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CNBLUE Lee Jungshin Gallery for Vogue Korea 2016 May Issue

1605 JVK10

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CNBLUE Kang Minhyuk Interview in SURE Magazine 2015 June Issue

As Relaxing as A Cat


One day CNBLUE Kang Min Hyuk sit down in a couch under sunlight. He angrily entered the working room along with 2 cats he raised. His face is soften, and seems more comfortable. PHOTOGRAPHER Hwang Hye Jeong

Pictorial shooting was a bit late. He already arrived in Korea from Guangzhou, China this morning, but one of two cats he raised suddenly has a skin problem so he has to take him to hospital and he can’t estimate how long will it be and apologized. Few days before he was in Osaka and Yokohama, Japan on the concert entitled “CNBLUE Spring Live 2015” for an opening anniversary, then directly flew to China and matched the schedule and couldn’t miss any time. Two days later, on the stage of family concert “FNC Kingdom” in Jamsil, digesting all the schedule moreover on tight schedule to K-Pop Star. Final day of spring and he wanted to grab that day. Receiving a warm sunlight, he greeted us with face full of smile. “I slept on the plane, so I am okay.” Seeing a smiling youth in the late spring, seems like early summer comes faster.

Min Hyuk is CNBLUE’s drummer, through an inherent highlight, the path is far but the place is there. Elongated and slim along with his handsome face, he started grabbing audience’s attention through a 40% rating of drama series <My Husband Got a Family>. A son of a Playboy in <The Heirs> added his tidy and hot man’s charm. He wanted to lengthen his way to be an actor but he was casted in variety show <Brave Family> joining Park Myung Soo, Shim Hye Jin, and Park Joo Mi and have a life as close brother in a family and more of a reality. Last month he was chosen as MC of the newly started JTBC variety <Mom is Watching>. Unexpected things comes, a sincere youth and a steady path will show. Looked tiresome, through a drowsy pupil those words are said.

It’s a deep impression of your two cats on SNS. What makes you a father of these cats?

Since long time ago, I always wanted to raise a companion animal. I think it will be great to have an inmate-like animal to live with. Both like friends so we don’t feel lonely, finally I bought two cats 3 months ago. Both are females, but their character is like cats & dogs. Given them name and hint to get quiet Kungddadda, Umchichi like a drum sound. When people fall for cat’s character people also changing. That’s true, there are charm for sure, really spoiled. I wanted to make them pretty, I really don’t want them to come. When I raised them, don’t want to be disturbed, they become very lovely. It a short as yawn “Ya-oong”. Not “please give me food soon” but more like ‘I’m hungry’, I think that is so cute. When I entered the house from afar Ddadda yawn like asking ‘You came?’, her face covered because she is afraid, on the other way ChiChi coming until the porch to welcome me. Their personality is different, but they had lots of expression. I like Chichi more for her face but weirdly my heart went to Ddadda more.

So it’s the same as you choose a woman?

I think I am more of Ddadda style. Now we watched the newly started <Mom is Watching>.

How do you feel to be the MC?

I am nervous of course. That because I rarely doing a variety show. I am just not funny.

Do you really feel you are not funny?

Since there are no replacement in broadcast, there are lots of restrictions. I am searching on the only thing I can do the best. I like to talk and I also good at listening. But weirdly in front of camera only I don’t think I could do well. When I entered the live broadcast, the feeling is awkward. I often make mistakes. I couldn’t show it well. <Brave Family> is a variety but I can just show what it looked like the way it is. At that time, I think of appearing on broadcast and going to the beach kinda different. I am upset because repeatedly making people disappointed.

Why do you feel that way?

I don’t know. I keep on challenging being an MC but every time I did, it was very hard. I am feeling frustrated. When I am about to give up, suggestions came. As I am worrying on when will I do well I am thinking to overcome the problem at least once. I can’t just do badly every time.

How do you feel when doing it?

In the past before I talked, I have loads of preparation, I am really nervous and I forgot what I’ve prepared. Now the second time shooting, I feel more at ease. My greediness is out and I feel more confident. Forget the rule, I am thinking on how to cut my nervousness.

During the broadcast Kim Boo Sun with comment sometimes crossing the line?

Slowly I got to know about it. My throat is okay but my face and hands are shaking. I am like that since long time ago. So since I was a kid, I intentionally trying to stand in front. I really want to win.

What are you doing determinedly?

I keep on following the election as class president or vice. I am always participated in any kind of competition or competition held during school events. I am also learning flute. And choir. As number 1 representative I played in front of all students. But still the nervousness didn’t go away. Do you have attention phobia? Looks like it. Shooting a show it’s not a personal matter but I am doing it with lots of people. I have to do well and I am receiving pressure all over.

You are the type that have high standard, aren’t you?

Yes, it is. I have lot of greed.

You wanted to show the perfect one?

I want to be perfect but I know I can’t so I am lowering my own expectations. But when I meet people, I really want to do it perfectly.

“I want to be perfect but I know I can’t so I am lowering my own expectations. But when I meet people, I really want to do it perfectly. “

If you don’t follow your heart, you just continuously want to win and don’t know what your progress. How did you managed to find this work?

Since I was in elementary school I learned how to play instruments and always wanted to do music. Fascinatingly in junior high, I wanted to be an actor. First year of senior high, I heard from FNC and I can do many kind of activities. And since then I am only thinking of playing drum, I don’t think of anything complex. I am really ignorant that time. Although it’s the broadcast attitude or I am showing my ability, I am just doing it well.

It’s different from what you predicted. All of a sudden I am on the show that was showing on TV, because I am so nervous my head becoming a blank paper. So while doing activities for second album, I worried and monitor our activities, on New Year’s Eve I came to know that I become a big deal. The core was seriously intoxicate. On the bottom line. Sometimes although you are a celebrity there was a time you don’t want to care about your appearance. Moreover I don’t want to be called “Chubby” on screen, so I am losing weight. Heaving hunger after. Afterthought I realized that I have to exercise too. Compared to others, I think I am more of the type that took lots of time.

Longevity of top group after 6 years of debut. It’s not a slow success. Looking at CNBLUE hyung (older brother) really cool. There are lots of good people around us. People want to develop but I am just in my place so I become worried, the lacking me always worrying. Even now I tried to fill in the place, moving slowly.

“People want to develop but I am just in my place so I become worried, the lacking me always worrying. Even now I tried to fill in the place, moving slowly.”

Interview last time, you feel that you are suitable as a nationalist or a stargazer.

I couldn’t be the masses. If I think of my work comfortably, I don’t know if other could do the same. If there are no line it will become a dangerous job instead.

“I couldn’t be the masses. If I think of my work comfortably, I don’t know if other could do the same. If there are no line it will become a dangerous job instead.”

You are a self-censorship. That is a very good character to your every day life. But not like that in a broadcast.

These days the mounted filter is not working and people’s charm can be fun and friendly at the same time. Looking like that I could see it in four weeks in the past.

What did you say?

I am not very sure. The talk about work finally come up. I really don’t want to do business. Don’t do any creative related works. Rather than new exploitation try, just faithfully do the work given like an official or teacher, I heard that were the best. That kind of work is very suitable too. The answer is that kind of work didn’t fit even a bit with celebrity. But since I was a kid I am more of making effort than being creative. (smile)

What kind of person do your friends think you are?

In middle school, I have 14 real close friends. The friends that you want to be with your whole life. And they are calling me as not-so-fun friend. I couldn’t really revealed my real self and I was sorry for that.

What did they think of you nowadays?

I am very quiet and my nickname becoming “Peaceful Min”. Moderator of a fight. Listen to other worries and giving answer. The thoughts are deep but remained unchanged. Trusted friend. Many points to learn but often hear his voice. A perfectionist yet unforeseen faces but marvelling because it cannot be seen in any show.

Why do you think people like you?

I don’t know. Maybe having no burden.

And your weapon is?

Eum, I have to find it first. (laugh) now forget about the weight in my heart and becoming more at ease.

“I couldn’t be the masses. If I think of my work comfortably, I don’t know if other could do the same. If there are no line it will become a dangerous job instead.”


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CNBLUE Lee Jonghyun Fluttering India Featured inSytle Magazine 2015 May Issue, “Boys to Men”

InStyle_2015_5 (5)

* Trans only Jonghyun’s part


Variety Show (Exciting India) five man whose came back from an unknown country has gathered down and aims to dress up. Did they obtained some kind of energy because they had steady maturity more than before?


This is not about a girl

In this hotel room there is common thing that could be found within the people gathered here. Not long ago they came back from India, they are all Man-Idol, and all of them are close to Super Junior Kyuhyun. Kyuhyun and INFINITE Sunggyu, CNBLUE Jonghyun, Shinee Minho and EXO Suho together for KBS variety show <Exciting India> get a note and pen instead of mike to make special K-POP tracking cover of in India. Not long ago they gathered again and busy sharing their unrealistic memories in India. Started from ‘Ambassador’s Toilet’ till dancing and singing to Bollywood movies. “We have became Beer Friends in India.” This team didn’t need any team work and that good to see, said Sunggyu. In 6th episode, members tried recruiting woman member but Suho just shook his head over and over again. “No, as man we have loyalty to put first but woman can’t”.

CNBLUE JONGHYUN To Jonghyun however we think of it, memory of toilet lingered the most. “In Ambassador’s toilet, he personally put the fuser down away.” And one more thing. “People of India enjoyed scenery in their 30s.” It is strange country but, I got to enjoy with members and had a good time there. It’s not easy to say but, in <Exciting India> teaser trailer in the midst of people sleeping, they had their hair dried but they keep on nodded their heads. Their faces showed an unfair looking expression. “I am like that because I am always the last to shower. (laugh) Compilation of evil!” Slowly they’ve becoming a good accompany for holiday I don’t know for sure but, and this year’s holiday plan if it execute as planned they’ve becoming a good one for sure. “January this year, I planned of crossing Siberia on a train during early days for a week. I brought my guitar along and thinking of making songs but I couldn’t go because of the schedule. I promised that I should go within this year. It’s really hard to see back and forth because of the dentition. I am thinking that if I go there I would’ve have time to think. “Rather than thinking about validity time of an idol I’d prefer to think of now and have fun with it and during holiday what kind of thought will I have to think of? Angelina Jolie ever said this kind of words. ‘I have to per-use my famous life.’ In fact I had lots of contradiction within myself. So I put effort on being good person. “Dream of being Eric Clapton, I want to became a cool grandpa like David Coverdale. I think I could be doing well for a long time by looking at their faces.

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CNBLUE Jung Yonghwa in HIGHCUT Magazine Vol. 144 Interview

HIGH CUT VOL.144 (26)

EDITOR Lee Hwi Seung
STYLIST Lee Hye Young
HAIR Im Hye Gyung

“First time shooting a pictorial. Because afraid of camera, I really want to runaway.” 5 years ago, one day on November 2009, <You’re Beautiful> ‘Milk Man’ along with <HIGH CUT> that’s how I recalled that first shoot. That day, the first time we saw Jung Yong Hwa, such a lively boy like his nickname. Now its time to remove that prince image inside the fairytale. It’s left with a rough male to shoot a water scene that requested exposure. “I supposed to prepared my body shape from a month ago, I want to show but there is nothing to show now” I don’t have confidence. I change into sleeveless top to show my body shape and come out “Is this really okay?” that what I asked. To calm woman’s heart with a quiet muscle. Sofa and sofa, I was told to move between space and space. With all power, I lied down on sofa and wildly breathe rested on. With two hands supported my body to show my arm muscles. Inside the black&white photos moving freely and more of variable face than in the drama. February 2015 I will remembered this day. Finally Jung Yong Hwa that becoming a male One Fine Day. Reporter Lee Hwi Seung.

About 5 hours of pictorial shooting process facing a seated Jung Yong Hwa. In this pictorial seems like a hunky man showing his forearm as a point but during interview he showed a 27 years old youth image. CNBLUE Leader and main vocal Jung Yong Hwa back with first album. Title track “One Fine Day” so different from CNBLUE. Instruments strengthen Jung Yong Hwa sweet timbre vocal. In this album from lyrics and arrangement made by himself, exceptionally among singer, 8 songs with own arrangement showing his unlimited competency as singer-songwriter. Rather than his thick lips a shy smile is more suitable for Jung Yong Hwa Interview. Reporter Jo Kyung Lee.

Few days ago, in<Radio Star>program seems to be severe. Han Seong Ho Director “Between Lee Hong Gi and Jung Yong Hwa who will be inherit this company” pointed to Jung Yong Hwa.

In fact, this is really become severe. <Radio Star> If I talk more in that program seems bad. My relationship (With Lee Hong Gi) is good and we’re doing fine.

After that program aired, reaction on Han Seong Ho Director was hot. He looked more of people from variety than person who affiliate artist and we were surprised of that.

Before his appearance, our director like any director from other company, he was also felt dignity and weight also. Somehow still it’s the company representative who went there. I hope that the program will go well through his riprap style. When it aired, none of us watched the broadcast but when we don’t packed schedule, we think of it. One representative said, I don’t want to say formal greeting here. <laugh>

There are lots of dash woman but you keep on rejecting, it was called “Incarnation of self-management”
(dash) there aren’t a lot . . . Self-Management as a Blood Type A, I don’t express my feeling much. I am on the side which will not choose the thing that I will regret later.

Your ideal type now?
My ideal type is Kim Yuna. I saw her once when filming CF, looks like I am seeing her inside a glass bar. Although we are close (in distance) but I can’t get closer. Her pose is extraordinary.

‘Our loving memories, our precious time, I still cannot forget’. You directly wrote your own lyrics for your album title track.
I wrote lyrics based on background experience. I thought that by writing lyrics though own experience, people will feeling more empathy.

All 10 songs in your album is important, other than your title track, the track that you have most affection.
All of the songs that I wrote are important but these days I like last track 27years. Old time memories, I got to remember memories when in school time or childhood.

Yoon Do Hyun, Verbal Jint, Yang Dong Geun, JJ Lin and Peter Mallick, you have collaborated with artist from many kinds of genre.
‘Cruel Memories’ I imagined that Yoon Do Hyun Senior will sing when I wrote the songs. Fortunately, I am grateful for all seniors who did great in my album. So we met that day, wrote lyrics and record together in recording studio. Yang Dong Geun Hyung (big brother) we did <The Three Musketeers>we often wrote lyrics for “Mileage”. And now that I think about that, for the rap section Yang Dong Geun Hyung wrote about 2~3 hours and send it to me.

You used to do activities as singer in group but now you do it alone.
When I won no.1, lots of people giving me support in our agency’s Katalk Room. Usually when I was doing solo activities, I don’t meet them often so we are contacting each other in Katalk. On top of it, our member did sent message vote. (laugh)

I heard that as CN BLUE leader, members are doing well on their own.
It’s not that I am saying ‘No’. But I’m the type to do things slowly one by one and I will say no if can, so the members like ‘If Hyung (big brother) don’t do it … we also…’ I think of that way.

You have participated in 4 dramas <You’re Beautiful><You’ve Fallen for Me><Future’s Choice><The Three Musketeers>.
There’s nothing to forget after filming dramas. To me it became a good experiences.

There is always something to regret regarding the viewers’ rating but in fact there is nothing to be controversy of that.
When the time as a student, learning about acting one by one, now seeing script and felt the emotion to fit the character. Somehow it will the character that I acted so I have to express the right emotion too. Sometimes we cannot get by learning. The style that I want to be, I also don’t learn songs, although I’ve learn earlier that still minus, I am the style to be gaining more by myself.

You already did the first step well but sometimes if you move to other spot you are feeling in heavier level. At that time, you want to leap over the difficult part.
Because of that, I will do it (alone). Pleasure when jump, I want to enjoy the exaggeration, I am not the style that get frustrated easily.

Your life’s motto is?
‘Time is gold’. The meantime it clicks a day’s dome I write lyrics. I thought time shouldn’t be wasted just like that. If I am doing other hobby or activities, it wil be a waste. And if I have those time I will use it to write songs and doing any other things.

We’re back to talk about your solo album, on the day of ‘One Fine Day’ released got number 1 spot on ITunes chart in 7 countries such as HongKong, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Macau, etc. 7 February on number 1 Billboard World Chart, and on China Gaon Weibo number 1 in 10 weeks. You’ve called as‘Greater China Prince’.
To tell you the truth, I am truly grateful. Chinese fans are really passionate and active. They came to Korea and even in my birthday they put an Advertisement on subway. I also felt that way when having concert in South America. Because Korea is the motherland the feels is natural, but to received such a great reaction abroad its still fascinating to me.

After debuting 6 years ago, you finally held you solo concert titled “One Fine Day” from 27 February. You will be visiting 6 countries and 8 cities on this Asia Tour.
Doing live band instruments as background for a concert but during solo tour I will bring alongwith session and band to bring out different colours. It will be different from CN BLUE as a band. I will be playing new songs live, although it became more burden to me but I’ll challenge myself and expected much from it. I prepared the best well.

CNBLUE group activities, drama, solo album release, solo concert, etc, you have expand formidable activities.
It looks like I have lots of greed. And I want to make it happen. My solo already started and already started acting, I still want to expand and do it well in every sector.

Sure is tiring.
Few years I’ve been sowing my greed but it still not over yet. You should do it while in your twenties. Looks like bulldozer push stick. Sometimes there’s also tiring time. It led to frustration at that time but as time goes by it’ll like calluses and stay there.

What did you do to when frustration came?
I sleep, and I feel better when waking up. I am not the type to think deeply on problem so I feel better after waking up. It because I don’t have any thoughts while sleeping.

You still haven’t fulfil your greed to star in movie.
I want to try a movie. Not long ago, I met Director Kim Han Min from movie <Roaring Currents>. I said New Year greetings and got to sit beside him during one event. Although its our first time meeting, we changed phone number and sometimes called each other. After finishing my activities, I would like to give him a call and asked to join me to have soju together.

Latest entertaining movies that you watched.
I enjoyed movie <Her>. It’s about cyber love but the materials is exciting. Cinematic colour really pretty.

You took role of 1 man show MNet <Jung Yong Hwa Hologram>. Plan, composition, production, shooting, appearance you did it on your own. How was it?
It is very real. Super fun. At first I think a lot on ‘How will I shoot this’ but after shooting it becoming more comfortable. I used Go Pro at first then changed it to camera. It was a fun shoot. During reality program you forcibly had to make it entertaining made it burden to me, but I didn’t feel it at all. I don’t do it by feel. Although it becoming burden at the beginning, but there’s nothing artificial so I don’t have to talk and burden lesser. Shooting was comfortable.

Is there any actual public opinion of Jung Yong Hwa that people misunderstood?
In general it’s about my prince image, they thought I am smart. But I think that you will be surprised of my real self in <Hologram>. Its non-purpose for my prince image, it doesn’t really matter, but I wanted to normal human. Also with my close friend to create “sesame bonding”.

Before your debut, you said you liked Girls’ Generation, girl group you like recently.
Now Girls Generation has become close confederate and the feel now and then is different. I am close with Tiffany and everybody evenly close. Recently my favourite girl group of course, family company AOA, but nowadays girl group like AOA till G-Friend all sweet and pretty.

If you go to Music Broadcast, there are lots of your junior.
I’ve become a Sunbae (Senior). Nowadays, because they still young they used to 90 degrees bow when we greet. This time while promoting my solo album, I rarely can go outside the waiting room. Lots of junior came to give their CD and said greetings to me.

Because you are so busy, you don’t have time to date.
Of course, what should I say here. (laugh)


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CNBLUE Lee Jungshin in Cosmopolitan 2015 April Interview

Entering 6 years of debut, the title ‘CNBLUE goddes’ bassist’, and added one more ‘Rising Actor’. After packed schedule, listening to music and drink coffee alone, and a man who usually do cooking.

Cosmopolitan_2015_4 (1)

Photographs by
Jang DukHwa

“After finishing schedule, I am just drinking coffee on my own and have time to think by myself, what my plans in the future, when listened to music I liked Hard-Core Music, often cook fried rice or simple egg dish, when I give my dish to people and they eat deliciously I am feeling proud.”

You are really an ice-breaker model. ‘Lee Jung Shin is a real model’ making people confused of that statement.
Haha. Really? My height is just a bit tall so there a say like that. First time in my career I did a health screening. My height is growing. 188,3cm. Now it’s left 1,7cm to reach 190cm, I don’t want to grow anymore because I am giving my waist herd more.

How will you give herd?
‘If I give herd to my muscle, I won’t grow anymore right? With that thoughts I exercise harder.

When you have a day for your free time, what are you doing?
In a day without schedule, I am just drinking coffee alone at home and do lots of thinking about this and that. I am planning what I will do next. I like listening to hard-core music.

What kind of music you mainly listen?
I liked Pop music. I also liked Coldplay like genre and listening to lots of band music. I also search for K-Pop no.1 songs on chart and often listen to any kind of songs I’ve found.

The way you turn over the fry-pan just now looks different. Did you enjoy cooking?
Aa, I always good at turning over the pan like this. Somehow because now I live with my own brother, we often cook what we want to eat. Although it’s just fried rice or egg dish but there is a basic for everything. We’re not that good but we enjoyed it much. When people that I gave my dish ate it deliciously I am feeling proud. This is how mother’s feel? Haha.

We’re following your twitter. Looks like you like to update a lovely daily look. We have fun looking at it.
I didn’t know why people enjoy SNS that much at first. Previously football coach Ferguson posted this ‘SNS is a waste of life’. I also felt motion of that words, but nowadays it really a SNS time and I don’t want to do it alone and I felt that I have to do the same thing too. And so I started twitter and it was fun. There I am bound and when I feel it I do some update too. Sometimes when man posted their selca I was just like, ‘What’s wrong with him’. Now that I am posting the same thing, I becoming them. Haha. However it will look it might be prejudice only.

But everytime celebrities posted something in SNS once, it become one article with one photo and also reported and feeling a bit inconvenience.
Of course, long time ago I don’t have that star thoughts and just posted a photos, also update what I want to write but now I have to think what kind of side I wanted to show. I also have to make sure each word I want to post first. That what I see, words that saves you later.

Do you also following other SNS?
I followed fashion brand Valentino and fashion photographers. Because I have high interest in fashion and photography. Moreover I don’t have much interest in other celeb on SNS.

In 2010, you were debuted as singer in CNBLUE and started your activities at 20, now you’ve become 25, on top of that besides being a singer also an actor. Is there any difference between now and then?
Somehow, right now I become mature than before. Of course I am thinking to grow more in the future but I still don’t know. What I will learn, what experience will I got that were a lot and now I becoming an adult. I think that the time when I started acting was my life’s turning point. Debuting as CNBLUE and carrying singer activities, it always been a dream for me to act. And finally a perfect chance came to start, and I love to carry on activities as an actor. Acting is really fun and I want to do it more.

Your last drama <Thank You, Son> a rebellious temperament repeater role, ‘cheeky’ you received praised because you did well portraying your role. What is the secret to deepen your character like that? Is there any side that is similar to your real character?
Of course not. I did a throughout research to the character and I also imagine to live as that person too. On the spot, I asked the director, writer, and others also staffs I asked them a lot on how this character should act. I attempted this and that to fit the character. I love it and happily did the role.

As we see you act, do you ever thought ‘I feeling suitable in this field’?
I don’t have that much confidence now and I still don’t know, but one thing for sure is that I love acting. I think this was what I want to do much in the future.

The more you like to act, the more you see people who worked in this field. Looking at other production, I want to do that kind of acting. Do you ever feel that way?
I really like Kimura Takuya. I fell in love at first sight? Drama <Pride>.<Hero><Hundreds Millions Stars from The Sky> through that drama production Kimura Takuya character really showing his charms. So these days I learn to act more. Later when I am older and acting to that character, I will be feeling happiness.

It’s already half way of your twenties and soon will reach thirties, do you ever think about that? What kind of man do you want to be?
I want to be a man who knows loyalty and love. I had lots of flaws and good at grabs around people and it will be great if I discover people’s flaws and engage more. It will be cool to age to be that kind of man.

In the recent interview you said that it’s been so long since your last relationship and you already had vague memory of it. In fact now is the season. Don’t you like the idea of relationship?
Of course I want to be in a relationship. Especially when I was alone at home, the thoughts come by. But I don’t really think that relationship is the most important thing right now. ‘Till now works come first, I am not the type to delay work to go dating. When the time come, I will do it.

What kind of woman that you want to meet and date?
In the past, a pale looking girl, in similar concrete way I have that kind of type, but nowadays it changed. The person who I can talk to is the most important thing now. It will be great if when we were together, we are able to talk and forget about our work for a moment.

Is there a time when you fallen into woman?
There was a time when I fall to that person’s charm during a talk once. I don’t know but I fell for that person’s thoughts, speech, and eyes at that time. At first I don’t attracted to her and through conversation and suddenly, ‘Oo, I am looking at a woman’ I think I have that kind of experience few times.

If you have a girlfriend on this year’s spring, what kind of date do you want to do?
I knew I can’t do it, but I want to do it. Meeting in the morning to have breakfast together, watching movies, going to cafe, and send her home. I really want to try that general kind of date. Men will like, ‘Aaa, I did that every single day and it’s boring’ but don’t you think it will make it more special? Since I cannot do it in usual.

Cosmopolitan_2015_4 (4)

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CNBLUE Jung Yonghwa Interview in Ceci Magazine 2015 February Issue



CNBLUE Jung Yong Hwa was back as solo artist. With strong smooth a flexibility and through firm and tight charisma.

EDITOR : Cha In Seon (Pictorial), Park So Hyun (Interview)


CeCi: If we look out news about CN BLUE, it overflows with overseas schedules. How does it feel to live like you are sewing the world?
If we look at the schedule, 24 hours seems to be very short. I mean if a day could be any longer that would be nice. (smile) To tell you the truth, I didn’t even check the packed schedules table. Instead, I feel that with schedules given more to be a mission that when finishing one would a great achievement. After concluding a long world tour, also finished filming drama, “I’m already grow this much”. I have developed. Finally I am much better!” I think about it every time.

CeCi: Question about your First historical drama “The Three Musketeers” cannot be missed out. It helped you grow.
Historical drama was a new challenge. Even though I was caught in overseas schedules when the Public Relations team came, I really must try this so I give it a hand. Production team for “The Three Musketeers” is the same as “Nine” the atmosphere was great, all team packed and worked well together so we can finish filming happily. Drama filming along with overseas concert schedule were too much physically exhausting as engaging those two. When both finished, I’m feeling strange. It already passed a month. I also feel emptiness even when doing concert.

CeCi: Recently you are selected as Hot People on Chinese’ Weibo, in the States public information in Mashable chosen as “2014 TOP 50 Most Tweet Song”. In 2014 you must be feeling fairly proud of yourself.
Fortunately, it was so much fun, I live hard to live. (smile) To communicate easily with fans so I’m on Twitter, it’s difficult to use Twitter in China so I started Weibo for Chinese fans. I couldn’t focused only on Twitter or Weibo so I made two version of photos and writing. I wrote in Chinese on Weibo, nowadays I depend on Chinese dictionary. It is a period for enforcement to learn.

CeCi: Finally, this year Jung Yong Hwa solo project started. The word “First time” might have a deep meaning.
As a rookie that don’t know anything, more clod and my thoughts are full of challenge. Because at that time I also wasn’t afraid. As CN BLUE getting enjoyable and the weight that we feel today is different than it was.

CeCi: That weight is responsibility?
Yes. Now because the recording has finished, my share already done and time for me to leave it release. When I’m in season to write songs, like a lion chasing its prey that cannot talk in its sleep and dreamed. Slept and woken up, a trail of eating lots of snacks and sometimes it’s shocked me. Mostly I didn’t eat in usual, but in my sleep I usual dreamt of eating snacks. The most important thing was memories flew. When the time finished, those burden now change into excited feeling. Again, it was all embarked a good night sleep mode. (smile)

CeCi: Your creative liver becoming sensitive on the tip of the dream more than breaking it.
While I was working it will become more sensitive. Those sensitivity can be the strength, when it appear to be a problem when producing an album because it becomes more powerful.

CeCi: Is there any difference while working together with other members?
As long I don’t meet their gaze I think it comfortable. We care about each other that much. If I did solo, I think that can I do it freely alone, vaguely think about that. Firstly I was given freedom, but I continued to modify every single detail till I feel satisfied. Because of that I felt lots of stress. It slowly come to resolve and I will be eating snacks all night long. (smile) I have to do my own portion.

CeCi: Last album in a cafe near Hongdae, I heard that you encounter inspiration there. How about this time?
I watched lots of movies. Like a copying charm, I don’t want to write the same way as before, so I forcibly constructed out the new way. Side by side, so human are limited and if there is something that lack of materials of course we don’t know. Every time I am attracted in certain topic it might be not an easy work to do. As I am preparing an album I constantly felt of being Blood Type A. Even while in a conversation if an idea appear I suddenly wrote a memo, or in the middle of eating or shower I am less doing it. (smile)

CeCi: Oo, a school boy type. Suddenly I am curious of your favourite sites. When you have free time what did you do.
I am curious of which songs do people listen to, mainly billboard chart site and You Tube image.

CeCi: Besides working don’t you have any hobby?
Beside writing songs if I do anything else hmm. If I did that, what did I get? Others have hobby to relieve their stress in life, for me it is more uselessly time flies so fast and build my stress. What a weird stance right.
CeCi Finishing homework must be done first and more of your character.
Very true. That’s why I thought that a day is very short. Because I have to sleep as much as possible, but when I wake up I have many things to do.

CeCi: In this album which section do you think is the most giving you power?
Through solo, the thing that I want to do the most as CN BLUE and wanted to challenge is collaboration. Meeting new people while collaborating and I remembered being a beginner. I think I don’t know when it started to feel comfortable living, in reality I am still trying to settle. I still hang on other people to detail, I am why easy-easy way to do, did I only want everything to be fast. I am reflected a lot on that.

CeCi: Do you have any hint on your upcoming album?
Title track and album title is <One Fine Day>. I am focused on using new musical instruments to create new sound, I’ve putting my effort when mixing and raising standard and combination. I collaborated with Yoon Do Hyun, YDG, Verbal Jint senior from Hip-Hop till Rock-Ballad and captured many kinds of genre. I always writing love songs in the past, I am trying to escape. I want a change.

CeCi: If we looked at the finished songs, the feeling is different.
All songs feel like my own child and I am proud of it. Compared to any other songs since they are all my child, they are the prettiest of all. (CeCi Haha, maybe if all 10 fingers burnt, might be a feeling of parents hurt heart). Even all 10 fingers all are like gold fingers must be sweet and pretty.

CeCi: Among all, what kind of praise do you want to hear the most?
‘Kyaa, no songs to be thrown away, it might be good.’ If I heard that kind of thing, I think I can sleep peacefully. That time in my dream me with Maltese were running merrily in a field.

CeCi: The man who worked hard for living. How do you want to live in the future?
I am already 27 years old. That precious time just passed by and I feel a bit of a waste. I don’t want to feel regret so I have to live with faithfulness. I don’t want to live without meaning. I have to finished each mission first, moreover have to be happy. Sleep late and wake up to watch movies, eating delicious food, for a working hard me doing shopping, and walking near Han River. I want this album to finish quickly so that I can rest well.

CeCi:I want to enjoy in this Valentine Day.
When I looked at stacked chocolate n a classroom desk ‘How can I hold this?’ as I gobble away, what a useless bluffing and pride day that how I used to be when still in my school time. But now if I have a girlfriend, attractively cutting steak and drink wine but I will give up on being romantic! That time is a waste. A waste.

The success or failure is not important. Now is the time to stack a tight and thick exaggeration of experience. Writing songs, acting, also doing concert, I want to solve this bliss through different filters. If I keep walking like this, I will be able to climb a higher mountain. ”

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CNBLUE Jung Yonghwa W Korea 2015 January Interview, “A Single Man”

Jung Yonghwa put down his responsibility as CNBLUE leader and now preparing for his first solo stage.
As big as holga, see how far those potentials can go.


Last year was said to be one of the most remembered time for Jung Yonghwa. Almost all the trackas in CNBLUE mini album <Can’t Stop> was filled with his self-composed songs, the 5-years-band was successfully transformed and obtained top spot in the popularity chart. First historical drama’s role <The Three Musketeers> of course to that he was meeting new character and widened activities as an actor also meaningful experiences. But in 2015 he still don’t know what is more important turning point. Few weeks before he will be 27 years old musician that is preparing for first solo album through bustling in regular condition. CNBLUE’s music was different to each members taste and fans expectations also self-satisfaction with fairness will be negotiable in the end, its time an attempt for Jung Yonghwa to reveal honest voice. “Compared to CNBLUE, it will be more delicate or harder, although it is needed in the middle of the term I want to try my own key.” Gyeongsang-do accents is lighter than people from the Southern Province and very distinctive made tension and expectation higher. “If I can say for my solo project it will be ‘Dok Bak’, if it turned well its my fault, if it’s not well also my fault with that thoughts my heart feel lighter.” How far can my self-confidence go as a musician I still don’t know either. Soon nearing completion of solo recording as to Jung Yonghwa or to fans whom waited with exciting heart that would be worth to wait for.

A few days ago, CNBLUE just finished Japan Arena Tour that more than 10 thousand fans as audiences mobilized, we heard it was a great success. Scale preparation and investment, formidable time, solitary concert has been held and when it finished I wanted to feel different.
Everytime also feels the same as the drama ended. For more than a month to concert, we’ve been hearing staff insights, it was all exciting time, a few weeks later the feeling still linger.

If you can turn back time while the tour is going on, what do you remember the most?
Having concert in 360 degree circle rotation centre stage. Just before our major debut in Japan, I’ve been seen that once in books, this entire tour experience is surely different. The gap between audiences is close and I am touched how they had an immense and fast reaction.

Before CNBLUE busy in Korea, first debuting as Japan Indie Newcomer. You have fulfil as a Budokan Band now, is there a time when you feel loveable?
We started in a small concert place then slowly moved to bigger place. The dream to held concert like Arena Tour seems like inexplicit. Even just for a moment I want to enjoy to be in this place. But the thoughts of how we can’t steadily grow haunts these days. That would be better if we are not a beginner.

What kind of person Jung Yonghwa is when you first debuting?
However it was, that time was a good time for me. I know nothing so I don’t feel any loss. So I took every challenge with ease. Because I overcame harshness in courage or foolishness, activities becoming more and slowly I felt the burden was increasing.

What kind of burden?
Even when debuting and now too, business is the same. Just before when something is strange, everything will change and becoming hectic. When things turned out to be unfamiliar if boundaries appear, because of many thoughts, in some ways seems losing some courage. Although worried of this and that, now I am more in easy condition.

As a musician, are you feeling suitable in this kind of work?
If I am not a singer I cannot make any selection, I often had this question but I can even imagine it. For me this talent things already makes me happy.

When do you feel the happiest when doing this work?
When setting the stage, also when writing a song I guess. Every doing concerts for two and a half hours, I felt tough it’s true but when looking at the audiences I am gaining a great strength. Composition or lyrics for me it just a fun things to do. If I have side to change to other work, I often thought of things I had till now as a great achievement.

Lots of musician talk about experiences thrilled feeling addictive.
That kind of strong experiences in work must be extremely rare. Sure. A singer’s dream, we think just quite a few can go through it while working. That such a thing and the fact suddenly unbelievably be awed.

This time you are preparing for your first solo album. What is your expectation from this album?
From producing music for CNBLUE, I don’t know when it started just becoming a habit. Through solo activities, I want to relieve what I want to do. So it is an effort to exchange the atmosphere, in a band we can sees as a positive impact.

Jung Yonghwa solo project, how is it different from CNBLUE? Can you give any hint?
Personally, the taste of music is always change. I used to like hard-sound music oriented but not now. CNBLUE album nowadays turn into traditional sound and more lovely. Or be harder. Inside the band I am being watched by others but this time I will go all in and honest ‘till the end. I think you can hear many kind of music as final result.

When you write songs for CN BLUE, band’s colour slowly trying to show and you are in effort to.
Nothing I can do about it. If I do what I want that not what a band is. Other members also has their own taste and mind to keep CNBLUE waited and raised fans expectation. Everybody will have to consider. A few years probably, looking into activities involved, some existing will happen like that.

If you can do solo project, any attempt on attention that you want to do?
I want to do various collaboration. If I made it alone that will be different from CNBLUE, that would make huge difference. With different artist rarely has the chance to exchange and I think this work will expand their acts also. I want to experience different style and get influenced and I think I am surer of what I like.

If we can see CNBLUE discography itself, Jung Yonghwa self-composed songs seems to be more and more. It seems like you have huge greed in making your own song.
Of course, all musician need to think is singer-songwriter. It takes about calling the song is not wrong to criticize the singer. Rather than being greedy, just writing a song is fun. For me, I am the one who knew what will fits me well. That “what” need the help from someone who does not express anything directly but, slowly think that they can express themselves and so. I have lots to say through music.

How old are you when you first write a song?
Third year of junior high. It was due to fragile vague curiosity rather than focusing on music. I want to know how music demo was made so I installed a computer program and also wrote lyrics. I even bought a cheap microphone to do a recording. Till now, that file still safely stored in my computer in my house in Busan. Somehow, I tried to listen it, it not bad (smile). The song was well written or not that’s not what is important. Although I might be amateur at that time, it still has its own charm. I wanted to know new things one by one, even though there are time when I feel I will lose it. Neither now nor that time is a failure. Its good think to know a lot but sometimes you just need to go with your feeling.

What was the content of your song that you wrote on 3rd year of Junior High?
The title was ‘Easy Love’ (smile). It’s an easy love. I don’t know what’s on my mind when I wrote the song. Lyrics also didn’t make sense just funny. But it still has some feel in the midst.

What kind of feel?
Well, the feeling of making a fart … ?

I feel more curious of that song than your new album. In fact, this solo album project it’s not your first individual activities. In Korea, you first debuted as an actor, up till now you still steadlily doing music and acting.
Drama one by one, I felt success and also failing rather than dwelling it is better to build long-term career. While I was away doing another field of activities, the important standard in my work is starting anew. It is fun because actor and singer are different. When I finished with one production, achievement were different, it is not for the person named Jung Yonghwa but to the character that I played, it feel interesting. It is a special fun to live as different person.

We often met a great character in the drama, but it feels unreal.
That’s why people mistook me as that kind of person.

How is Jung Yonghwa in real life?
I think I have more charm than in the drama. Haha!

This year <The Three Musketeers> Park Dal Hyang character certain a different character. Even its historical drama. It also seems to be a different experience.
It is a first time I tried digesting historical drama till action. I am feeling proud of myself. It’s not easy. When I think that we were nearing the end of the filming, finally it came to an end. However, I find it hard to forget because it has to be easier.

Historical drama has a distinctive dialect that not easy to adapt right?
It was awkward at first and slowly it’ll be more comfortable. In the future, when I do different work in narration, historical “Jjo” will come out.

You are a Busan native. Which one do you think is harder, to learn a historical accent or dialect speech?
There is a standard for accompanying actors but in fact the answer to conduct the speech in historical drama is none. We directly live in Joseon Period and we didn’t know if it right or wrong. Specifically, we add our own interpretation. Correction for dialect is different. Because there is a distinctive standard for Chinese, Tigger will fly soon. I am the type of person who can follow well so when it really helped when I fixed my speaking in dialect.

We’ve seen you gave a classy impersonator in television.
Even when I am abroad, rather than saying that I am good at speaking in reality, they will be saying that I’m good.
Like CNBLUE, it’s quite rare for all band members tried as an actor. Did you guys monitor each other well?
Because of our schedule, we cannot give any comment when the drama airing. We couldn’t see it but something like each give spoiler?

Do you guys didn’t have any talk on how dealing with acting?
Rarely. The answer is not who had good acting, it can pointed out the good and bad and sometimes when we do it’s all about each pride, you know.

If you ever have thoughts of “In acting, I am the best”.
Of course not. But first, I am the main actor and other members still supporting actor … Haha, just kidding. But there is such thing. I didn’t mean that main actor is more important than supporting actor but the higher role you get the greater burden you had. If I’m not doing well is it because I am lacking something. It becomes a worry.

It seems like you are undertaken by burden and courage at the same time.
Because I felt lots of burden as I’m doing work I have to gather courage. It also because I am leader and eldest “hyung” in CNBLUE. But in my house I am a ‘maknae’.

What kind of youngest son are you?
I have lots of aegyo and speak much.

Busan man known to be blunt and had old prejudices.
I think it’s because of our way of speaking. To tell you the truth people in Gyeongsangdo are really talkative. (smile)

You received lots of attention from people, often had up and down in your work. Sometimes there are time when you heard some malicious talks.
I don’t care much about that.

You really don’t care much since the beginning? Or you don’t want to think about that?
The latter is, I am learning how to ignore any unnecessary talks.

Is living with attention of the public eyes becomes more comfortable?
I think it’s going well while focusing on making good music. The thought of others come first than mine. Many fans like us now and I also feeling satisfied I think that is good enough. That much meaning adjusting.

As a musician, do you have live the way you vaguely targeted?
If it’s proceeded steadily it would be nice. I want to be long-lasting. So it will be better to think of it comfortably.
Although years change, this question is a must. Is there anything that you expect in 2015?
Firstly, as the year start, I will begin my solo activities. I will try my best in singing and doing concert. Besides, I still haven’t think about it yet.

You becoming a year older, how does it feel?
The sensitivity of reacted to the age was changing, but was not. I was not seriously accepted it but just suddenly amazed. I was already 27 years and soon be 30, that’s what I think.

Its 30 or 40 do you have something to expect?
When I am in my 30’s it will be super fun. What I want to do is clearer and with it I will be familiar also can comfortably enjoy and relax doing it in that age.

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CNBLUE Jung Yonghwa on InStyle December 2014 Issue



Tangled hair, powerless look, with naturally overlapped knit, although it’s kind of different from the usual Jung Yong Hwa that we knew, didn’t mean he becoming a hatred charm.


Sunny sunshine drenched on 1 in the afternoon, Jung Yong Hwa entered the hotel suite room that used for pictorial shooting with drowsy looks. Right after finishing drama <The Three Musketeers>, he is going to back to CF shooting and concert schedule ‘till he ended up with indigestion and look quite exhausted. But with that sleepy looking face somehow it seems perfectly fit with this pictorial concept. As he drank an Ice Americano he said, “today’s concept like I left my eyes after drinking much last night right? (smile)”.

Dream Production You have tried trendy drama, historical drama also, for next production what kind of movie challenge you want to take. I want to be in production and acting with senior like Choi Min Sik Sunbaenim, even it’s just a small role I would be grateful. I really want to see and learn how they acted. Always only with obvious color confidence and controlled type, I must try acting in a movie which directed by Director Bong Joon Ho.

Cool Guy These days was packed of American series <Game of Thrones>, the role Tirion played by Peter Dinklage leave impression to me. Because of inborn cartilage formation failure he stand tall only 135 cm, he could overcome it by absolutely natural acting and the charisma, that was awesome. Among CNBLUE members, the coolest guy is? Jung Shin profuse light strength is cool, Jong Hyun’s look is cool, Min Hyuk and I the four of us possess different style so I can’t choose. So you can pick me as the coolest of all (smile).

Usual Style Rather than new (up to date) clothes, I prefer comfortable clothes. I like thing with painting and like Maison Martin Margiela sneakers. Until now I have already tried exaggeration dramatic costumes during fashion photo shoot, for real I have no intention of using those clothes. Today’s pictorial shooting concept clothes truly my style. Tattered shirt old long pants, and knit cardigan made me a bit like Kurt Cobain style? But in usual every day life, I love to wear training pants.

Reality Program Although its acting or singing activity started again, it will always continue like that I really want to try doing Reality Program even just once. Through that program I think I can show naturally many different side of me. If I can only choose one among variety show, I will choose <Infinity Challenge>. I will partner with Haha and it will be a lot of fun. I also love Reggae music, last time music show along with Band 10cm the collaboration is very passionate.

Healing Time If I was given vacation I would like to go to Europe, probably the first place I would visit is Venice. The trip memories twist, a few years back during World Tour we visited a winery in Chile, sunny sunshine delicious food, till I can taste wine sweetness, through word “Fantastic”. Also when I was in middle school, I cannot forget when I went to Seattle with Mom. This year final breeze on Christmas I wish that I could go on holiday with my family.


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[STARCAST] CNBLUE Lee Jung Shin’s ‘Korea’s Next Top Model’?… The day when he went upon runway of ‘Seoul Fashion Week’


A new top model is born?!

Who is that guy walking confidently on the runway getting attention from people and hot responses even by getting photo shoots from the camera?
He’s a possessor of perfect well-proportioned figure and beautiful boy-like appearance that went up on the finale stage again. Isn’t he familiar to you and do you recognize him?
He’s ‘Lee Jung Shin’ of band CNBLUE.
He’s a guy who shakes global fans’ minds as being a charismatic bassist.
He is that Lee Jung Shin who had got favorable comments of ‘Lee Jung Shin, god of emotion’ with his delicate acting skill which showed the ardent mind of thinking about the sister recently!
Lee Jung Shin, who is at the core of Korean Wave being a singer and actor, is also a model that has experienced fashion shows of designer Song Hye Myung’s ‘2011 S/S Seoul Fashion Week’ and designer SONGZIO’s ‘2011-12 F/W Seoul Fashion Week’.
He has got spotlight with his confident catwalk by going up on runway for the third time on October, 17th.
We release the day when he went upon the runway of SONGZIO’s fashion show, ‘2015 S/S Seoul Fashion Week’ from now on~
Lee Jung Shin is standing by showing off his unique charisma from far away before the ordinary clothes rehearsal. Doesn’t he look like he has taken a photo shoot? The red scratch concept which seems it could be bullied that he has chili pepper on his head even looks great. *0*
B.u.t when we looked at it closely, it was just a hairpin which is used for permanent at the beauty shop. He was fixing his hair by putting on red hair pins on both side of his hair for perfect hairstyle. We thought it was a 2015 S/S must-have-item since Lee Jung Shin was putting madam’s hairpin.jpg
So shall we go to the earnest rehearsal scene? GoGo~
Lee Jung Shin is focusing on what the person concerned is saying before going up on the rehearsal stage.
★Beware of heartthrobs★ He’s lowering his waist for the eye level and shoots Lee Jung Shin’s eye-contact!
‘Walking confidently wherever he is~♬’
‘Walking forward by imagining seats full of audiences’
‘This is serious mode, Lee Jung Shin is totally serious’
‘Lee Jung Shin even shines among models’
‘Keeping his facial experience even until he steps out from the runway’
The tension raised more after the real-like rehearsal. We caught the image of ‘mirror prince’ Lee Jung Shin who was checking himself meticulously from the top of his head after getting back to the waiting room.
‘Lee Jung Shin focusing himself in the mirror’
‘Checking until the last with hot pink hand mirror~’
After meticulously checking hair one by one, he finally went upon the runway. Are you ready to appreciate model Lee Jung Shin’s image?
Before going up on stage,
‘Digest chick all-black color easily’
‘Zebra of runway? He also digests zebra pattern perfectly’
‘He also matches well with see-through look~’
Lee Jung Shin got big hands for showing relaxed catwalk like a professional model. We found him gone back to the youngest mode after coming down the stage!
‘Nervous whenever going up on runway’
Lee Jung Shin also got hot interest even at the backstage. There was media’s hot coverage heat and continuous interview scene. ‘Lee Jung Shin, can also speak’
‘I was so nervous. My heart still bounce bounce~’
‘But like a pro, does interview leisurely~’
Finally, Lee Jung Shin’s third model challenge got over.
The last picture is him with designer SONGZIO who invited him~
Designer SONGZIO is known that he’s band CNBLUE’s fan and a reliable helper at the same time. An unexpected relationship? Nope! Actually, Designer SONGZIO and Lee Jung Shin met at ‘2011-12 F/W Seoul Fashion Week’ for the first time and shared a lot of stories about fashion by making time even when they had tight schedule.
Besides, he gave high compliments by replying to the reason why he casted Lee Jung Shin as a model at this show by saying, “I highly assessed his beautiful boy-like appearance and model-like proportion, and his attitude of doing his best in managing himself even at the top status”. Lee Jung Shin also ended warmly by revealing his thoughts, “I feel so honored to go upon the stage of the best designer”~! You will call him again, right~?
‘Let’s meet at the next show again~’
‘Lee Jung Shin’s doppelganger’ has appeared at the fashion show set?!
“Hey, Lee Jung Shin~?”
“Oh, I’m sorry.”
There were these kinds of conversation going on here and there. It was because model Nam Joo Hyuk who is famous for ‘resembling Lee Jung Shin’ also went upon the runway on the same day. Both of them who look like brothers have finally met!
‘With same pose although they do not match it~’
‘Do we really resemble with each other that much?’
★Bonus 2★
We release the video that fully contains the day of Lee Jung Shin’s third runway challenge.
Writing/PictureFNC Entertainment
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