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[TRANS] Lee Jonghyun 1st Solo Tour “~Welcome to SPARKLING NIGHT~” Encore Concert Report by KStyle Japan


Guitarist and vocal of CNBLUE, the 4-member band from Korea, Lee Jong Hyun, held a tour of [1st Solo Concert in Japan ~Welcome to SPARKLING NIGHT~] on summer to commemorate the release of his first solo album. As an encore performance of the tour which mobilized about 18000 audiences on 5 performances in Osaka, Nagoya, as well Tokyo, it was held at Tokyo International Forum Hall A on Sunday, December 25th. There were 5000 audiences and it had so much fun, he shouted “I’m not lonely!” (!?) The Christmas special live report is here.


A lively red drape curtain fits perfectly for Christmas season and gorgeous eye-catching stage with a team consists of drums, basses, guitars, keyboards, saxophone, and a group of male and female chorus. Jonghyun as the MC greeted first “Merry Christmas!”, “Thanks for coming everyone, even though it’s Christmas Day. Actually, there weren’t any plans (for me) on Christmas but this live then decided, I thought that I won’t be lonely since there are you guys who waits (for the live). I’m rather happy. Let’s make the best Christmas today” he said. Even the MC is special because it’s a Christmas performance, the set list and overall production (of the live) were also upgraded.


The venue was cheering for excitement when the song begins to play, Jonghyun’s vocal wrapped it all up (the audiences’ cheers). As the heat rising slowly, Jonghyun’s live performance tastily soak up the excitement, the venue was filled with warmth as of Jonghyun’s song has such a healing power.

At the end of the main part, after enthusiastically singing the Korean version of a famous song “I LOVE YOU” by Yutaka Ozaki which had been sung by him since he was 15 years old during high school, a Christmas song medley of “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” which added by a jazz arrangement that fits the performance itself was presented, along with “Jingle Bell” and “White Christmas”. A mirrored ball hanging on the stage’s ceiling reflected red and green Christmas color lights and turned the stage like a merry-go-round, when Jonghyun finished singing he said “It’s Christmas, right? Everyone will get angry if I don’t sing (Christmas song) properly” showing his gentle smile.


When it got more powerful during Christmas medley, Jonghyun catch a fun conversation afterwards with “not lonely” as a keyword and the venue heats up. “Today, we’re not lonely! There are people who can sing a song with, together.” By that thought, he said “I want you to sing with me in a huge voice”, trying to urge the audience as usual, “we’re not lonely!”, then made the venue gone loud, “I’m so sorry (for considering everyone as a lonely person). I was wrong” and Jonghyun laughing hard.

Next, during MC part again he said that “Starlit Night” is a favorite song in the final (such as encore), then started to have a Sparta guidance to sing the Chorus. While handing the microphone to fans who were sitting in the front row, “ah, too bad (LOL)”, “barely/just there (girigiri)”, “not yet”. When audience said “terrible”, he responded “Ahahaha, you are yelling at Christmas (LOL) but I guess it will be fine since every of you sing with a big voice”, anyway, audiences were stick with attitude (following the rules on the venue/concert) and it was impressive.


When Jonghyun came out for the encore, he said “the voice is getting smaller” and then the venue called Lee Jonghyun with a “huge voice”. Both Jonghyun and fans were maximizing the possibility of enjoying the live each other, it felt like the strength is surely stronger than the opening one, it was moving.

In response of the claps that didn’t stop even after the band members’ greeting, Jonghyun appeared alone on the stage for a double encore, holding an acoustic guitar. While playing guitar for the first time on that day, he prepared himself and then singing the last song “”, “this song will be meaningless unless if everyone sings together”. It was like a nostalgia after all.

Heard the “huge voice” of the fans, Jonghyun showed a different and vivid expression when playing guitar, as well with the best smile. On MC part, “It’s hard to do this live alone, but I’m happy because I can sing my songs together, it’s fun. I want to do it little by little every year”, saying his goals. As a guitarist and vocal of CNBLUE, also as a solo artist, what kind of activity will he show next year? It’s the first solo tour of singer Lee Jong Hyun which its charms shine glowingly.


LEE JONG HYUN 1st Solo Concert in Japan Encore Live


2016.12.25(SUN) @Tokyo International Forum Hall A



M1 Moonlight Swing

M2 These days

M3 Lucid dream

M4 Call me

M5 Hate you

M6 I just need a..

M7 Blind Love

M8 Smile

M9 Be OK

M10 Pina Colada

M11 Foxy

M12 Show Me More


M14 X’mas MEDLEY


M16 Starlit Night

EN.1 Blessed

EN.2 voice




Not exactly all text from the article translated, just parts that related to the live. Any correction are welcomed 🙂


Trans by alvianashin

Source : KStyle Japan

Please take out with full credits


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Lee Jonghyun (from CNBLUE) 『SPARKLING NIGHT』Official Interview

Either band or solo, I only want to enjoy the music with fans


“Moonlight Swing” become the lead song of your first solo album “SPARKLING NIGHT”, but it comes out with a swing genre, which is quite unimaginable.

…I never thought about it also. So it’s funny (laughs). It’s a song that’s composed by an American or European song writer, where I can’t compose such piece of music like that. Because, there is something that’s carved in a DNA. But in Japan swing music isn’t a major one, also since J.Y. Park’s “Swing Baby” is a hit song at its time and people sing it at karaoke so I’m quite familiar.


The lyrics are very romantic, but are you a romantic entertainer?

…Considerably, romantic (laughs). But, I’m too embarrassed to actually do it in action, so put it as lyrics is better. I think every man has the pieces of himself which looks like the lyrics.


About escorting of your dream girl, what will you do?

…Well, I’ll do anything what she wants. That’s important, isn’t it? So if there’s anyone that makes me interested, I’ll find out about what type of man that she likes, if she likes a quiet man then I’ll become a quiet man, if she likes an interesting man then I’ll be an interesting man (laughs).


It’s changing yourself?

…Yes. Anything for you (laughs).


In Moonlight Swing MV it shows off yourself dancing without guitar, but this is also surprising.

…It’s not dancing! It’s about feeling the rhythm. There are 2 dancers with me, but I’m not dancing, I’m just shaking (laughs). The set is gorgeous, then I sang in the mood for a gorgeous man. It’s quiet but very good.  More than I expected, it was fun.


In the album, the lead songMoonlight Swing written by the song writer’s and also the other 5 songs, Jonghyun’s self-written 4 songs, and a cover of “I LOVE YOU” from Yutaka Ozaki has been recorded. I was thinking and guessing that you only do your favorite blues and quiet song to be on your solo and it’s challenging to have various genre.

…There’s also blues, but probably my configuration is surprising? It’s a place where my own song is, and not a band sound. Of course CNBLUE is a band, we do a refreshing band sounds, but in solo it’s about the unusual ideas which is also a refreshing overlook. In band, I have to discuss things to the members one by one, but this one I can do my favorite things alone by myself, it’s easy (laughs).  But, I also feel lonely when I’m doing solo.


I wonder if any CNBLUE member considered to participate in your album?

…Everyone is busy with shooting for drama (laughs). The fact is, I was supposed to get to write a song for Yonghwa, but Yonghwa also can’t be meet that often since he is go abroad for shooting (laughs). But I was motivated.


As a solo entertainer, what type of artists would you describe yourself?

…I don’t think about myself as a solo artist that much. Solo or band is just the same. I’m just having fun with music. Also, to play the guitar at home or stage it’s also just the same, I might say such “because it’s live broadcasting today, I have to put the fight in” without consciousness and it’s fun, it does the same in any time. I also did a Japan solo fan meeting last August, and number of people who came is more than my expectations. For the following stage is not a fan meeting, because I made a solo album, it’s about music and I want to share the time with live performances. It’s an album to be enjoyed along with the fans.

Translation : alvianashin @ 4cnboice

Source : Lee Jonghyun Official Page – Warner Music Japan

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[TRANS] 26072016 Kstyle News Interview – “CNBLUE Lee Jong Hyun Sparkling Debut! Swingy & Moody mid-summer night dream atmosphere for you”


After celebrated and greeted audiences with the 5th “Anniversary Year” of CNBLUE’s Japan major debut, guitar & vocal Lee Jong Hyun now having his solo debut. He is going to release his 1st album “SPARKLING NIGHT“ on July 27th. The lead song “Moonlight Swing” is the best tune to swing your mood, if you listen to it, you’ll have no doubt that everyone is excited hearing this. More than that, he will have his first solo concert in August, which will show off his sparkling stage and plays. We will deliver such a pure interview of him, no edits or additional things!

Congratulations for you solo debut. This is the other new side of Lee Jong Hyun which hasn’t been shown in CNBLUE, but is this what you expect?

Jonghyun : When I see it from fans’ way (or, point of view), I think it’s fascinating to only see what you’re doing alone by yourself, I think it’s entertaining.

How about the music?

Jonghyun : In CNBLUE, we also do deep blues which we haven’t done before, but it has a little differences (from mine). The lead song (Moonlight Swing) has the swing, but it also has an addition of blues, but in CNBLUE we really do various kind of genres for songs. However, in CNBLUE we also dare to take the challenge and change (the genre or style) like, “ok, now we will show up like this”. But for mine, I’ll be like “I recently like this kind of music”, and then try to reflects that.

It seems like this album is packed with Lee Jong Hyun’s favorite musics (or, genre). Above all, you’re interested of blues on the inside.

Jonghyun : Because I’m a guitarist, I’ve thought so much that someday I’ll do blues. It’s my first time to have my own album, it’s my own pleasure. I’m looking forward to hear what everyone think when they hear the song(s), it’s a pleasant (for me). Originally, I like blues. When doing a jam (jamming), I’ll do/play blues. Particularly, when (I) do jamming, blues will just begin (to play), but not everyone do (or, into) blues, right? So when blues was sung and the music has just begun, I have the feeling that I went back into the high school days or go back into the end of teenage year.

You’ve been addicted to blues since high school?

Jonghyun : In general, (play music) from rock to blues has the feel, but I think it’s (an) unusual (pattern) if move from blues to rock. But for the people who are playing guitar, I think there are many who has the same type (or, taste of blues) like me.

Blues is heavy (kind of genre to be produced or played), isn’t this album need a deep of work from you?

Jonghyun : No, I don’t think so (laughs). It may have some songs that can be listened to relax. In an interview you will often ask me “What is the concept of this album?” In fact, I didn’t think too much that sort of concept while I made this album. The lead song’s concept of this album is the only thing that I care to, it has to be easy listening, to be played as their favorite songs (or, genre) with other songs, or to be tried (in order) to be explored and take various challenges (to make such music). Actually blues music that we talked earlier was made two years ago. At that time when I heard (or, got the tune), I record it on my iPhone. The iPhone itself may contain around 100 songs on it, but 5 of them was chosen to be included to the album.

Do you record it in iPhone in any situation?

Jonghyun : I also sing in airplane’s toilet (laughs). This album also has one song which was recorded in the toilet. Actually I need one more song to complete the album at that time, so I was thinking “Because there are 100 songs (on the iPhone), I have to try to make it fresh (or, produced it further into a full song). So when I did live in Nagoya on May, after finished the concert I go to the toilet and sang “La, La, La~”, it felt nice. I recorded the melody in the toilet, and play the guitar when got back to hotel. I also often to make the lyrics on airplane. It’s not wasting time, isn’t it? I wrote a lyric and a full song when I went to Europe in one way flights, which makes the time passed.

What is the difference between making a song for CNBLUE and making a song for your solo album?

Jonghyun : There’s no determiner/standard/concern (of writing lyrics for both). If you’re saying about “Moonlight Swing”, firstly, in fact it has a different (kind) of lyrics. I want it to be a love song which has the lyrics to be said like “to enjoy ourselves with everything without worrying about a thing even from under a stressful condition, just like a Peter Pan”, then I want to hear it a little more and rewrote (if there’s some lacks of the song), and after that decide it to be the lead song. If doing this (kind of) song to CNBLUE might be difficult. If give it to the band, it will be difficult in a musical way.

[I’m going to do my own music. It’s like a hobby and it’s like I’m doing fun/good things]


Did you proceeded it from the time when your solo debut planned?

Jonghyun : Because last year was busy with drama and variety schedules, for this year I think I’ll do everything slowly. So at the beginning of the year, the other members said “why don’t you just work? We all are going to work, what are you going to play with?” half-jokingly. “No, last year I’ve been busy, I’d like to rest this year” I answered. But one day in February, I called the CEO in my office and ask “do I not work? Does the album can’t be out/issued in the summer?” He told me “You don’t have time to prepare”, the CEO refers to the song that has been recorded in iPhone, and I said “there’s also another song”. The song slightly has different images from the song (made) for CNBLUE. If it isn’t the good song which can be convinced, what do you want to do? So at that time I asked if I can try to made the song better by sending it to other composers. For example, “Moonlight Swing”, I also asked if the song can be offered (any help) to other person (composers), I thought I can’t make it (if didn’t offer the help of other composers). And then I came out making my solo album, I made it and study (the musics), and I think it’s fun.

From long time ago before this, is there any feeling that someday you want to have solo debut?

Jonghyun : No~ there wasn’t any. However I’ve never thought that I would have solo debut. But I also often hear the office asked me “When will it’s done?” so I’ll answer “I’ll finish it in a good/right timing”. The blues song was made two years ago. But among 100 songs in iPhone, there are 10 songs which didn’t recorded by myself.

Upon your solo debut, what kind of ‘yell’ that you got from the other members?

Jonghyun : I said “I’ll do a solo. Will do live also in August”, and Minhyuk responded “I’ll hit the drum” because actually he couldn’t do it before since he was busy shooting for a drama. Jungshin also said “I’ll write lyrics”, Yonghwa later said to me “Let’s make a song together”, but, guys, I (will) not do it in Korea. But maybe I’m willing to do it (in Korea) (laughs). I appreciate that.

Even so, with no support from other members, so it’s more into a self-produced (album)?

Jonghyun : I guess I’ve never thought myself as a producer. Because a producer will gather many staffs for the music itself, but for me, I’m doing my own music just by myself. It’s like I’m doing a hobby and funny thing(s).

I think there’s a feel of a singer-songwriter, isn’t it?

Jonghyun : No, there isn’t any feeling about it, at all. I don’t think “music is life”, but I’m just like the others who has the same way playing guitar as a hobby, and doing it because it’s fun.

On the last year’s fan meeting you also said that “music isn’t a job, turn it into a hobby”. When do you start to feel that way?

Jonghyun :  It’s from 3 years ago. Until then, I have the feeling that “I’m a guitarist, I’m living my life as a rock musician”, I also do music for other artists as a composer. However, when it comes to work, I feel more stress. At that time, if I get more stress, I might purely enjoy the guitar, and got idea(s), so since then, I thought “I’ll stop refers music as a job”.

So now you’re enjoy doing music?

Jonghyun : Yes. Earlier, I even feel a pressure on myself when I’m on stage, “I’ll show my best to everyone today”, and also think “It’s the worst!” if I get a little failure. But now we will laugh if we made mistake. It became such a good idea to not be limited to music.

Does being an actor in the industry is also a hobby?

Jonghyun : Of course, it is. I don’t want to think (of it) as a job.

Well, what if I ask you “what is your job?”

Jonghyun : Then I’ll answer “I’m not working. I’m playing” (laughs). I love to play, music and actor and fishing and snowboarding, I’m doing it in order to enjoy all of that. So, it all has become a hobby. For fishing, I recently fishing a flounder (laughs).

[Since I grew up in Busan, I think “romantic = sea”]


“Moonlight Swing”, under the moonlight, but the song called…a dream come true. What is that you’re dreaming of right now?

Jonghyun : If anyone ask me “What’s your dream?”, then I’ll answer “I want to be like a normal people with a cool looks”. It might be a ridiculous dream…. Began to start (doing) music, was also the reason (for me) to looks cool. However, looking good = cool is different. People are all a good person in general, but is there anyone who have a good figure (also)? For example, Eric Clapton. So whether he looks so warm, I think I’m going to be like “I want to hug him!” Even during the live and if he had play on stage, or even he is outside the stage, he still looks like a nice person. I also want to be like that.

Although being warm, does have a little good-looking is ideal?

Jonghyun : Well, that would be best. Richie Kotzen (former guitarist of Mr. Big) is also great. He also enjoying music like it’s a fun thing on his life, yet he also looks cool.

In this song, you sing a romantic scene of a summer night. Please let us know a romantic night memories of summer that you have.

Jonghyun : I grew up in Busan, I guess “romantic = sea”. Because you can relax and go to the beach, and then go to the sea at night once you feel sad. When I was a junior high school student, I went to the sea together with my friends around 5.30 PM in the evening, we didn’t do anything, no speaking, I was watching the sun set all the way. Because while watching the sunset, I was in a deep emotion and think “during this life, do I just go around to see this?” I think it’s a bit like a funny thoughts (laughs).

When will you make your body and soul swing?

Jonghyun : When I think it’s fun. I also swing during live, it makes me want to dance when playing a fun song/tunes. I also danced on the PV, it was pretty fun.

Finally, in this summer, please tell us your idea about how to sparkling the fans.

Jonghyun : Please come to my solo live. I made a lot of songs to be enjoyed together with you, I think it can be sparkling while being played at the concert!

According to the straight response to the the interview at the studio and made such a cool pose, he conveyed his pure music and passion into words, without any edits. Even this time, we say Jonghyun is romantic. We told him and he respond, “Thank you. I want to be a romantic guy in all over the world,” and he laughed. We hope you’ll keep looking forward into the purely romantic rock musician’s first solo album and solo performances.

Source : Kstyle News

Trans by alvianashin @ 4cnboice

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CNBLUE Lee Jonghyun; “SMILE” Japanese Lyric, Romanization, English Translation

What’s up? 久しぶり A little bit 浮かない face
What’s up? Hisashiburi A little bit Ukanai face
What’s up? Long time no see  A little bit a brooding look on your face

What happened? 話してごらん
What happened? Hanashite goran
What happened? Tell me everything

I know わかってる Everyday 色々だね
I know Waktteru Everyday Iroiro dane
I know, I know There are something happened everyday

So am I 同じような State
So am I Onaji youna State
So am I Nothing has changed

転がりながら 毎日は過ぎていく
Korogarinagara Mainichiha sugiteiku
The days passed by during the tumble down

思い返す 遠い日のこと Suddenly
Omoikaesu tooi hino koto Suddenly
I remember the past days, suddenly

One shining star 見上げて 夢を語る君のsmile
One shining star Miagete yumewo kataru kimino smile
Your smile when you talked about a dream while looked up to one of the shining star

あの頃の僕らが見つめていた光 One more time
Anokorono bokuraga mitsumeteita hikari One more time
The light that we looked at, One more time

さがして さがして Looking for the light
Sagashite Sagashite Looking for the light
I looked for the light Looking for the light

Yozora miagete
I looked up to the night sky

Like a “MR.PERFECT” 理想と違う場所へ
Like a “MR.PERFECT” Risou to chigau bashoe
Like a “MR.PERFECT”, We go to a place where is different from the ideal one

登っていく大人への Stairs
Nobotte iku otonaheno Stairs
Go up stairs to an adult

滲んだ夜の空 もう一度灯をともして
Nijinda yoruno sora mouichido hiwo tomoshite
Turn on a light again at the blurred night sky

取り戻したいんだ Star light
Torimodoshitainda Star light
I want to get it back, Star light

Oh 気づけば僕ら 諦め慣れてしまって
Oh Kizukeba bokura akiramenarete shimatte
Oh We realized to adjust ourselves to give up

With fear Oh Little by Little大事なものを失くしてた
With fear Oh Little by Little Daijina monowo nakushiteta
With fear Oh Little by Little We lost something precious

One shining Star 見つめて 二人語り明かしたNight
One shining Star Mitsumete futari katariakashita Night
One shining Star, We look at to each other and stay up all night chatting

Anokorono bokuraga miageteita yumeni
Turn on a light in our dream that we looked up for

光ともして ともして もう一度
Hikari tomoshite tomoshite mouichido
From back then turn it on again

光ともして ともして Looking for the light
Hikari tomoshite tomoshite Looking for the light
Turn on a light Looking for the light

Kono te nobashite
Reaching for the light

街の明かりに埋もれて 霞んでた二つの Star light
Machino akarini umorete kasundeta futatsuno Star light
The lights of the blurred star that buried inside of the light of a town

Terashi ate kagayakunda
These shine to each other

One shining Star 零れた 夜空滑り落ちるように
One shining Star Koboreta yozora suberiochiruyouni
One shining Star running through the night sky

諦めたのではない願いを抱いてたんだ Shooting Star
Akirametanodehanai negaiwo daiotetannda Shooting Star
We didn’t give it up, but holding a hope, Shooting Star

One shining Star 見上げて 夢を語る 君のSmile
One shining Star Miagete yumewo kataru kimino Smile
Your smile when you talk about a dream while looking up to one of the shining star

あの頃の僕らが見つめていた光 One more time
Anokorono bokuraga mitsumeteita hikari One more time
The light that we look at, One more time

One shining Star 見つめて 二人語り明かしたNight
One shining Star Mitsumete futari katariakashita Night
One shining Star, We look at to each other and stay up all night chatting

Anokorono bokuraga miageteita yumeni
Turn on a light in our dream that we looked up for

光ともして ともして ともして
Hikari tomoshite tomoshite tomoshite
From back then turn it on again and again

One more 君の Smile Smile Smile
One more kimino Smile Smile Smile
One more, Your Smile, Smile, Smile

Yozora miagete
I look up to the night sky

Video by Warner Music Japan

Trans by Satomi

Posted by Tara Lee

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CNBLUE Lee Jonghyun; “Moonlight Swing” Japanese Lyric, Romanization, English Translation

160615 JP Line


You are a star in my dream yeah

やっと出会えた you and me

Yatto deaeta you and me

Finally, I met you You and me
Be my only angel
Baby makes my dreams come true

今宵 party sharing

Koyoi party sharing

Tonight party sharing

二人で 抜け出そうよ baby

Futaride nukedasouyo baby

Let’s leave together, baby
君の肩に月が唄う 踊ろうtonight

Kimino katani tsukiga utau odorous tonight

The moon sing on your shoulder Dancing tonight

Red carpet mo

We don’t need a red carpet
豪華なシャンデリアも No No

Goukana chandelier mo No No

nor gorgeous chandelier No No

Hadashino mama kakedashite

Run away with bare foot
I’m fall in love I’m fall in love for you

時は流れ 形を変えても

Tokiha nagare katachiwo kaetemo

Even though the time flies away or shapes change

いつまでも変わらずに 夢の続きを

Itsumademo kawarazuni yumenotsuzukiwo

we’ll never change forever and keep watching our dream

Let’s swinging the moonlight together

このときめきを Don’t forget

Kono tokimekiwo Don’t forget

Don’t forget this feeling
月の光 雲の切れ間に

Tsukino hikari kumono kiremani

Moonlight Break in the clouds
Spotlight 照らして

Spotlight terashite

Let’s illuminate them with a spotlight


Saa Tewo tsunagou

Hold hands with me


Kimito bokudakeno makuga agarunosa

Only you and I can make the stage for ourselves

Mou hitorija naiyo

We are not alone
月に祈る Be with you

Tsukini inoru Be with you

I pray to the moon Be with you
夢ならこのままで 覚めることない

Yumenara konomamade samerukotonai

If it’s a dream, let me keep on dreaming
Dreams Come True

I want to be with  you  my baby
Don’t you know my love is true
そっと Kiss you Here my lady

Sotto Kiss you Here my lady

Kiss you gently Here my lady
I want to you Be with you


Bokuga Peter Pan de

If I were Peter Pan, then

Sorenara kimiha Tinker Bell

You would be Tinker Bell

Futarinaraba ikeruhazu

We must be able to go to dream

Yumeno Neverland

Neverland together

Sonna mousoudatte usojanai

This imagination wouldn’t be a lie
さぁ お手を Princess

Saa, otewo Princess

Well, please hold on my hands, Princess
踊りましょう 溶けるまで

Odorimashou tokerumade

Let’s dance ’till we have melted
I’m fall in Love I’m fall in Love for you

言葉に出すよ 大事なことだから

Kotobani dasuyo daijina koto dakara

I just say that because it’s important
君がいる それだけで 世界は綺麗だ

Kimigairu soredakede sekaiha kireida

This world is beautiful, just because you’re here

Let’s swinging the moonlight together

悩みの種は Just Forget

Nayamino taneha Just Forget

Just forget your trouble
雨に打たれ 風に吹かれ

Ameni utare kazeni fukare

Exposing to the rain and blowing out by the wind

Yagate hanaga sakudeshou

It would blossom out flowers

さぁ 手を繋ごう

Saa, tewo tsunagou

Holding hands with me
君と僕だけの 秘密の旅路

Kimito bokudakeno  himitsuno tabiji

Only you and I have our own secret journey

Sagashini ikouyo

Let’s find it out
月に祈る Be with you

Tsukini inoru Be with you

I pray to the moonBe with you
夢ならこのままで 覚めることない

Yumenara konomamade samerukotonai

if it’s a dream, let me keep on dreaming.
Dreams Come True

街を見下ろす 百万ドルの輝きより

Machiwo miorosu hyakuman doruno kagayakiyori

More than ‘a million dollar shining’ that looks down a town,
たった一つ 見つめているんだ

Tatta hitotsu mitsumeteirunnda

I stare at only one Moonlight
Moonlight 君だけに捧げよう

Kimidakeni sasageyou

I’ll give you all

Let’s swinging the moonlight together

かけがえのない My Lady

Kakegaenonai My Lady

My dear My Lady
喧嘩しても 歳をとっても

Kenka shitemo toshiwo tottemo

Even though we fight together or we get older

zutto kimiwo hanasanai

I’ll never leave you

Let’s swinging forever

君と僕だけの 物語は

Kimito bokudakeno monogatariha

You and my story has just started

Mada hajimatta bakari

I promise you forever Be with you
永遠に誓う Be with you

Towani chikau Be with you

Yozorano hoshiwo zenbu kimini okuruyo

I’ll give you all of the stars in the sky
Dreams Come True

I want to be with  you  my baby
Don’t you know my love is true

Kimini okuruyo

I’ll give you all
Dreams Come True

ATTENTION: Because the lyric source is just my hearing from MV, it might have mistake. Thank you for your understanding for it.

Video by Warner Music Japan

Photo by CNBLUE Line Japan

Lyric by Satomi

Posted by Tara Lee