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Yong Hwa: PPTV audience. Hello everyone, we are CNBLUE (in Chinese).


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PPTV: Today is Min Hyuk’s birthday and few days ago was Yong Hwa’s birthday, so happy birthday the two of you.

Yong Hwa: Thank you.


PPTV: Do CNBLUE members give birthday present to each other?

Yong Hwa: Yes, after midnight at home. They bought a cake to celebrate my birthday. Yesterday, we also bought a birthday cake to celebrate Min Hyuk’s. We celebrate our birthdays in this way.

Min Hyuk: Yeah.

PPTV: Should be very interesting!

Yong Hwa: (Laugh)


PPTV: As singers, it should be very busy and tired to hold concert, isn’t it?

Yong Hwa: No it isn’t, I don’t feel tired at all (Laugh…). Having world tours is really interesting. Normally, we have one week to rest in between two concerts. We really have fun when doing live performances.


PPTV: Fans really expect to your concerts!

Yong Hwa: Yeah…thank you.


PPTV: CNBLUE as a band, not only does a great job in music but also being beloved and supported in MC, acting, and variety shows. When do you think you are the happiest moment?

Yong Hwa: We join other activities but the happiest moment will be standing on the stage. It’s just like being home, the happiest moment is to stand on the stage.

PPTV: What about Jung Shin?

Jung Shin: I agree with Yong Hwa hyung. I have the same thoughts with him. Our original profession is singer, and as a band, to have live performance in the concert means a lot to us. pptv14

PPTV: I heard that Jung Shin is filming KBS TV series “Sword and Flower (칼과 꽃)” (the other title is Blade and Petal) and this TV series will be broadcasting in Korea and on PPTV at the same time.

Jung Shin: Oh, really?

PPTV: Yes it is. How do you feel to film ancient costume TV series for the first time?

Jung Shin: The TV filming is still ongoing. Besides, this is an ancient costume series and I am rookie, so I have lots of unfamiliar things but I will get used to during the filming. I also tried many things which are new one to me, and I find it’s quite interesting. The filming schedule is overlapping CNBLUE World Tours, so I feel happy to do two favorite things at the same time.



PPTV: Have you seen Jung Shin’s new ancient costume look? How do you feel like?

Yong Hwa: I saw the photos, but not in person, I think it’s better to watch his new look on TV (Laugh). Please show it to us…(looking at Jung Shin) When do you start to wear this…sorry…


PPTV: I saw the photo of Jung Shin practicing horse riding. It should be very busy in preparing for concerts, and Jung Shin still needs to practice horse riding and to film the TV series, don’t you feel tired? Have you got hurt?

Jung Shin: No, I have never got hurt when practicing horse riding, but I’m a bit worried about horse riding as I didn’t have much practice (Min Hyuk is chuckling…). However, when shooting the film I will be tensed and perform handsomely.


PPTV: Have you felt any difficulties/hardness during filming?

Jung Shin: I have not filmed many scenes yet, and I think something could be inspired during shooting film.

Yong Hwa: Yeah…he is this kind of person.


PPTV: Can you speak any Chinese?

Yong Hwa: Of course, we speak Chinese well.

PPTV: Can you show us some?

Yong Hwa: Da Gou…, Da Gou…, Da Gou… (Noelle: Chinese means Big/ Old brother. Actually it should be “Da Ge”…so it sounds funny here :))

Yong Hwa: Oh… Da Gou, no…?

PPTY: I am your younger brother.

Yong Hwa: How old are you?

PPTV: I’m 26.

Yong Hwa: I’m 25. Da Gou…, Da Gou, but does it mean that I look older than you?

PPTV: No No (Laugh)

Yong Hwa: (Turn to right side…) You need to be careful with what you say, he is your big brother’s big brother. (Laugh)


PPTV: Lastly, will you say something to your fans?

Min Hyuk: I miss you.


PPTV: Just simply says a couple sentences.

Min Hyuk: Thank you, everyone. I miss you a lot. I love you.

Yong Hwa: Thank you all, I’m Yong Hwa. Da Ge, I love you. (Min Hyuk laugh and clap). Thank you very much. Hope we can come to China often and have live performance here. Thank you to everyone for always loving and supporting us. We will show our best performance in tomorrow’s concert. Thank you, Xie Xie, Da Ge.


Jong Hyun: We’re took plane to get here, and I found it’s quite near between China and Korea, so I hope we can visit China often in the future, and we will show our great performance to everyone.


Jung Shin: It’s my pleasure to hold concert in China. We’re come here for our World Tour and I’m sure I will enjoy during the concert.



PPTV: Please say Xie Xie. (In this way, we can end the interview)

Jung Shin: Xie Xie. I love you. Xie Xie.

PPTV: China fans love you very much, so hope you can come to China more often.

PPTV: We also expect to tomorrow concert. Thank you.

CNBLUE: Yeah…thank you.


Source PPTV

Caps and Trans by Noelle cnboice

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CNBLUE Yinyuentai Interview


Yong Hwa: Yinyuetai, watching good music videos. Hello everyone, we are CNBLUE.

Q: CNBLUE are not only outstanding in music, but are also with good-looking appearance. Yong Hwa uploaded a photo says “I’m sorry for being too handsome.” So…what’s the most handsome, satisfied part of yourself? ^^

(Yong Hwa misunderstood the question, so we got an unexpected answer.)

Yong Hwa: I think I am the best-looking guy in the team, and that’s why I uploaded the photo.

Q: Who is the best-looking one in CNBLUE?

Yong Hwa: It’s me (without any hesitation). Hahaha…it’s just kidding. I think the handsome guy one in our team….umn…it’s would be Jung Shin.


Q: So, where is the most attractive part of Jung Shin?

Yong Hwa: Vote of sympathy. Hahaha… (Black-hearted Yong Hwa without discussion a head…). Jung Shin is good-looking and very tall.

Q: How about other 3 members? Do you think you are handsome for any parts of yourself?

Jung Shin: (Pointed out to Jong Hyun) He might have the thoughts for this question.

Jong Hyun: I’m just the ordinary one. (Focused on playing the doll but suddenly suffering from the question)Presentation2

Q: What is Jung Shin’s opinions?

Jung Shin: From my point of view for CNBLUE members’ appearance ranking, I’m the 4th place.


Q: In which part you think you would be in the 1st place?

Jung Shin: I think my ranking is always the last in every aspect. I have the most insufficiencies.

Jong Hyun: You are the tallest.

Jung Shin: Yes, I seem to win the 1st place in term of height. When talking about the appearance, I think Yong Hwa is the best-looking one.

(Jong Hyun and Min Hyuk focused on playing dolls only…)


Q: How about Min Hyuk?

Min Hyuk: I have never thought that I am handsome (Chuckle). I think Jung Shin is the most attractive and best-looking one among us. Jung Shin is very manly and I admire him for some aspects. Jung Shin is the” HOTTEST” one recently, very hot.

Yong Hwa: You can’t be close to him (Chuckle).


Q: Jong Hyun’s impression to everyone is always quiet and gentle, has good shape and the fair white skin even envied by girls. How does Lee Jong Hyun look like in ordinary life?

Jong Hyun: I like taking exercise very much.

(Yong Hwa took over the microphone)

Yong Hwa: When Jong Hyun is interviewed, he makes many wise sayings. For example, you can simply say “all our songs are very good”. Jong Hyun may say “Our songs are like to choose one person from our parents” (Meaning: Song is very good and can be changed in every element).


Yong Hwa: When it comes about body shape, Min Hyuk has the most excellent shape. Min Hyuk’s figure is really great. He works out everyday. How do you stay in such a good figure? (Pass the microphone to coach Min Hyuk)

Min Hyuk : I really work out everyday. I work out even when I feel tired. I think it’s my way to keep my figure. To be frank, everyone might think I’m very thin from my face, but actually it’s not like that. However, I am not saying I’m a muscle guy but just not that very thin type.

Yong Hwa: Inverted pyramid.

Jong Hyun: (Min Hyuk”s) body shape is natural built up like an inverted pyramid.

(Min Hyuk passed the microphone to Jong Hyun)

Jong Hyun: It’s just like looking at a (David) statue. It’s amazing.


Q: CNBLUE as a band, you usually perform with instruments. Yong Hwa said that he was a Dancing King not long ago. Do you have plans to add dance elements in your performance?

Yong Hwa: We don’t have a plan to add dancing into our performance. Regarding to dancing king, it seems to be me with no doubts. Or I should say it’s a kind of internal controlled dance. (Internal controlled dance. What?) I just follow the rhythm to shake my body.


Q: Do you think you dance the best among the team?

Yong Hwa: Me? Of course. Everyone should see the way Jung Shin dance and you will agree with me. (Poor Jung Shin…)

Jong Hyun: We are not good at dancing.

Min Hyuk: Everyone agrees with Yong Hwa.

Q: Hope to see you dance here, but it seems to …

Yong Hwa: It’s really funny to dance right here, but you will find out I dance well beyond your expectation if you come to our concert. Hope everyone can see that.


Q: In the last, do you have any words to Yinyuetai Boices?

Jung Shin: Yinyuetai.

Yong Hwa: Yinyuetai, I hope CNBLUE can get more support from Yinyuetai Boices, and we will bring great performance to all of you. Xie Xie (Chinese thank you). We’re CNBLUE. Xie xie.


The interview is full of bugs. (Noelle: didn’t go deeper question in the interview.)

We know you don’t have it enough from the interview.

Seeing four of them should be satisfied.

Don’t care about those details.

*Special thanks to Shufi to help me in editing the caps ^^

Original source yinyuetai

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CNBLUE Blue Moon Live in Beijing Interview

CNBLUE, Learn and Speak Chinese. Jung Yong Hwa misses the food in Wang-Fu-Jing

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Korean Band CNBLUE is going to have a concert in Beijing on 6/29, they came to Beijing one day ahead to promote this concert. This will be CNBLUE’s first solo concert in China. When interviewed by Net Easy Entertainment, CNBLUE expressed they emphasis on this concert and they had also prepared a lot to share with China fans. One thing also could be mentioned, CNBLUE leader Jung Yong Hwa said he had come to Beijing when he was young, and he couldn’t forget the taste of roasted spiders. In addition, 4 members also learned how to speak Chinese “Hen Meng” (很萌means cuter in China)

Learn and Speak Chinese “Da Jia Hen Meng” (大家很萌: Everyone is cuter)

This is the first time for CNBLUE to hold a concert in China, and they put much effort on this live and had prepared a lot as well. Lee Jung Shin expressed that they will perform some songs from their mini album (Re:Blue) and hope China fans will like those songs. Besides, CNBLUE also did some homework in learning Chinese. In the beginning of the press conference, they spoke in Chinese to say hello to everyone. During the interview, reporters taught CNBLUE how to speak “Hen Meng” and checked the results right on the spot. Everyone couldn’t help but laughing when hearing CNBLUE said “Da Jia Hen Meng”..



Want to visit The Great Wall. Jung Yong Hwa misses roasted spiders.

This is the second times CNBLUE came to visit Beijing. When mentioning if there are any places they would like to pay for a visit. Kang Min Hyuk said his sister know much about Beijing and recommend him many places, but they don’t really have time to pay for a visit this time. Jung Yong Hwa joked that they can visit The Great Wall secretly, and they will give the signature if being recognized by people there. One thing also could be mentioned, Jung Yong Hwa said he has come to Beijing when he was still young, and he has been to The Great Wall and Wang-Fu-Jing. Roasted spiders and scorpions of Wang-Fu-Jing really impressed him, and he wants to try them again.

In the last part of interview, CNBLUE mentioned that they hope have chance of performing together with Chinese singer or filming TV series in China in order to have more interaction with China fans.



CNBLUE现学现卖说中文 郑容和想念王府井小吃

6月29日将在北京开唱的韩国乐团CNBLUE,提前一日到京为演唱会造势。此次首度 来中国内地开唱,CNBLUE在接受网易娱乐专访市表示对这次演出非常重视,也很用心地准备了,希望能和中国的歌迷一起分享。值得一提的是,队长郑容和表示自己小时候曾经来过北京,并对王府井的烤蜘蛛念念不忘。另外,CNBLUE的四位成员还现学现卖说中文“很萌”。


   首度来中国内地开唱,CNBLUE表示对此非常重视,四位成员都有很用心的做准备。在曲目方面,李正信表示会唱一些MINI专辑中的歌曲,希望中国的歌 迷可以喜欢。另外,CNBLUE在中文方面也做足了功课,一开始便用中文与大家打招呼,在采访中,还让记者现场教中文流行语“很萌”,并现场检验学习成果,一句“大家很萌”让在场所有人忍俊不禁。


来北京想去长城 郑容和想念烤蜘蛛




Trans by Noelle @ cnboice

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2013 CNBLUE BLUE MOON WORLD TOUR Live in Beijing presented by SAMSUNG GALAXY Music] 멤버 민혁이의 깜짝 선물~! 민혁이의 시선에서 바라보는 여러분들! 지금 공개합니다~

[2013 CNBLUE BLUE MOON WORLD TOUR Live in Beijing presented by SAMSUNG GALAXY Music] Surprise present from a member, Minhyuk~! This is everyone from Minhyuk’s view! We just show you~

Source CNBLUE Official Line

Trans by Satsuki @ cnboice

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CNBLUE Blue Moon Live in Beijing Press Conference

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Korean band CNBLUE will hold their concert in Beijing on 6/29, and they came one day ahead to have Press Conference. CNBLUE also revealed that they would like to cooperate with MAYDAY (Noelle: Taiwan no.1 popular band). It happened to one of the members, Kang Min Hyuk’s birthday, so CNBLUE prepared birthday cake to celebrate. The atmosphere was full of warm and joy.


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Photos by 郑福德

Compile and Trans by Noelle @ cnboice

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CNBLUE Concert in Beijing; Endorse for Galaxy Music; For the First Time in China

On June 29, the global mobile communications and digital convergence technology Samsung Electronics and Korean popular group, CNBLUE, joint to build ‘2013 CNBLUE BLUE MOON WORLD TOUR’. Having been to Beijing for the first time had concluded their world tour. During the performances, all the CNBLUE members join sponsored by Samsung Galaxy S4 to turn up the atmosphere of the concert with music and dance,  which shows the link between music and technology, it brought the Chinese fans a fantastic feast of music.


The Capital City’s (Beijing) stadium was very star-studded due to the Galaxy Music posters.
That night the stadium was an extraordinary pomp. CNBLUE performed ,  etc. It is all songs that the Chinese fans are familiar with. Following the music, the audiences waved with the lightsticks, loud claps can be heard as well. And when the concert atmosphere hit the climax, CNBLUE took the year’s most popular’s smart phone, Samsung Galaxy S4. Made use of its twin-lens and interacted with the fans, allowing that moment to be captured. S4 has a unique feature of human nature, allowing the fans to be in the picture with their idol, it’s a scene that attracted loud scream from fans. 4 of them changed to Galaxy S4 shirt when the concert come to an end, and “murdered” the fans once again (with their charm), pushing the atmosphere yet to another climax. With CNBLUE and Galaxy S4, that night have shown the perfect blend between music and technology.


CNBLUE concert were crowded with warm atmosphere.
Today, popular music and smart phone had become a necessity among all young people. Though CNBLUE and Samsung belong to different areas, but both has the same qualities, not only in their respective fields leading the fashion trend, and also has many fans. Being the popular group in FNC Ent, CNBLUE, in their early stage of debut, are already very popular among the fashion industry and korean music. They had even won the 26th Golden Disk Awards reward the best combination in Asia and the 27th highest popularity in Malaysia gold record award and other big awards. Being ‘first’ in both global and China phone market, S4 itself has hundreds millions of fans. This year’s most talked about new generation of popular flagship GALAXY S4 has unlimited of fame, listed for less than a month, had already break the 10 million mark, with its superior performance, user-friendly experience to lead a new wave of smart phones. This time, CNBLUE is working together with Samsung for the Galaxy Music, which is a strong combination. They’re combined to be a perfect fusion of pop culture, which is not only for young people, and also bringing a fresh baptism of fashion culture, leaving GALAXY S4 shine on the world stage.


CNBLUE wore the Samsung Galaxy Music shirt when the concert come to an end, and also used S4 to take selca.
On June 28, before the , CNBLUE and Samsung held a press conference together, announcing that they’ll work together for the Galaxy Music trans-boundary fashion feast. Following the Beijing concert, there will be Guangzhou & Shanghai station, the two feast will also be scheduled soon. Believing that, CNBLUE and Samsung, the 2 ‘star’, will emit more dazzling light when they’re together.


Source cnetnews

Trans by Joelle  @cnboice

Edited and Posted @ cnboice/bpb decoded

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CNBLUE Held Their First Solo Concert in China after They have Debuted… 8,000 Fans were “Excited”


CNBLUE held their first solo concert in China after they have debuted.. 8,000 fans were “excited”

CNBLUE ( Jung Yonghwa, Lee Jonghyun, Kang Minhyuk, Lee Jungshin ) advancing World Tour, had successfully ended their first solo concert in Beijing, China and made everyone realize their local popularity.

On June 30 according to their office FNC Entertainment, CNBLUE held “CNBLUE World Tour Blue Moon” concert at China Beijing metropolitan gymnasium on June 29 and made about 8,000 fans in the venue excited.

At that day, CNBLUE presented powerful live concert without showing tiredness for 2 hours 30minutes and heatedly livened up in the venue. Audiences also passionately enjoyed waving blue light stick symbolizing CNBLUE during the concert.

CNBLUE opened fire of the concert with the first song “Where You Are”. They presented the concert filled energy such as “Get Away” “One Time” and completely grasped the atmosphere.

And members had practiced English and mandarin language, they communicated with fans during the live concert and attracted a great deal of attention. As they went on their talking with several words as well as basic greeting, leaded friendly atmosphere.

Meanwhile, CNBLUE will release 6th single “Lady” in Japan on July 31, and continue World Tour concert in Malaysia on August 24.


Source Star mt

Trans by Satsuki @ cnboice

Edite and Posted by Tara Lee @ cnboice/bpb decoded

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CNBLUE Held Birthday Party for Kang Minhyuk


CNBLUE held birthday party for Kang Minhyuk at the press conference in China “Heart-warming friendship”

CNBLUE will hold their first solo concert in China. They appealed heart-warming friendship.

On June 28 a day before the concert in Beijing, CNBLUE held the event to celebrate Minhyuk, who saw his birthday come round this day at the press conference with local press corps.

As birthday cake prepared in advance appeared, members sang a song to celebrate. Leader Jung Yonghwa told Minhyuk, “Blow out the candles from here  (behind the table they are sitting at) and now.” In spite of quite far from him, and he blowed out all candles at a stretch, it surprised everyone in the room.

The day at the location, about 50 Chinese media, such as CCTV-8, BTV-2, Sina Entertainment, Enlight Media Group, Hongkong Local TV, Fujian Province Local TV media, Beijing Times reported the scene.

CNBLUE is heightening local expects for the first concert in China. They will hold “CNBLUE WORLD TOUR : BLUE MOON” with SAMSUNG GALAXY MUSIC at Beijing metropolitan gymnasium from 7:30 pm (local time) on June 29.


Source Kstyle

Trans by Satsuki @ cnboice

Edited and Posted by Tara Lee cnboice/bpb decoded