Because when CNBLUE meets Boice, it creates CNBOICE.


Star Talk – CNBLUE interview @ H.K J2 Entertainment News


MC: Today is very happy to have CNBLUE to have a talk with me.Hello!

YongHwa: Hello everyone, We’re CNBLUE!

MC: I’m Huang Xiao Ming (Her name), Nice to meet you! Firstly, let them introduce themselves.

(All introduce themselves in Cantonese with Cantonese name)

JungShin: I’m JungShin!

JongHyun: I’m JongHyun!

YongHwa: I’m YongHwa!

Minhyuk: I’m MinHyuk!

Narration: CNBLUE debuted in Japan in 2009, went back to Korea in 2010 for further development. Leader Jung Yong Hwa, Guitarist Lee Jong Hyun, Bassist Lee Jung Shin and lastly, Drummer Kang Min Hyuk. Beside musical interactions, they also participated in several dramas. It let them to be famous among Asia countries. This time they came Hong Kong again for concert, both concert are full, this shows how famous they are.

MC: What is your impression about Hong Kong?

JungShin: Speaking of Hong Kong, I’ll think of enthusiastic boices. Plus today upon reaching the airport, there are already a lot of boice there to welcome us. Although we did not see everyone,but we’re still very thankful. Everytime we come here, you always welcome us, we’re really thankful.

JongHyun: We already heard of the good news before coming to Hong Kong. There will be 2 concert in Hong Kong. Because of receiving loads of love from fans, we’re really blessed/happy. That’s why today our footsteps are very light. I believe when we’re  depart, we’ll still be happy as well.

YongHwa: Hm.. HongKong.. I’ve came here before to film Running Man . That time we went to quite a few places. That’s why I wish to come Hong Kong again. I feel like riding on the cable car once more.

MinHyuk: Everytime we come to HongKong, we always had interesting memories due to the enthusiastic boices. This time there will be 2 concert, therefore I’m very excited and looking forward to coming Hong Kong. We’re strive our best to perform, hope that everyone will be looking forward to it.

MC: This time coming to Hong Kong, I’ve to ask if you’ve learned any Cantonese phrases.

CNBLUE: We want to learn.. Please teach us!

MC+CNBLUE: Lengzai! (Handsome guy)

MC+CNBLUE: I love you!

MC+CNBLUE: Beautiful girls!

MC: Since CNBLUE can’t dance, then how do you liven up the atmosphere and heat the fans?

-CNBLUE play the instruments live to liven up the atmosphere; YongHwa claimed to be a good dancer

YongHwa: Because we’re a band, we’ll use dance……….sorry. *Laughs*. Because we’re a band…..4 of us’ energy and band’s…all of our songs are self-composed. There’s a little differences between singing it live and studio-recorded ones. This should be the method to liven the atmosphere up.

JongHyun: Actually…. we don’t dance casually but when you looking at carefully, actually we somehow dance.

YongHwa: Actually I’m very good in dancing.

Narration: YongHwa said he can dance well, thus he should demonstrate for us. But he suddenly sang ‘s theme song instead.

YongHwa: We’re filming now, thus I’m afraid that someone else would copy our dance. I know someone will. Therefore as long as you attends our concert, you’ll be able to see. My hidden…hidden dancing talent.

MC: We are all know CNBLUE has a good relationship, therefore we want to play a mini game with them. We want to know our who is the pillar of support among them. Firstly, I want to know who is the most diligent one in keeping fit and taking good care of his looks.

*All pointed at Jong Hyun*

JungShin: Recently, Jonghyun hyung…

JongHyun: My self-body management seems to be working well. I’m working hard.

JungShin: Compared to self-body management, it should be more on managing looks. He even applies mask and washes his face on plane. Really!

JongHyun: Shouldn’t it be something good? It is good!

JungShin: Yeah, it is good.

JongHyun: I originally has the to-do-nothing attitude,but as time passes by, it resulted into a condition that cannot be remedied. Although it’s late, but I’ll still try my best to manage my looks.

MC: Who is the funniest among the members?

*Jungshin- 1 voteYongHwa- 3 votes.*

YongHwa: I think that JungShin has illusion. He thinks that he is funny, when he’s alone, he tries to make some trendy phrases, then he immediately uses it himself. So i feel like saying it once on TV, stealer! *Points at Jungshin* (I guess they mean YongHwa created it and JungShin stole it). I think I’m the funniest, I think my words are funny as well. *Laughs*

MC: Who is the most hardworking member?

*HAHAH They are all voted themselves.*

MinHyuk: The reason why I think Yonghwa is the most hardworking one is, he always composes songs and he is the leader as well! Although there are a lot of work, but he still diligently composes. That is why I think he is the most hardworking one.

MC: I want to know why you 3 voted yourself.

JongHyun: I composes too!

MinHyuk: But he’s the leader too!

JongHyun: That’s right..

MinHyuk: They are hyungs, that’s’ why they are all hardworking.

JungShin: I want to change my vote.

MC: Why?

JungShin: My finger pointed wrongly.

-Re vote-

MC: So who is the most hardworking one?

*All pointed at YongHwa*

YongHwa: Hm.. like fate, so I pointed at myself. But seriously, why am I the one? I’m not sure myself too. No matter what, thank you, although I’m not sure myself too. I’ve tried my best to look diligent.

MC: Who is the cleanest one?

*All pointed at MinHyuk*

YongHwa: JungShin always has the wrong illusion.

JungShin: My arrow is pointing at MinHyuk!

MC: MinHyuk, do you think that you’re the cleanest?

MinHyuk: I think I’m quite clean.

YongHwa: Just see his face, you’ll know how clean he is.

JungShin; His skin is flawless.

MC: Do you have any situation that shows how clean he is?

YongHwa: He is definitely not those type that is overly clean, that makes people feel uncomfortable. But whenever he takes his shirt off, he’ll organise it back before he sleeps. And when he wakes up, he’ll fold his blankets. Saying so, he should be the most hardworking one among us.

MinHyuk: Hyung is more hardworking.

YongHwa: Okay it’s me then.Yeah, he’s the first place.

MC: Okay next question, who is the one that got most to talk?

*All pointed at YongHwa*

MC: Woah, expected. But why?

Yonghwa: It’s an honour to be the first place. I.. just likes to talk. JungShin don’t quite like to talk.

MinHyuk: He seems to like talking a lot. Because he is funny, thus he can’t stop talking. It’s quite funny though.

MC: In a group, there will be times when members argue. Is there a member who is bad-tempered?

YongHwa: We’ll talk it out instead. Even if there is a bad-tempered member, how can we say it out? *Laughs* Excluding that, we’ll normally talk it out instead. So it’s counted as none that we must argue.

JongHyun: Maybe there are when we were younger. But recently, maybe because we’re together for long, thus we’ll talk it out instead.

MC: Is there a member who always act handsome? So all voted JongHyun? Why?

MinHyuk: Er..just that we’ve lived together for long, then we’ll have that feeling.

MC: Can you do a handsome pose in front of the camera?

JongHyun: Compared to posing, I prefer acting handsome while talking.

YongHwa: Everytime when JongHyun is doing a interview, I feel that he is trying to do a quote or something. Everyone will do a idiom copy for him. I’ll work hard for quotations. Feel like combining all the interviews and release a quotation books for him.

MC: Then do you think you’re like this?

JongHyun: Others will think that I’m such a person, but at here, I’m not.

MC: So today is happy to have a talk with CNBLUE and also played a game with them. I hope that CNBLUE’s concert will be successful. Thank you!

CNBLUE: Thank you! *Bow*

Video Credit andywong1986

Rough Trans by Joelle @cnboice

Edited and Posted by Tara Lee @cnboice/bpb decoded

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CNBLUE on Yess Magazine vol 1157

1  3

January last year, CNBLUE held two consecutive solo concerts, with high standard of music; it was attracted in total more than 6000 fans. After more than a year, CNBLUE is back again! From last week, 2013 Blue Moon World Tour concert had started among the Asia countries. With a larger-scale, more shocking and more explosive, it “bombed” near 14 000 of boices’ vision with auditory. That day, CNBLUE shouted more than 10 times of “WE LOVE HK!”, “I LOVE HONGKONG!”, “ARE YOU READY HONGKONG?!” to convey their love for Hong Kong. Since CNBLUE loves Hongkong so much, they can be a tour guide to promote (sell) Hong Kong! (Joke)

There will certainly be Hong Kong in the plan whenever CNBLUE holds a concert, this allows Hong Kong boices to have chances to close up and experience CNBLUE’s explosive concert. There are a lot of boices in Hong Kong, this explains why whenever CNBLUE arrive Hong Kong, and there will be hundreds of boices in the airport to cheer them on. Last week, CNBLUE had came Hong Kong earlier for rehearsal and to attend the press conference, to share their feelings for holding a concert in Hong Kong again.

Minhyuk is thankful for Hong Kong boices’ support and promised that the concert will be exciting.

Besides holding a concert, CNBLUE will also donate the special-version of blue moon T-shirt for auction; the funds raised will be donated to the charity.


Q1: This time, there are overwhelming responses for the concert ticket, upon hearing this news, how do you feel?

Minhyuk: The first time we heard about this, we felt very thankful yet excited, we’re very happy for Hong Kong boices’ continuously support. That’s why we decided to perform well in return.

Q2: This concert is larger-scale compared to the previous one, how do CNBLUE feel?

Yonghwa: This allows me to meet more fans, thus I’ll perform a better show than the in the previous concert. 

Jungshin: This is my first time holding a concert with the name of CNBLUE; I feel that it will be a magnificent and cool performance. I hope that we can smoothly show the perfect side of us to everybody. 


“Hope that you will film MV in Hong Kong”.


Q3:  Fans hope that they can interact with their idol up close, what has CNBLUE prepared for it?

Jonghyun: We have prepared a special part for the boices. Plus we will also perform all the songs in our new album. I believe everyone will be pleased with our performance.

Q4: New album Re: Blue all the songs are personally composed by CNBLUE, how do their inspirations of composing come about?

Yonghwa:  Actually it is based on every member’s personal and unique creativity. I don’t have a fixed direction of composing, all inspirations are naturally inspired.

Q5: Title song I’m Sorry’s MV is specially filmed in London, will you consider to film in Hong Kong for the next MV? 

Yonghwa: Who knows…? Maybe! If we really film in Hong Kong, I hope we can film in the double-decker bus towards the night scenery of Hong Kong; the result will definitely turn out good.

Jungshin: Hong Kong’s night-view is so beautiful! All of us love it!

Q6: CNBLUE always try different style during the performances, but personally what kind of style do each of you likes?

Minhyuk: I’ll always coordinate with the coordinators, but personally I like simple and plain outfits.

Jonghyun: Personally, I am more sensitive when it comes to the outfits. Sometimes I will wear exaggerated outfits but normally I’ll wear T-shirt with jeans. 

Jungshin: I like accessories to match with full black suit, but this time I wore slight sharp outfits, I am surprise myself too.

Yonghwa: I like comfortable clothes, as long it as matches me, I’m okay with it.

Q7: YongHwa performed an impromptu song in Japan; will you also perform an impromptu song for Hong Kong boices?

Yonghwa: I’ll definitely perform, if I can speak Cantonese. But with Korean or English, it is already stated as “impromptu”, thus it is based on the atmosphere. If the atmosphere has feel, plus boices understand Korean, I don’t mind to performing. 

Q8: It is Jonghyun’s birthday soon, how do you wish the member will celebrate it?

Jonghyun:  It is a week before my birthday; normally members will celebrate my birthday together. 

Q9: Lastly, what do you want to say to Hong Kong boices? 

Jungshin:  Can’t wait to meet the Hong Kong boices! Hope that they will look forward to our performance; we promise to bring joy/pleasure to everyone! 

Jonghyun: Our today’s status is all thanks to fans that support us, thanks everyone! Therefore, we’ll use our best performance in return to our fans. 

Yonghwa: Every time we come to Hong Kong, our fans will welcome us enthusiastically; we’ll perform enthusiastically as well and also to bring everyone an unforgettable memory.

Minhyuk: Our concert theme is Blue Moon, as Blue Moon is a rare natural phenomena, thus it will be a special day. I hope that Hong Kong concert will be like Blue Moon and bring an unforgettable night for everyone!


From the start stimulate to the end:

Each night they had attracted more than7000 boices, both nights they attracted a total of more than tens of thousands boices. Before the start of concert, there are already lots of fans queuing early in the morning. 15 minutes before the concert had started, the fans are already all ready to welcome CNBLUE. CNBLUE first sang a rock song, ‘Where Are You’ to excite the fans, then sang ‘Get Away, ‘One time’ and Coffee Shop’. Unlike other Korean groups, they did not make use VCR time, or wore luxurious clothing’s. They turned up with a simple T-shirt plus jeans for the whole concert. Just with their singings and instruments, they filled the 2 hours concert; this proves that they are definitely one of the best bands in Korea.

Love Song:

Beside rock songs, the romantic representatives, Yonghwa and Jonghyun also led Jungshin and Minhyuk to play a touching love song; it showed their gentle and affectionate side. Firstly, Yonghwa played ‘Feelings’ with keyboard, it changed the atmosphere. Then Jonghyun played guitar to led Jungshin and Minhyuk to perform slow song ‘Love Light’ and ‘These Days’. Fans shone white lights while they sang ‘Love Light’ to create a white sea. This makes the atmosphere to be more romantic. Yonghwa can’t help but to be touched and shouted “Thank You So Much!”

30Times of Love Hong Kong:

Every time before they start singing, Yonghwa will shout ‘Are You Ready Hong Kong?!’, ‘Make Some Noise’, or ‘We Love Hong Kong’. And after singing a song, Jungshin and Jonghyun will use Cantonese and shouted something like ‘are you guys happy?’ In the 2 hours concert, CNBLUE shouted more than 30 times of ‘We Love Hong Kong’. During encore, Yonghwa kept his promise and performed impromptu song in English to thanks the fans. Although lyrics are just ‘I Will Remember Tonight’, ‘We Love Hong Kong’, ‘I Love Hong Kong’, etc. But at the end, Yonghwa added a part of beat box. Shockingly, fans screamed. Then they performed ‘Hey You’, ‘Love Girl’ and ‘Try Again, Smile Again’.



*Translator’s note: I’m not Cantonesse so forgive me if there mistake in my trans.*

Scanned by Jenna

Trans by Joelle @cnboice

Edited by Tara Lee @bpb decoded/cnboice


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“CNBLUE is Back”…CNBLUE Heat Up the Night in Hong Kong

“CNBLUE is Back”… CNBLUE heat up the night in Hong Kong

bm hk stage20

‘2013 World Tour BLUE MOON’ ended successfulty. About 7,000 fans had high ‘excitement’ night.

CNBLUE (Jung Yonghwa, Lee Jonghyun, Kang Minhyuk, Lee Jungshin) ornately embroidered the night in Hong Kong.

CNBLUE held concerts ‘2013 World Tour BLUE MOON’ at ‘Asia World Expo Arena’, which is the biggest venue in Hong Kong. The tickets of all 7,000 seats sold out by only 5 minutes. Encore concert on 10th was added by fans’ requests.

From an hour before concert starts, local fans took photos with CNBLUE members’ board prepared in front of the venue. Female fans between teens and twenties counted for most audience, but male fans wasn’t little as well.

bm hk stage22

It started at 8 pm, Lighting was getting brighter and CNBLUE present themselves with roared of their music. All fans stood up and shouted for excitedly. And CNBLUE appeared on the stage, fans’ shouts reached to the best.

CNBLUE showed passionate playing and playfuly performance at 3 songs ‘Where you are’ ‘Get away’ ‘One time’ who caught fans’ hearts. All fans sang and waving their sticklight.

5 songs ended in a row, Jung Yonghwa said ‘What’s up. Hong Kong. Finally, CNBLUE is back. Thank you for waiting. Are you guys having fun? So awesome. We are very happy to visit here.’

Next they continuously sang  ‘A man like me’, ‘Coffee shop’, ‘Have a good night’, ‘Wake up’ and so on. They have never showed tiredsome  and continued communications with fans. Lee Jungshin was deeply moved ‘Tonight is so fantastic night.’

After passionate playing, they sang ‘Love song’ with their sweet voice. CNBLUE showed warm songs such as ‘Love light’, ‘Feeling’, ‘These days’, ‘Y, why’, and audience concentrated to listen to their songs.

CNBLUE brings atmosphere with Rock’n’roll stage as they played 4 Rock’n’roll  songs ‘LaLaLa’, ‘Just please’, ‘Tattoo’, ‘In my head’. Flame broke out on the stage with heated atmosphere, fans shouted much more.

Next they presented fans hit songs ‘Intuition’ ‘A loner’ ‘I’m sorry’ and so on. All lighting were turned off, fans shouted ‘Encore!!’ and waited CNBLUE. While CNBLUE was ready to encore songs, CNBLUE image was broadcasted on big screen and fans shouted for joy once again.

bm hk stage21

This day, a surprised party was held for birthday of Lee Jonghyun. Other members sang happy birthday song, and fans also sang and celebrated him with card written in Korean. Jonghyun was deeply moved and given flowers and cake by other members.

CNBLUE sang ‘Hey you’, ‘Love girl’, ‘Heartstrings’, ‘Love’, ‘Try again Smile again’for encore stage ang bring the concert to an end.

Kang Minhyuk said ‘I really want to come back and perform again. I promise!’ Yonghwa promised ‘I can’t forget tonight. Thank you for your appreciate. Thank you for your waiting. Tonight is very special. Thank you very much! See you!’

Well, CNBLUE held two concerts ‘BLUE STORM’ in Hong Kong in January 2012. All tickets of 8,000 seats sold out, so they proved big popularity in Hong Kong. Not only in the past and this time, especially concerts in Hong Kong, when all of the tickets sold out by short of the time and another concert was added to the list.

bm hk stage23

Source nocutnews

Trans by Satsuki @cnboice

Edited and Posted by Tara Lee @cnboice/bpb decoded


[REVIEW] CNBLUE Shouts Out in Hong Kong, “Are You Ready, Billboard?”- Part 2


Korean idol band CNBLUE’s Lee Jonghyun at the Hong Kong legs of their 1st world tour “2013 BLUE MOON World Tour,” held at Asia World Expo Arena in Hong Kong on May 10 and 11, 2013. [FNC Entertainment]


Korean idol band CNBLUE’s Lee Minhyuk at the Hong Kong legs of their 1st world tour “2013 BLUE MOON World Tour,” held at Asia World Expo Arena in Hong Kong on May 10 and 11, 2013. [FNC Entertainment]



CNBLUE showed their sophisticated skills and talent during the concert, proving true to their name as Hallyu stars that get enthusiastic cheer by fans.

There were no fancy synchronized dance moves for CNBLUE to show since they are a band but the four members showed no sign of exhaustion, keeping a steady flow during the show with not a moment of rest. They didn’t even change their costumes once except for when they came back on stage for an encore.

Their singing skills and performance was flawless – focusing on exuding their rock spirits in the early stages of the concert then turning to passionately connect with fans through their hit songs such as “Love Light,” “I’m a Loner” and “Intuition” starting midway.

The group seemed overcome with emotions, continuously shouting “I love Hong Kong!,” and, “Hong Kong, are you ready?” throughout the show and the audience of 7,000 were moved by such words.

It was the two-hour show that made beat the hearts of both the ones on stage and the people who cheered and shouted out for them.



Korean idol band CNBLUE at the Hong Kong legs of their 1st world tour “2013 BLUE MOON World Tour,” held at Asia World Expo Arena in Hong Kong on May 10 and 11, 2013. [FNC Entertainment]



Curiosity #1 How much for a concert to CNBLUE?

10. According to their agency FNC Entertainment, the ticket price to their Hong Kong shows on May 10 and 11 costs some 160,000 Korean Won [approx 143 US Dollars]. Depending on the seats, they ranged from a minimum 880 Hong Kong dollars [approx 113 US Dollars] to maximum 1,480 Hong Kong dollars [approx 190 US Dollars].

Curiosity #2 Which celebrities went to CNBLUE’s concert?

10. According to their agency FNC Entertainment, Chinese singer-and-songwriter Pakho Chau, Hong Kong singer and actor Ella Koon and Hong Kong singer-songwriter Phil Lam were there.

Curiosity #3 When did CNBLUE begin to gain popularity in Hong Kong?

10. According to Andy Leung from Warner Music, they came into the limelight through their appearance in Korean dramas. Leung pointed out their musical genre, rock, as the main reason for their steady popularity. Based on the high preference for rock music among Hong Kong locals, CNBLUE differentiated themselves from other idol groups as a rock band, appealing with their relatively manly and mature atmosphere. He added that CNBLUE’s newest album “Re: BLUE” was No. 1 for 16 weeks on the country’s biggest music website HMV Hong Kong’s chart.


Reporter. Bae Sun Young
Translator. Lee Hye Ji
Editor. Jessica Kim

Courtesy of FNC Entertainment


Source Tenasia

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[REVIEW] CNBLUE Shouts Out in Hong Kong, “Are You Ready, Billboard?”- Part 1

Korean idol band CNBLUE at the Hong Kong legs of their 1st world tour “2013 BLUE MOON World Tour,” held at Asia World Expo Arena in Hong Kong on May 10 and 11, 2013. [FNC Entertainment]

By now, we have all seen it several times but it never gets old. It is always amazing to see the truth of the Hallyu sensation – a long line of foreign school girls awaiting a Korean idol’s concert hours before it starts; their screams following the artist’s skilled stage gestures; and huge cheers from the audience with them stammering in Korean, “Oppa! I Love You.”

With the honorable title as the first world tour for a Korean band, CNBLUE held concerts at Asia World Expo Arena in Hong Kong on May 10 and 11, after holding their shows in Taiwan, Thailand and Singapore. They also have shows left in several more countries such as Korea, Australia, the Philippines, China and Malaysia.

The response to CNBLUE in Hong Kong was remarkably hot. They are, of course, popular idol stars in Korea but their growth as Hallyu stars are amazing and so is the steady and strong Hallyu itself. It was where one could see why CNBLUE expressed their excitement of the fact that the “Billboard no longer seems like a far-off dream,”  at the press conference ahead of the concert.

Seven thousand people, who filled up the concert hall, stood up and started to cheer for CNBLUE when the lights went on to alert the members’ entrance. Whenever their faces got close-up shots on the big monitor, loud cheering from the audience topped up the venue. More surprisingly, there was noticeable number of middle-aged female and even male fans among the mostly female audience in their teens and twenties.


Korean idol band CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa at the Hong Kong legs of their 1st world tour “2013 BLUE MOON World Tour,” held at Asia World Expo Arena in Hong Kong on May 10 and 11, 2013. [FNC Entertainment]


Korean idol band CNBLUE’s Lee Jungshin at the Hong Kong legs of their 1st world tour “2013 BLUE MOON World Tour,” held at Asia World Expo Arena in Hong Kong on May 10 and 11, 2013. [FNC Entertainment]

A Hong Kong male fan in his twenties sat right in front of the media seats and sang along to most of the band’s tunes. He said, “Although I’m not a member of their official fan club, I’m a huge fan of CNBLUE since two years ago. I’m so happy to be here today.”

When asked whether it doesn’t bother him to watch the show surrounded by females, he smiled and answered, “A little bit, but I can handle it because I am here and that’s what matters.” He also said, “Ahn-nyeong-hi-ga-se-yo [‘Good Bye’ in Korean]” with pretty good pronunciation.

CNBLUE’s twenty something female fan from China explained the reason of the band’s overwhelming popularity among boys. “CNBLUE marked themselves as a band with their own color, and this is why they have many male fans. There are many professional and amateur musicians who come to like CNBLUE and go to their concerts. Lots of boy fans were easily spotted at the last night’s concert, too. It looked like 20% of the audience were male fans.”

These people are the real evidence of Hallyu, the magical word that stuns you every time.


Reporter. Bae Sun Young
Translator. Lee Hye Ji
Editor. Jessica Kim

Courtesy of FNC Entertainment


Source Tenasia
Posted by Linda @cnboice

CNBLUE Blue Moon Hongkong Press Conference

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blue moon hk prescon9

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blue moon hk prescon8blue moon hk prescon12blue moon hk prescon4blue moon hk prescon5blue moon hk prescon3blue moon hk prescon11


Unfortunately, there not many photos for Blue Moon Hongkong 😦 lets see tomorrow.

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CNBLUE Lee Jonghyun’s ‘Brilliant achievement’


Korean band CNBLUE had announced new Japan single and rose up ranked 2nd on the oricon daily chart.

The title song ‘Blind Love’ was composed by Lee Jonghyun vocal and guitar. This song expressed blind love of the man who can’t forget his past lover.

This album contained ‘Blind Love’,  ‘With your eyes’, ‘Greedy man’.  The first limited version featured ‘Blind Love’ Music video and making the video and various special images.

On other side, CNBLUE will do ‘2013 World Tour Blue Moon’ in Bangkok and Hongkong and Seoul on May, in Sydney and Philippine, Beijing on June and so on.

Source  m.enews24

Trans by May @cnboice

Edited and Posted by Tara Lee @cnboice/bpb decoded