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Weibo Update; Minhyuk: I heard Marry Him If You Dare and The Heirs are loved very much in China!


여러분 길거리를 걸으며 통화를 하면 손이 얼것같은 추위가 시작됐어요.. 모두들 감기조심하세요! 중국에서도 미래의 선택과 상속자들을 많이 좋아해주신다고 들었어요! 앞으로도 저희 드라마, 씨엔블루 모두 응원 많이 해주세요!!

Everyone, the cold started as if hands freeze when we call while walking on the road.. Be careful not to catch a cold! I heard Marry Him If You Dare and The Heirs are loved very much in China, too! Please support our drama and CNBLUE a lot from now on!!

Source: CNBLUE Official Weibo

Translated by Satomami and Satsuki @ cnboice

Posted by Linda @ cnboice

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YongHwa Weibo Update; Everyone Needs To Store Energy!


“여러분 안녕하세요 용화예요! 오랜만에 상해와서 기분이 좋습니다! 단독콘서트는 처음이라 더 기대되네요! ㅋ재밌는시간을 위해 여러분들 체력보충!!!ㅋ그럼 내일 봐요!!!”

Hello, I’m Yong Hwa. It’s has been a long time since I visited ShangHai, but I’m in a good mood. It’s our first time to have a solo concert here, so we are looking forward to it! Kk! In order to have a fun time, everyone needs to store energy!! Kk! I’ll see you tomorrow!

Source: CNBLUE’s Official Weibo

Translated by Noelle @ cnboice

Posted by Linda @ cnboice

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JongHyun Weibo Update; We Arrived Safely!


“안녕하세요 기타치는 종현입니다. 상해에 잘도착 했습니다 내일 공연때 봐요 훗”

Hello everyone, I’m guitarist JongHyun. We safely arrived in ShangHai! See u in tomorrow’s concert!

Source: CNBLUE’s Official Weibo Account

Translated by Noelle @ cnboice

Posted by Linda @ cnboice

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I leave for CNBLUE BLUE MOON in Guangzhou with Samsung Galaxy Music! Let’s gooooo as I listen to the songs. Wait a little!

삼성갤럭시뮤직과 함께하는 씨엔블루블루문 in 광저우 출발! 노래들으며 추우우울바알 조금만기다려요!

Source CNBLUE Weibo

Trans and Posted by Satsuki @ cnboice

Edited by Tara Lee @ cnboice/bpb decoded


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MinHyuk Weibo Update; Are you ready?


따지아하오 워쓰 민허! 광저우 콘서트가 얼마남지 않았네요! 곧 광저우에 블루문이 뜹니다!! 빨리 보고싶어요 피아오리앙 광저우! see u soon~ 준비됐죠? 우리가간다! 씨엔블루!

따지아하오 워쓰 민허! (Hello, I’m MinHyuk! *He said this in Chinese*) Our live in Guangzhou is soon! BLUE MOON is going up in Guangzho’s sky! 피아오리앙 광저우 (Beautiful Guangzhou!) see u soon~! Are you ready? We are ready! CNBLUE!

Source: CNBLUE’s Official Weibo

Translated  by Satomami @ cnboice

Edited and posted by Linda @ cnboice

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YongHwa Weibo Update; Music Makes Me High

Hello Malaysian fans~~~!!! I’m Yonghwa! I really had fun today ㅜThank you. Thank you for waiting for us. We want to come here again and again ㅜThank you again. We’ve gotten your earnest support, we will work harder and show you a better CNBLUE. MUSIC makes me high. Thank you !

말레이시아 여러분~~~!!!용화예요! 와…오늘 정말 재미있었습니다ㅜ 감사합니다. 기다려주셔서 감사드리고 앞으로도 자주올게요ㅜ 다시한번 감사드립니다. 여러분의 응원을 담아 앞으로도 더욱더 열심히 하는 CNBLUE 되겠습니다. MUSIC makes me high . Thank you !


Translated by Satomami @ cnboice

Posted by Linda @ cnboice