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Hello, this is Jonghyun. The final performance of this tour at Zepp Namba has ended today. This time, since our distance in each venue was so close, we could feel your hot feeling directly and we did our best! How do you think? We are so sad to finish this tour but we’ll do our best to live up to your expectations, now and future. See you again!


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CNBLUE Blue Moon Seoul Press Photo

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press photo press photo3 press photo4 press photo5 press photo6 press photo7 press photo8 press photo9


 Source various Korean news sites

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CN Blue Draws Fans From Around the World For Its Seoul Concert

Even in Seoul, CN Blue managed to boast its global influence.

From May 25-26, the band held its 2013 World Tour – Blue Moon concert in Seoul. 12,000 fans gathered for the concerts, crowding the venue and the area around it hours before the concert was set to start.

press photo2Many fans from overseas stood out in the ′World Tour Photo Zone′ set up before the concert venue. There were fans from America, Brunei, the Czech Republic, the Philippines, Japan, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and more.

Male fans could also be spotted here and there.

Neal, a fan from America, said he got to know CN Blue when it debuted in Japan and ranked high in the Oricon Charts. He especially said Jung Yong Hwa has great charisma and that CN blue is his role model.

William, a friend, also added that he thinks the charisma CN Blue shows onstage is explosive.

Some female fans said they had come to see CN Blue after seeing them perform for the first time in L.A. with FT Island in March 2012.

press photo3The band lived up to the expectations of these fans with its explosive vocals and stage manners. Jung Yong Hwa′s vocals and Lee Jong Hyun, Kang Min Hyuk and Lee Jung Shin′s performances proved the members had picked up a lot from their world tour, and heated up the venue.

The songs spanned across every genre, as the group performed Where You Are, Get Away, One Time, Man Like Me, Coffee Shop, Have a Good Night, Wake Up, Love Light, Feeling and more.

At one point the members posed onstage for an official photo session, entertaining fans and decorating their cameras.

CN Blue will next perform in Australia on May 31 and June 1.

Source enews world

Photo credit: FNC Entertainment

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[REVIEW] CNBLUE Shouts Out in Hong Kong, “Are You Ready, Billboard?”- Part 2


Korean idol band CNBLUE’s Lee Jonghyun at the Hong Kong legs of their 1st world tour “2013 BLUE MOON World Tour,” held at Asia World Expo Arena in Hong Kong on May 10 and 11, 2013. [FNC Entertainment]


Korean idol band CNBLUE’s Lee Minhyuk at the Hong Kong legs of their 1st world tour “2013 BLUE MOON World Tour,” held at Asia World Expo Arena in Hong Kong on May 10 and 11, 2013. [FNC Entertainment]



CNBLUE showed their sophisticated skills and talent during the concert, proving true to their name as Hallyu stars that get enthusiastic cheer by fans.

There were no fancy synchronized dance moves for CNBLUE to show since they are a band but the four members showed no sign of exhaustion, keeping a steady flow during the show with not a moment of rest. They didn’t even change their costumes once except for when they came back on stage for an encore.

Their singing skills and performance was flawless – focusing on exuding their rock spirits in the early stages of the concert then turning to passionately connect with fans through their hit songs such as “Love Light,” “I’m a Loner” and “Intuition” starting midway.

The group seemed overcome with emotions, continuously shouting “I love Hong Kong!,” and, “Hong Kong, are you ready?” throughout the show and the audience of 7,000 were moved by such words.

It was the two-hour show that made beat the hearts of both the ones on stage and the people who cheered and shouted out for them.



Korean idol band CNBLUE at the Hong Kong legs of their 1st world tour “2013 BLUE MOON World Tour,” held at Asia World Expo Arena in Hong Kong on May 10 and 11, 2013. [FNC Entertainment]



Curiosity #1 How much for a concert to CNBLUE?

10. According to their agency FNC Entertainment, the ticket price to their Hong Kong shows on May 10 and 11 costs some 160,000 Korean Won [approx 143 US Dollars]. Depending on the seats, they ranged from a minimum 880 Hong Kong dollars [approx 113 US Dollars] to maximum 1,480 Hong Kong dollars [approx 190 US Dollars].

Curiosity #2 Which celebrities went to CNBLUE’s concert?

10. According to their agency FNC Entertainment, Chinese singer-and-songwriter Pakho Chau, Hong Kong singer and actor Ella Koon and Hong Kong singer-songwriter Phil Lam were there.

Curiosity #3 When did CNBLUE begin to gain popularity in Hong Kong?

10. According to Andy Leung from Warner Music, they came into the limelight through their appearance in Korean dramas. Leung pointed out their musical genre, rock, as the main reason for their steady popularity. Based on the high preference for rock music among Hong Kong locals, CNBLUE differentiated themselves from other idol groups as a rock band, appealing with their relatively manly and mature atmosphere. He added that CNBLUE’s newest album “Re: BLUE” was No. 1 for 16 weeks on the country’s biggest music website HMV Hong Kong’s chart.


Reporter. Bae Sun Young
Translator. Lee Hye Ji
Editor. Jessica Kim

Courtesy of FNC Entertainment


Source Tenasia

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[REVIEW] CNBLUE Shouts Out in Hong Kong, “Are You Ready, Billboard?”- Part 1

Korean idol band CNBLUE at the Hong Kong legs of their 1st world tour “2013 BLUE MOON World Tour,” held at Asia World Expo Arena in Hong Kong on May 10 and 11, 2013. [FNC Entertainment]

By now, we have all seen it several times but it never gets old. It is always amazing to see the truth of the Hallyu sensation – a long line of foreign school girls awaiting a Korean idol’s concert hours before it starts; their screams following the artist’s skilled stage gestures; and huge cheers from the audience with them stammering in Korean, “Oppa! I Love You.”

With the honorable title as the first world tour for a Korean band, CNBLUE held concerts at Asia World Expo Arena in Hong Kong on May 10 and 11, after holding their shows in Taiwan, Thailand and Singapore. They also have shows left in several more countries such as Korea, Australia, the Philippines, China and Malaysia.

The response to CNBLUE in Hong Kong was remarkably hot. They are, of course, popular idol stars in Korea but their growth as Hallyu stars are amazing and so is the steady and strong Hallyu itself. It was where one could see why CNBLUE expressed their excitement of the fact that the “Billboard no longer seems like a far-off dream,”  at the press conference ahead of the concert.

Seven thousand people, who filled up the concert hall, stood up and started to cheer for CNBLUE when the lights went on to alert the members’ entrance. Whenever their faces got close-up shots on the big monitor, loud cheering from the audience topped up the venue. More surprisingly, there was noticeable number of middle-aged female and even male fans among the mostly female audience in their teens and twenties.


Korean idol band CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa at the Hong Kong legs of their 1st world tour “2013 BLUE MOON World Tour,” held at Asia World Expo Arena in Hong Kong on May 10 and 11, 2013. [FNC Entertainment]


Korean idol band CNBLUE’s Lee Jungshin at the Hong Kong legs of their 1st world tour “2013 BLUE MOON World Tour,” held at Asia World Expo Arena in Hong Kong on May 10 and 11, 2013. [FNC Entertainment]

A Hong Kong male fan in his twenties sat right in front of the media seats and sang along to most of the band’s tunes. He said, “Although I’m not a member of their official fan club, I’m a huge fan of CNBLUE since two years ago. I’m so happy to be here today.”

When asked whether it doesn’t bother him to watch the show surrounded by females, he smiled and answered, “A little bit, but I can handle it because I am here and that’s what matters.” He also said, “Ahn-nyeong-hi-ga-se-yo [‘Good Bye’ in Korean]” with pretty good pronunciation.

CNBLUE’s twenty something female fan from China explained the reason of the band’s overwhelming popularity among boys. “CNBLUE marked themselves as a band with their own color, and this is why they have many male fans. There are many professional and amateur musicians who come to like CNBLUE and go to their concerts. Lots of boy fans were easily spotted at the last night’s concert, too. It looked like 20% of the audience were male fans.”

These people are the real evidence of Hallyu, the magical word that stuns you every time.


Reporter. Bae Sun Young
Translator. Lee Hye Ji
Editor. Jessica Kim

Courtesy of FNC Entertainment


Source Tenasia
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CNBLUE ‘Billboard isn’t Faraway Dream Yet’

CNBLUE confirmed strong will about advance to billboard one more time.

blue moon hk prescon68

CNBLUE held interview for Hongkong media before their world tour concert ‘BLUE MOON’ on the 10th May.

Lee Jonghyun said with confidence ‘Before we joked we will go into billboard within 10 years, but it seems not to be faraway dream yet. The time set up as a goal gradually is getting shorter.’

Jung Yonghwa also said ‘When we thought dream to get rank 1 at billboard, we first laughed. But PSY seonbaenim became famous around the world. Even if we have a confidence wherever we go, it seems to be possible. We’re working hard thinking to develop our confidence.

Lee Jonghyun told his resolution ‘An advantage of band is the older, the cooler.’ ‘We are working hard for being able to hold press conference at times square (New York).’

CNBLUE hold their first world tour concert that started in Taiwan on 6th April. They already wrap up concerts in Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand. Especially, the concerts in Hong Kong, by fans requests, they added encore concert. CNBLUE meet the total 14,000 fans. After this, they will continue the tour in Korea, Australia, Phillipine, China and Malaysia.

-The first world tour, what is your impression?

Yonghwa: At first, we was going to held only one concert, but by fans’s wishes encore concert was decided. Held two concert consecutively  are hard for us, but we control strength well and has completed until now. Please cheer on us!

Jungshin: Because of first world tour, we want to show a concert who has world class as the title world tour.

-Which country do you feel highest?

Yonghwa: We held concert in Taiwan, Singapore and Thailand until now, it was great for me in all the venues. We hold concert in Hong Kong twice in this year, I felt that we do (the concert) at bigger venue this time, so fans (who came) increase. We did join concert before (KBS Music Bank), but this time is CNBLUE solo concert, so particularly I’m impress.

-In what point do you feel mature through several concerts and activities?

Minhyuk: Previously I didn’t have enough confort, but I can enjoy with members on the stage now. Whenever I feel so, I think growing up a little.

Jonghyun: At first I thought we have to  play well only and couldn’t deeply think what must do in a concert. Now I want audience to enjoy our concert. I’m deeply moved by such words ‘Thanks for CNBLUE, I learned the guitar.’

CNBLUE lead Hallyu not only by K-pop but also drama. What impact do you have by having both activities?

Yonghwa: Some of our fan loving us because of our music and the other knows us by watching our drama and start pay attention to our music.  I appreciate our fans who come through our activities in drama. But CNBLUE is a band who is playing music, so we will concentrate on music. If we emphasize on musical activities, even if we active at other area, I’m sure everyone become to like our music. (Yonghwa implied that music will always coming first)

-Which moment do you like the best during a concert?

Jungshin: In concert when I play my bass and closed my eyes, I think many things. I’m happy to be able to play with other lovely member every time.

Yonghwa: We held concert oversea last year and in Korea in end of the last year. Those were concert anticipated by fans and us. Through those concerts, I felt that union of our fans and us seems to become stronger. I was deeply impressed. We will do concert in Korea soon, I’m looking forward to it.

Source starin.edaily

Trans by Satsuki @cnboice

Edited and Posted by Tara Lee @cnboice/bpb decoded

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CNBLUE “We Want to be Like Him, Jo Yongpil”

CNBLUE held ‘CNBLUE World Tour BLUE MOON’ at Asia World Expo in Lantau Hong Kong on the 10th May. They are gather the total about 14,000 people both 10th and 11th (about 7,000 people each day). They lead live concert at biggest place in Hong Kong.

tv report

Before the concert, CNBLUE held a press conference and revealed first comments and episode about preparations of the concert. They will continue world tour that started in Taiwan on the 6th April, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Korea, Australia, Philippine, China and Malaysia.

CNBLUE spoke  highly respect for singer king Jo Yongpil, who released his 19th album.

In behalf of the member, Jung Yonghwa said ‘Jo Yongpil seonbaenim is very great person. I was very surprised when I listened to his music. I was also surprised at the fact he fit sang  trendy song like this.’

And ‘Looking at him, I considered when I become on his age, can I assimilate trendy music well.’ ‘I knew music must brace up contents. I can’t win just because I sing for a long time the long time (means he also wants to compromised with the natural flow).’ He suggested that he wants to be like Jo Yongpil.

CNBLUE’s stage was set by many illuminations shape of moon and expressed ‘BLUE MOON’ title. Drum set can moves to the  front  stage. With duration 2 hours and 30 minutes, CNBLUE sang 23 songs.

Source news

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