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[ENGSUB] 080416 CNBLUE Talk Cut in Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbok

CNBLUE recently appeared in Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook program as one of their promotion activities of their 6th Mini Album “BLUEMING” release. Here, they talk about many things, from their “BLUEMING” album until their daily activities, even they talked about the last Blue Moon Tour and it’s craziness! Check out the video for the English Subbed video of their talk cut below.



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CNBLUE Jung Yonghwa on InStyle December 2014 Issue



Tangled hair, powerless look, with naturally overlapped knit, although it’s kind of different from the usual Jung Yong Hwa that we knew, didn’t mean he becoming a hatred charm.


Sunny sunshine drenched on 1 in the afternoon, Jung Yong Hwa entered the hotel suite room that used for pictorial shooting with drowsy looks. Right after finishing drama <The Three Musketeers>, he is going to back to CF shooting and concert schedule ‘till he ended up with indigestion and look quite exhausted. But with that sleepy looking face somehow it seems perfectly fit with this pictorial concept. As he drank an Ice Americano he said, “today’s concept like I left my eyes after drinking much last night right? (smile)”.

Dream Production You have tried trendy drama, historical drama also, for next production what kind of movie challenge you want to take. I want to be in production and acting with senior like Choi Min Sik Sunbaenim, even it’s just a small role I would be grateful. I really want to see and learn how they acted. Always only with obvious color confidence and controlled type, I must try acting in a movie which directed by Director Bong Joon Ho.

Cool Guy These days was packed of American series <Game of Thrones>, the role Tirion played by Peter Dinklage leave impression to me. Because of inborn cartilage formation failure he stand tall only 135 cm, he could overcome it by absolutely natural acting and the charisma, that was awesome. Among CNBLUE members, the coolest guy is? Jung Shin profuse light strength is cool, Jong Hyun’s look is cool, Min Hyuk and I the four of us possess different style so I can’t choose. So you can pick me as the coolest of all (smile).

Usual Style Rather than new (up to date) clothes, I prefer comfortable clothes. I like thing with painting and like Maison Martin Margiela sneakers. Until now I have already tried exaggeration dramatic costumes during fashion photo shoot, for real I have no intention of using those clothes. Today’s pictorial shooting concept clothes truly my style. Tattered shirt old long pants, and knit cardigan made me a bit like Kurt Cobain style? But in usual every day life, I love to wear training pants.

Reality Program Although its acting or singing activity started again, it will always continue like that I really want to try doing Reality Program even just once. Through that program I think I can show naturally many different side of me. If I can only choose one among variety show, I will choose <Infinity Challenge>. I will partner with Haha and it will be a lot of fun. I also love Reggae music, last time music show along with Band 10cm the collaboration is very passionate.

Healing Time If I was given vacation I would like to go to Europe, probably the first place I would visit is Venice. The trip memories twist, a few years back during World Tour we visited a winery in Chile, sunny sunshine delicious food, till I can taste wine sweetness, through word “Fantastic”. Also when I was in middle school, I cannot forget when I went to Seattle with Mom. This year final breeze on Christmas I wish that I could go on holiday with my family.


Scanned by The Blue

Trans by Yasmine @ CNBOICE

Posted by Tara Lee @ CNBOICE

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K-style: Cheongdam-dong 111 ‘The disclosure war!’

jonghyun doesn't give gifts and hongki has a gf

CNBLUE’s Lee Jonghyun vs FTISLAND’s Lee Hongki, they disclose their secret?

Cheongdam-dong 111 is HOT now!

The disclosure war is just starting.

Cheongdam-dong 111 is the exact address of FNC Entertainment and is a reality drama that has 8 episodes.

It is not only the story of FTISLAND, CNBLUE, Song Eun-yi, Lee Dong-gun, Park Gwang-hyun, Juniel, AOA as FNC artists but also that of trainees, the CEO, managers, secretaries and the people of each department.

In the teaser of this reality drama, CNBLUE’s Lee Jonghyun answered: ‘I never gave a gift to my girlfriend.’

And then FTISLAND’s Lee Hongki talked about his girlfriend. He who didn’t know about the shooting of this scene said to the other members: ‘I have a girlfriend.’ A member asked him: ‘How long you been together?’ He confessed: ‘We haven’t been a long time together yet..’

In a confused tone he said: ‘Oh, you were shooting this scene? No.’  Then the drama staff said: ‘We’ll take the scene about the question if you have a girlfriend or not, again.’  Nobody knows if it’s ‘Real’ or ‘Action’.

Cheongdam-dong 111 will be aired on Nov. 21st at 12:10 am on tvN.


Translated by Satomami @cnboice

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CNBLUE Lee Jungshin in Taiwan for Kpopstar Hunt 3, eTV Interview

js in taiwan10

MC: JungShin is rarely comes to Taiwan and now the press conference is full of fans. Do you have anything you want to share with them?

JungShin: I feel so sorry that I came here alone. I haven’t seen everyone for quite a while, and I’m really happy to have the chance to meet all of you here and at the airport

js in taiwan 11-crop

MC: Please give JungShin some more applause.

JungShin: Da Jia Hao (Hello, everyone) 

js in taiwan12

MC: I know that JungShin’s schedule is really tight in these two days. You was in Singapore previously and flied to Taiwan in the early morning, and have finished interview in Regent Taipei Hotel already. Now, you come to the press conference with a great responsibility. Will you please share with everyone your task?

js in taiwan14

JungShin: Channel M and FNC co-operate to hold the activity for K-pop Star Hunt and they want to discover more talent people apart from Korea in Asia. I hope some of you can become my colleague and we can make music together.

js in taiwan15

JungShin: Xie Xei (turn to the translator) (Thank you)

js in taiwan16

MC: Great! Hope we can take the opportunity to discover many excellent future stars. Of course, we would like to know did JungShin join any similar activity or competition to star hunt before being one of CNBLUE? Have you been scooted?

js in taiwan17

JungShin: No, I have never been in any other competitions or activities except FNC audition.

js in taiwan18

MC: Could JungShin tell us why he attend FNC audition?

js in taiwan19-crop

JungShin: At first, I was discovered by FNC and I started to develop my star dream when I became a trainee.

MC: I would like to know that if JungShin is one of the competitors, what kind of performance he will show? Could he share to everyone? Dancing?

js in taiwan21

JungShin: I will find out my strength if I am one of the competitors. For example, if your strength is singing or dancing, you have to magnify this portion and show to the judges.

js in taiwan22

MC: OK! After listening to JungShin’s advice, hope everyone can show the best of yourself if you make is to final in Korea, no matter singing or dancing.

Source eTV

Caps and Trans by Noelle @ cnboice

Edited and  Posted by Tara Lee @cnboice /bpb decoded

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Today’s Guest CNBLUE


They’re a quarter capable rock band. The origin of CNBLUE is “Code Name BLUE”.
They tried for holding concerts or street lives over 100 times and did music activity as ‘music knight-errantry’ around Shibuya and Shinjuku.
They released their 6th single, groovy and danceable rock number ‘Lady’ on July 31st.


– Tell us the highlight of the new single, ‘Lady’!
Jungshin: I’m looking forward to playing the song ‘Lady’ at the live. I’m in charge of bass, so please listen to the bass lines.
Jonghyun: I’ve felt that this is an elegant song since I listened to it for the first time. Melody is good and cutting of the guitar is also really good.
Yonghwa: All 3 songs are like summer. They’re cool songs. Please listen to it.
Minhyuk: Some parts have strong rhythm. Rhythm matches all over this song. I want you to listen to all over the song.


– What parts of the new song is different from previous CNBLUE’s songs?
Yonghwa: Previous our songs released in Japan are all hard rock style. ‘Lady’ contains disco and dance style more than previous songs. In this  the point of view. It’s different from CNBLUE’s style until now.


– Tell us about the lyrics of new songs!!
Yonghwa: ‘Lady’ is the song that he confesses to a lady. The lyrics are a little sexy.
(About the lyrics of ‘Don’t care’)
Don’t care is the song that we give it to our friends and fans.
(About the lyrics of ‘Monday’)
Jonghyun: The song contains pressure that a weekend ends. We put everyone’s pressure that Sunday passes and Monday comes into his song.


– What stage are you going to make ‘SUMMER SONIC’ or ‘ROCK IN JAPAN’?
Jonghyun: It had been our dream. We went to watch SUMMER SONIC in 2009, but we can go to play our live this time. We’re feel honored. We’ll make good live with you and enjoy to play.


– Tell us your enthusiasms to advance into the world in future?
Minhyuk: It is the first world tour for us this time, so we finish it well and we’ll work hard to give a lot of our songs to many fans in many countries. It’s the best things we work hard.
Yonghwa: I want to play at Tokyo Dome (All laugh) I want to hold live at Times Square in New York. It isn’t decided yet.. please support us (All laugh)


– Tell us your process from now and your friendship. Why do you succeed now?
Yonghwa: Our teamwork is good. We have nice personality. I think it’s the reason.
Jonghyun: We understand each other. Although I forget how many years, we’ve lived together. We’re like family rather than members. We’ve persevered..
Yonghwa: We have much passion about music.


– Give a message to fans!!
Jungshin: We hold Zepp tour from July and appear on  rock festivals in August, so please look forward to it!
Jonghyun: We’ll meet at live!
Yonghwa: Please come to Zepp tour and lives and listen to new song ‘Lady’. Thank you.
Minhyuk: Please support this single ‘Lady’ and look forward to our activities from now. Thank you.


All: Kstar Lovers!!

Source Kstar Lovers

Rough Trans by Satsuki @ cnboice

Caps, Edited and Posted by Tara Lee @ cnboice/bpb decoded


CNBlue’s Lee Jung Shin Reveals His Beautiful Mother

On the recent episode of KBS’s “Mamma Mia,” which was aired on July 21, CNBlue’s Lee Jung Shin introduced his beautiful mother.

When the MCs asked Lee Jung Shin to present his mother, he stated proudly, “My mother used to be a flight attendant.” The MCs were impressed as they admired, “She must have been very popular in her younger days.” Lee Jung Shin agreed as he said, “In her old photos, my mother looks beautiful in her flight attendant uniform.”

To everyone’s compliments, Lee Jung Shin’s mother replied, “I gained a bit of weight after giving birth to Jung Shin. I have been trying hard to lose weight.”

Meanwhile, other guests on this episode also included Solbi, Park Eun Young, Kim Young Hee, and their mothers.


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