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[TRANS] Lee Jungshin on “Cinderella and The Four Knights” Casts’ Interview by Kstyle Japan


— From December 22nd, “Cinderella and The Four Knights” will be broadcasted. Please show us your impression towards this drama to be broadcasted in Japan

Jungshin : Since I want to have communication with fans, so I’m more into SNS. Japanese fans even watched the drama while it’s being broadcasted in South Korea, they even cheered us a lot. But after all I’m happy that it will be broadcasted in Japan. I think it’s a good opportunity to see myself as an actor, other than a singer. “Cinderella and The Four Knights” is a drama that may give you a light heart attack. Many people wrote on my SNS “it’s a drama that has such affection yet I can’t stop watching it”. I think it’s an attractive drama that will become addictive once you watch it!

— What made you want to appear in this drama?

Jungshin : Since the characters’ theme of this drama is about young age, I felt that its interesting. I’m not like other actors who have appeared in so many works but I’ve appeared on five drama so far. Even though this work can be done easily by an older people, but still, it’s also a “youth-romance-things” drama which targets young people. I’m 26 years old now, I thought about “When there’s a chance to appear in a drama before I’m getting older, what would it be?”, so I thought about a bright drama! That was the thought and the reason on why I want to do this work.

— What kind of characters did you play?

Jungshin : From what I saw it’s simply a bright character with positive energy. There was a time when I was worried about “how can I make it on my own (way)?” for this character, but the answer is unexpected. It was said that there are many parts that’s similar with my own figure (in real life). I’m also a bright type, but there are also times when I occasionally can become negative, but I’m basically the positive one. Later after I noticed that I can resemble (the character) as myself, I was able to relax and acts as “Lee Jung Shin”. I’m not that rich (chaebol) person (LOL), but since I’m being an entertainer and a singer…there are many things in common. There are a lot of parts where the word I spoke (in the drama) is similar to the word that I speak to myself, so I thought maybe it could make me grow for 1 or 2 stages…?

— I have a question for Lee Jung Shin. When Kang Seo Woo appeared dressing up like a woman, it was pretty impressive. But from your point of view, do you think when Seo Woo dressed up like a girl looks good?

Jungshin : I guess you could laugh because it wasn’t fit nor suitable at all, but I was pretty uneasy about that scene~! I have a thick legs hair… (LOL) Is it called “Ashige (in Japanese)?” I’m still good with my thick legs hair, but my legs are thin like a woman. So, it looks like a hairy woman legs, I guess fans will be disappointed…. For people who had expected for a solid/firm man thighs…I’m sorry but I’m here with my thin legs (LOL).


— On the drama, Kang Seo Woo wrote “Confession” and “You Pour a Star” for Eun Ha Won who played by Park So Dam, but which song does Jungshin himself got attached more from those two?

Jungshin : Hmmm…if I have to choose one from two maybe “Confession”. I felt great to be able to participate in the OST with two songs “Confession” and “You Pour a Star”. I’ve never participated in the OST of the drama I’m playing, but with this drama I was able to challenge myself for the first time, and fans were pleased (delighted)! Even in CNBLUE activities I’ve never sung any part other than chorus, but it seemed like there are some who wants to hear my voice more (LOL). I feel like my heart is full when people saying “I was glad to hear your voice”.

— On this drama, there are many actors who has the same age, how was the atmosphere on the shooting site?

Jungshin : So far, all of the shooting sites on dramas that I’ve appeared have nice atmosphere, but shooting sites for this drama was also really good. We’re close even with the younger, same age, or older actors…. Kim Yong Gun senior was there, and he really has that kind of sense. When I knew that there is a senior, I thought that I’m going to feel awkward, but Yong Gun senior is a very funny person and loves to throw some jokes, so it was fun to have a shoot (for the drama).

— What kind of work does “Cinderella and The Four Knights” casts do?

Jungshin : Even though I’m more into a singer, but I also work as an actor, and this work is the 5th for me, I felt that I was able to make a step forward as an actor. Of course, there are parts that I regret, some parts that seems fine/successful, I have various thoughts on it, even after it all ends, the regret still remain. But, you can’t grow without regrets! Even during my activities with CNBLUE, we did the tour and its DVD released six months after the tour ended, although there are parts that I think it’s cool even if I watched it, but there are also some parts that I think weren’t that good. But, it become a noticeable evidence that I’m growing on that six months. I said this because at some point you can improve further more the good ones, like you can see it by your own eyes looking on it and say it to yourself “don’t do this in the future” (for the not-so-good part). For me this work is like “a step forward of the growing process” and “an important experience”.

— Please tell the ‘watching point’ to the Japanese viewers who have been looking forward into “Cinderella and The Four Knights”.

Jungshin : Even the point of a heart-throbbing part between male and female may vary to each person and depends on the country itself, but I hope Korean “heart-attack” (heart-throbbing) point will be wide-spread to Japan! Also, to fans who said that they like me (LOL), from now on, even if you can’t see this drama on any websites or else on internet, as long as you can see it through TV easily, I also feel happy. Even to all my fans who have watched over me from my debut on 2009, I hope you can relax while enjoying it (the drama).

Trans by alvianashin

Source : Kstyle Japan

Please take out with full credits

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CNBLUE Jung Yonghwa’s Interview on K-style about ‘Marry Me If You Dare’

‘Marry Me If You Dare’ CNBLUE Jung Yonghwa “Mirae and Yookyung who are cheerful and friendly. I like the woman like them.”

Fantasy and romantic comedy drama ‘Marry Me If you Dare’. Yoon Eunhye, CNBLUE Jong Yonghwa and Lee Donggoon were co-starred. Jung Yonghwa, who played Park sejoo was masquerading as a lowly cameraman by hiding the identity of grandson of chaebol chairman moved viewers with his one-track way of thinking to Mirae.

Yonghwa, he has two-faced as like CNBLUE’s vocalist and an actor was shown his developed acting skill, and was given full play to his ability as an actor. This is the interview that he talked about the highlight scene of this drama, his attachment for his role and about the final episode.

Let us know the reason that you appeared this drama ‘Marry Me If You Dare’?

Yonghwa: appeal of the originality. I had acted the role seemed like young, so I wanted to act the role elder. This is why I decided to appear this drama.

“The character is cheerful and work hard… they have many common features.”

So, well, you wanted to play a role other than the same generation as their own. How did you feel about acting this role?

Yonghwa: That’s good. I am interested to act now. I feel that I am emotionally up to the mark. I satisfied with the video, I feel I am happy.

Please let us know the character of Park Sejoo.

Yonghwa: Park Sejoo is the heir of Media chaebol, and is a grandson of CEO. Before succeeding to the chaebol, he was masquerading as a lowly cameraman in and works at television broadcasting in order to know the real life of the cameraman. He met Mirae there and got a lot of friends. He gets an ability for the CEO and for leading the members of the chaebol through various experiences. This is Park Sejoo.

You got high appreciation for your role as Park Sejoo in this drama, What do you think about it?

Yonghwa: I just did my best. I got appreciation by lots of people, got praise by articles and got fun’s support, so I could be shot without any trouble. I could get a courage that can be any role in another drama.

What do you think about Sejoo’s charm?

Yonghwa: He is kind. He is courteously attentive to other people, but he is harsh for work. This is his charm, I think.

Are there likes and differences between Yonghwa and Sejoo?

Yonghwa: Sejoo is the person in the chaebol and I am not. (Laugh) We have some similarities. First, we have similar characteristics, like cheerful and work hard. Next, we can consider a business and own private time separately.

Did you get some advises or requests from a scriptwriter or a director for this character?

Yonghwa: A scriptwriter and a director made a character along with us. And they said ‘Do what you want’. So I could act that I feel by reading the script, so I got high appreciation. It’s not a meaning that I made this drama myself, but I feel I made digested this character myself. I‘m happy in this point.

Sejoo and Mirae’s level of living seemed different. What is the reason that Sejoo was attracted to Mirae?

Yonghwa: The principal reason for it… Sejoo and Mirae met in Seju island though, I think Sejoo feel her freedom. Sejoo seems the free bird person, but he is the heir, there are not work out the way he wants. So Sejoo was attracted to Mirae at first glance. And then he knows about her while he gets his eye on her. He will become more and more loving her.

Which women are ideal type for park Sejoo, Mirae or Yoo-kyung?

Yonghwa: I think both of them are charming if they would add and divide by two.

Which part of them do you like?

Yonghwa: Well… They have in common that they are cheerful. My ideal type is like that. So, I think both of them are charming.

Both of them are beautiful, right? (Laugh)

Yonghwa: Yes they are.

“Lee Donggun-Seonbae who is belongs to same entertainment office led me from first.”

The scene you met Mirae was at a seaside. You admired her there. What kind of woman do you admire to?

Yonghwa: I admire… It’s when I watch a cooking show that looks delicious. I might never admire any woman. I gaze in wonder looks delicious things.

With driveler?

Yonghwa: Yes, with driveler (Laugh)

We heard that the best popular scene in Japan is sharing a blanket with Mirae. What the scene that you were impressed ’till you shot?

Yonghwa: The scene that was I remembered that …the scene that I crushed on Mirae in Jeju island. The scene that seeing her going into the sea and go crushed on her was very impressive. And the scene that we are listening the music and in the record room was also the same.

Do you have some behind the story? Like the story of funny or terrible…

Yonghwa: Lee Donggun-seonbae and I are belong to same entertainment agency. One day, when the car that I ride on was at a gas station, a familiar car was coming. Because I thought that was Lee Donggun-seonbae’s car, I got out of my car and said hello. But it was a kind of Korean mafia’s car. I was surprised and Shouted “go” to my manager.

Were they chase behind you?

Yonghwa: No, they weren’t.

Did you talk with Lee Donggun-ssi while shooting?

Yonghwa: Yes we did. We talked lots. He have taken care and led me from the first of this drama. I learned lots from him.

You co-starred with Yoon Eunhye-ssi, Han Chaeah-ssi and Lee donggun-ssi, did their image change?

Yonghwa: Lee Donggun-seonbae is a calm, slow-speaking man. Of course, if he has something funny, he enjoyed it. He is the person that I thought. I like him.
Yoon Eunhye-ssi is also seonbae as a singer. Before I meet her, I thought she might a strict woman, but in fact, she is not. She takes care around her well and is really cheerful . She cheered up the drama crew.
Han Chaeah-ssi and I had uncomfortable atmosphere first, but now we are close and we share jokes. She is funny. I want to work together again.

The drama that you appear has something to do with music, but in this drama, you don’t have such connection, because this role was the heir of the chaebol. So we wonder that you had a hard time to shooting.

Yonghwa: I didn’t mean to appear only to a drama that has music as background. Because I am the musician, I didn’t want to act similar role. All the more I was attracted this drama, I thought Sejoo is the role that I wanted to act. Since I was confident acting this role, I decided to appear to this drama.

Great. Personally, what do you think about the end of this story? What kind of end do you want?

Yonghwa: I think it’s better as the viewer’s hope. How about we ask the viewers to vote for it? I think it’s fun.

“After 25 years… I want to live a happy life”

As same as drama, if you could meet yourself in the past, when and what advice do you want to do? Or do you have questions for yourself in the past?

Yonghwa: I really satisfied with myself now, and I don’t want to change anything. I know it is lucky for me. But if it’ll happen something bad in the future, I want to change it.

Kim Shin is your serious rival, though, what is Park Sejoo’s allure that he only have?

Yonghwa: Well… Park Sejoo takes care around than Kim Shin. Kim Shin does not express his feeling, but Sejoo actually express it. This is the difference between them.

The interest of fans in Japan is your change in this drama. Do you want to focus on any part of Sejoo for people who watch the drama from now on?

Yonghwa: His effort to work while he gives heart to one woman. He has a charm as a man who will be a boss. Please support and love Sejoo as that.

What do you think about yourself 25 years after? Or what do you want to be?

Yonghwa: 25 years after… I want to have a good time with my family. I wish to live happier than big dream. I want to have a time to do like .

Your favorite things are singer and actor?

Yonghwa: Yes.

What is the attractiveness as an actor, not as a musician?

Yonghwa: An actor would be express the other person through my body. It could be a person that is more attractive than me. It is the challenge as an actor that to act the attractive character that is different from me.

This time, this drama was shot in parallel with CNBLUE’s concert tour, it was hard for you, right? How do you overcome this hard schedule? How is your way to distress?

Yonghwa: Nothing special. To sleep during a spare time, it is the best for me. And a concert is special. Even though I am very tired, I am energized about a concert.

How about to drink water or to take some vitamins?

Yonghwa: I don’t’ do that.

Have you keep in touch with  the other members while your drama shooting? What do they say about your drama if they watch this drama?

Yonghwa: Yes I have. Because we live together. They always told me they watched drama. They said nice things about it and support me.

Do you have some role that you want to challenge?

Yonghwa: Especially, I don’t have. But I want to do various types of roles. I want to do anything if it’s with a good script and good role.

Please let us who are going to watch this drama and let fans in Japan know this drama’s highlight.

Yonghwa: ‘Marry Me If You Dare’ is a love story that Mirae has to choose the man who is the man for her fate or the man that must be loved in order to change her life back to the past. I think there is no right answer, because two of the men are attractive. This is the story that seeks an answer, and is so interesting. Please have fun to watch each character that appears in this drama.

Please introduce this drama’s attraction.

Yonghwa: ‘Marry Me If You Dare’ is the drama about the person who want to change their past, a relationship and a fate. It’s interesting. Please look forward to it and love this drama. Thank you.

*note: some of the questionieries and Yonghwa’s relpied were the same as Awesome magazine’s

Source Kstyle

Trans by Satomi @ CNBOICE

Edoted and Posted by Tara Lee @ CNBOICE

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CNBLUE Lee Jungshin on Ceci Magazine 2014 October Issue

Through the released of drama “The Temptation” Lee Jung Shin and Kim So Young met, seemed like reaching sort of ‘sweet less’ parallel theory’s prime.

“While not working means receiving lots of stress.” So fearful personality grew but as time goes by I am becoming more courageous. It is not an important time seeing my major commitment to them all. Sometimes when cameras off I still want to run and play like usual high schooler, I missed that time.

If there is a time machine, I should go to 40 years old Lee Jung Shin. Together with my wife, kids pursuing a happy home, I want to see that side of Lee Jung Shin.


CeCi: When the camera off a few times Jung Shin gave different suggestions. Is it usual for you to appeal actively giving your own feedback?

Jung Shin: I am sure that I am on a doctor expression. I like things like taking pictures also have interest in pictorial shooting. Today I want to do sexy feel pictorial. I got inspiration from Kimura Takuya pictorial for today’s concept that includes rose and water, that’s where gentle emotion collected through close up shoot.

CeCi: The drama which you shoot together “The Temptation” is coming to an end soon. During that time, did the two of you get closer?

*So Young: We align not breathing for two months is enough. First time we met it’s totally awkward! As we getting familiar to each other, Jung Shin always use honorific and so do I can speak easily to each other. After meeting four times, we barely talk comfortably. Even now, when I met Jung Shin he was fully attached to ‘Noona’ words. Jung Shin also has lots of thoughts, just like ‘old kid’.

Jung Shin: Right Man examples. (Smile) It’s always in the beginning, as maknae I am trying to be familiar with everyone, it’s a bit difficult because there are lots of acquaintance who are only one year difference. Although only one year difference, if it’s Hyung, it Hyung, is its Noona, called Noona, that’s how you have to do it.

CeCi: When looked at your SNS, you seemed to be playful with member Jung Yong Hwa.

Jung Shin: Because Yong Hwa Hyung is like my own Hyung, so I feel comfortable enough to make fun of him “Uri Hyung”. Not only on SNS, in the real life have we also done that.

CeCi: In the drama every other impaired seemed to be divided. Jung Shin character Hong Gyu’s girlfriend Sejin called him “Ddorai (Crazy)”, heard through her spit, how about both of your dating style?

Jung Shin: I am not the style that pursuit certain style of dating. I will be throwing jokes and not like Hong Gyu who mistreats her girlfriend. Around front of many people I won’t be please if someone looked down, so nowadays women like cold city guy like Hong Gyu. If I have a girlfriend I will be a caring boyfriend. But to celebrities we usually had a lot of consideration; thought of wanting to be in a relationship seems like huge greed.

CeCi: Aaaa, Stress! What do you do to relieve stress?

Jung Shin: Either taking pictures or talk with my own Hyung (older brother) to loosen stress. Both of us live together so we are ready our ears, although it’s late at night we talk in veranda.

CeCi: Since now you living with your Hyung so your adopted “Simba” and be your companion?

Jung Shin: Oh right. In our house there are three brothers with maknae (youngest), Simba. At first we want a Retriever but it’s too big, the Siberian  that we want is not available. So we choose to raise king (Retriever) that we want to raise long time ago. These days Hyung and I giving overflowing love to Simba.

CeCi: Both of you debut 5 years ago, mid 20s almost passed. What part of you that have been growing since then?

Jung Shin: Part where my obsession to great detail. Not as a perfect performer, but to a perfect performance. My hearts still like a high schooler, time flows for me and what important now I am having heavier responsibility, that’s how process to be an adult.

CeCi How much and which part of you that will praise yourself to be satisfied?

Jung Shin: I want to be generous to everyone, but I am very strict to myself. Through small mistakes I’ll receive great stress, everything that I do I want to give a round of applause but there are part of regrets that made me worry.

CeCi: In the present to myself what I need the most.

Jung Shin: Confidence. I am on the side where deviancy of confidence happens. If I don’t have confidence whatever I do won’t do any right.

CeCi What kind of role that I am greed to have in an agreement immediately?

Jung Shin: A character that needs huge emotional bond.

CeCi: September is Jung Shin’s birthday, October is So Young birthday. Any plans to celebrate it yet?

Jung Shin: In the dorm every time members birthday preparing a cake is a must. On birthday to birthday’s boy with serious voice always said “Big Trouble” then throwing surprised birthday party.

CeCi: When living apart from other members?

Jung Shin: I miss them at that time. When birthday party we just can see other again. The four of us has special relationship.

CeCi: 10 months passed after you shot CeCi 20th first issue. If you could give roses as present, how many will it be?

Jung Shin: 100 roses stalks. Since CNBLUE debuted, every year we’ve joined the bonds. Last year January spread <CeCi>, ‘till now Yong Hwa Hyung still have cover photos pasted in his working room, if we look at our figure at that time, I remember “so old school”.



*note: So Young part only the part she talked about Jungshin

Scanned by susiayh

Trans by Yasmine @ CNBOICE

Scanned posted by Nuru Chan @ CNBOICE

Edited and posted by Tara Lee @ CNBOICE

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Jung yonghwa’s reversal

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We asked him who seems to always arround in the outside freely.

“I draw a clear line in a free place.” was what he answered. ( future’s choice) Park Seju character’s reversal. Will the day when Jung Yonghwa  surpassed his own boundaries comes? It’s not about I will ever surpassed everything else than those line but more likely how I can show my smile .

In the drama filming, I will just feel tired in such a place.

It’s okay.  Wherever I filming drama is fun.

While starting  Furute’s choice drama , I had an expectation. And about the character also. I am confident.

This is my first time taking the role which is older than my actual age. Even though <Future’s Choice>  is a work which I should be almost 2 years older, I often heard that I look a lot older than my age before. So I want to try it.

Often heard about your age? What do you see??

Look at the screen (laugh). But I am not that old though.

When I did <You’re Beautiful> it was entirely my story.

In the previous work, with Park Shinhye, we could matched each other well. In my work this time, since I am doing it together with the seniors, there is a lot of new thing to learn. Even though my body is tired over the schedule, I had fun in the filming.

While taking the role as Park Seju, I hope I could prepared it well. Is there any thought like that?

What should I do before for this specific act. I’d started to think that kind of thing undeliberately. I’ve learn this on the previous acting classes, so I parctice the role character through the wall. But this time, Park Seju is actually look like Jung Yonghwa so I did it with ease. I do it as what I feel. And I did it. So this role is much more comfortable.

Is there any part you are confidence in from the minute you see it?

As you said. Now I think you are right, I am thinking while I am doing.

There is a figure surrounding the drama. It will chosen by the audience.then what is left as an actor Jung Yonghwa is seems the feel of self satisfaction.

That’s right. I who is in charge in this work and role have no regret at all

Not that there was no emotion, they just felt a little bit nervous.

If it’s like that then I am gratefull. If I face back in the past, I would also look at the embarassing part. Not because of me but bacause my feel is so strong. At this moment because it seems that my original expression is what coming out, so there is more realistic and looks good.

Up until now you mainly took such a caring character. Park Seju also such as that. In reality it’s hard to find (laugh)

You are right. It’s imposible.

Personally I wanna have Park Seju’s future

Me to! I really hope it’ll happend to me

Have you ever think about the chance that the drama situation could be real?

Of course, right now Park Seju is riveting to death.

Not being more active?

I like it even just like this… Ah, the dialect is come again

It’s okay. Dialect is fine. This is not an lmage interview though

Ah, yes.

Now is so inovation (smile)

At the site, sometime it’s like that to eunhye nuna. Look at me. Then nuna is like that. Because I don’t want to see it so I won’t see it. In the scenario, that is how it come out. (laugh)

In the drama filming location, we were preparing and also started to savor. for the commitment to the role of scene, we should would have the equivalent energy.

It doens’t matter with my phisical strength. But, the metabolism is… (laugh)

In the scene, improvisation is neede which was I’ve been trained in the stage. While shooting the drama, the touring Japan is also goes on. It’s possible to use it.

Oh! We are doing arena tour too. (laugh)

Honestly, both performance is the same. But, the energy when filming and the energy  when doing performance in the stage is a little bit different. In the stage, we are get audience.

Has already debut for 5 years. Music and performance. Is there any system that covering arround about your atttitude control??

Do drama filming, live performance in Japan twice and back to the filming site, doing both  aigo…  because the show must go on, I take care both my throat and body. But misteriously I went through it and enjoying  a head to the another step up. Further more, I get more of responsible and there is also a lot of thing to learn.

But the thing that miroculous is when most of it make me achieve this high place. While on it, there is been a responsibility and also  a lot of thing for me to learn.

Each time in the stage is not the same. Also there must be a slump to fall in to.

Of course it’s like that. Because without the team with us, we could’t do well in the stage. When there is still a performance we work hard rather than feel burden. Before when we walk up to the stage, we always felt like took a test. Should doing our best is the spell we countlessly said just like what other people do. Now adays, rather than feel burden about the stage, ‘let’s enjoy it.’ is the change that we made. We felt rather more fun even though we busy when on stage set location,  like enjoying while do it.  So we hope the audience can enjoy as much as we enjoy it. The stage it self is the place where the enjoyness occurred.

Rocker life style is seems different. Because while static and calm, you look brighter today.

Of course Rocker is look unstopable even they are surrogate but i am a type who can’t alligned my self well to the group and I hate that side of me.  My self is not the case here, because music never lie. In the  Rock  genre, there’s my way.  I am is my music

There is a lot of speculatioan and such an increasable missuderstanding. In the things like that, is it affect your nerve when writing a piece?

There is not something to worry about. There is also my side that is regret when I could’t selected my part well. My standard is not the kind who can tollerate anything. I set the line by the control instinct. I run into my imagination after switching arround the situation. So it become more painful. There is also several times when it disn’t work well.

Won’t you regret it later?

May be iIll regret it. But for now, there is a lot of think that I can’t do. So I should work harder.

Now that you work hard like this, what is your fundamental purpose?

For me, it doens’t seems I will be happy with just have a lot of money. I will fell it by going step by step

25 years old ‘usually’ have something that they longing for, haven’t you?

I also have something that I envy of. But when I am thinking of it, I also have friends who living in envy feeling over something. To be able to performing well in front of tens thousand of people, of course it’s ought to bear.  If I have something else  I had to  face of, then I would give up. If I can’t stand it, then there is nothing I could do anymore.

25 years old young man who come with such a tough story

Am I that old? (laugh)

Seems so.

“When there is still a performance we work hard rather than feel burden. Before when we walk up to the stage, we always felt like took a test. Should doing our best is the spell we countlessly said just like what other people do. Now adays, rather than feel burden about the stage, ‘let’s enjoy it.’ is the change that we made. We felt rather more fun even though we busy when on stage set location,  like enjoying while do it.  So we hope the audience can enjoy as much as we enjoy it. The stage it self is the place where the enjoyness occurred. “

“Do drama filming, live performance in japan twice and back to the filming site, doing both  aigo…  because the show must go on, I take care both my throat and body. But misteriously I went through it and enjoying  a head to the another step up. Further more, I get more of responsible and there is also a lot of thing to learn.”

Scanned by Byulbagi

Trans by Ully @ cnboice

Edited and Posted by Tara Lee @ cnboice/bpb decoded

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씨엔블루가 칠레에서 보내온 메시지:
“여러분~ 새해 복 많이 받으시고, 즐거운 설 연휴 보내세요! 저희는 칠레에서 가족들에게 전화로나마 설 인사를 전했고, 여기서 떡국 먹었어요.”

CNBLUE’s message from Chile:
“Hello everyone, wish you have happy Lunar New Year Holidays! Currently we stay in Chile and shared New Year’s greetings with family via telephone call. Besides we had ‘Ddeok guk’(rice cake soup) here, too!”


Source CNBLUE Official Facebook

Reposted by Tara Lee @ cnboice/bpb decoded


Park Seju becomes part of the second man syndrome in his Korean drama?

cnblue yonghwa mhiyd

Park Seju, played by CNBLUE’s YongHwa, is becoming part of the second man syndrome in Korean dramas?

There is a second man syndrome in Korean dramas.

The man who is not chosen by a woman in the love triangle relations that are one woman and two good-looking men. Even though he is the rejected lover, he keeps his love for her and hopes for her happiness. This second man can never be a first man.

Even though he’s not loved by the heroine, this second man is loved by viewers.

While the first man is in the spotlight, this second man gets the attention bit by bit. In Korean dramas that were popular in Japan, Yoon JiHoo played by Kim HyunJoong (‘Boys Over Flowers’) and Kang ShinWoo played by YongHwa (‘You Are Beautiful’) are represented as a second man.

The fan’s mind who love this second man is subtle. They hope for his happiness but also love his wistful mind. So they don’t want him to be happy. This fan’s contradicting mind supports the second man.

How about Park Seju played by YongHwa?

Just now, in all of the 16 episodes of this drama, the relations between Park Seju and Mirae is weak. The fans worry that he might become the second man, but they also must be crazy about him.


Translated by Satomami @cnboice

Posted by Linda @cnboice