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CNBLUE Lee Jungshin’s Possibly New Drama ‘Sword and flower’


Lee Jongshin rumoured to be one of the main cast for new drama ‘Sword and Flower’.

24 Apr. FNC ENT had revealed to Mydaily “He was offered to appear ‘Sword and Flower’, but we don’t decided to take part yet”.

Moreover, the FNC ENT representaive added “CNBLUE is doing World Tour now, so we will arrange their schedule. To be fix (whether take part or not) isn’t decided yet.”

This drama is a historical drama, drew mental conflict between a revenge and love of main characters. This reserved to be broadcasted on July after ‘IRIS 2’ and ‘God’s provience’.

*Translator note: I have no confidence about the drama’s title.. and I cut a part of article*


Trans by May @cnboice

Edited and Posted by Tara Lee @cnboice/bpb decoded

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CNBLUE New Single Started Ranked #2 in Japan Oricon


Popular band CNBLUE introduced Japan 5th single, ‘Blind Love’  who sold 35.773 for first day, ranked 2nd in Oricon daily chart.

This single contained 3 songs in total, ‘Blind Love’, ‘With your eyes’, ‘Greedy man’. ‘Blind Love’ ‘With your eyes’ were composed by Lee Jonghyun, whilst ‘Greedy man’ was Jung Yonghwa’s.

CNBLUE is hoping their first  World tour which started in Taiwan on 6 Apr. They will do Zepp tour with total 10 stages by visiting 5 big cities, Hokkaido, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Tokyo, Osaka.

Trans by May @cnboice

Edited and Posted by Tara Lee @cnboice/bpb decoded



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I made this post because I need your help. I am looking for voluntary translator since I often have difficulties when I meet Japanese or Korean article.

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