Because when CNBLUE meets Boice, it creates CNBOICE.

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CNBLUE’s Press Conference in Malaysia


CNBLUE reached Malaysia yesterday (23rd August). And today’s schedule is full, attended media interview, press conference, fanmeeting and brand activities etc. Although it’s very rush but they’re very funny.

As they come in, they kept saying “Apa Khabar” (Hello), they should have practiced long for it right? As Jonghyun being asked about being a judo master, he answered, he doesn’t have to do anything as there are bodyguards protecting him. (laughs)

And the maknae, Jungshin is actually the tallest and has the look of a model. When asked if he made use of his height to bully his hyungs, he answered loudly. “No!” Then do he wants to be a model? He said, “During the tour in Japan (Zepp tour), he will give the members some fashion advice, and also Malaysia’s weather is similar to Korea’s during summer.”

YongHwa is funny as well. As he come in, he kept saying “Put your hands up” for no reason. (Should be preparing for the concert, right?) The MC teased him by saying, “You’re amazing!”. And he actually answered, “I know” thickskinnedly, and make everyone laughed. The media asked if they feel they’re any different as they are busy performing for the world tour. YongHwa asked they mean fashion or looks, He answered, “For fashion, I’m thankful for the advises from stylist.”

When asked, where does his inspirations for composing come from, he answered, “It’s all natural.” and suddenly said “Oh Malaysia……This is my Nostalgia…..”

When asked Minhyuk if he prefers being a singer or acting, he answered, “I like both. But playing as a band is what we emphasize on. Recently I’m also learning how to compose, YongHwa hyung has also taught me a lot. Speaking of Malaysia, he told me that we’ve to eat satay, and I’ve tried before, it’s really delicious.”


trans by Joelle @ cnboice

Posted by Tara Lee @ cnboice/bpb decoded


CNBLUE on epop Magazine 424 edition

epop 424


What had exactly happened to CNBLUE? Hehe, still are 4 kids (definitely true). This time what do they want to share with us? Definitely everything and without any reservations, how do they feel about their newly released Japan single?  Wa ka ka …, secretly telling everybody, actually CNBLUE likes to watch horror movies together. And they unanimously agreed that Jung Shin is scarier than the ghosts in the movie. Continue reading to find out more! Remember to come support CNBLUE on August 24!

1) It is a very touching song and suitable for clubbing, normally do you go club?

CNBLUE: No, We don’t.
JungShin: We don’t go to club, but we do dance at home, haha.

2) Heard that actually Jungshin is supposed to write the lyrics for?

JungShin: Haha… that time YongHwa hyung asked if I want to write the lyrics together with him, we also discussed for a few times about it. Later on, I’ve tried my best to write the lyrics, it is titled as “3 thousand meter”, it describes the distance between separated partner is only thousands of meter. I suppose using “thousands of meters” is correct, right? Haha… Actually I’m not really sure myself. After finishing, I passed it to YongHwa hyung but he said he had already finished the lyrics.
YongHwa: Actually the idea is good; I will use it for next time.
Minhyuk: I feel that YongHwa Hyung’s lyrics are more heartwarming*

3) On the stage, who is the sexiest member?

YongHwa: Definitely me! Hehe.
MinHyuk: That’s right, it’s YongHwa Hyung.
YongHwa: Actually my sexiness is not shown intentionally, but naturally. Haha. And normally I’ll have to hide my sexiness, haha.
JongHyun: Oh I see~ haha. But i feel that when people are serious, then they’ll be sexy. Just like when JungShin is performing with all his might. But when he’s sweaty, he looks like nerd/old-fashioned.
JungShin: What? Old-fashioned?!
JongHyun: Ah, no la no la, very cute. Hehe.

4) Currently, what is your favorite song?

JungShin: I like our Japan debut song; I feel that this song is suitable for all ages. When performing live, the atmosphere is good as well.
Minhyuk: Quite a few~ too hard to choose just 1.
JongHyun: Me too can’t just choose 1. Because different song represent different memory.
YongHwa: If i really have to choose 1, I’ll choose because it has been sometimes since we’ve released a Korean album, so i would like to tell our Korean fans, I’m Sorry.

5) What songs do you listen to recently?

JungShin: K’s ~
YongHwa: Bruno Mars’ songs ~

6) Started liking music because…?

JongHyun: After I’ve watched Eric Clapton’s. After that I start to learn how to play guitar.
YongHwa: When I was 6 years old, my mom taught me how to play piano and vocal. And during high school, I learned how to play guitar.

7) Please use a phrase and describe yourself.

YongHwa: A down to earth person! Especially during work, I will not have mixed thoughts, just want to do the job well.
MinHyuk: A realistic person! Also hope to be a good father.
JongHyun: A man! (Mag author: As expected from a Busan man) Haha.
JungShin: An upright person! Hehe, I’m now living with a happy heart.

8) Other than music, what else are you passionate in?

Minhyuk: Now I’m learning something, but I can’t reveal what it is. I hope after I’ve finish learning, I’ll be able to show it to everybody and shock everyone.

9) During free time, what do you do?

JungShin: Er… We’ll go for a spin; actually 4 of us had already got our license! Recently YongHwa hyung and I will go for a spin to Han River. Park the car and stroll around. Before leaving, we’ll buy a cup of coffee and drink while going home. Oh yes, we also listen to our newly released single, It’s suitable to listen as we go for a spin.

10) Wouldn’t it be weird for 2 grown man to go for a spin together?

YongHwa: How is it weird? Haha. I feel that it’s okay. I feel good after going for a spin. It’s always just few of us.
JungShin: It’s okay for guys to go for a spin, our relationship are very good! (Mag author: Yes, I know that)

11) When you were schooling, did you refuse to wake up in the morning?

YongHwa: Actually how I wake up that time, i couldn’t really remember already~ But if i were to go back to that time, have to wake up so early everyday, i doubt i can do it.

epop 424.1

12) You all mostly got woke up by your mother or by alarm clock?

YongHwa + JungShin: Of course by mother!
MinHyuk: By alarm clock, but if i still doesn’t wake up then my mom will wake me up.
JongHyun: I woke up by myself, because my parents go to work very early.

13) With busy schedule, how do you energize yourselves?

JungShin: To be honest, compared to myself, I’m actually quite worried for other members.  Especially for YongHwa hyung’s throat/vocal. Actually YongHwa hyung and Jonghyun hyun did a lot, seeing them so tough, we felt apologetic.
YongHwa: Why not you are the main vocal?
JungShin: Ah, I’ll take back my words~ haha,

They are just like to play,
They are just playful,
And they’re CNBLUE!

14) Do you dare to experience haunted house? Or houses that got ghost?

CNBLUE: Seems interesting. We’re interested.
JongHyun: We like to watch horror movie, the 4 of us always watch together. But it’s too noisy so sometimes we couldn’t watch it
YongHwa: Yeah, especially JungShin. He’s really noisy, when it comes to the scary part, he’ll keep screaming, thus we couldn’t concentrate. Actually JungShin’s screaming is scarier than the ghost in the movie.
MinHyuk: Other than screaming, he’ll grab our kneecap too.
YongHwa: I don’t really like to watch movie with MinHyuk too. Because while watching, he’ll whispering: ‘ it’s coming… It’s coming, it will come too… .’ I couldn’t concentrate too. (Author: seems like all of you are quite brave) Compared to horror movies, I’m actually more afraid of cockroach. But JungShin is a expert in catching cockroach, he’s actually quite good.
JongHyun: True, I also feel that cockroach is quite scary.

15)  Is everyday the happiest moment?

JungShin: Shopping online! I’ll buy accessories and shoes online. I’m quite happy while buying.
Minhyuk: A break time during busy schedule. That moment is the happiest~ hehe.
JongHyun: Singing live, after celebration, and going home to bathe, is the happiest.
YongHwa: While sleeping~ haha.

16) Among members, who is the most interesting one?

JongHyun: YongHwa hyung! The first time I met him, I find him cool. But as we get along, he is actually very funny.
MinHyuk: JungShin! Because he is very mischievous and is a good maknae.
YongHwa: JungShin! Though he is not very funny, but he can make us laugh unknowingly.
JungShin: Of course it’s me. I’ll joke everyone and if I received good reaction, I’ll joke even more and better.

17) Among members, who is most chic (steady)?

JungShin: YongHwa hyung! Especially when buying clothes, as long as he likes it, he’ll buy it, without any hesitation. I admire his steadiness.

18) What members say about what kind of a person you are?

JongHyun: People around me always say that I’m a mature but members always say I’m like a kid.

19) What kind of girl do you feel is attractive?

MinHyuk: I enjoy watching Taiwan drama, female leads’ eyes are always very beautiful, and their smile is also very nice. I feel that this kind of girl is very attractive.
YongHwa: When together, girls who make me feel comfortable is most attractive. And she also has to do aegyo and a upright girl is also not bad~
JungShin: A girl who is serious at work is most attractive. And she have to understand me, a heartwarming girl is also okay.
JongHyun: Is happy when we’re together and understands me.

20) Ideal girl’s outfit?

Minhyuk: As long as it is suitable for her then it’s okay. The best is not to be too fanciful.
JungShin: I like girls with simple dressing. For example, white shirt with black pants and sport shoe, then it’s okay already. Not too complicated.
JongHyun: I also prefers simple outfit, just like a T-shirt with a jeans then is okay.
YongHwa: Me too, just like what JongHyun had said, a T-shirt with a jean is good enough.

21) Who do you want to meet the most?

MinHyuk: Me? I want to meet my future partner, is it possible?

epop 424.2

 *editor’s note: this magazine actually extracted from B-PASS MAGAZINE 2013 SEPTEMBER Issue*

Scanned by bluesssky

Trans by Joelle @ cnboice

Edited and Posted by Tara Lee @ cnboice/bpb decoded


CNBLUE Concert in Beijing; Endorse for Galaxy Music; For the First Time in China

On June 29, the global mobile communications and digital convergence technology Samsung Electronics and Korean popular group, CNBLUE, joint to build ‘2013 CNBLUE BLUE MOON WORLD TOUR’. Having been to Beijing for the first time had concluded their world tour. During the performances, all the CNBLUE members join sponsored by Samsung Galaxy S4 to turn up the atmosphere of the concert with music and dance,  which shows the link between music and technology, it brought the Chinese fans a fantastic feast of music.


The Capital City’s (Beijing) stadium was very star-studded due to the Galaxy Music posters.
That night the stadium was an extraordinary pomp. CNBLUE performed ,  etc. It is all songs that the Chinese fans are familiar with. Following the music, the audiences waved with the lightsticks, loud claps can be heard as well. And when the concert atmosphere hit the climax, CNBLUE took the year’s most popular’s smart phone, Samsung Galaxy S4. Made use of its twin-lens and interacted with the fans, allowing that moment to be captured. S4 has a unique feature of human nature, allowing the fans to be in the picture with their idol, it’s a scene that attracted loud scream from fans. 4 of them changed to Galaxy S4 shirt when the concert come to an end, and “murdered” the fans once again (with their charm), pushing the atmosphere yet to another climax. With CNBLUE and Galaxy S4, that night have shown the perfect blend between music and technology.


CNBLUE concert were crowded with warm atmosphere.
Today, popular music and smart phone had become a necessity among all young people. Though CNBLUE and Samsung belong to different areas, but both has the same qualities, not only in their respective fields leading the fashion trend, and also has many fans. Being the popular group in FNC Ent, CNBLUE, in their early stage of debut, are already very popular among the fashion industry and korean music. They had even won the 26th Golden Disk Awards reward the best combination in Asia and the 27th highest popularity in Malaysia gold record award and other big awards. Being ‘first’ in both global and China phone market, S4 itself has hundreds millions of fans. This year’s most talked about new generation of popular flagship GALAXY S4 has unlimited of fame, listed for less than a month, had already break the 10 million mark, with its superior performance, user-friendly experience to lead a new wave of smart phones. This time, CNBLUE is working together with Samsung for the Galaxy Music, which is a strong combination. They’re combined to be a perfect fusion of pop culture, which is not only for young people, and also bringing a fresh baptism of fashion culture, leaving GALAXY S4 shine on the world stage.


CNBLUE wore the Samsung Galaxy Music shirt when the concert come to an end, and also used S4 to take selca.
On June 28, before the , CNBLUE and Samsung held a press conference together, announcing that they’ll work together for the Galaxy Music trans-boundary fashion feast. Following the Beijing concert, there will be Guangzhou & Shanghai station, the two feast will also be scheduled soon. Believing that, CNBLUE and Samsung, the 2 ‘star’, will emit more dazzling light when they’re together.


Source cnetnews

Trans by Joelle  @cnboice

Edited and Posted @ cnboice/bpb decoded

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CNBLUE, Long Live Youth Rock and Roll

CNBLUE, long live youth rock and roll.

hottest start mag

This spring, they released a new album and also toured around Asia. Due to the 4 comprehensive developed members, allowed CNBLUE’s youth rock and roll to remain on the spotlight.

Doing happy music:

Q1: New title song, is composed by Jonghyun, what is the theme for the song?

Jonghyun: Firstly, I heard that the song will be released on spring, so i thought of trying a different style. As this is the first time we’ve decided to release a love song as title song, so I want to let Boices and more people to listen to. For example, when people heard of it on the street, they’ll be like “Ah, this song is nice” or something like that…I was with the thought of “I want to compose such nice songs” while composing Blind Love.
Q2: What impression did member have when listen to this song for the first time?

Yonghwa: I feel that this song can be singing easily with any vocal. Most of our other songs are usually emotional and has  very high pitch.  But this song’s pitch is medium . But I am not specialised in such songs, so it is a challenge for me.

Jungshin: From the very start, I thought that there wouldn’t be any problems with the recordings. But after we started recording, we realised that there is not enough time. So we are very stressed, but as we work with Jonghyun hyung, and record the song, we’re all very happy with the final result.

MinHyuk: There isn’t enough time but for the drum part is completed quite quickly.
Q3: This new album has got 3 songs, and 3 of them are of different genres. Which song do you put in most feelings when you hear it?

Minhyuk: The song that i put in most feeling is With Your Eyes .  When I listen to who makes me more relaxed is Blind Love.

Yonghwa: My self-composed song (Greedy Man).

Jonghyun: For me is With Your Eyes

Jungshin: For me is Blind Love. I feel that no matter who, also wishes to have true feelings when they met the person they likes.
Q4: Can you share your feelings before debut, that period of time back when you’re in Japan.

Minhyuk: Once, when we were performing on the street of Japan, we were caught and went to the police station. Back then our japanese weren’t that good, thus caused miscommunication. After we took our passports, the problems are then smoothly solved. After that, the Japan polices even treated us cola!
Q5: 4 of you had drama experiences and achieved an excellent result. Are there any roles do you want to try?

Jonghyun: I want to try action movies. Just like those that Jackie Chan filmed, with dress suit.

Jungshin: I want to try being a murderer. As the first time I act was acting as someone from a wealthy family, rebellious and is not sensible. So for the next time, i want a totally different role.

YongHwa: Because I’m a cheerful person, so I want role that is like my character.

Minhyuk: Recently, I watched a lot of literature and art movies, the picture is very mellow, and quiet. So if there is chance, i want to try a refreshing role.
Q6: Have you thought of how will you be like in 10 years?

Yonghwa: I think we’ll still be like this, playfully and happily doing music together. We might still live and do music together. Then ride on our personal helicopter and go around for sightseeing, this is just a dream! (laughs)

hottest start mag1


Scanned by roywinnie 

Trans by Joelle @cnboice

Edited and Posted by Tara Lee @cnboice/bpb decoded


Star Talk – CNBLUE interview @ H.K J2 Entertainment News


MC: Today is very happy to have CNBLUE to have a talk with me.Hello!

YongHwa: Hello everyone, We’re CNBLUE!

MC: I’m Huang Xiao Ming (Her name), Nice to meet you! Firstly, let them introduce themselves.

(All introduce themselves in Cantonese with Cantonese name)

JungShin: I’m JungShin!

JongHyun: I’m JongHyun!

YongHwa: I’m YongHwa!

Minhyuk: I’m MinHyuk!

Narration: CNBLUE debuted in Japan in 2009, went back to Korea in 2010 for further development. Leader Jung Yong Hwa, Guitarist Lee Jong Hyun, Bassist Lee Jung Shin and lastly, Drummer Kang Min Hyuk. Beside musical interactions, they also participated in several dramas. It let them to be famous among Asia countries. This time they came Hong Kong again for concert, both concert are full, this shows how famous they are.

MC: What is your impression about Hong Kong?

JungShin: Speaking of Hong Kong, I’ll think of enthusiastic boices. Plus today upon reaching the airport, there are already a lot of boice there to welcome us. Although we did not see everyone,but we’re still very thankful. Everytime we come here, you always welcome us, we’re really thankful.

JongHyun: We already heard of the good news before coming to Hong Kong. There will be 2 concert in Hong Kong. Because of receiving loads of love from fans, we’re really blessed/happy. That’s why today our footsteps are very light. I believe when we’re  depart, we’ll still be happy as well.

YongHwa: Hm.. HongKong.. I’ve came here before to film Running Man . That time we went to quite a few places. That’s why I wish to come Hong Kong again. I feel like riding on the cable car once more.

MinHyuk: Everytime we come to HongKong, we always had interesting memories due to the enthusiastic boices. This time there will be 2 concert, therefore I’m very excited and looking forward to coming Hong Kong. We’re strive our best to perform, hope that everyone will be looking forward to it.

MC: This time coming to Hong Kong, I’ve to ask if you’ve learned any Cantonese phrases.

CNBLUE: We want to learn.. Please teach us!

MC+CNBLUE: Lengzai! (Handsome guy)

MC+CNBLUE: I love you!

MC+CNBLUE: Beautiful girls!

MC: Since CNBLUE can’t dance, then how do you liven up the atmosphere and heat the fans?

-CNBLUE play the instruments live to liven up the atmosphere; YongHwa claimed to be a good dancer

YongHwa: Because we’re a band, we’ll use dance……….sorry. *Laughs*. Because we’re a band…..4 of us’ energy and band’s…all of our songs are self-composed. There’s a little differences between singing it live and studio-recorded ones. This should be the method to liven the atmosphere up.

JongHyun: Actually…. we don’t dance casually but when you looking at carefully, actually we somehow dance.

YongHwa: Actually I’m very good in dancing.

Narration: YongHwa said he can dance well, thus he should demonstrate for us. But he suddenly sang ‘s theme song instead.

YongHwa: We’re filming now, thus I’m afraid that someone else would copy our dance. I know someone will. Therefore as long as you attends our concert, you’ll be able to see. My hidden…hidden dancing talent.

MC: We are all know CNBLUE has a good relationship, therefore we want to play a mini game with them. We want to know our who is the pillar of support among them. Firstly, I want to know who is the most diligent one in keeping fit and taking good care of his looks.

*All pointed at Jong Hyun*

JungShin: Recently, Jonghyun hyung…

JongHyun: My self-body management seems to be working well. I’m working hard.

JungShin: Compared to self-body management, it should be more on managing looks. He even applies mask and washes his face on plane. Really!

JongHyun: Shouldn’t it be something good? It is good!

JungShin: Yeah, it is good.

JongHyun: I originally has the to-do-nothing attitude,but as time passes by, it resulted into a condition that cannot be remedied. Although it’s late, but I’ll still try my best to manage my looks.

MC: Who is the funniest among the members?

*Jungshin- 1 voteYongHwa- 3 votes.*

YongHwa: I think that JungShin has illusion. He thinks that he is funny, when he’s alone, he tries to make some trendy phrases, then he immediately uses it himself. So i feel like saying it once on TV, stealer! *Points at Jungshin* (I guess they mean YongHwa created it and JungShin stole it). I think I’m the funniest, I think my words are funny as well. *Laughs*

MC: Who is the most hardworking member?

*HAHAH They are all voted themselves.*

MinHyuk: The reason why I think Yonghwa is the most hardworking one is, he always composes songs and he is the leader as well! Although there are a lot of work, but he still diligently composes. That is why I think he is the most hardworking one.

MC: I want to know why you 3 voted yourself.

JongHyun: I composes too!

MinHyuk: But he’s the leader too!

JongHyun: That’s right..

MinHyuk: They are hyungs, that’s’ why they are all hardworking.

JungShin: I want to change my vote.

MC: Why?

JungShin: My finger pointed wrongly.

-Re vote-

MC: So who is the most hardworking one?

*All pointed at YongHwa*

YongHwa: Hm.. like fate, so I pointed at myself. But seriously, why am I the one? I’m not sure myself too. No matter what, thank you, although I’m not sure myself too. I’ve tried my best to look diligent.

MC: Who is the cleanest one?

*All pointed at MinHyuk*

YongHwa: JungShin always has the wrong illusion.

JungShin: My arrow is pointing at MinHyuk!

MC: MinHyuk, do you think that you’re the cleanest?

MinHyuk: I think I’m quite clean.

YongHwa: Just see his face, you’ll know how clean he is.

JungShin; His skin is flawless.

MC: Do you have any situation that shows how clean he is?

YongHwa: He is definitely not those type that is overly clean, that makes people feel uncomfortable. But whenever he takes his shirt off, he’ll organise it back before he sleeps. And when he wakes up, he’ll fold his blankets. Saying so, he should be the most hardworking one among us.

MinHyuk: Hyung is more hardworking.

YongHwa: Okay it’s me then.Yeah, he’s the first place.

MC: Okay next question, who is the one that got most to talk?

*All pointed at YongHwa*

MC: Woah, expected. But why?

Yonghwa: It’s an honour to be the first place. I.. just likes to talk. JungShin don’t quite like to talk.

MinHyuk: He seems to like talking a lot. Because he is funny, thus he can’t stop talking. It’s quite funny though.

MC: In a group, there will be times when members argue. Is there a member who is bad-tempered?

YongHwa: We’ll talk it out instead. Even if there is a bad-tempered member, how can we say it out? *Laughs* Excluding that, we’ll normally talk it out instead. So it’s counted as none that we must argue.

JongHyun: Maybe there are when we were younger. But recently, maybe because we’re together for long, thus we’ll talk it out instead.

MC: Is there a member who always act handsome? So all voted JongHyun? Why?

MinHyuk: Er..just that we’ve lived together for long, then we’ll have that feeling.

MC: Can you do a handsome pose in front of the camera?

JongHyun: Compared to posing, I prefer acting handsome while talking.

YongHwa: Everytime when JongHyun is doing a interview, I feel that he is trying to do a quote or something. Everyone will do a idiom copy for him. I’ll work hard for quotations. Feel like combining all the interviews and release a quotation books for him.

MC: Then do you think you’re like this?

JongHyun: Others will think that I’m such a person, but at here, I’m not.

MC: So today is happy to have a talk with CNBLUE and also played a game with them. I hope that CNBLUE’s concert will be successful. Thank you!

CNBLUE: Thank you! *Bow*

Video Credit andywong1986

Rough Trans by Joelle @cnboice

Edited and Posted by Tara Lee @cnboice/bpb decoded