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CNBLUE Boice Magazine Volume 1

[The Stupid] Boice Official Fanclub Magazine vol.1 - 01

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[The Stupid] Boice Official Fanclub Magazine vol.1 - 16

JUNGSHIN’s Photo Album
From the stage, we can see the wind just like this.

During “ONE MORE TIME – CNBLUE Arena Tour 2014” on 2013, Jungshin published his own shoot. He will only exclusively shared CNBLUE’s member’s photo for BOICE JAPAN MAGAZINE’s readers.

YONGHWA’s Pic: Before perform he did throat tending.

[The Stupid] Boice Official Fanclub Magazine vol.1 - 17

Staff gathered !!! (Purple Ribbon)

Memory cake at the ending of Arena Tour, Otsukaresamadeshita (thank you for the hard work).

[The Stupid] Boice Official Fanclub Magazine vol.1 - 20

2013 FNC KINGDOM IN JAPAN Fantastic & Crazy

On 2014, March 15th-16th FNC Entertainment, CNBLUE’s agency, held family concert entitled “2013 FNC KINGDOM IN JAPAN” for the first time. The concert be held for two days holding different themes which was “Fantastic Day” on March 15th and “Crazy Day” on March 16th, each concert was done according their matching set list. This was an event for all FNC artists gathered on one stage. At Nippon Budokan, all the waiting will paid off.

2013 FNC KINDOM IN JAPAN Fantastic & Crazy Set List

3.15 (SATURDAY):
01. Blind Love
02. Kimio
03. In My Head
04. Diamond Girl
05. Coffee Shop
06. I’m Sorry
07. Feeling
08. Can’t Stop
09. Like A Child
[ Encore ]
10. Try again, Smile Again

3.16 (SUNDAY):
01. Like A Child
02. Can’t Stop
03.愛光(あいこう) (Love Light)
04. Love is …
05. Starlit night
06. Robot
07. ひとりぼっち (I’m Loner)
08. I’m Sorry
09. Lady

2013 FNC KINGDOM IN JAPAN Fantastic & Crazy March 15th Saturday / 16th Sunday 2014 Nippon Budo-kan
CNBLUE worked hard to be closing artist on the first day concert and opening artist for second day concert. Members presented their hits one by one, furthermore this was the first time they introduced Can’t Stop which was korean song to Japanese audiences. CNBLUE members run around at 360o stage that surrounded by fans freely and received alot of fans’ scream. Performance that full of energy made the venue as centre of happiness.
In the end CNBLUE & FT Island led the other FNC’s artists to wrapped up their concert, one voice to sing a song.
As label mate they were hand in hand, clapped and sang together and as part of “the eldest” in FNC, CNBLUE showed good example for their juniors.

[The Stupid] Boice Official Fanclub Magazine vol.1 - 21

SPRING LIVE “TRUTH” 2014, April 29th Tuesday & 30th Wednesday YOKOHAMA ARENA / 2014 May 20th Tuesday OSAKA – JO HALL

2014 April. CNBLUE released 7th Japanese single “Truth”, and held live performances “CNBLUE SPRING LIVE 2014 “TRUTH”. Concert held in May and took place in Osaka-Jo Hall and Yokohama Arena.

One of CNBLUE’s performances on 2013 was “CNBLUE ARENA TOUR 2013- ONE MORE TIME”and now they were come back after four months. During that time CNBLUE released new EP entitled “Can’t Stop” in Korea after a year. Either in Japan or Korea their new album always received warm feedback from Boice.

Concert was about to start; lighting went off, the blue ocean at the venue felt incredible. Dark stage when the member came into view as real silhouette, Boice’s scream also getting louder. Then Yonghwa shouted their first song “Time Is Over” and intro started almost at the same time they appeared under the bright light and it just like their usual stage, the whole venue surrounded by happiness. CNBLUE SPRING LIVE 2014 “Truth” officially started.

Followed up by “Diamond Girl” , “Intuition”, “LOVE” and they continued to pampered Boice with their hits single both Korean and Japanese releases. Boice kept screaming from the start of the show ‘till it reached the highest peak. In the middle of the show when ballad time, Jonghyun dominated the stage with the song he sang. In this moment Yonghwa show off his keyboard skill in some songs. Jonghyun with his soft voice and his guitar playing blended with Yonghwa’s husky voice, venue felt so melancholic.

In the middle of climax the most popular song “In My Head” was played. Yonghwa said “there something about this song,” and this time out of nowhere there big bang of firework! Bang! There loud sound and hot air covered by dazzling light. To respond the dazzling stages the member jamming together. Among 23 songs and Encore, the members show off their singing, screaming, dancing and running around the stage. There momento they were smiling, there moment they sing with all their heart, the whole venue moved by their music and gestures.

During encoré, at the last song “Love Light”, member’s voice and Boice’s blended together and created loud choir. As if all the people in the venue were united into one, one unity that full of happiness, just then the curtain dropped down. CNBLUE’s improvement in musical stage gave new feedback and incredible new experiences without boundaries. Moreover in the 2014 we can go deeper to wander around their activities.

[The Stupid] Boice Official Fanclub Magazine vol.1 - 29

“Still” Music Video Report

On the certain day of 2014, February, there photo-shoot for CNBLUE 7th single “Truth” and recorded MV for “Still” in one of the metropolis city.

That day in Kantos snow was poured heavily. Transportation had to have stopped as long as there snow fallen. Once the member gathered together and staff started the shooting as it sceduled. The weather is unfriendly but in contrary inside the filming set, the atmosphere is nice from thestart till the end, shooting ended earlier tan it should be buta ll wrapped up nicely.

During break, all of the member re-watched their DVD without thinking about their break time, they were curious about their performances.

Page 31

Break time members re-check their shoot with the staff in charge.

On the set, from the start till the end the atmosphere was calm. Members often show their smiling face.

To kill the time during the photo shoot, Yonghwa and Jonghyun did drama acting battle while Minhyuk act as their drama teacher to teach both of them.

We will show you CNBLUE Art that collected from BOICE.

ちえんめさん (Chienme – san)
Hunging up CNBLUE’s letter and guitar, made from drawing paper in her room. This must be support from parents and daughter.

Ruri3 さん (Ruri3 –san)
CNBLUE’s ticket collections since their indie days!

みいくさん (Miiku-san)
Framing and hung it up signed T-shirt that she won during “2013 FNC KINGDOM”’s auction.

ぶるんさん (Burun-san)
Bag made from tour towel, Smartphone case, Tissue case. She made various remake.

あーちゃんさん (A-chan –san)
Airi-chan who was just 6 years old, made an effort to draw and write a message. If she already an Elementary student, she said she will go to CNBLUE’s concert with her parents. We are waiting for you!

Saekoさん (Saeko – san)
Dear BOICE, is there any major change from here?? In this picture, its from cross sketch however. Cool, how she did that detil?

KYO-YONさん (Kyo-yon –san)
A bag made from tour towel and piggy bank. Simple isn’t it?

483さん (483-san)
Because she likes handycraft, she made CN Goods like this. So don’t envy with her skill.

@coconさん (Cocon san)
Bento CNBLUE that looks so yummy. Since it’s spring, Jonghyun looked like new student who wear safety helmet.

Yuminsさん (Yumins –san)
This mascot looked like made from wool knitting. Its only 10 cm and because of the very tiny shape, this mascot looks cute.

なかみーさん (Nakamii –san)
Guys, did you know “CNBLUE”? This CNBLUE sweater requested by her daughter.

ロゼリエさん (Rozerie –san)
Unity from several Boice, Micanga looked worth since it came from many people.
It’s like 50 Boice waists. This also presented to the member in fond hope members hands will also linked until then.

yonyon-loveさん (yonyon-love –san )
She made CNBLUE’s instruments from beads, isn’t it cool?

Cute glittering Swarovski’s craft. It seemed for first timer, but isn’t cool?

Bluetory mamaさん (Bluetory mama –san)
Fan with calligraphy “Minhyuk”. It seemed to have success in the summer!

Rinsyan さん(Rinsyan- san)
This very perfect strap, this strap sent to us. It looked like Boice project, they even uploaded on twitter.

えびやんさん (Ebiyan- san)
Hand-made Daruma (Tumbling Doll) CNBLUE. This Daruma seemed contained “Fort he next activity, wish they will fight 7x falls, 8x gets up”.

NYANさん (NYAN- san)
Nail Gallery of NYAN- san
Nail that always design by the theme of the LIVE or other EVENT.

Page 33

なっちゃんじゅうーすさん (Nacchan Jūsu- san)
Nacchan Jūsu- san, 2nd grades of middle school student, became Boice after watch DVD that leaned by her mother. From now on let support each other ok?

Chikiさん (Chiki- san)
“It looked like she interested in on members appearance in one of the event” that’s why she can draw them as beautiful as this.

Harumamaさん (Harumama- san)
“Eraser stamps” was Jonghyun’s birthday memory. Hair and the other part detail and very careful made.

MEIDOさん (Meido- san)
This was also “Eraser Stamps”. YongHwa, almost looks real.

Luebirdさん(Luebird- san)
“Kameron (Chameleon)” ilustration that represent “Kameron (chameleon)” a word that often being mentioned by Yonghwa in various interviews.

REIKO.Sさん (Reiko.S- san)
YongHwa’ scetch. “I like Yonghwa’s bare face without make up”.

Mikiさん (Miki- san)
Presented four member’s character.

みずなさん (Mizuna- san)
JongHyun’s draw using pencil color. Resembled much!!

桃(もも)クマ(くま)さん (Momokuma- san)
CNBLUE’s balloon that wearing headband in each drawing. It’s seemed as if a hope
“Likes balloon that flying all around the world, from now on I want you to be a good friend”.

Daruさん (Daru- san)
Member’s cute Manga. Each of character looked cool.

Casaさん (Casa- san)
Brilliant drawing that express four member’s personality with “Hyakunin Isshu (anthology classical poem that contained 100 Japanese poems from 100 Japanese poetess)” motif.
Waka (Japanese classical poem). How did they make it?

ひもさん (Himo- san)
She and her friend made this T-shirt using this illustration and looked like supporting the LIVE with it. Isn’t cool?

Ye’zさん (Ye’z – san)
4 members Craft Punch. Indeed cute …

Naoさん (Nao- san)
Postcard set looked like made from last year tour

Manamiさん (Manami- san)
Oversize photo scraps of the member during LIVE.

モコモコママさん (Mokomoko mama- san)
Upon noticing this project, she drew for the first time after 30 years! Thank you!!!

ぶんこさん (Bunko- san)
Bunko- san that has drawing as her hobby, even the hair can be so detailed.

べーちゃんさん (Peechan- san)
Due to hobby a senior co-worker in her work-place made scrap-photo for Peechan-san who loves CNBLUE so much.

An amazing creation with four members fully captured.

Yokoさん (Yoko- san)
Portraying “Truth” single with cute character!!!

Page 34

CNBLUE manager’s Interview
What about CNBLUE’s daily life?

This time is our interview with CNBLUE’s Japanese manager, B-san!
As being the ones who close to CNBLUE, please tell us the real face of the member.

“Even thought it was your second appearances (on screen), but please greet BOICE JAPAN.”

CNBLUE be able to do World Tour and another big scale activity is because of everyone’s support, warm welcome, all the member feel like you guys are family. Keep support them okay?”

“Truth” has been released, did that effecting CNBLUE’s other schedule?”

During their world tour they keep writing song(s) and still doing their other projects, so there no effect at all.

“What about fan-meeting that will be hold soon?”

About fan-meeting, CNBLUE was like, “waiting the time to meet family”. So, please anticipate it.

“Among CNBLUE’s member, who the most greedy one when it comes to food?”

It must be Jungshin, he eats everything, before stage, during break, he will never forget about food.

“Among CNBLUE’s member, who messiest the most?
“Messy” but could it be ‘manly’ (reffering to a man usually mess people?) then it must be Jonghyun. Just like in this hotel where Jonghyun was staying, thats the evidence.

“Among CNBLUE’s member, who the stylish member the most?”
About that, it’s Jungshin. Since he has huge interest in such things, he always looking for the latest news and if there new releases he will be the one who own it very firstly compare the other.

“Among CNBLUE’s member, who is doing his everything accordingly?”

This is the good side of Yonghwa. He didn’t change his rhythm with anything else. He’ll complete a day’s schedule perfectly such eating, practicing and easily to sort anything that distract his concentration. We can say that he’s a great “Stoic”.

“Among CNBLUE’s member , who likes messing around the most?”
Aside of Minhyuk? He always look cool, but sometimes he’ll show a weird expression that make people laugh or did gyaru (Gal; one of Japanese’s girl make-up). Aside of his random time, he can also be destructive (not in the real way).

“B-san please listed CNBLUE’s member as your family.”
Jungshin is younger brother and Yonghwa is a father, mother will be Minhyuk since he is good doing chores and planning, he also organized and calm. He often reminds me stuff that I missed and also support me so much. Jonghyun is twin brothers. Because Jonghyun speaks Japanese, he was the one who relying the lattest information or discuss the things represent the other member.

Manager CNBLUE

That’s all for this time report.
Did you enjoy CNBLUE’s newsletter?
Please anticipate Vol.2 that will report you more about CNBLUE’s member!






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Trans by Nuru Chan @CNBOICE

Edited and Posted by Tara Lee @CNBOICE

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Does CNBLUE Give Fans a Happiness Disease!?

This is now a hot topic among an internet-user.
One day, a mother complained of chest pain. The pain is getting worse, and she finally vomited. Since she was suspected of having a myocardial infarction, her family took care of her through the night. But the next morning a doctor said disease name ‘bicipital tendinitis’.  It seemed caused by too much waving the light stick in TVXQ’s concert.

An internet user who lost the sense of little finger and ring finger got ‘cubital tunnel syndrome’. This disease is often the case with professional carpenters, and It is a condition that comes from the overuse of the elbow. But of course, this internet user is not a carpenter. This disease is because of CNBLUE Yonghwa’s elbow dance. She danced this elbow dance with Yonghwa in their concert.

Yonghwa have started this dance from the performance in Taiwan on their World Tour ‘BLUE MOON’. The dance had called just an ‘arm wave’ or ‘elbow dance’, but recently it is called ‘Morago’, comes from the lyric of this song ‘I’m Sorry’. The muscle ache after this elbow dance is called ‘Morago-tuu’

CNBLUE Yonghwa morago

A lot of memories and pain come after you were with your favorite artist. This might also happy memories for fans.


Source Japan Kpopstarz

Trans by Satomi @cnboice

Posted by Tara Lee @ cnboice/bpb decoded

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CNBLUE got 9th place in the United World Chart.

CNBLUE got 9th place in the United World Chart. And got 1st place as a Korean singer


Korean band CNBLUE cemented themselves as a tough people for a global record.

According to the United Chart which is managed by Media Traffic (the website that counts the global album sale), CNBLUE ranked in the 9th place in the 2nd week in March and recorded the best ranking among Korean singers.

Their new album, including “Can’t stop” that is the title song and was composed by Yonghwa is marked as “Turning Point” of CNBLUE’s music, and have gotten attention from overseas, not only from Korea.

CNBLUE successfully ended their world tour (They performed 20 times in a 18 city of 14 countries) and was covered widely in the media in Latin America and Europe. They also got complimented by Billboard in America, “CNBLUE returns with “Can’t Stop” which sounds sure to send the rock-pop outfit to the upper rankings of the chart again despite a 180 in sound.”

They are showing the power of the music that has deepened in additional on to the world stage.

The United World Chart count the global album sales in the 36 countries, including America, Japan, United Kingdom, Germany and France, album sales in Korea is also reflected to global album chart.

CNBLUE will attend “2013 FNC KINGDOM IN JAPAN -Fantastic&Crazy-“ that will be held on 15th and 16th in Japan, Tokyo

Source KStyle

Trans by Satomi @ cnboice

Posted by  Tara Lee @ cnboice/bpb decoded

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CNBLUE Can’t Stop Promotional Photo

The first teaser image of CNBLUE 5TH Mini Album ‘Can’t Stop’, ‘Before Sunset in NY’ taken on Brooklyn Bridge is revealed.


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cantstop6The second teaser image of CNBLUE 5th Mini Album ‘Can’t Stop’, ‘Before Midnight in NY’ taken at Time Square, New York is revealed.

Individual jacket photos of CNBLUE 5th Mini Album ‘Can’t Stop’ are revealed for the first time via CNBLUE facebook. Wish you like the pics of CNBLUE on Brooklyn Bridge.

CNBLUE 5th Mini Album Love is …. Naration Teaser


Watch the teaser here

cantstop16Here is a picture of CNBLUE members practicing for their comeback show~ Please look forward to SBS CNBLUE All-live comeback show, ‘Can’t Stop’ which will be aired on March 2!

cantstop17Track list map of CNBLUE’s new album ‘Can’t Stop’ was revealed through Daum Music! Let’s take a look at artistic track introduction, made by Jung Yong-Hwa!
PS Which song do you most look forward to hearing?


Star Reaction about Can’t Stop


Can’t Stop 1st teaser

Watch the teaser here

Take a close look at some of the key points from CNBLUE’s new album, ‘Can’t Stop’!


Key verses of the songs from CNBLUE’s 5th MINI Album, ‘Can’t Stop’ is revealed~
Please enjoy the highlight medley of ‘Can’t Stop’!

Watch the teaser here


Watch the 2nd teaser herecantstop40

‘Can’t Stop’ Album Package Preview Image


Source CNBLUE Official Facebook

Compiled and Reposted by Tara Lee @ cnboice/bpb decoded




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At first, CNBLUE’s Blue Moon concert at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium in Los Angeles looked like any other K-pop shindig. Hordes of fans streamed into venue, and the crowd surrounding the merchandise table resembled an amorphous blob rather than an organized line. Fans passed out signs to hold up during the concert, and the girl to my left offered me lightsticks. When the Blue Moon video kicked off the night on the ever-present jumbo screen, I settled in for what was sure to be an enjoyable, yet familiar, K-pop concert.

And then CNBLUE took the stage and all that changed. It has been a week since the band graced L.A. with their presence, yet I am still buzzing from the experience.

In 2012, CNBLUE came to L.A. for a joint concert with FT Island, and impressed our writers, despite a shorter set. Fast forward to 2013, and they’ve got their own world tour and full two and a half hours onstage. As far as K-pop “world tours” go, Blue Moon was pretty sizable. After stopping in numerous Asian countries and Australia, the band started the 2014 leg with New York and L.A., and recently finished the tour in Mexico, Peru, and Chile.

The thing that struck me the most about the show was how different it is to listen to CNBLUE live. I have been to a good amount of K-pop concerts, with all the remixes, special stages, and bedazzled costumes, but CNBLUE blew me away without the pyrotechnics. The concert was downright subtle in terms of visuals, comparatively speaking, but it packed a punch in terms of sheer performance quality.

Due to restrictions on music shows and the pre-recorded nature of MVs, when watching an idol band on screen there is always the sense they are “faking it,” even though everyone knows they play live. CNBLUE did manage to play live during their last promotion cycle — a victory for sure — but there were still restrictions regarding movement, camera angles, timing, etc. All of those went away at the concert, and the audience got dynamic songs, with extended guitar and drum solos, and the band demonstrated an impressive musical prowess.

The set started off strong and fast with songs like “Where You Are,” “Naran Namja,” and “Coffee Shop.” From this first part, a personal favorite was “Wake Up,” where the band showed off all their rock chops and got the crowd pumped up.

It was fun to see the distinct physicality each of the members had when playing, which showed how much they were into the music. Yonghwa was all over the stage, charisma tumbling out him. He had the unique ability to give attention to each section of the audience, while still remaining intimate. It probably helped that the venue felt cozier, and Yonghwa clearly thrives in the kind of environment that allows him to interact on a personal level. Jungshin was all over the stage as well, but in a meandering, cool way, with his expressive hands on the bass drawing focus. Jonghyun anchored both of them by mostly staying in place, and despite some issues with his foot pedals at the start, it was apparent how technically precise he is as a guitarist, and how prominent his parts are in the music. Minhyuk also impressed by playing the show pretty much straight through, without ever losing his ease and playfulness on the drums.

Next came the slower songs. While I usually think of CNBLUE’s harder, faster material as their signature sound, their quieter numbers convey a lot of emotion and delicacy, which was amplified live, from Yonghwa’s keyboard solo “Feeling,” to Jonghyun’s mellow “These Days.” A stand out in this section was “Y, Why”

CNBLUE ended the concert with a bang after another round fast songs, including their recent hit “I’m Sorry,” and then did favorites like “Love Girl,” “Love,” and “Try Again, Smile Again,” for their encore.

Aside from their professionalism and skill, CNBLUE connected with the audience in a down-to-earth way. The boys spoke in English the whole time, and though undoubtedly scripted, it was a sincere effort and the audience loved it. Even the short sentences, like Jungshin asking, “Are you having fun?” then pointing to himself and saying, “Me too. Me too,” created a fun atmosphere and made it feel like they honestly enjoyed being with their fans. One assumes that the boys had major jet lag the whole time, but it didn’t show it at all, and they communicated with the audience both vocally and through lots of pointing, smiling, and hand-touching. At the end, they picked up all the fan gifts thrown onstage, and Yonghwa even adorned himself with them. While all of this audience interaction probably comes from years of practiced fanservice, it didn’t feel disingenuous, but rather comfortable and happy.

CNBLUE has a reputation for having it all — they’re idols with musical talent, good looks, acting chops, variety skills, and an admirable philanthropic project. They’ve already got fans from all over the world, and this tour undoubtedly helped them snag more, and maybe it will propel them even further into stardom. But at the end of the way-too-short evening, I saw them as just a band who is great at playing music, and who loves their fans.

Readers, did you go to any of the concerts on the Blue Moon tour? What did you think?

(FNC Entertainment, Facebook, YouTube [1], [2], [3]

Article written by Miyoko for

Repost by Tara Lee @ cnboice/bpb decoded