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We are interviewing CNBLUE who is 4-piece Rock Band in Korea

CNBLUE, they are popular  all over the world not to mention in Japan, and they do a world tour in 2013 which is a first time as a Korean band. Their documentary film ‘The Story of CNBLUE~NEVER STOP~’ will be released on January 17th  that included not only their world tour in Sydney, Singapore and Beijing, but also their secret live in Shibuya and their home in Seoul. We, Elle, interviewing them on a visit to Japan.

“We were filmed all of our private. So I worried whether it’s okay to be revealed or not. (Jonghyun)”

—What did you think when you had offered  about to film documentary film?

Yonghwa: There are many bands to film a documentary film. Because I have been watching the backstage film of them, I was honored to make our film.

Jonghyun: I know there are several international famous band’s DVD, but when I heard that we will be taken in such a film, I thought ‘eh?’ it is great but too early for us (laugh)

Jungshin: I have watched famous band’s documentary film like Bon Jovi, too. I felt the pressure that what kind of us do we have to show. But I supposed the audience who will watch this movie want to watch us as usual.

Minhyuk: I also worried about that, but I  take it easy. So I think we were taken our  well image more on the movie).

— Because documentary film is different from TV programs, you might have a chance to be filmed your natural self or without makeup. Do you have some request such a scene wanted to be taken or not wanted to be taken?  And do you have some funny episodes?

Yonghwa: We have been taken in our home, though, does it be used in the movie?

Director: Yes. Such as the scene that Jungshin was making a Doenjang Jjigae.

Yonghwa: We have to be pretended that we are good person before. Like Jungshin’s cooking scene.

Minhyuk: Right now he was still pretending that he is good person  too (Laugh). Usually he does not to talk too much  though.

Yonghwa: I have cared about a camera because they (Camera crew) have followed us whole day. I felt a load at first, but after time passed, we could show our natural selves.

Jonghyun: We were filmed all of our private. So I worried whether  it’s okay to reveal or not.

Yonghwa: We believe the director (Laugh)

Jonghyun: I have thought that was too much to be filmed. By end of the filming, I felt sad ‘omg, this is it?’. I thought a human being was such a thing after all (Laugh).

“We are happy to leave our world tour in a video” (Minhyuk)

—Do you usually cook like that ?

Jungshin: Yes, I do.

Jonghyun: No, No, occasionally

—The movie shows the scene that you get along well. Fans may be happy to see that.

Jonghyun: Yes, basically we are close.

Minhyuk: Rather, I think that such a scene was not reflected very much.

Yonghwa: Since I am an actor… I acted (Laugh)

Minhyuk: I worried about what my scene. I think we were filmed the scene that Jonghyun-hyeong and I did a soccer game

Yonghwa: We met first in Seoul, didn’t we?

Director: The first filming was in Taiwan but we actually met in Seoul.

Yonghwa: I was surprised that there are lots of cameras. I thought, what cameras are these for?

—This documentary includes the video of your world tour that is the first time as a Korean rock band though, how do you feel about it?

Yonghwa: I am happy that there are some countries where we have visited, and are some countries where we have not visited yet. Also, there is a country that we have our first solo concert. Since we have not known how much demand from overseas fan, we were moved that the oversea’s fans remember our songs and lyrics even though we are using different language.

Jonghyun: In fact, there are lots of scenes that not be taken about this world tour. At first I thought ‘the camera crew for this movie doesn’t come, it’s good!’. When I think back, it is better to be taken all of that…A human being was such a thing.

Minhyuk: I didn’t know when we were being filmed tho. Did I already say it? If I saw this a few years afterward, I would have felt new. Since our world tour was filmed in the movie, I think it was not leave only as memories, and was very good to be able to leave as a video.

—Do you want to say anything about your world tour?

Minhyuk: It is still going on, I want to say anything when it finished all.

Jonghyun: Still going on… (Laugh)

Minhyuk: I think we were able to have our world tour for the first time as a Korean band in our age would be very happy.

“My dream is a No.1 on the Billboard chart” (Yonghwa)

—What is your dream?

Yonghwa: To get No.1 on the Bill Board

—In doing to recording and to appear the TV as a musician, what is the show(concert) for you?

Minhyuk: I am very happy when I’m on the stage. When I do other work, I often remember that I am on the stage and I think to want to have a concert.

Minhyuk: We have many hard things while preparing for our concert. I’m getting nervous too. But when I got stressed out, I remember the happy time on stage.

Jonghyun: There are lots of type of people. In the case of us, we release a CD and doing a music activity. A CD is good, but we want the people to hear the music in concert.

Yonghwa: When I experienced a concert, I feel that I can get new myself. I don’t think I have to do that, but I feel something new  every minute.

—By revealing this movie, the people who have not come to a concert ever so far may come to your concert. Do you want what kind of person to watch this movie?

Yonghwa: I want everybody to watch this movie and to take an interest in us. It is good to be known there is a band like this.

—All members are good showing as an actor. How are you compatible with band activities?

Yonghwa: It is better for us that we have lots of experiences. Some people may say musician has to do music activity only, but I don’t think so. I am happy if I can tell the people the feeling of a joy or sadness by various scenes. Because It is only-one-time life, I want to experience a lot. And then these experiences would be reflected in our music.

Minhyuk: We cannot live to 100 years, so we  do what we want!


Source Elle online

Trans by Satomi @ cnboice

Edited and posted by Tara Lee @ cnboice/bpb decoded