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CNBLUE Jung Yonghwa’s Interview by Excite Music 2015.3.4



What a tender and beautiful voice…! It was just my honest comment when I heard his first solo album ‘One Fine Day’. In this album that consisted with a central focus on a ballad, he shows his mellow and sensitive voice different from his powerful voice as usual. This album includes not only his latest song that was released on Jan in Korea, but also Japanese version ‘One Fine Day’ and ‘I’m glad I loved you’ that is the song was written by Takuro, Gray (A member of the famous Japanese rock band). He seems he was getting inspiration while he was making his album with several artists. An interview time was short, but we felt that he satisfied with his album, and he is expecting much of the first solo concert

Excite: we heard your first solo album ‘ One Fine Day -Japan Special Edition- ‘ and enjoyed a music difference from CNBLUE. Honestly, how do you think about your album?

Yonghwa: Since this is my first solo album, I’ve felt pressure, but now I feel satisfied about it. A solo activity in Korea has already ended, but I really enjoyed it. And now, I am really looking forward to my first solo concert that will be held from April.

Excite: What did you have a concept for it? Since when have you produced?

Yonghwa: I haven’t decided a concept or theme. I think I could do things that I have thought I wanted to that so far. I remember that I’ve produced it since one year ago.

Excite: You composed ‘ One Fine Day ‘, didn’t you? Compared the songs for CNBLUE as CNBLUE’s member, are there some different things or some same things?

Yonghwa: The difference was just a music style. The songs for CNBLUE so far are almost an up tempo number but, the songs for my solo activity are almost composed with a focus on the ballad. It’s not differ that how to make a song, but I consider members favorite and strong point. On the one hand, for solo, I can make a song what I want to say, what I feel. I think this is the big difference.

Excite: ’27 years (With Peter Malick) ‘ is the song which you can reminisce about Yonghwa ’till present. Why did you want to write such a lyric? What made you decide to write this song?

Yonghwa: Peter Malick is the American artist who worked with me. When I heard his song that was composed for my solo, I felt that I had warm melody (for that song), so I just wrote a lyric what I felt when I heard that song. There is some part that I looked back on my past.

Excite: A bonus track, ‘ I’m glad I loved you ‘ was composed by you, and  lyric written by Takuro who is a member of Japanese Rock band Gray. It’s a medium-tempo love song that showed great love to hope former girlfriend’s happiness. When you saw that lyric, what did you think?

Yonghwa: I passed him the song without saying the theme, but he wrote otherworldly lyric more than what I thought. It made me feel I have to study more.

Excite: What kind of  impression of  do you have about Gray?

Yonghwa: Especially, I like ‘HOWEVER’ in their songs. So I feel really privileged to work with him.

Excite: You have worked other famous artist for your solo album excluding Takuro. What have you studied in the process of making your album?

Yonghwa: They have their own style when they make a song, so I realized that there were several ways to compose a song other than I had. I’ve studied lots of things from them. So far, I arranged a song for CNBLUE from a point of “What is the best for CNBLUE?”, but I tried a new style of arrangement this time. This was one of the chance of trying new things without any inhibition.

Excite: Have CNBLUE member already heard your album?

Yonghwa: Yes. They said “Awesome!”, and it  cheers me up.

Excite: How did you feel when they were listen to your album? Did you get nervous?

Yonghwa: I always  nervous whenever someone listen to my song even if it’s CNBLUE’s member.

Excite: By completing this solo album, do you think the effect on the activity of CNBLUE comes out?

Yonghwa: I’ve got a new thing to way to compose a song. I think I will make use of the experience of this for CNBLUE’s activity.

Excite: You said you were looking forward to your concert. Could you show your enthusiasm for it? And What are you preparing for it now?

Yonghwa: Now I practice for it. Since this will be my first solo concert, I really  nervous and worry about it. But I believe it will be a great show. I will do my best for it. Please come to my concert with your expected feeling. I will show greater show than you expect!

Source Excite

Trans by Satomi

Edited and Posted by Tara Lee


2 thoughts on “CNBLUE Jung Yonghwa’s Interview by Excite Music 2015.3.4

  1. Thank you for sharing the article in English and although I know Yonghwa might not be able to read my comment I still wish him the best of luck and I am very sure he will reach greater heights with his talent. God bless him always!!!

  2. Have always been so proud of YH because he clearly considers the strengths of the members while composing for the band to let them shine . I am so glad he can focus on just JYH music with this solo album. I totally love this album. Hope to see his next solo album soon. He has so much to offer beyond the band and I am glad it appears the company/band realise it’s more advantageous not to constrain him in his muscial journey.

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