me with Maltese were running merrily in a field.

CeCi: The man who worked hard for living. How do you want to live in the future?
I am already 27 years old. That precious time just passed by and I feel a bit of a waste. I don’t want to feel regret so I have to live with faithfulness. I don’t want to live without meaning. I have to finished each mission first, moreover have to be happy. Sleep late and wake up to watch movies, eating delicious food, for a working hard me doing shopping, and walking near Han River. I want this album to finish quickly so that I can rest well.

CeCi:I want to enjoy in this Valentine Day.
When I looked at stacked chocolate n a classroom desk ‘How can I hold this?’ as I gobble away, what a useless bluffing and pride day that how I used to be when still in my school time. But now if I have a girlfriend, attractively cutting steak and drink wine but I will give up on being romantic! That time is a waste. A waste.

The success or failure is not important. Now is the time to stack a tight and thick exaggeration of experience. Writing songs, acting, also doing concert, I want to solve this bliss through different filters. If I keep walking like this, I will be able to climb a higher mountain. ”

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