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2013 CNBlue Blue Moon World Tour in Jakarta : The Press Conference


Jakarta, October 18th, 2013. Started as a Japan indie band 4 years ago, Korean pop-rock band CNBLUE has proved their talent and become a phenomenon in Korean music industry. Now, they’re ready to rock the world too!

Following their outstanding achievements for their mini album, RE:BLUE, which has released on last January, CNBLUE are gearing up and begin their first world tour this year. They’re already held many successful concerts in Taipei, Singapore, Bangkok, Hongkong, Seoul, Melbourne, Sydney, Manila, Beijing, Kuala Lumpur, Guangzhou, and Shanghai since last April. Jung Yonghwa (lead vocalist), Lee Jonghyun (lead guitarist), Lee Jungshin (bassist), and Kang Minhyuk (drummer) have arrived in Jakarta as the 13th stop of the 2013 “Blue Moon” CNBLUE World tour.

“Apa kabar? Kami CNBLUE!”, they greeted the media cheerfully on the press conference at Hotel Intercontinental Mid Plaza this afternoon. They felt happy to finally able to meet Indonesian BOICEs after the cancellation of their Asia Tour, “Blue Storm” in Jakarta, 2 years ago. Yonghwa promised to create a beautiful memory through Blue Moon Concert in Jakarta as a gift for their fans whom has been waiting for them to come in a long time.

Regarding to the name of their world tour, “Blue Moon”, Minhyuk explained that it’s inspired from the Blue Moon phenomenon, which appears once in while as a rare event. Considering it’s their first world tour, they wanted this tour to be special events like the Blue Moon.

Aside from musical activities, CNBLUE members are also actively showing up as actors in Korean dramas this year. Both Yonghwa and Minhyuk are currently starring in weekdays drama recently. Yonghwa explained that they’re already prepared everything way back before the tour started and manage to squeeze some time to practice regularly. So, despite of the tight schedule, the boys are still able to show their excellent performance on the stage tomorrow night.

Regarding the good reviews they had received for “Blue Moon”, Yonghwa stated that the most special thing in this tour was their live performance. As an addition, Jonghyun eagerly explained that their live performance would bring a different feeling as a whole new experience for the audience whom normally listen to their music from CDs.

The host teased the boys with a question about the reason why CNBLUE is very popular and loved by many people. Yonghwa jokingly answered it was because of their good-looking appearance. He burst into laughter for a moment, then immediately added that their great skills in playing instruments and composing songs also become the factors behind their popularity. He also said that the happiest thing of being a musician was he got many opportunities to travel around the world, greet their fans directly and sing along together during concerts.

About their next plan in the future, CNBLUE wished to continuously held a tour once in a year or two. After Blue Moon in Jakarta ended, Yonghwa and Minhyuk are probably focusing with their dramas. They also already started to prepare a new album and expect it to release early next year.

On the last question about the final message to their fans in Indonesia, CNBLUE showed their effort for speaking in Indonesian language. Jungshin started the message and said,“Indonesia BOICE, kami sangat…” (Indonesian BOICE, we really…), then he stopped because he forgot the next word and smile shyly. Minhyuk continued and completed the sentence, “Kami sangat senang datang ke Indonesia” (We’re really happy to come to Indonesia). For the closure, Yonghwa happily shouted “Aku cinta kalian!”

Organized by FNC Entertainment also MP Entertainment and W Productions as the local organizer, CNBLUE World Tour “Blue Moon” with Samsung Galaxy Music will arise at Tennis Indoor Senayan Jakarta tomorrow night. Stay tuned with Kavenyou for more updates and coverage of CNBLUE first concert in Jakarta!

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CNBLUE Blue Moon Live in Kuala Lumpur Press Conference Photos

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“APA KHABAR?”, CNBLUE Greets the Press Before Their World Tour in Malaysia (Q&A session)

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Korean popular boy band CNBLUE finally made their second appearance in Malaysia after this year’s Golden Disc Award which was held in Malaysia too back then in January. The boys were welcomed by over 100 of fans who flooded the airport to meet them.

A press conference was held at Grand Hyatt Hotel a day before their Blue Moon World Tour in Malaysia. CNBLUE’s members entered the press conference room in high spirits. They greeted the press with “Apa Khabar” and introduced themselves in English before pursuing with a short Q&A session. With bubbly and friendly personality, CNBLUE’s members managed to make the press conference really lively and happening.

Check out the Q&A session during the press conference below!

MC: How do you feel about Malaysia so far? Probably the weather or the food.
A: The weather is just like Korea now and we are here for our very first, our very own concert in Malaysia so we have so much expectation.MC: Have you tasted the food yet?
MH: I would try ‘Satay’. I have not tried it yet before this. I like all the skewered type of food so satay will be the number one thing I would like to try.

MC: Yonghwa, you have written many tracks for CNBLUE, so where and when do inspiration happen when it comes to your song writing?
A: It’s not like I plan or anything, but these inspirations just come naturally. It depends on what type of music I listen to, so it really depends on the environment. Sometimes I get inspiration for the lyrics and sometimes I get inspiration for others.

MC: Jonghyun, you’re a judo goal medalist in your school, so can you take on a bad person when you’re in a top situation? 
A: Well now I have a lot of security brothers around me, so I don’t think it’s necessary for me to take action.

MC: Jungshin, you are the youngest but also the tallest. So much so that you have also walked the runway as a model for some big fashion events. Will you get into disagreement with your team members? Will you go like “Hey, I am the tallest”?
JS: NO~ (in English) 
MC: You’re a really nice person
JS: Thank you~ 
Q: Do you have any fashion advice for your teammates? 
A: Well it’s not quite an advice but whenever we go, for example Japan, We gave some ideas to our stylists that I would like to wear something like this and like that.
MC: You guys are amazing; don’t you (press) think so?
Press: Yeah~
Yonghwa: Yeah I know~

MC: Minhyuk, you acted in Korea’s popular drama. Which is your first love? Singing or acting?
A: My first choice is always the band. That is always my priority.


[Questions from press]

Q: Your start evolving around this year. How do you describe your style?
Yonghwa: Appearance or fashion?
MC: Fashion
Yonghwa: Well thanks to our stylists, who style us nicely. But usually whatever we wear… ummm I will stop here (laughs)
 Q: Yonghwa and Jonghyun are successful singer song writers, so what about the maknaes (Minhyuk and Jungshin)
MH: Usually I take notes on the lyrical idea that I get time to time but we are still in the learning process and Yonghwa is teaching us really much but we usually edit songs together. So whenever we are doing work together I get to learn more. So by that time I reach their level, maybe we will have some songs written by ourselves here.
Q: What inspired the name BLUE MOON for your tour?
A: Blue moon only comes once in a while but you know sometimes these two moons appearing together called Blue Moon so since it’s gonna be our very first world tour, we want our tour to be very special so we name it Blue Moon
Q: In the next few days, you will be releasing your Japanese albums. Any plan to release Korean album near future?
A: We don’t write songs or make songs whenever we want to make a new album. We are always writing songs so when we are ready, and the right time comes then we will release our album. So every time constantly we are preparing for our new album. So I wouldn’t say that by this specific day we will release our album. We are always working on it. We hope it will release sooner too.
Q: How do you make sure your songs are different from other boy bands so that you’re CNBLUE.
A: Well, I don’t really have a clear definition of what is CNBLUE’s color for our music, but I guess our songs are very catchy and easy to sing along. Also, when you just hear our music, you can feel it’s CNBLUE’s song.

Credit: GOKPOP

CNBLUE will be hold their BLUE MOON World Tour in Malaysia tomorrow (24/8) at Stadium Negara. Stay tuned with us for further updates!

Photos will be uploaded at Gokpop Malaysia.

Gokpop would like to thanks the organizer, Daol Entertainment for the invitation to CNBLUE’s press conference.


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