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CNBLUE, Lee Jonghyun in Ceci Magazine 2015 June Issue





Lovely couple whose beekeeping in ‘We Got Married Season 4’! One Fine Day together with this generation’s Brown Eyes Couple Lee Jong Hyun and Bear Fatal Gong Seung Yeon which overflowing with love.

Editor Choi Sung Min (Pictorial), Yoo Jeong Soo (Interview)
Photographer Mok Jeong Wook

CeCi: For today’s pictorial the skin-ship level seems to be higher.

JongHyun: I am okay with it but SeungYeon is very worried. I want to be comfortable by saying ‘It’s okay just relax’, that’s all I can say.

SeungYeon: I couldn’t adjust well quickly. Oppa (older brother) in my side said not to think about anything but I tend to concentrate on what staff said to me.

CeCi: We are curious on how you both determined on your appearance on variety show like ‘We Got Married Season 4’.

SeungYeon: Since I was a little, I lightly said ‘When I reached 20 I should get married’. Of course when I reached my 20s those dream faded away. But my thoughts on getting married in my 20s still remained unchanged. If not now, I am not sure when will I have the chance on prior learning on marriage, so that’s why I gathered my courage.

JongHyun: All CNBLUE members gradually receiving casting from this program. Up till now because of the star issue, we keep reject it, but since this year’s spring started I want to be in love. Some kind of measure which I can feel refresh and my curiosity arouse. Because the timing is right. And when I decided to do there are certain conditions. ‘I really want to be with someone that see though my feeling. If not how can we call it marriage, I cannot portrayed how person fall in love’. Perhaps this kind of person presence in reality, I demand production team to find my ideal type. And SeungYeon appeared. There are nothing to be worried about.

CeCi: At that time what kind of condition do you want your ideal type be?

Jonghyun An innocent person. I said she should be pale skin and have beautiful eyes. For sure I added this and that for it. (laugh) During our first encounter, even when we only said few words to each other entirely, the feeling is there. Not only beautiful but SeungYeon also very happy person so I liked it even more. Seems like it been quite sometimes I met such a kind person.

CeCi: In this program JongHyun positively receiving title of ‘Love Bee’ to his unfamiliar appearance.

JongHyun: When I chose and entered, I tried had to express the emotion. (CeCi: Your husband actively showing affection without hesitation, do you feel any burden?)

Seungyeon: It was a huge burden because I don’t know how to react to the situation. What kind of talk should I do, saying thank you or just let it pass with a smile, I am suffering to those inner conflicts. Now I make it fun in every situation. (CeCi: What kind of way?)

JongHyun: In our first meeting what I want to do I said it through words only and SeungYeon was really flustered but the reaction was very cute. When I see it again I keep on commenting it, but I am not sure since certain time I am being downed in to SeungYeon. These days ‘You should say this!’ At one time I want to get away from my wife’s comment. ‘Comment Bomber’ inside she obtained a nickname to my wife ‘Gom (Bear) SeungYeon’ with a smirk and reversed situation, isn’t it fun?

CeCi: ‘However we see exciting ‘Brown Eyes Couple’ there are reactions to it. How do you want to feel of falling in love?

JongHyun: I liked how I would be that time. You can see new things from me.

SeungYeon: Family, friends, and staff asking if I am really me. My two younger sisters asked how I peaceful side shifted. If they see the broadcast the question they asked the most is ‘If I’m really like that?’, I showed lots of aegyo (acting cute) than I think I could. (CeCi: So you are showing more aegyo than your usual self?) You don’t really see it right? How about you oppa (older brother)?

JongHyun: No, I could see it. I can feel it. My wife is like a Buddha Statue and with my effort I could unveil her aegyo this much.

“After I met Oppa I could feel unfamiliarly exciting. Spring has come and thanks to Oppa I don’t feel lonely and I could pass this spring excitingly.”

CeCi: In reality how about the reactions of people around you.

SeungYeon: They are saying how jealous are they and commenting like ‘I could see Heart in through Oppa’s eyes’, ‘Oppa seems like a nice person’. I am quite enjoying on how people reacted and it made me happy.

JongHyun: Rather than the person I met, it is more bothering to break up with a person you met in real life. Each of our member shared their thoughts and giving me warning on how I acted on screen. (CeCi: What did they say?) Of Course ‘Are you crazy’ ‘Are you in your right mind now?’. (laugh)

CeCi: Your character fits each other lethally.

SeungYeon: He inherit a cutesy act because he is ‘Busan Man’. There are time when he unconsciously acted and express serious and cute.

JongHyun: If there is a clock between me and other people, SeungYeon’s clock seems to move very slowly, but I liked that speed the most. I think because of that speed people thought SeungYeon looks like a bear.

CeCi: May 15, JongHyun’s birthday coming up. Do you have any surprise that you wait from your ‘Bear Fatal’ wife?

JongHyun: I want to eat Seaweed Soup together. (CeCi: Perhaps personally home-made seaweed soup?) Of Course! I am adherence to home-meal. How happy would it be to eat together on birthday. I couldn’t understand why people spent their birthday alone.

CeCi: All of you live alone. When do you feel lonely the most while staying at home?

JongHyun: Exactly started at 11 pm, I suddenly feel sad and hell’s gate was opened. ‘What have I done all this time. Why I did this alone.’ I complained a lot about life but weirdly when it reached 1 am at midnight I am feeling okay.

SeungYeon: That’s right. When the storm time passed, I finally could find peace.

CeCi: Two of you have lots in common and at some time becoming similar to each other.

SeungYeon: I am similar to Oppa (Older Brother) a lot, so I am having fun all the time.

JongHyun: We matched each other well. (CeCi: What kind?) Yes, becoming ‘Husband’s Effect’. Yeah, isn’t it normal to be more alike? (smile) We’ve becoming closer after stick to each other in Japan for 3 days 2 nights.

CeCi: Do each of you has your summer dream date course?

SeungYeon: I want to hold hands together till our hands getting sweaty! (CeCi: Is there nothing more lovely than that?)

JongHyun: A more refined looks unlike plain Seungyeon image.

SeungYeon: I have done what I want to do.

JongHyun: Everything’s all right but doing Judo together might be difficult. There are times I got cramped after doing it too hard. In summer doing awards report or hiking will be great.

SeungYeon: Although sports or walk afar are all right since Oppa (Older Brother) will teach me anyway, I want to do everything together.

CeCi: The concept shoot is “If we can love just for a day”. So, what kind of day would you like to be?

JongHyun: Doing nothing and just facing each other. SeungYeon Not need to think of the time we’ll be going our on way. I just love it now.

CeCi: Through 10 characters, please express how husband proud of his wife.

JongHyun: World’s Number 1 Pretty Wife! SeungYeon 10 character is not enough Lee Jong Hyun. JongHyun The Girl That Making Me Curious Even More! Because my wife’s character is onion.

Scan by YfFTW

Trans by Yasmin

Posted by Tara Lee

Author: tara lee

Author @StorialCo, Wattpad and used to be active user of Asian Fanfiction (you still can find my stories there!). Founder Mr. Galaxy Fanfan House and CNBOICE, co Admin @Indonesianboice. Find me @lanhudiee

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