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FNC artist performed together! They had a great stage on 2 venues and total 35,000 fans came

2014 FNC KINGDOM IN JAPAN -STARLIGHT- was held at Osakajo Hall on Dec. 27th after being held at Makuhari Meese on Dec. 20th, and it marked 35,000 fans for these two venues.

This was a second FNC KINGDOM for FNC entertainment, it consisted EMERALD STARLIGHT STAGE for daytime show and DIAMOND STARLIGFHT STAGE for the night time show. CNBLUE acted as a headliner for EMERALD STAGE and FTISLAND acted as a headliner for DIAMOND STAGE.

In the daytime show, FTISLAND brought the opening of the stage with ‘Beautiful’ and played ‘DISTANCE’ that got No.1 by fan vote. Hongki said that even Christmas was over, but I hope it would make warm your heart listening this song. But after singing ‘DISTANCE’, he broken the calm atmosphere, and excitation of fans, it was like to show his charisma.

4-pieces mixture rock band, N.Flying that they are planning their full-blown activity in Japan and Korea played three songs includes their new song ‘Knock Knock’. And Juniel who is the first singer songwriter of FNC sang three songs includes ‘I think I’m in love’.

The fourth appearance artist was AOA who debuted in Japan with ‘Mini-Skirt’ on last October. After they performed their debut song ‘Mini-Skirt’ with sexy black costume, they announced about their new song ‘Like a Cat’ that will be released on Feb. 25th. This is a Japanese version of 사뿐사뿐. Their further development is expected.

The collaboration stage was this event’s feature. Jaejin (FTISLAND) and Juniel sang ‘A Whole New World’, and Jimin (AOA) and Seunghyub showed the spicy and sexy stage. Jonghyun (CNBLUE) and Yuna performed ‘Lucky’ of Jason Mraz with mature atmosphere. Hongki (FTISLAND) and Choa (AOA) proceed to show keen stage singing ‘What I wanted to say’ that is the theme song of the bride of the Century and ‘Story’ of AI who is a Japanese singer.

CNBLUE started their daytime show with ‘Ring’ that is the song imaged winter. Yonghwa said “Honma ni Arigatougozaimsu (=Thank you so much/ He said this in Osaka accent) and sang some hot numbers. He sang ‘Foxy’ ‘s intro with Osaka accent, and enjoyed call and response with fans.

In the nighttime show, CNBLUE appeared as a first performer. They played ‘Ring’ first as same as the daytime show and played ‘Ryu Can Do It’ and ‘In My Head’. They said “a concert stage is my place! We are living for it!”, and played ‘Radio’ as a last song.

FTISLAND appeared as a last performer in the night time show. They showed their performance with their hot number like ‘FREEDOM’. Hongki said “We have experienced good things and bad things in this year. But this is all the same for us. So let’s leave only good things until we’ll die. We have to do ROCK to not regret next year too! Make some noise!” The fans became more and more hyper with his comment. They played ‘Flower Rock’ that was not planned in song list, but Minhwan proposed to sing it.

FNC artist showed the collaboration stage in both of daytime show and night time show. These mainly consisted of the band.

‘MochiMochi Band’ that was consisted by Yonghwa, Minhyuk (CNBLUE), Jonghoon, seunghyun (FTISLAND), Jimin, Yuna (AOA) and Kwangjin (N. Flying). They appeared under the concept of the guest performer of FNC KINGDOM, and they called their name to put ‘Mochi’ after each person’s name, it made fans laugh. They started their performance with ‘In My Head’ of CNBLUE, and kept performing a remix song with ‘I hope’, ‘Love,Love,Love’ ,‘Can’t Stop’, ’Love Girl’ and ’Short Hair’.

‘Sasurai Band’ that was consisted by Hongki, Jeajin, Minhwan(FTISLAND), Jonghyun,Jongshin(CNBLUE), Choa(AOA), Juniel, Seunghyub and Chahun (N.Flying) that was under the concept of the special band that was formed one month before and invited by FTISLAND and CNBLUE.

Fans were really excited with setting the situation that Hongki and Juniel are a couple of newlyweds and Johnhyun is the pickup truck driver. They sang a special remix song of ‘Short Hair’, ‘I hope’ and ‘I wish’.

At the end of the stage, all artists appeared on the stage and they performed together. Then 2014 FNC KINGDOM IN JAPAN-STARLIGHT-“ was successfully finished.


* for more photos please visit the korepo site

Source korepo

Trans by Satomi

Posted by Tara Lee

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CNBLUE 2014 Arena tour “WAVE” in Budokan Event Report

CNBLUE held their solo concert at Budokan. 26000 fans attended their concert for 2 days!


“Concert stage is our place”

CNBLUE, they debuted in Korea in 2010 and also debuted in Japan in 2011 (major debut) with the song ‘In My Head’, held their concert at Budokan that is the first time for them to hold there. 26000 fans came to there for 2 days. Yonghwa (Vocal) said this time’s concert is the best ever. They started their tour ‘CNBLUE 2014 ARENA TOUR “WAVE”’ in Japan.

It started with ballad song ‘Ring’. This time’s stage was the rotary center stage since 392 concert that is their last concert in indie label. Yonghwa said this is our first time to have our concert at Budokan, I feel fullness of my heart. Jonghyun (Guitar and Vocal) said in his fluent Japanese that we were thinking about the setlist. Because it is in Winter, we decided the songs that we can feel like this season. Although outside is not colder  than I thought, it doesn’t matter.(Laugh).

The setlist consisted of the songs in their latest album ‘WAVE’, and these were premiered in this time’s concert. Fans and they came to get a hyper! When Yonghwa said this is because the title of our album is ‘WAVE’, I want you to make the Wave!, Fans made big waves in Budokan. This was one of the performances that we felt we’re the one.

Yonghwa talked about FNC KINGDOM that will be held at year end in Japan. And Jonghyun said “since there are some special, like collaboration stage, please look forward to it”

Then they played ‘Foxy’, ‘I’m Sorry’ and ‘Radio’ without a rest. Yonghwa said with his big smile, “I really have fun! It has been a long time to have an arena tour, this is the most fun concerts so far!”
After singing ‘Can’t Stop’ in the encore, Yonghwa remarked. “We’ll do our best from here again. Already 5 years since our debut, we became to be strong. I really feel full of happiness. On the stage is our place”

‘CNBLUE 2014 ARENA TOUR “WAVE” ‘ continue, though Osaka, Fukuoka, and will be finished in Nagoya. FNC KINGDOM that all FNC artists appear will be held at the year end. We can’t wait it!

Source korepo

Trans by Satomi @ CNBOICE

Posted by Tara Lee @ CNBOICE


[STARCAST] CNBLUE Lee Jung Shin’s ‘Korea’s Next Top Model’?… The day when he went upon runway of ‘Seoul Fashion Week’


A new top model is born?!

Who is that guy walking confidently on the runway getting attention from people and hot responses even by getting photo shoots from the camera?
He’s a possessor of perfect well-proportioned figure and beautiful boy-like appearance that went up on the finale stage again. Isn’t he familiar to you and do you recognize him?
He’s ‘Lee Jung Shin’ of band CNBLUE.
He’s a guy who shakes global fans’ minds as being a charismatic bassist.
He is that Lee Jung Shin who had got favorable comments of ‘Lee Jung Shin, god of emotion’ with his delicate acting skill which showed the ardent mind of thinking about the sister recently!
Lee Jung Shin, who is at the core of Korean Wave being a singer and actor, is also a model that has experienced fashion shows of designer Song Hye Myung’s ‘2011 S/S Seoul Fashion Week’ and designer SONGZIO’s ‘2011-12 F/W Seoul Fashion Week’.
He has got spotlight with his confident catwalk by going up on runway for the third time on October, 17th.
We release the day when he went upon the runway of SONGZIO’s fashion show, ‘2015 S/S Seoul Fashion Week’ from now on~
Lee Jung Shin is standing by showing off his unique charisma from far away before the ordinary clothes rehearsal. Doesn’t he look like he has taken a photo shoot? The red scratch concept which seems it could be bullied that he has chili pepper on his head even looks great. *0*
B.u.t when we looked at it closely, it was just a hairpin which is used for permanent at the beauty shop. He was fixing his hair by putting on red hair pins on both side of his hair for perfect hairstyle. We thought it was a 2015 S/S must-have-item since Lee Jung Shin was putting madam’s hairpin.jpg
So shall we go to the earnest rehearsal scene? GoGo~
Lee Jung Shin is focusing on what the person concerned is saying before going up on the rehearsal stage.
★Beware of heartthrobs★ He’s lowering his waist for the eye level and shoots Lee Jung Shin’s eye-contact!
‘Walking confidently wherever he is~♬’
‘Walking forward by imagining seats full of audiences’
‘This is serious mode, Lee Jung Shin is totally serious’
‘Lee Jung Shin even shines among models’
‘Keeping his facial experience even until he steps out from the runway’
The tension raised more after the real-like rehearsal. We caught the image of ‘mirror prince’ Lee Jung Shin who was checking himself meticulously from the top of his head after getting back to the waiting room.
‘Lee Jung Shin focusing himself in the mirror’
‘Checking until the last with hot pink hand mirror~’
After meticulously checking hair one by one, he finally went upon the runway. Are you ready to appreciate model Lee Jung Shin’s image?
Before going up on stage,
‘Digest chick all-black color easily’
‘Zebra of runway? He also digests zebra pattern perfectly’
‘He also matches well with see-through look~’
Lee Jung Shin got big hands for showing relaxed catwalk like a professional model. We found him gone back to the youngest mode after coming down the stage!
‘Nervous whenever going up on runway’
Lee Jung Shin also got hot interest even at the backstage. There was media’s hot coverage heat and continuous interview scene. ‘Lee Jung Shin, can also speak’
‘I was so nervous. My heart still bounce bounce~’
‘But like a pro, does interview leisurely~’
Finally, Lee Jung Shin’s third model challenge got over.
The last picture is him with designer SONGZIO who invited him~
Designer SONGZIO is known that he’s band CNBLUE’s fan and a reliable helper at the same time. An unexpected relationship? Nope! Actually, Designer SONGZIO and Lee Jung Shin met at ‘2011-12 F/W Seoul Fashion Week’ for the first time and shared a lot of stories about fashion by making time even when they had tight schedule.
Besides, he gave high compliments by replying to the reason why he casted Lee Jung Shin as a model at this show by saying, “I highly assessed his beautiful boy-like appearance and model-like proportion, and his attitude of doing his best in managing himself even at the top status”. Lee Jung Shin also ended warmly by revealing his thoughts, “I feel so honored to go upon the stage of the best designer”~! You will call him again, right~?
‘Let’s meet at the next show again~’
‘Lee Jung Shin’s doppelganger’ has appeared at the fashion show set?!
“Hey, Lee Jung Shin~?”
“Oh, I’m sorry.”
There were these kinds of conversation going on here and there. It was because model Nam Joo Hyuk who is famous for ‘resembling Lee Jung Shin’ also went upon the runway on the same day. Both of them who look like brothers have finally met!
‘With same pose although they do not match it~’
‘Do we really resemble with each other that much?’
★Bonus 2★
We release the video that fully contains the day of Lee Jung Shin’s third runway challenge.
Writing/PictureFNC Entertainment
Reposted by Tara Lee @ CNBOICE

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[#CantStopSG Concert Review] 4 reasons why we ‘Can’t Stop’ loving CNBLUE


Date: May 10, 2014 (Saturday)
Time: 7PM
Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium

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There were no perfectly synchronized dance moves, no baring of abs, no flamboyance, No outfit change – okay, just one, for the encore performance. But it wasn’t as if Kpop rock quartet CNBLUE needed these. BOICEs (official name of CNBLUE’s fan club) just can’t stop loving them and their music, which was clearly evident throughout the two-hour concert last Saturday (10 May).

Returning for their second full-length concert in Singapore, CNBLUE delivered a charming performance, leaving fans wanting more by the end of it. sussed out four reasons why Singapore fans ‘Can’t Stop’ loving CNBLUE.

CNBLUE stays ‘In My Head’

Making a grand entrance to a roaring 7000-strong audience, CNBLUE strode up the stage via the runway, enjoying every bit of the love that was emanating from the deafening cheers that almost blew the roof off.

As if energised by the cheers, the quartet unleashed solid rock power, heating up the stadium in no time. Opening the concert with ‘Time Is Over’, CNBLUE proved that the yearlong wait was worth it as they got fans grooving wildly in unison.

Without missing a beat, they went on to perform ‘Diamond Girl’, from their latest EP Can’t Stop, to which lead vocalist Yonghwa cheekily sang “Singapore, you are my diamond girl”, much to the delight of the female fans.

CNBLUE hit a home run and kept the energy levels high with a well-selected song list that included many of their catchy hits such as ‘Intuition’, ‘In My Head’, ‘I’m Sorry’, ‘I’m A Loner’, and their latest title track ‘Can’t Stop’.


Love Is’ – Jonghyun’s vocals

The usually reserved guitarist Jonghyun stole the show with his soulful delivery of ballads such as ‘These Days’ and ‘Teardrops In The Rain’’. Most notably, the former was an exceptionally soulful rendition, tugging at the heartstrings of the crowd.

Jonghyun’s soothing and warm vocals were a breath of refreshing air to the high-octane rock concert. While serenading fans with ‘Love Is’, the stadium transformed into a glittering sea of stars with fans shining orange and yellow lights from their mobile phones.


Yonghwa and Jungshin having fun ‘Like A Child’

Music was complemented with entertainment provided by Yonghwa who played Mr. Congeniality and the mischievous maknae and bassist Jungshin.

While Jungshin broke into random funny banter, Yonghwa showed off his charisma in a reprisal of his “Energizer Bunny” role from the band’s first concert in Singapore last year.

The multi-talented singer who juggles a few hats – singer, composer, producer, actor, just to name a few – engaged BOICEs with his friendly antics. He truly showed that CNBLUE can’t stop loving Singapore as he spontaneously weaved Singapore into the lyrics, even singing “Love love love, everybody crab crab crab (clap clap clap)”, which was an impromptu ‘tribute’ to their favourite local dish chilli crab.

Yonghwa also sent a flying kiss to fans screaming for love, took a cutesy hairband and gamely wore it over his head. He even showed off some not-so-sleek dance moves (A+ for effort) and at one point, dived right into the mosh pit, delighting fans with his fan service.

Yonghwa also displayed musical versatility as he straddled effortlessly from guitar to the keyboard; from high-pitched robust singing, rapping and beatboxing when performing the fast tracks, to crooning in the heartwarming ballads like ‘Try Again Smile Again’.


With ‘Love’, CNBLUE

Choosing to take the stage without a translator, each member tried their best to communicate in English and it was drummer Minhyuk who was the crowd-pleaser, despite being rooted to his drum set at the far end of the stage.

Minhyuk spared no efforts at delivering sweet-nothings to fans whenever he saw the opportunity, displaying his fondness for Singapore and local food in between song sets. In a rather random moment, he laughingly revealed that he liked tofu and “it was really delicious”.

But really, language proved no barrier when it came to the fans, because even though Yonghwa candidly sprouted a few Korean words, like asking fans to scream, or when he   happily remarked that “the atmosphere is awesome”, fans responded with thunderous shrieks of support as if on auto-cue.

Wrapping the concert with cheery songs like ‘Wake Up’, ‘Love Girl’ and ‘Love Light’, CNBLUE was undoubtedly convincing as the epitome of positive rock energy. In the words of Yonghwa, “We hope our music become the light to them (referring to the victims of Korea’s ferry tragedy) and you”.

With a spectacular showing at their second concert in Singapore, we can only hope that CNBLUE make it an annual affair to visit our sunny island for a concert.


Text: Yen Chen For MeRadio

Photos: One Production

Reposted by Tara Lee @ cnboice/bpb decoded

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CNBLUE serves up an audio-visual delight

The South Korean rock band delighted Singapore fans with energetic performances before finishing off on a touching note

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It’s hard to imagine that just five years ago, CNBLUE was a struggling young band trying to get their feet wet by playing on the streets and in small clubs in Japan.

That humble beginning is a stark contrast from their Can’t Stop in Singapore live gig last night, where the South Korean quartet performed in front of 7,000 screaming fans.

Three gigantic LCD screens flashed an elaborate clock counting down to the start of the concert. When it seemed time for the boys to emerge, all eyes were glued to the stage, waiting to find out what kind of flashy entrance they would make.

But the way Jung Yong Hwa, Lee Jong Hyun, Lee Jung Shin and Kang Min Hyuk arrived on the scene was somewhat like their group’s early days – simple and straightforward, but eye-catching and ultimately effective: they casually walked out from the back of the arena (flanked by security, of course) onto the platform. Well, flying in on wires or leaping out from below deck wouldn’t be very CNBLUE, would it?

“Thank you for waiting for us; we’re very happy to see you again,” lead singer Yong Hwa crooned to the audience after the band finished rocking out to ‘Time is Over’, ‘Diamond Girl’ and ‘Intuition’.

In the one year and a month since their last show here, CNBLUE had released their fifth mini-album Can’t Stop, which meant that Boices (the official fandom name) had many fresh live renditions to indulge in. Just like Jung Shin promised during our interview the day before, the band played five out of the record’s six songs, including ‘Cold Love’, ‘Like a Child’ and the title track.

Older classics were certainly not forgotten. The cheering in the hall amplified tenfold when hot favourites like ‘I’m a Loner’ and ‘LOVE Girl’ came on, with devotees eagerly singing along without missing a beat (by the way, Yong Hwa told us that the band loves it when that happens, especially in countries outside of Korea).

Adding flavour to the already-stellar musical experience were the impressive stage effects. Pyrotechnics, lasers, confetti and coloured spotlights coordinated flawlessly with the beat and rhythm of each song, giving the eyes as much of a treat as the ears were getting (not that four good-looking boys passionately jamming their hearts out on stage wasn’t doing that already).

The evening ended on a more solemn note when Yong Hwa took some time to address the recent Sewol ferry accident. “Before our last song, I want to say something to thank you,” he said. “A few weeks ago, there was a tragedy in Korea, and many people there are grieving the loss. We saw the yellow ribbons on your wrist and we know what it means, so thank you. We hope our music becomes a light to them and to you.”

For those in the dark, the yellow ribbons are used to show condolences to the ferry victims and their families, and symbolises hope for more safe returns. A local CNBLUE fan club initiated the gesture by distributing the ribbons to concert attendees, who tied it around their left wrist.

With that, the band delved into the aptly named ‘Love Light’ and retreated backstage, but not before bowing with gratitude at the end of the three extended stages and promising they’ll be back again.

WATCH: CNBLUE – Time Is Over
WATCH: CNBLUE – Diamond Girl
WATCH: CNBLUE – Intuition


Source Xinmsn

Text: Tammi Tan

Photos: ONE Production

Videos: Teng Siew Eng & Fiona Lin

Reposted by Tara Lee @ cnboice/bpb decoded


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FNC Kingdom Second Day by Excite music


[FNC KINGDOM] Second day report



The music festival [2013 FNC KINGDOM IN JAPAN~Fantastic & Crazy~] that was held under the auspices of FNC Entertainment was started on March 15th at Nippon Budokan. This is a first try to gather the concert FNC artist  at once, The first day is called Fantastic Day and second day is being called Crazy Days. The set list will be changed in each day.


The stage was like a castle wall as named KINGDOM, and was surrounded by the audience. CNBLUE who had the honor of closing last day appeared in the warm blue light on the stage. The first song is ‘Like a Child’ that is from their new album ‘Can’t Stop’.  And then they showed ‘Can’t Stop’ that is the first showing for this song in Japan. Yonghwa said “I want to be the one with you. Let’s sing with us!” and the fans sing along with them ‘Love Light’, ‘Starlit Night’ and etc. CNBLUE seemed happy because that is the first live in Budokan. Although they played a warm song with Piano and Acoustic guitar in the first of their concert, the venue was heating up at a stretch after Yonghwa shouted “I want to go to the top of the world!”, and they run through all the four songs from “Robot” to “Lady”. CNBLUE played nine songs all, this is fit to face the start of the Crazy Day.


N.Flying was next who debuted on an indie label on November in Japan and will officially debut in Korea in the spring. Their TV program “Chondamdon 111: How to way to become a star” started in Korea, they are received attention newbie band now. They sang 4 songs include Lady Gaga ‘Poker face’ that was re-arranged rap rhythm and their own composed song ‘Basket’. This genre that is called mixture rock that is defined by rap and hard sound would be one of the important pillars of FNC Entertainment.


AOA appeared after N.Flying. They are first girls group in FNC Entertaiment and that group has 8 people, but consist of the band in 5 people unit and a dance unit in 7 people. A band performed AKB48 ‘Heavy Loatation’ (AKB48 is an idol in Japan), and a dance unit performed ‘Mini Skirt’ that got No.1 in a music program.


Next is special guest TWO SONG PLACE. This is the group which was formed from the popular female talent, SongEunyi and FTISLAND Song Seunghyun who have the same last name. They performed ‘Age-Hight’ and AOA members danced as a backup dancer. To our surprise, CNBLUE Minhyuk attended and danced with TWO SOMG PLACE. Minhyuk said “It’s the first time to show my dance”.


Juniel performed after them. She came to Japan in 2010, and began her music career while going to Japanese school. And then she debuted in official in Japan in 2011. She sang three songs including her composed song ‘Everything is Alright’. She remarked “Because of today is ‘Crazy Day’, I’m taking everything out. “, and she called CEO Han Sungho. “I’m thankful for your love for me”


A special guest in this event is Lee Donggun. He was in the spotlight in the drama ‘Lovers in Pari’ and in the movie ‘My Boyfriend is Type B’, and he co-starred with CNBLUE Yonghwa in the drama ‘ Marry Me If You Dare’. He debuted as a singer first, this time he sang Anzenchitai’s ‘Kanashimi ni Sayonai’. The audience were enraptured by his sweet voice. He said “I’m singing in front of the audience for the first time 5 years. After such a long time, but I want to sing my new song.” And he sang ‘Oh I Love You’.


FTISLAND who is the first artist for FNC Entertainment had the honor of closing on this day. When their name was called, the Lightstick color in the venue was turned into yellow and these lights swung in response to Johnhoon’s guitar sound. Because this event was postponed due to Honki’s injury, this is the long-awaited return concert for the fans as well for them. The atmosphere in the venue became more and more hyper from the first song ‘Shiawase Theory’! Fans twirled a towel while the song ‘Let it Go’ and sang together ‘I wish’ in Korean. To say nothing of Hongki’s voice, his glittering aura and attitude of enjoying the concert gave a lift to fans. Powerful and positive sound tells us happy to become together with music. Hongki shouted “Play with us!” and ran around the stage. “We’ll do our best for playing a music together. I feel it is only for me” Hongki said. The last song was ‘Stay’ with Jaejin’s beautiful voice.


After the encore Hongki asked the fans “I want you are coming back to home in the happy feeling. Are you guys happy now? It’s enough for us, isn’t it?” This his word would be represented this event’s mean. In the last, Hongki called all artists out to the stage, and they took a photo saying “Congratulations on FNC KINGDOM well done!”. This event ended with the artists and fans sang “Like a Bird” together.


We were able to see the interaction across the group, but it is a first time stage to play on the same stage for FTISLAND and CNBLUE. This special atmosphere seemed to promote bonding between the family not only the fans and artists. Also, it became the memorable event with an unreleased CD that was given away to an audience. FNC Entertainment that is thinking a great deal of the artists and their concert could change the band culture in Korea, and would make a new wave in the world.


Source and more photo at Excite

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FNC Kingdom First Day by Excite music

[FNC KINGDOM] First day report


The music festival [2013 FNC KINGDOM IN JAPAN~Fantastic & Crazy~] that was held under the auspices of FNC Entertainment was started on March 15th at Nippon Budokan. This is a first try to gather the concert FNC artist  at once, The first day is called Fantastic Day and second day is being called Crazy Days. The set list will be changed in each day.

The first day was started by FTISLAND who is the first artist in FNC. This festival was scheduled to be carried out at the end of last year, but because of Hongki’s injury, it was postponed to March. Hongki said “I am so sorry about that. But I’m happy to have our family concert in Budokan. Already three years passed after we had our concert in Budokan first. Don’t you think we are grown up cool guys?” This is a return to concert as a FTISLAND that fans and themselves have been waiting for.

And then Juniel, she is a cute solo singer who has a sweet voice, AOA that has both faces of the sexy dance group and band, N. Flying that is aiming to debut in Japan also appeared.

In additional, Lee donggun appeared on stage as a singer for the first time in 5 years. Also attended TWO SONG PLACE that is the group formed by Song eunyi and Song seunghyun. They premiered their song ‘Age-height’ with AOA as a back dancer.

CNBLUE had an honor of the closing of this first day. They are busy with their comeback in Korea, but Jonghyun said “We are so busy now but happy to attend this festival. I want to give our heart back to fans in good music”.  Yonghwa said “ I am happy to heve a concert with FNC artist. FNC became big. I really thanked to FTISLAND they cut own way by themselves”  They performed ‘can’t stop’

In the encore, all artists were on a stage and sang ‘Try again, Smile again’

Source Excite Music

Trans Satomi @ cnboice

Edited and Posted by Tara Lee @ cnboice/bpb decoded

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At first, CNBLUE’s Blue Moon concert at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium in Los Angeles looked like any other K-pop shindig. Hordes of fans streamed into venue, and the crowd surrounding the merchandise table resembled an amorphous blob rather than an organized line. Fans passed out signs to hold up during the concert, and the girl to my left offered me lightsticks. When the Blue Moon video kicked off the night on the ever-present jumbo screen, I settled in for what was sure to be an enjoyable, yet familiar, K-pop concert.

And then CNBLUE took the stage and all that changed. It has been a week since the band graced L.A. with their presence, yet I am still buzzing from the experience.

In 2012, CNBLUE came to L.A. for a joint concert with FT Island, and impressed our writers, despite a shorter set. Fast forward to 2013, and they’ve got their own world tour and full two and a half hours onstage. As far as K-pop “world tours” go, Blue Moon was pretty sizable. After stopping in numerous Asian countries and Australia, the band started the 2014 leg with New York and L.A., and recently finished the tour in Mexico, Peru, and Chile.

The thing that struck me the most about the show was how different it is to listen to CNBLUE live. I have been to a good amount of K-pop concerts, with all the remixes, special stages, and bedazzled costumes, but CNBLUE blew me away without the pyrotechnics. The concert was downright subtle in terms of visuals, comparatively speaking, but it packed a punch in terms of sheer performance quality.

Due to restrictions on music shows and the pre-recorded nature of MVs, when watching an idol band on screen there is always the sense they are “faking it,” even though everyone knows they play live. CNBLUE did manage to play live during their last promotion cycle — a victory for sure — but there were still restrictions regarding movement, camera angles, timing, etc. All of those went away at the concert, and the audience got dynamic songs, with extended guitar and drum solos, and the band demonstrated an impressive musical prowess.

The set started off strong and fast with songs like “Where You Are,” “Naran Namja,” and “Coffee Shop.” From this first part, a personal favorite was “Wake Up,” where the band showed off all their rock chops and got the crowd pumped up.

It was fun to see the distinct physicality each of the members had when playing, which showed how much they were into the music. Yonghwa was all over the stage, charisma tumbling out him. He had the unique ability to give attention to each section of the audience, while still remaining intimate. It probably helped that the venue felt cozier, and Yonghwa clearly thrives in the kind of environment that allows him to interact on a personal level. Jungshin was all over the stage as well, but in a meandering, cool way, with his expressive hands on the bass drawing focus. Jonghyun anchored both of them by mostly staying in place, and despite some issues with his foot pedals at the start, it was apparent how technically precise he is as a guitarist, and how prominent his parts are in the music. Minhyuk also impressed by playing the show pretty much straight through, without ever losing his ease and playfulness on the drums.

Next came the slower songs. While I usually think of CNBLUE’s harder, faster material as their signature sound, their quieter numbers convey a lot of emotion and delicacy, which was amplified live, from Yonghwa’s keyboard solo “Feeling,” to Jonghyun’s mellow “These Days.” A stand out in this section was “Y, Why”

CNBLUE ended the concert with a bang after another round fast songs, including their recent hit “I’m Sorry,” and then did favorites like “Love Girl,” “Love,” and “Try Again, Smile Again,” for their encore.

Aside from their professionalism and skill, CNBLUE connected with the audience in a down-to-earth way. The boys spoke in English the whole time, and though undoubtedly scripted, it was a sincere effort and the audience loved it. Even the short sentences, like Jungshin asking, “Are you having fun?” then pointing to himself and saying, “Me too. Me too,” created a fun atmosphere and made it feel like they honestly enjoyed being with their fans. One assumes that the boys had major jet lag the whole time, but it didn’t show it at all, and they communicated with the audience both vocally and through lots of pointing, smiling, and hand-touching. At the end, they picked up all the fan gifts thrown onstage, and Yonghwa even adorned himself with them. While all of this audience interaction probably comes from years of practiced fanservice, it didn’t feel disingenuous, but rather comfortable and happy.

CNBLUE has a reputation for having it all — they’re idols with musical talent, good looks, acting chops, variety skills, and an admirable philanthropic project. They’ve already got fans from all over the world, and this tour undoubtedly helped them snag more, and maybe it will propel them even further into stardom. But at the end of the way-too-short evening, I saw them as just a band who is great at playing music, and who loves their fans.

Readers, did you go to any of the concerts on the Blue Moon tour? What did you think?

(FNC Entertainment, Facebook, YouTube [1], [2], [3]

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We are interviewing CNBLUE who is 4-piece Rock Band in Korea

CNBLUE, they are popular  all over the world not to mention in Japan, and they do a world tour in 2013 which is a first time as a Korean band. Their documentary film ‘The Story of CNBLUE~NEVER STOP~’ will be released on January 17th  that included not only their world tour in Sydney, Singapore and Beijing, but also their secret live in Shibuya and their home in Seoul. We, Elle, interviewing them on a visit to Japan.

“We were filmed all of our private. So I worried whether it’s okay to be revealed or not. (Jonghyun)”

—What did you think when you had offered  about to film documentary film?

Yonghwa: There are many bands to film a documentary film. Because I have been watching the backstage film of them, I was honored to make our film.

Jonghyun: I know there are several international famous band’s DVD, but when I heard that we will be taken in such a film, I thought ‘eh?’ it is great but too early for us (laugh)

Jungshin: I have watched famous band’s documentary film like Bon Jovi, too. I felt the pressure that what kind of us do we have to show. But I supposed the audience who will watch this movie want to watch us as usual.

Minhyuk: I also worried about that, but I  take it easy. So I think we were taken our  well image more on the movie).

— Because documentary film is different from TV programs, you might have a chance to be filmed your natural self or without makeup. Do you have some request such a scene wanted to be taken or not wanted to be taken?  And do you have some funny episodes?

Yonghwa: We have been taken in our home, though, does it be used in the movie?

Director: Yes. Such as the scene that Jungshin was making a Doenjang Jjigae.

Yonghwa: We have to be pretended that we are good person before. Like Jungshin’s cooking scene.

Minhyuk: Right now he was still pretending that he is good person  too (Laugh). Usually he does not to talk too much  though.

Yonghwa: I have cared about a camera because they (Camera crew) have followed us whole day. I felt a load at first, but after time passed, we could show our natural selves.

Jonghyun: We were filmed all of our private. So I worried whether  it’s okay to reveal or not.

Yonghwa: We believe the director (Laugh)

Jonghyun: I have thought that was too much to be filmed. By end of the filming, I felt sad ‘omg, this is it?’. I thought a human being was such a thing after all (Laugh).

“We are happy to leave our world tour in a video” (Minhyuk)

—Do you usually cook like that ?

Jungshin: Yes, I do.

Jonghyun: No, No, occasionally

—The movie shows the scene that you get along well. Fans may be happy to see that.

Jonghyun: Yes, basically we are close.

Minhyuk: Rather, I think that such a scene was not reflected very much.

Yonghwa: Since I am an actor… I acted (Laugh)

Minhyuk: I worried about what my scene. I think we were filmed the scene that Jonghyun-hyeong and I did a soccer game

Yonghwa: We met first in Seoul, didn’t we?

Director: The first filming was in Taiwan but we actually met in Seoul.

Yonghwa: I was surprised that there are lots of cameras. I thought, what cameras are these for?

—This documentary includes the video of your world tour that is the first time as a Korean rock band though, how do you feel about it?

Yonghwa: I am happy that there are some countries where we have visited, and are some countries where we have not visited yet. Also, there is a country that we have our first solo concert. Since we have not known how much demand from overseas fan, we were moved that the oversea’s fans remember our songs and lyrics even though we are using different language.

Jonghyun: In fact, there are lots of scenes that not be taken about this world tour. At first I thought ‘the camera crew for this movie doesn’t come, it’s good!’. When I think back, it is better to be taken all of that…A human being was such a thing.

Minhyuk: I didn’t know when we were being filmed tho. Did I already say it? If I saw this a few years afterward, I would have felt new. Since our world tour was filmed in the movie, I think it was not leave only as memories, and was very good to be able to leave as a video.

—Do you want to say anything about your world tour?

Minhyuk: It is still going on, I want to say anything when it finished all.

Jonghyun: Still going on… (Laugh)

Minhyuk: I think we were able to have our world tour for the first time as a Korean band in our age would be very happy.

“My dream is a No.1 on the Billboard chart” (Yonghwa)

—What is your dream?

Yonghwa: To get No.1 on the Bill Board

—In doing to recording and to appear the TV as a musician, what is the show(concert) for you?

Minhyuk: I am very happy when I’m on the stage. When I do other work, I often remember that I am on the stage and I think to want to have a concert.

Minhyuk: We have many hard things while preparing for our concert. I’m getting nervous too. But when I got stressed out, I remember the happy time on stage.

Jonghyun: There are lots of type of people. In the case of us, we release a CD and doing a music activity. A CD is good, but we want the people to hear the music in concert.

Yonghwa: When I experienced a concert, I feel that I can get new myself. I don’t think I have to do that, but I feel something new  every minute.

—By revealing this movie, the people who have not come to a concert ever so far may come to your concert. Do you want what kind of person to watch this movie?

Yonghwa: I want everybody to watch this movie and to take an interest in us. It is good to be known there is a band like this.

—All members are good showing as an actor. How are you compatible with band activities?

Yonghwa: It is better for us that we have lots of experiences. Some people may say musician has to do music activity only, but I don’t think so. I am happy if I can tell the people the feeling of a joy or sadness by various scenes. Because It is only-one-time life, I want to experience a lot. And then these experiences would be reflected in our music.

Minhyuk: We cannot live to 100 years, so we  do what we want!


Source Elle online

Trans by Satomi @ cnboice

Edited and posted by Tara Lee @ cnboice/bpb decoded

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CNBLUE Arena Tour 2013 ‘ONE MORE TIME’

CNBLUE began their 2nd Japan Arena Tour ‘ONE MORE TIME’ at Super Arena in Saitama, Japan on November 1st, 2013 and have completed the journey at Marine Messe Fukuoka in Fukuoka on December 26th. CNBLUE ARENA TOUR 2013 ‘ONE MORE TIME’ in Fukuoka, we are inviting you guys to the site of their hot last performance!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

OMT1From the leader Jung Yong Hwa, who shines even with the white t-shirt alone. So into playing the guitar~

OMT2Lee Jong Hyun, who gives off a vibe of a model on the stage!

OMT3Power up even for the last performance! The drummer Kang Min Hyuk, who does not get tired

OMT11Lee Jung Shin is also into playing the bass guitar while getting cool spotlights~

OMT12Jung Yong Hwa, who always listens closely to the audience while playing,“I also want to hear the voice of the fans!”

OMT13The entire stage, A leader Jung Yong Hwa appears on a big electronic display in black color~ It has some cool feeling!

OMT14The heat at the concert site is getting hotter~ Fukuoka Arena in which blue waves are magnificent

OMT7Blue lighting and a green laser, It is the picture of the performance hall seen from the sideways in which the lights from the fans shines mystically

OMT6The cool leader Jung Yong Hwa, who sings while playing the guitar “Are you guys having fun~?”

OMT5Lee Jong Hyun’s charismatic look, who is so into playing~

OMT4“Yes, We are also enjoying the performance” Kang Min Hyuk, who is smiling brightly

OMT8Lee Jung Shin, who plays a cool bass guitar. Him playing with excitement is shining!

OMT9One two three, scream~~! Giving off energy on the stage, and is interacting with the audience.

OMT10Lee Jong Hyun also sings a verse while interacting with the fans~

OMT15Kang Min Hyuk, who sings while passionately playing the drum~

OMTIt is an unforgettable sight which highlighted the last performance in a brilliant way.


Written and Photo by FNC Ent via naver

Repost by Tara Lee @ cnboice/bpb decoded