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[TRANS] Lee Jonghyun 1st Solo Tour “~Welcome to SPARKLING NIGHT~” Encore Concert Report by KStyle Japan


Guitarist and vocal of CNBLUE, the 4-member band from Korea, Lee Jong Hyun, held a tour of [1st Solo Concert in Japan ~Welcome to SPARKLING NIGHT~] on summer to commemorate the release of his first solo album. As an encore performance of the tour which mobilized about 18000 audiences on 5 performances in Osaka, Nagoya, as well Tokyo, it was held at Tokyo International Forum Hall A on Sunday, December 25th. There were 5000 audiences and it had so much fun, he shouted “I’m not lonely!” (!?) The Christmas special live report is here.


A lively red drape curtain fits perfectly for Christmas season and gorgeous eye-catching stage with a team consists of drums, basses, guitars, keyboards, saxophone, and a group of male and female chorus. Jonghyun as the MC greeted first “Merry Christmas!”, “Thanks for coming everyone, even though it’s Christmas Day. Actually, there weren’t any plans (for me) on Christmas but this live then decided, I thought that I won’t be lonely since there are you guys who waits (for the live). I’m rather happy. Let’s make the best Christmas today” he said. Even the MC is special because it’s a Christmas performance, the set list and overall production (of the live) were also upgraded.


The venue was cheering for excitement when the song begins to play, Jonghyun’s vocal wrapped it all up (the audiences’ cheers). As the heat rising slowly, Jonghyun’s live performance tastily soak up the excitement, the venue was filled with warmth as of Jonghyun’s song has such a healing power.

At the end of the main part, after enthusiastically singing the Korean version of a famous song “I LOVE YOU” by Yutaka Ozaki which had been sung by him since he was 15 years old during high school, a Christmas song medley of “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” which added by a jazz arrangement that fits the performance itself was presented, along with “Jingle Bell” and “White Christmas”. A mirrored ball hanging on the stage’s ceiling reflected red and green Christmas color lights and turned the stage like a merry-go-round, when Jonghyun finished singing he said “It’s Christmas, right? Everyone will get angry if I don’t sing (Christmas song) properly” showing his gentle smile.


When it got more powerful during Christmas medley, Jonghyun catch a fun conversation afterwards with “not lonely” as a keyword and the venue heats up. “Today, we’re not lonely! There are people who can sing a song with, together.” By that thought, he said “I want you to sing with me in a huge voice”, trying to urge the audience as usual, “we’re not lonely!”, then made the venue gone loud, “I’m so sorry (for considering everyone as a lonely person). I was wrong” and Jonghyun laughing hard.

Next, during MC part again he said that “Starlit Night” is a favorite song in the final (such as encore), then started to have a Sparta guidance to sing the Chorus. While handing the microphone to fans who were sitting in the front row, “ah, too bad (LOL)”, “barely/just there (girigiri)”, “not yet”. When audience said “terrible”, he responded “Ahahaha, you are yelling at Christmas (LOL) but I guess it will be fine since every of you sing with a big voice”, anyway, audiences were stick with attitude (following the rules on the venue/concert) and it was impressive.


When Jonghyun came out for the encore, he said “the voice is getting smaller” and then the venue called Lee Jonghyun with a “huge voice”. Both Jonghyun and fans were maximizing the possibility of enjoying the live each other, it felt like the strength is surely stronger than the opening one, it was moving.

In response of the claps that didn’t stop even after the band members’ greeting, Jonghyun appeared alone on the stage for a double encore, holding an acoustic guitar. While playing guitar for the first time on that day, he prepared himself and then singing the last song “”, “this song will be meaningless unless if everyone sings together”. It was like a nostalgia after all.

Heard the “huge voice” of the fans, Jonghyun showed a different and vivid expression when playing guitar, as well with the best smile. On MC part, “It’s hard to do this live alone, but I’m happy because I can sing my songs together, it’s fun. I want to do it little by little every year”, saying his goals. As a guitarist and vocal of CNBLUE, also as a solo artist, what kind of activity will he show next year? It’s the first solo tour of singer Lee Jong Hyun which its charms shine glowingly.


LEE JONG HYUN 1st Solo Concert in Japan Encore Live


2016.12.25(SUN) @Tokyo International Forum Hall A



M1 Moonlight Swing

M2 These days

M3 Lucid dream

M4 Call me

M5 Hate you

M6 I just need a..

M7 Blind Love

M8 Smile

M9 Be OK

M10 Pina Colada

M11 Foxy

M12 Show Me More


M14 X’mas MEDLEY


M16 Starlit Night

EN.1 Blessed

EN.2 voice




Not exactly all text from the article translated, just parts that related to the live. Any correction are welcomed 🙂


Trans by alvianashin

Source : KStyle Japan

Please take out with full credits



CNBLUE Zepp Tour ~Lady~ Live Report / Excite Music (Translation)

“In the past, there were only ‘Lady’ in our live (Laugh)” (Yonghwa)

An exploding male fan. They showed their improvement and evolution.

The last performance of the 2 days in Tokyo for [CNBLUE Zepp Tour 2013 ~Lady~] was held on Aug 7th (Wed).

The stage light turned from blue to red, CNBLUE appeared. “Are you ready?” When Yonghwa said so, they just started to play ‘Where you are’. Even while we were used to hear this song, we felt they improved. The groove that was made from intertwined sound and sound put the listeners on excitement. CNBLUE kept singing and played ‘In My Head’ and ‘Time Is Over’ aggressively. There was an atmosphere of excitement in the venue. Jungshin made a demagogic gesture again and again. During the talking time, Yonghwa said “We want to get your passion till the end”. He seemed to already think about ‘Summer Sonic 2013’ and the performance in Zepp Osaka. Minhyuk said he got a haircut, but it was like a different person with him when he is focused to play the drum.

“Don’t Care’ and ‘Greedy Man’ are the simple songs that made use of the tone of the acoustic guitar. These songs have a cool and nostalgic air, and made a different atmosphere then the beginning of the live. When they played ‘Try Again, Smile Again’ and Yonghwa and Jonghyun sang it, the atmosphere in the venue turned into happiness. The scene that they sang with fans seemed that they had a conversation, and it experienced wholeness and harmony. It was a happy surprise that Yonghwa sang impromptu with his acoustic guitar. Yonghwa let Jungshin sing “this is the last day of Tokyo, so sad~~”. Yonghwa followed it and sang “Thank you everybody~” “We will be here again”. Jonghyun lapped over with his electric guitar and the other members sang together “I am a genius!” “Your song is great” “My voice is best” etc. At the end of impromptu, Yonghwa said “CNBLUE is the best! We are top of the world!’ They acted casually on this impromptu, but this was not possible without their harmony and each ability.

After they played a sweet love song “Love Light” in Korean, the atmosphere in the venue changed to the mature and serious mood when Jonghyun sang ‘eclipse’ and Yonghwa sang ‘Y. Why’. On the other hand, they made another scene with pink and white lights on “Blind Love”. That was different from any scene . ‘Robot’ that Yonghwa’s shouted was impressive. ‘Coffee Shop’ that built a feeling of unity with call and response. Their set list was well-modulated and it made the most of what one has for each song. The last song was ‘Lady’ that is the title song of this tour. It has a disco sound and shows it is CNBLUE. Yonghwa’s natural steps raised our spirits, this song is verified that it’s good for a live. At the last of the live, the other members gathered around Minhyuk and they faced to each other and played each instrument.

During the encore, they appeared on stage with live T-shirts. Yonghwa said “Since you are getting hyper in the live, we became more and more hyper! We make the live together, not only CNBLUE. Since our distance is so close, we can get hyper early.” ”We had only 7 people in our first live”. He looked over the packed venue  and was impressed by it and said “My hearts is too full for words”.  Even after he said to the fans ‘Ladies and Gentlemen…”, he laughed and said “ In the past, there were only ‘Lady’ in our live”. It was very moving that they looked happy when the fan boy (man) give them a loud cheer. There was the sound of a huge roar when CNBLUE played “Teardrops In The Rain” with their beautiful harmony. The last song of the encore was “Starlit Light”. Jonghyun who has composed this song explained the episode for it. “When I saw a shooting star in Niigata, I felt it was good”. He also said “This is a feeling that was given by you, the fans. So let’s sing together” The fans clapped their hands and sang together beneath the mirror ball.

Because they have a wide variety of music, the show became furious, although the color of rock that is underlying does not wobble. And on the stage we can see each member’s confident attitude. After this performance, the first time they will appear is on Summer Sonic 2013. Did they feel anything while watching a new world? If the promise that Yonghwa made, “We will be back here again”, will come true, we look forward to watching them who would accomplish future growth.


Translated by Satomami @cnboice

Edited and posted by Linda @cnboice


Blue Moon World Tour Concert Dates

Blue Moon Poster My Edit 1

CNBLUE BLUE MOON TOUR IN LATIN AMERICA finally happens in 2014! CNBLUE longs to see all BOICEs in Latin America and rock together!


Date: 5pm, Sunday, January 26, 2014
Venue: Pepsi Center WTC, Mexico city
Ticket price: $2,000 / $1,000
Ticket sales date: Thursday, December 5, 2013 (
Booking Hotline: +52 53259000
Promoter Information:


Date: 9 pm, Friday, January 31, 2014
Venue: Movistar Arena, Santiago
Ticket price: $90,000/$60,000/$40,000/$30,000/$15,000
Ticket sales date: Thursday, December 5, 2013 (
Promoter Information:

Date: 8 pm, Tuesday, January 28, 2014
Venue: Parque del la Exposicion, Lima
Ticket price & Ticket Sales on : TBA
Promoter Information: AMI Live Entertainment

Source: CNBLUE’s official Facebook Account

Written and updated by Tara Lee , Linda and Nadya @ cnboice

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yongie selca

여러분 오랜만이에요!ㅋ날 좋은날!! 곡쓰러 작업실 나왔는데 뒤에 이 남자들이 지켜보네요ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 곧 한국콘서트인데 완전 기대!!!ㅋㅋ 여러분 콘서트에서 봐요! 재밌게 놀아봅시대이! 그럼 오늘 좋은 하루!!

Long time no see all! It’s good day!! I went out to the studio, then these men stared at me lol I have concerts in Korea soon and I’m really looking forward to it!! Meet us at concert!!! And have fun with us (at concert)!!!  Have a nice day!!

Source  CNBLUE_4

Trans by Satsuki @cnboice

Edited and Posted by Tara Lee @cnboice /bpb decoded