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Yong Hwa: PPTV audience. Hello everyone, we are CNBLUE (in Chinese).


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PPTV: Today is Min Hyuk’s birthday and few days ago was Yong Hwa’s birthday, so happy birthday the two of you.

Yong Hwa: Thank you.


PPTV: Do CNBLUE members give birthday present to each other?

Yong Hwa: Yes, after midnight at home. They bought a cake to celebrate my birthday. Yesterday, we also bought a birthday cake to celebrate Min Hyuk’s. We celebrate our birthdays in this way.

Min Hyuk: Yeah.

PPTV: Should be very interesting!

Yong Hwa: (Laugh)


PPTV: As singers, it should be very busy and tired to hold concert, isn’t it?

Yong Hwa: No it isn’t, I don’t feel tired at all (Laugh…). Having world tours is really interesting. Normally, we have one week to rest in between two concerts. We really have fun when doing live performances.


PPTV: Fans really expect to your concerts!

Yong Hwa: Yeah…thank you.


PPTV: CNBLUE as a band, not only does a great job in music but also being beloved and supported in MC, acting, and variety shows. When do you think you are the happiest moment?

Yong Hwa: We join other activities but the happiest moment will be standing on the stage. It’s just like being home, the happiest moment is to stand on the stage.

PPTV: What about Jung Shin?

Jung Shin: I agree with Yong Hwa hyung. I have the same thoughts with him. Our original profession is singer, and as a band, to have live performance in the concert means a lot to us. pptv14

PPTV: I heard that Jung Shin is filming KBS TV series “Sword and Flower (칼과 꽃)” (the other title is Blade and Petal) and this TV series will be broadcasting in Korea and on PPTV at the same time.

Jung Shin: Oh, really?

PPTV: Yes it is. How do you feel to film ancient costume TV series for the first time?

Jung Shin: The TV filming is still ongoing. Besides, this is an ancient costume series and I am rookie, so I have lots of unfamiliar things but I will get used to during the filming. I also tried many things which are new one to me, and I find it’s quite interesting. The filming schedule is overlapping CNBLUE World Tours, so I feel happy to do two favorite things at the same time.



PPTV: Have you seen Jung Shin’s new ancient costume look? How do you feel like?

Yong Hwa: I saw the photos, but not in person, I think it’s better to watch his new look on TV (Laugh). Please show it to us…(looking at Jung Shin) When do you start to wear this…sorry…


PPTV: I saw the photo of Jung Shin practicing horse riding. It should be very busy in preparing for concerts, and Jung Shin still needs to practice horse riding and to film the TV series, don’t you feel tired? Have you got hurt?

Jung Shin: No, I have never got hurt when practicing horse riding, but I’m a bit worried about horse riding as I didn’t have much practice (Min Hyuk is chuckling…). However, when shooting the film I will be tensed and perform handsomely.


PPTV: Have you felt any difficulties/hardness during filming?

Jung Shin: I have not filmed many scenes yet, and I think something could be inspired during shooting film.

Yong Hwa: Yeah…he is this kind of person.


PPTV: Can you speak any Chinese?

Yong Hwa: Of course, we speak Chinese well.

PPTV: Can you show us some?

Yong Hwa: Da Gou…, Da Gou…, Da Gou… (Noelle: Chinese means Big/ Old brother. Actually it should be “Da Ge”…so it sounds funny here :))

Yong Hwa: Oh… Da Gou, no…?

PPTY: I am your younger brother.

Yong Hwa: How old are you?

PPTV: I’m 26.

Yong Hwa: I’m 25. Da Gou…, Da Gou, but does it mean that I look older than you?

PPTV: No No (Laugh)

Yong Hwa: (Turn to right side…) You need to be careful with what you say, he is your big brother’s big brother. (Laugh)


PPTV: Lastly, will you say something to your fans?

Min Hyuk: I miss you.


PPTV: Just simply says a couple sentences.

Min Hyuk: Thank you, everyone. I miss you a lot. I love you.

Yong Hwa: Thank you all, I’m Yong Hwa. Da Ge, I love you. (Min Hyuk laugh and clap). Thank you very much. Hope we can come to China often and have live performance here. Thank you to everyone for always loving and supporting us. We will show our best performance in tomorrow’s concert. Thank you, Xie Xie, Da Ge.


Jong Hyun: We’re took plane to get here, and I found it’s quite near between China and Korea, so I hope we can visit China often in the future, and we will show our great performance to everyone.


Jung Shin: It’s my pleasure to hold concert in China. We’re come here for our World Tour and I’m sure I will enjoy during the concert.



PPTV: Please say Xie Xie. (In this way, we can end the interview)

Jung Shin: Xie Xie. I love you. Xie Xie.

PPTV: China fans love you very much, so hope you can come to China more often.

PPTV: We also expect to tomorrow concert. Thank you.

CNBLUE: Yeah…thank you.


Source PPTV

Caps and Trans by Noelle cnboice

Edited and Posted by Tara Lee @ cnboice/bpb decoded



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CNBLUE Storms Manila

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CNBLUE’s Blue Moon Concert in Melbourne, Australia!


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On May 31st, the 2013 CNBLUE BLUE MOON WORD TOUR concert was held in Melbourne, Australia and started off with a bang!

Literally! Rain, lighting and thunder all happened on the day. To all the fans that started lining up at 7am that morning, they definitely showed what you call dedication and commitment to your International artist! They were surely not disappointed by the end of the night!

The opening act commenced at 7:30pm at Festival Hall in Melbourne, with a traditional band layout and a massive screen at the back. It was 100% obvious that all our attention would be on the 4 amazing rockers about to embrace the stage.  As the lights dimmed and the sea of people screamed, a moon appeared on the screen followed by a futuristic video of the members of CNBLUE. Within a few minutes Lee Jonghyun, Kang Minhyuk and Lee Jungshin came out onto the stage and took their positions for the first act. Just before they started, our leading man Jung Yonghwa took to the stage and rocked out their first song for the night, ‘Where You Are.


‘Where You Are’ was the perfect song to start the show. With a slightly remixed ending showcasing their amazing talent and Jonghyun’s ridiculously fantastic guitar skills, the fans embraced the song wholeheartedly; singing along as if they had sung it 100 times before. It was a clear indicator that the members were going to make their Melbourne fans happy!

Their next song was ‘Get Away.’ Throughout the song, our 3 guitarist completely embraced the stage. They were rockin’ it from one side of the stage to the other, and even back to Minhyuk, who was putting his all into every snare and drum hit making the fans go wild. Yonghwa would then scream out “everybody jump!” And that’s when you really felt the vibration in the floorboards of the venue!

One Time’ was their third song for the night. With a heavier rock intro at the start, red lasers shooting into all directions and a background video of burning buildings, the fans were all fired up chanting like crazy. When Yonghwa would sing the words “I know” the fans would sing back with “you know.


The amazing acoustics of Festival Hall, along with the strong vocals and instrumental skills of CNBLUE made such a great pairing -leaving long lasting impression on the people of Melbourne. A sea of CNBLUE red and blue glow sticks waved around the venue and the high pitched screams of  the fans gave everybody goosebumps as they listened to Yongha scream ”top of the world.

After the song, Yonghwa spoke a little bit of English and surprised the fans by saying “good day mate,” one of Australia’s popular greetings.


He then followed this with a “How are you” and Jungshin joined in by attempting an “Aussie Aussie oi oi oi” chant that sent a roar of laughter and screams throughout the crowd. This was very endearing and sweet! After Yonghwa said “Next” they began their intro into ”Man like Me.

Coffee Shop” was song number 5 for the night, with CNBLUE screaming out ”Everybody make one noise…..” the crowd responded with screams, rocking hand movements and a lot of jumping!

The age group at the concert varied from young females to middle aged women enjoying their dose of Korean rock goodness, bopping to the music and singing along to the songs. CNBLUE’s reach was massive and appreciated by everyone no matter who they were or how old they are. This is what make K-POP so incredibly strong and amazing.


A Pink Floyd inspired spectrum of colour played on the big flat screen, rising and falling with the variations of beats and sounds, which paved the way for their next song “Have A Good Night.

Claps filled the hall for “Wake Up” as the disco ball came on and the flat screen, which changed into what reminded me of comic book artwork, showed the lyrics to the song. ‘Are you having fun’ and ’Lets go’ flashed on the screen in bright neon colours and lighting bolts. It was absolutely insane.

Throughout the song, Yonghwa was lifting the engagement of the fans even more by screaming “Say yeah” and ”Make some noise!!bmsidney95

Minhyuk and the other members grooved to the beat and sank deep into the music as Jonghyun showed an amazing guitar solo that was completely electrifying.

The music stopped and Yonghwa encouraged the crowd to clap, saying “Ok my turn! Are you ready? Ok, 1, 2 wake up wake up!” As the music slowly built up he went into a scream as the heavy drums, bass and guitar kicked in again for the finale of the song.

The band then decided to take a little break to have a chat with their Melbourne audience!

Yonghwa: “We love Melbourne … We love you!!

Can you speak Korean?


Minhyuk: “THANK YOU!! We were here in Australia 2 years ago, we go Sydney two years ago, but this time we come to Melbourne!! I really love it here

There are many reasons why, but it is sick! Very sick!

Jungshin: “I love steak!

Yonghwa: “Medium rare please

We had steak yesterday, soooo delicious’!!”

“I can’t speak english…. A little…

Ok we sing love song

Next song is Love Light

After that super cute chat, the announcement of their next song sent the fans wild! I spoke to a few fans earlier before the show and this was definitely one song that they wanted to hear. A project by Jonghyun, Yonghwa started off the performance with a beautiful acoustic solo and then “1..2…1..2…3..4 Sing this song with me!” to which the fans sang along, as Jonghyun was at the bass for Yonghwa’s short rap.


When the song finished the lights went off and reappeared again with the spotlight on Yonghwa for his beautiful piano solo.

The lights expanded to show the all the 4 members as they begin their performance of “Feeling.” I must say that looking around the crowd everyone had a look on their face as if their heart was melting, mine included!

As the piano faded out and the place got quiet again, a fan screamed “oppa saranghae!” Drums, bass and guitar as well clapping began simultaneously with Minhyuk’s drums becoming the focus. Screams were heard almost in sync with each hit of the snare. As the music faded, Yonghwa was left with his piano, playing yet another beautiful piano solo for the outro.

These Days” was next up, leaving the crowd in awe with Jonghyuns beautiful voice and jazzy feel to the song. The crowd was silent but very hypnotized at the same time.

After performing “Y,Why” the band decide to continue their conversation with the attentive crowd.


Are you having fun?

We too!

Minhyuk: “I want to come here again and again!

We love Melbourne

Yonghwa: “English very well

Are you guys having fun? Good day mate!

From now on hear our rockin roll music!

First it’s time to do dark sexy metal


The ’dark sexy metal’ line was one of the highlights of the night!

La La La” was a great follow up after the previous slower song, and ridiculously hilarious conversation.

CNBLUE continued their heavier rock feel with “Just Please.” The extended instrumental piece of the outro was absolutely amazing and made us realize even more, that they are a force to be reckoned with.


The next two songs for the night were “Tattoo” and the big hit, ”In My Head.” This was definitely a hit with the fans as they screamed wildly after hearing the intro, knowing exactly what was coming up next. Every time Yonghwa tried to encourage the fans to participate he never failed as an extremely loud roar always exploded from the crowd.

Yonghwa: ”I love you very very much

Tonight is Rockin ..I need more!!

So hot…ok from now on we have to get crazy

So I need your help…..I need you to scream!!

Are you ready Melbourne?!! Lets dance with me!! I’m dancing king of CNBLUE. Like usher, like Neyo, like Chris brown. I’m the best! ARE YOU READY MELBOURNE!! Lets party till the end!! “

The beat of the all too familiar hit “Intuition” started and brought on the biggest cheer along with the loudest claps and chanting I’ve heard so far. Almost every person in there knew the words and it really lifted up the atmosphere even higher.

With sweat dripping down their faces, the performance went on without a glitch or discomfort, showing true showmanship and dedication to providing the Melbourne fans with a outstanding show.

From the ending of “Intuition” this transitioned straight into “I’m a loner.” Another big hit that surely kept up the high energy level in the hall and sent the crowd into a frenzy.


The ‘last’ song of the night was possibly the one everyone was waiting for “I’m sorry.” I actually got goosebumps every time the fans chanted “michyeosseo!” My favorite part was possibly the climatic alternate outro to I’m sorry. It was powerful and totally ‘dark sexy metal’ just the way Yonghwa wanted.

The ending of I’m sorry was meant to signal the concert’s end, but no! In true concert spirit the crowd sent roars of “ENCORE! ENCORE!” And “CNBLUE! CNBLUE!” trembling through the hall and as expected, our favourite band graced the stage yet again for “Hey You,” 1 of 5 of their encore songs.

When CNBLUE re-entered, they came out in black in their  ’Blue Moon’ concert tee shirts and Yonghwa said, “Thank you for waiting!

From an energetic “Hey You” they transitioned perfectly into “Love Girl“.

Yonghwa busted out some moves as the CNBLUE’s ‘dancing king’. He wore what looked like a zebra eared headband thrown by one of the fans on stage. This performance was quite comedic with their dancing and Yonghwa’s galloping across the stage.

Yonghwa also took a cap thrown to him by a fan in the audience, adjusted it and wore it just as they started their performance of ”You’ve Fallen For Me.” It was extremely sweet when they inserted “I love you Melbourne, I love you so much” into the well known title track from the K-Drama, ‘You’ve fallen for me.’


After such a sweet performance Yonghwa also managed to get a hold of a sign that had ‘Dragon Flower’ on it and said “I Am Dragon Flower,” “My aka is Dragon Flower.” This was so adorable and funny that the crowd was left in stitches!

I must say that CNBLUE are well experienced entertainers! Their energy towards the crowd and their engagement was absolutely perfect. Their genuine personalities make you feel like their speaking to you directly. I also discovered that Yonghwas’ beat boxing skills are absolutely SICK!! Unfortunately for us, hardly any of us were able to repeat after him but it was great to see Jungshin laughing so wildly.

After their performance of “Love“ Minhyuk took to the mic and had a little chat.

Minhyuk: “I really want to come! I’ll come back for fun! I promise!!

Younghwa: “THANK YOU for your appreciation, THANK YOU for your screaming, I love you!

Tonight was really awesome


This song last song

Sing along with me!

Try Again, Smile Again” was the last song to CNBLUE’s heart wrenchingly awesome concert. As the song ended the fans screamed, “I love you,” became a lot more apparent as the screams grew louder rising even above the thrashing of the guitars and drums. We all know good things come to an end, but the promise of their return one day definitely kept everyone happy.

Regardless of the long waiting and the weather, CNBLUE gave Melbourne fans an amazing memory that will last  forever! THANK YOU CNBLUE for coming all the way down to Australia and for giving it your all!

Article by Cammy @ KMusic

Edited by Mariam @ KMusic


Reposted by Tara Lee @cnboice/bpb decoded

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“CNBLUE is Back”…CNBLUE Heat Up the Night in Hong Kong

“CNBLUE is Back”… CNBLUE heat up the night in Hong Kong

bm hk stage20

‘2013 World Tour BLUE MOON’ ended successfulty. About 7,000 fans had high ‘excitement’ night.

CNBLUE (Jung Yonghwa, Lee Jonghyun, Kang Minhyuk, Lee Jungshin) ornately embroidered the night in Hong Kong.

CNBLUE held concerts ‘2013 World Tour BLUE MOON’ at ‘Asia World Expo Arena’, which is the biggest venue in Hong Kong. The tickets of all 7,000 seats sold out by only 5 minutes. Encore concert on 10th was added by fans’ requests.

From an hour before concert starts, local fans took photos with CNBLUE members’ board prepared in front of the venue. Female fans between teens and twenties counted for most audience, but male fans wasn’t little as well.

bm hk stage22

It started at 8 pm, Lighting was getting brighter and CNBLUE present themselves with roared of their music. All fans stood up and shouted for excitedly. And CNBLUE appeared on the stage, fans’ shouts reached to the best.

CNBLUE showed passionate playing and playfuly performance at 3 songs ‘Where you are’ ‘Get away’ ‘One time’ who caught fans’ hearts. All fans sang and waving their sticklight.

5 songs ended in a row, Jung Yonghwa said ‘What’s up. Hong Kong. Finally, CNBLUE is back. Thank you for waiting. Are you guys having fun? So awesome. We are very happy to visit here.’

Next they continuously sang  ‘A man like me’, ‘Coffee shop’, ‘Have a good night’, ‘Wake up’ and so on. They have never showed tiredsome  and continued communications with fans. Lee Jungshin was deeply moved ‘Tonight is so fantastic night.’

After passionate playing, they sang ‘Love song’ with their sweet voice. CNBLUE showed warm songs such as ‘Love light’, ‘Feeling’, ‘These days’, ‘Y, why’, and audience concentrated to listen to their songs.

CNBLUE brings atmosphere with Rock’n’roll stage as they played 4 Rock’n’roll  songs ‘LaLaLa’, ‘Just please’, ‘Tattoo’, ‘In my head’. Flame broke out on the stage with heated atmosphere, fans shouted much more.

Next they presented fans hit songs ‘Intuition’ ‘A loner’ ‘I’m sorry’ and so on. All lighting were turned off, fans shouted ‘Encore!!’ and waited CNBLUE. While CNBLUE was ready to encore songs, CNBLUE image was broadcasted on big screen and fans shouted for joy once again.

bm hk stage21

This day, a surprised party was held for birthday of Lee Jonghyun. Other members sang happy birthday song, and fans also sang and celebrated him with card written in Korean. Jonghyun was deeply moved and given flowers and cake by other members.

CNBLUE sang ‘Hey you’, ‘Love girl’, ‘Heartstrings’, ‘Love’, ‘Try again Smile again’for encore stage ang bring the concert to an end.

Kang Minhyuk said ‘I really want to come back and perform again. I promise!’ Yonghwa promised ‘I can’t forget tonight. Thank you for your appreciate. Thank you for your waiting. Tonight is very special. Thank you very much! See you!’

Well, CNBLUE held two concerts ‘BLUE STORM’ in Hong Kong in January 2012. All tickets of 8,000 seats sold out, so they proved big popularity in Hong Kong. Not only in the past and this time, especially concerts in Hong Kong, when all of the tickets sold out by short of the time and another concert was added to the list.

bm hk stage23

Source nocutnews

Trans by Satsuki @cnboice

Edited and Posted by Tara Lee @cnboice/bpb decoded

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CN Blue Appointed Ambassadors for Korea Food for the Hungry International

CN Blue will be acting as honorary ambassador for Korea Food for the Hungry International (KFHI).

On May 8, the band attended the appointment ceremony held in Seoul, and was given a plaque appointing it the honorary ambassador for the organization.

Supporters of CN Blue′s school in Africa as well as the press and officials were also present.

Jung Yong Hwa said, “I thought it would be something small, but we′ve become more confident in our acts because everyone has been looking on so kindly and showing their support. We want to thank them, and start doing more good deeds with this new role.”

Lee Jong Hyun added, “At first, I thought I was the one doing the helping, but later it felt like I was the one receiving the help. I′ve been realizing how beautiful this world is.”

“We′re happy to be here for this honor and we′ll work hard in the future,” Kang Min Hyuk and Lee Jung Shin said.

CN Blue has been active as the honorary ambassador for the Hantol Nanum Festival, a teenage volunteer work festival hosted by KFHI since 2010, and last year the band donated part of its profits to build a school in Africa.

“We were touched at how the children were smiling while studying at CN Blue School, and it felt like we were in a dream,” Jung Yong Hwa commented. “If we get the chance, I hope we can go to see the school in person. I want to sing Loner there, and play basketball and soccer with the children.”

Lee Jung Shin said, “I saw a photo of children standing in front of a sign that read ′CN Blue School′, and I was proud to see the students eat and study there.”

Jung Yong Hwa even said about the song he had written for CN Blue School, “I tried to include hopeful messages in the lyrics. We′re far away, but I wanted to show how we are of the same heart and how we′re all friends.”

CN Blue plans to build another school with part of its profits from its 2013 World Tour – Blue Moon.

Kang Min Hyuk said in thanks, “I know how our fans, who come to our concerts, have been a big help, and I want to use this opportunity to thank them again.”

CN Blue will next hold its world tour concert in Hong Kong from May 10-11.

Photo credit: FNC Entertainment
Posted by Tara Lee @cnboice/bpb decoded