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CNBLUE got 9th place in the United World Chart.

CNBLUE got 9th place in the United World Chart. And got 1st place as a Korean singer


Korean band CNBLUE cemented themselves as a tough people for a global record.

According to the United Chart which is managed by Media Traffic (the website that counts the global album sale), CNBLUE ranked in the 9th place in the 2nd week in March and recorded the best ranking among Korean singers.

Their new album, including “Can’t stop” that is the title song and was composed by Yonghwa is marked as “Turning Point” of CNBLUE’s music, and have gotten attention from overseas, not only from Korea.

CNBLUE successfully ended their world tour (They performed 20 times in a 18 city of 14 countries) and was covered widely in the media in Latin America and Europe. They also got complimented by Billboard in America, “CNBLUE returns with “Can’t Stop” which sounds sure to send the rock-pop outfit to the upper rankings of the chart again despite a 180 in sound.”

They are showing the power of the music that has deepened in additional on to the world stage.

The United World Chart count the global album sales in the 36 countries, including America, Japan, United Kingdom, Germany and France, album sales in Korea is also reflected to global album chart.

CNBLUE will attend “2013 FNC KINGDOM IN JAPAN -Fantastic&Crazy-“ that will be held on 15th and 16th in Japan, Tokyo

Source KStyle

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CNBLUE Can’t Stop Promotional Photo

The first teaser image of CNBLUE 5TH Mini Album ‘Can’t Stop’, ‘Before Sunset in NY’ taken on Brooklyn Bridge is revealed.


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cantstop6The second teaser image of CNBLUE 5th Mini Album ‘Can’t Stop’, ‘Before Midnight in NY’ taken at Time Square, New York is revealed.

Individual jacket photos of CNBLUE 5th Mini Album ‘Can’t Stop’ are revealed for the first time via CNBLUE facebook. Wish you like the pics of CNBLUE on Brooklyn Bridge.

CNBLUE 5th Mini Album Love is …. Naration Teaser


Watch the teaser here

cantstop16Here is a picture of CNBLUE members practicing for their comeback show~ Please look forward to SBS CNBLUE All-live comeback show, ‘Can’t Stop’ which will be aired on March 2!

cantstop17Track list map of CNBLUE’s new album ‘Can’t Stop’ was revealed through Daum Music! Let’s take a look at artistic track introduction, made by Jung Yong-Hwa!
PS Which song do you most look forward to hearing?


Star Reaction about Can’t Stop


Can’t Stop 1st teaser

Watch the teaser here

Take a close look at some of the key points from CNBLUE’s new album, ‘Can’t Stop’!


Key verses of the songs from CNBLUE’s 5th MINI Album, ‘Can’t Stop’ is revealed~
Please enjoy the highlight medley of ‘Can’t Stop’!

Watch the teaser here


Watch the 2nd teaser herecantstop40

‘Can’t Stop’ Album Package Preview Image


Source CNBLUE Official Facebook

Compiled and Reposted by Tara Lee @ cnboice/bpb decoded