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CNBLUE Lee Jonghyun Interview in Cosmopolitan 2015 October Issue


Compared to Superman and Batman, a man who want to become an inspiration like Che Guevara and Eric Clapton, also his parents. The man is Lee Jong Hyun who hate himself but trying to find a way to be a main character of his life.

Photographs by:
Zoo Young Gyun

You drive yourself to the filming site today, we are curious on what car you bring. Did you ride a red sports car?

That was my dream car since I was a kid. Because <Aston Martin> is a Bond Car.

But don’t you think the color is very seducing?

I like that kind of feeling. Kind of sexy. I also decorated my house like that. Haha.

You live alone now, right? Today’s concept is an unprotected house after a sudden attack where you live. What is your real house look like?

For a man who live alone, I am a tidy and neat style. Whoever came to my house will say “Wow”, that’s how I decorated everything. I’m also good at cooking.

Wow, so you have many kind of foodstuff in your refrigerator?

There are mackerel, dried fish, seaweed and all sort of food. I also cooked steak myself. Besides royal food, I have confidence in my cooking.

What do you do when you are alone?

Almost nothing. Time to be at home is almost zero, even when I’m home I do my work sketch most of the time. Besides, I listened to music and play some guitar. Also drink wine.

You just came back from solo fan meeting in Japan. What kind of song do you sing?

Among all songs that we released in Japan, there are several songs that I made. I sang “Blind Love” along with few other songs that I like. And The Position song that was in Japanese like I Love You and One Day received a warm welcome too.

Oo, the “One Day” song that you want to sing in front of girls to impressed while you are in high school?

Yes, finally I sang it!! That was God’s Number One. Haha. This was the biggest achievement in concert so far. I am thinking of including it in the album.

It’s been 3 years since we met during your drama <Gentleman’s Dignity>. At that time, “I don’t want to give even a rose to a girl”, you seem a very blunt style. But not too long ago in <We Got Married>, you put a rose in a room, right? What happened to you?

I don’t know either. Time who made a man. Although I’m still young now but that time I’m younger than this I guess, so I said that kind of thing. That’s how Busan men mostly like, but since I live in Seoul, the fairytale of Seoul Man has changed. Mix? No, collaboration.

You are the latest to start a career in acting and entertainment. But recently, you got your first lead role in <Orange Marmalade> and been active in broadcast activities the most. It seems like recently is the time that change the most since your debut time?

There are lots of preparation process along the way. I am for the sake of CNBLUE members is very positive, the moment we were debuting, but they are more open to many area exposure. But me “I won’t do it”, “I can’t”, I will have to ask them to wait till I prepared my heart first. I cannot show people that I can’t, so sometimes I have no chance to show it. I feel burdened myself too. 2~3 years ago, I went to hospital because I feel very depressed. But as I keep learning, it’s getting better now. Now why I’m like this. Through philosophy and psychological book, I learned one by one and understand. I am not the type that into reading book, but I liked to pick a fun book to read.

So you like to read philosophy and economics book?

I read almost any type of philosophy book. Especially Marx. Last year, when I deeply fall in love with philosophy, I couldn’t differentiate which is real or imagination. Haha. When someone can talk and lead like Gandhi or Che Guevara, they becoming really cool. I think the gap is hoping those actions are right. But, after reaching the midpoint, I could accept the fact. I become a good person. I looked after the other person who becomes a great person, thinking what could change my thoughts gradually.

Among all the book you’ve read, the one that you want to recommend?

The book <헌법의 풍경>, even though the title feel really immensely, but anyone can read this book with fun. There is a saying in the book, “Body and mind are dedicated allegiance, shocking things that may appear as object together almost nothing,” we got to know the truth that we don’t know before.

What kind of book you read these days?

I read <어떻게 세계는 서양이 주도하게 되었는가> last week, and the book inside my bag right now is <금융 이야기>.

So, how’s the book change Jonghyun as a person?

My Instagram main post mostly like, “Just doing this and that and live to the fullest as a person.” Or “When I was a kid” Music is my work, I will do this my whole life. Now I find it fun, I don’t have any religion. I live thankfully and many good things will happen. I have found the ultimate goal of my life, “I’m gonna live like a free man, if you look up to artist like Eric Clapton, don’t you feel like some kind of freedom? A distinctive person who did work that he can do the best with smile.

Through CNBLUE second regular album <2gether>, you’ve made your comeback. Your title song is “Cinderella”, do you mean Cinderella inside fairy-tale?

Yes, that’s right. There is a curfew time to a relationship. When night comes, the girl has to go home, that’s when the guys go crazy. Then try to appeal the girl not to leave me alone. It can be seen as seducing the girl.

A “Honey Love” Jonghyun, that Cinderella. How did you do? Will you send your lovely girlfriend who want to go home early?

I won’t send her home. Haha. There are no better way than saying it sincerely than just roll you hair. Your partner will feel it too.

You have your own-composed song inside this album, what kind of song is that?

“Footprint” kind of Brit-Pop Style song. As you walk through this path, you will find footprint along the way of people who have the same worry as yours, you are not alone. Meaning you have to cheer up. Also ‘Hero’, dedicated to my parents. My parents are greater than Superman, Batman and Spiderman.

After your comeback, any other activities plan?

I want to show a great stage. To the people who saw it will feel “The team is still fun to watch”. I am planning to have my solo album next year.

Right! You said to your mom last year that you will have an album “Next Year”. You mean this year, right?

That ‘next year’, year 2016. Haha!



*Summary, thanks CNBJonghyun for the tips!

  • 어떻게 세계는 서양이 주도하게 되었는가 (How did western lead the world. Original English title: The Origins of the Modern World (A Global and Ecological Narrative from the Fifteenth to Twenty-First Century.
  • 금융 이야기 (Financial Stories) [and Book CNBJonghyun found is International Financial Stories]
  • 헌법의 풍경 (Landscape of Constitution)


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