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CNBLUE Lee Jungshin Interview in Ceci Magazine 2015 March Issue

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Strawberry Boy

js ceci 2015 march

Debut Drama Production “My Daughter, Seoyoung”, stupid youngest son, Kang Sung Jae, historical-drama “Blade and Flower” cute and upstage in the society, youngest Yowon, mini-series “Temptation” as spoiled and unemployed Nam Hong Gyu and first broadcast of one-act played based ‘Thank you, Son’ repeater Jang Si Woo. Every year one production, living as other person and lived their life even qualified as ‘Best New Actor’ Lee Jung Shin. On top of that, just few times ago, receiving Best Asia Awards, on one recording awards show receive an awesome “4 gold awards” as Korean Representatives Band, also as a personnel of CNBLUE. After debuting 5 years ago without rest and difficulty finally get a proper place now, and setting your way in music industry.

CeCi You usually use a dark tone clothes, do you caught in surprise by today’s concept “Pinky Boy“?
Of course not. If not this this I wonder when will I wear this kind of clothes. Because of that, it was fun to wear these clothes. I don’t know if it’s sincere or not, but staffs really dressed me well and I am happy about that. (laugh)

CeCi Recently the most issue is your drama “Thank you, Son”. It’s your first time as lead actor, please give us your testimonials and introduce your drama.
(After taking a deep breath) It’s part 2 of trilogy of one-act plays, it’s a family centered drama. As time goes, a life transition of a goldsmith’s life, it was at that time. Usually, I have lots of interest in one act-plays, opportunity finally came and I enjoyed the shoot so much. Among the actors, as a maknae (youngest) I learn from them. I had tried a novelty experience that cannot be compared to money.

CeCi If we look at your experience one year once! You did one drama per year. Perhaps you intended to do so? Looks like a great earnest student.
Haha! Is it possible if I intended to do so? (CeCi A drama a year, you must be pleased of fast-paced.) Without being arrogant, I am still lacking. To relieve the thirst of acting at least I did once per year but CN BLUE activities too was important, compared than before our world tour is more packed so we need to set a regulation. This year I’ve tried one-act plays drama, I hope I can do one more drama.

CeCi Each of your drama has different genre. Weekend drama, historical drama, mini-series, till one-act plays drama.
That’s what I said. It’s not much but I can learn each time I tried new drama, it was fun. Artist’s opinion is important and thanks to the company we get more experience and challenge, so along with the company I tried a similar form of role.

CeCi ‘My daughter Seoyoung’ Kang Sung Jae, it was quite awkward at first, but nearing the end you gave a contributions to the drama.
Oh God. . I had lot of worries, because it’s my first drama. ‘Kang Sung Jae. . . ‘ I want to people to remember the name ‘Kang Sung Jae’. I don’t care of what people said, I can’t see what people hear though. So, slowly striking basic scourged. Now I vowed to show my mature image as an actor.

CeCi Each of CNBLUE member had their own activities. What is your secret?
Not all production come out well, so I just need to remember what production is the best of all. If the rating is low, actors and drama are all submerged. Till now I had accumulated light experience and I don’t want to lose it. Gaining lots of stage experience is important.

CeCi Every interview ‘A Right Guy’. How about right guy Lee Jung Shin love feeling?
The woman that I can talk to although the same age as me or older than me. (CeCi in opposition what so not your type?) Liars! I really hate lies. Love, every time is always have a drought memory to me. What did I say now! (laugh)

CeCi If you did a relationship in space between, if all people are busy like top star relationship, really want to do it.
Right. How busy a person is all~ have to understand that relationships.

CeCi You are caught in March White Day. Please tell us you memorable memories.
(With serious gaze) White Day is the day that a man gives to woman right? (CeCi when doing a long-time relationship, you started to finish that kind of things. In reality, want to give something) Aa, I slowly dig my own grave. (laugh) Anyway I am not the type that giving presents.

CeCi If we did internet search on ‘Lee Jung Shin’, explain what come on top of the seach.
Perhaps~ Lee Jung Shin, Nam Joo Hyuk? (CeCi Right, somehow you have a deep relations with Nam Joo Hyuk.) HaHa! Lots of people said that both of us looks similar and I am curious of that, and finally we met in during fashion show. I felt strange. After that meeting JTBC <I’m Going to School> I met him again there, now ‘F2 Stupid Flower Guy’. I don’t know but during the recording, we monitored first broadcast and Joo Hyuk said this. ‘Hyung! We just appeared like imprudent guys’ and I think it will be more fun in the future.

CeCi Time passes by (Interview on February 8) ‘Golden Disk Awards’ (January 15 broadcast) you received 4 awards.
‘TOP CeCi Asia Icon’ it’s always happy to me. January last year, CNBLUE photo shoot cover and through destiny <CeCi> a vague relationship. HaHa! When on my way to practice room, if look into a framed picture of our cover all members feel proud. Earlier we received ‘China Goodwill Star Awards’ that was given to star who has done goodwill. CN BLUE has built a school in Africa, but in fact we received this awards thanks to our fans. With our names, we gave back to the society and an awards to all our kind fans. ‘Aichidi’ China movies site, we were selected through voting. (CeCi At first glance I heard that approximately 150 million vote obtained. That was a lot!) All of us were surprised, and extremely shocked. This year remarked our fifth year of debut, we are proud of all awards we received.

CeCi Recently is there anyone you want to write letter to? Today, starting from your parents to myself, please write a letter each.
<to. Parents> I always want to be a filial son. If there is something like hard work, along with worries I want to be a friend-like youngest son.
<to. My Hyung> My brother that only 2 years apart from me. Although we live together but we call and message each other so much sometimes as girlfriend will misunderstood. From now on we have to commit to each other and live happily.
<to. Girl person friend> I am such a rare person to discover around, girl (person). I cannot approach first so don’t be shy and please understand me.
<to. Virtual Girlfriend> Someday meeting Girlfriend! When the time comes I will treat you right.
<Guy friends> Always never-ending only like friends. What I meant, indeed a good meaning? Or bad meaning? What an ambiguous catch. (laugh) Please stay the same for a long long time.
<to. Lovable fans> I don’t understand all of your feelings and I knew that I am lacking. I am wondering. Let’s be friends in the future!
<to. Lee Jung Shin> For me who suffer strict and rough road, I’m sorry. But apparently remembered! To myself Lee Jung Shin “cheers”.

“Time and experience increasingly stacked to my acting along with my greed that keep growing like a snowball, I am sure to squat down in time. A productive ‘Actor Lee Jung Shin’ exhibit appreciation and going to meet you through a good drama production.”

js ceci 2015 march7

Scanned by susiayh

Trans by Yasmine

Posted by Tara Lee


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