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CNBLUE 9th Japanese Single, White


CNBLUE new single “WHITE”  released April 8th !

A perk for someone who bought CNBLUE’s Single ‘WHITE’ that will be released on Apr.8th.

The winner by lottery will invited Premium sign event.(at Tokyo and Osaka).
After you bought 3 versions of 4 versions as below, you can apply the lottery. And total lucky 400 fans will be chosen by the lottery for the premium sign event.

Deadline is Apr.12. 2015

First Press Limited Edition A [CD + DVD] WPZL-30996/7 ¥ 2,400 (body) + tax

M4. STAY SOBER (Instrumental)

“2014 ARENA TOUR ~ WAVE ~ @ OSAKA-JO HALL” Multi Angle 3 songs
Ring / Go your way / Lonely night
“WHITE” Music Video & Special Feature


First Press Limited Edition B [CD + DVD] WPZL-30998/9 ¥ 2,000 (body) + tax

M4. Irony (Instrumental)

LIVE from SUMMER SONIC 2014 [first half]
Ryu Can Do It / In My Head / Wake up / Coffee Shop


Regular Edition [CD] WPCL- 12065 ¥ 1,200 (body) + tax

M4. WHITE (Instrumental)


BOICE Limited Edition [CD + DVD] part number: WPZL- 31000/1 ¥ 2,000 (body) + tax

M4. WHITE (Instrumental)

LIVE from SUMMER SONIC 2014 [second half]
I’m sorry / Lady / Can not Stop / SPECIAL FEATURE


Source CNBLUE Japan and

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CNBLUE Interview on Awesome Magazine Vol.14

This is the sequel of an interview with B-PASS Oct issue!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We want to interview about new front of Jonghyun’s lyric. This time, ‘Foxy’ that is the song you wrote which has so attractive lyric. This melody is funny, and arranged with various instruments, clapping sound and ‘fu~~’ chanting sound. The lyric is about a man who admire a sexy woman. By seeing only the lyric, I thought that was written by Yonghwa (Laugh).

Jonghyun: Ahhh, it might be.

Yonghwa: wait, wait. They have an image like that for me!?

Jonghyun: like that (Laugh)

This is because the image that Yonghwa is good at an escort for women than Jonghyun… (Laugh) It’s just
an image.

Yonghwa: See? It’s not a meaning that I am a philanderer. Yes, I’m a better hand than him.

Jonghyun: (bitter laugh) I’m  enjoying composed this song. About the lyric, is this funny situation, right? It was different genre from I ever wrote though, I think it is like a challenge for me.

‘Monster’s lyric that you wrote  has also your unique world vision. Recently you have more sense (diversity of musical sense) of composing a song than ever before, are you conciously explore your musical genre?

Jonghyun: I don’t stick a genre especially.

Yonghwa: Jonghyun makes a rap

Jonghyun: Oh, yes. It’s true that I like hiphop. Since each genre have good things, I think it’s interest in gather them. The best thing for us is making good songs, not to stick in one genre.

We want to ask you about a lyric. This ‘foxy’ ‘s lyric is for chasing a sexy women. We wonder how do you feel about that?

Jonghyun: Is that meaning about my love life? I’m not the kind of person to chase a woman. But I like sexy woman. I know the standards of sexy is different depend on the members. I like an imposing woman. I think a woman with great confidence is looks sexy.

Yonghwa: I don’t stick at nothing.

We know the standards of sexy is depends on the person. So what part of woman do you feel attractive?

Jungshin: smize! I think the person who has light in eyes is sexy, is attractive.

Minhyuk: I think eyes too.

Yonghwa: A motion that flip back hers hair!

Jungshin: That is just a gesture that a woman appeals to it for oneself.

What song do you like in this time’s album?

Jungshin: ‘Radio’! I interest the response from people who listened this song. It’s not joking, but I listen this song 7 times a day.
Yonghwa, Jonghyun, Minhyuk: 7 times! (Laugh)

Yonghwa: what is that tricky number as 7, it’s not 5 times nether 10 times (Laugh)

Minhyuk: Because I like all songs through the album, I don’t choose one. It suffices to say that would be ‘Radio’. We don’t have like this song ever, and I’m concerning about the feedback. I viewed in hindsight, I think that song become epoch-making song.

Jonghyun: Although I feel strongly about all songs, I dare I say it, the last song of this album ‘How awesome’. Even if I do say so myself, I wrote this lyric with great care.

This song has didactic lyric.

Jonghyun: Yes it is. This lyric says our feeling. I composed this song as our life like we have concerts everyday….I entitled it ‘How awesome’ because I think it is wonderful to live like that, and in a way, it is the message for fans.

Yonghwa: I’m going to choose ‘Control’. I wrote this song’s lyric with Jungshin and Minhyuk, It was very fun and good experience. We might never do that?! (Laugh)

Jungshin: in the last, we wrote this lyric on a bed, it was great experience for me. I am not sure that how did I could contribute to write a lyric, but I satisfied to join writing a lyric.

Yonghwa: Since that song is like a memorial song, also good song, I am happy if fans like that song.

Jungshin: In fact, we re-wrote lyric for chorus part, so it made that song became better. I enjoyed that process.

Your arena tour will starts from October. What kind of tour do you want to make?

Minhyuk: this tour is the first tour in Japan this year, so I want to do lots of things in this concert. We’re really look forward to the concert. We make this concert that fans will enjoy it!

Jungshin: This is a first tour since we released ‘WAVE’. We’ll show our new songs. And it has been 1 year since we had concert in Japan. Because we will able to meet fans after such a long time, we want to make this concert to enjoy. I hope I would say we had a fun time. Please come to our concert with your friends.

How will your experience that you had tour abroad be useful in the future?

Jonghyun: A concert makes us to develop more. These experiences build us today.

Yonghwa: The more we have a concert, the more I come to think what is a feeling of unity. I run on an idea from this question to next composing song. For example, I try to compose a song that has the stuff to groove, or try to compose a song which we can enjoy while playing the song. This is the good cycle for us. In a word, a concert is one of my part (life). It’s an important part without my body.

Jungshin: The life that going and coming back to overseas and home is a part of our routine now. It’s like a part of my life.

An instrument that you want to play

What is your first instrument?

Yonghwa: I started piano and clarinet when I was 6 years old. (Korean age) And a recorder too. I had learned various of instruments ever since.

Jungshin: I learned piano when I was child but I didn’t remember that. Maybe when I was 8 or 9 years old… Because my mom plays piano well, she taught me it… But I can’t play piano anymore. (Laugh)

Yonghwa: I look back about it, I had learned piano for 10 years…

Jungshin: sure?

Yonghwa: I think it was good for me for composed a song.

Jungshin: Since Yonghwa-hyeong plays piano very well, I envy him. I had learned also violin for 2 years though, of course! I don’t remember how to play it. (Laugh) And then I started playing a guitar when I was at 9th grader. Started playing a bass, it was after entering high school.

Jonghyun: Since I had been judo, playing a piano when I was at 10th grader was the first time to play instrument for me. I had not learned it by someone, I had just taught it myself. One day, after I watched a Eric Clapton’s video that he played a guitar, I wanted to try a guitar. I had also taught a guitar myself first. Since piano and guitar are completely different instrument, I really feel weird. About a piano, I can play chord though, it helps me to compose songs.

Minhyuk: Piano is my first instrument for me too. I started playing it when I was at kindergarden, and then I learned it by taking a class. I didn’t clearly remember, but actually I had been play a piano before entering elementary school. My mom made me to play it but I have enjoyed it 5 or 6 years. Since I wanted playing a flute, I started it instead of piano. I felt regret to quite a piano. Because, despite I had learned it for a long time, I gave it up completely. I started playing a drum when I was at 9th grade. Piano, Flute and Drum are different things as an instrument though, I can read a music and musical note and it helped me to learn drum. When I was child, I hadn’t dreamed of to be a musician. My older sister likes and she listen lots of music, this is one of the reasons that I like music. But I hadn’t thought I keep doing music.

Which instrument do you want to play from now on? Or if you have another life, what instrument do you want to learn?

Jonghyun: I want to play bass. A bass is important for band. This is the bassist that influence ability of a band. For learning a band, I keep learning to play a drum and bass.

Minhyuk: I want to keep learning piano until master it. I keep playing drum as one of my hobby (Laugh) I think the attraction of a band is to be consisted by gathering various instrument. So, if I have my other life, I would master piano.

Scanned by YfTTW

Trans by Satomi @ CNBOICE

Edited and Posted by Tara Lee @ CNBOICE

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CNBLUE Interview on B-PASS 2014 October Issue



We interviewed CNBLUE about their new song ‘Go Your Way’ in our last issue, and then we interview them about their new album ‘WAVE’ in this issue. Let’s read it.

Your new album in Japan ‘WAVE’ that is been 1 years and 1 month since your last album will be released in September!

Jungshin: I think this album is very good!

I think so. I think it’s going to be a famous album. So, why did you name‘Wave’ this album?

“Wave is the shape that has top, middle and bottom. We think our album includes various of songs like wave shape, so we named this album ‘WAVE’.”

Yonghwa: Our music expands the world like wave… forever…

Is this the meaning that the people who hear this album as if rides the wave, or your music rides the wave?

Yonghwa: That has lots of meanings. We think we want people who hear our songs will feel our music like they ride a wave, and we want our music spread out the world while involving other people. Personally, I think it is the best that CNBLUE’s music spread out far afield.

We think there are many songs that were felt fresh in this time’s your album. First of all, we would like to hear about Introduction that is the first track. You restore to put the introduction in your album. It is the same as your indie label album and your 1st album. We interviewed when you released your 1st album, you talked about an introduction that can express the world of your works like a concert starts with an introduction.

Yonghwa: This is not why we put an introduction in our album this time. We made a guitar riff first, and then we put a melody on it. So we started to think about an introduction.
Jungshin: An introduction has to come the first of the album, I think if we hear it, we can understand the atmosphere of the album.

How does Jonghyun think about it?

Jonghyun: I…
Yonghwa: do you think the same?
Jonghyun: An introduction makes an album stands out. We hear the whole album through the introduction, we can feel fresh aura.

By the way, we are going to ask the song that was composed by Yonghwa. About ‘Radio’, this is the lead song, isn’t this?

Everybody: Yes it is.

We think this time’s your album has the element of EDM (*Electric Dance Music) especially ‘Radio’

Jungshin: It might not so
Yonghwa: Jungshin, the interviewer is still asking.
Jungshin: ahaha… Sorry.

I’m keeping to ask. (Laugh) Especially ‘Radio’ has Dubstep (*repercussive electric sounds) that is used in EDM through the song and has the strong electro sounds. But its lyric is kind of…

Yonghwa: Kind of analog?

Yes. I am really interested these parallels between a digital and an analog. Where did you get this idea from?

Yonghwa: I had a consciousness of these parallels. There was already the word ‘Radio’ when I composed this song. The arrange has the elements of digital, but it has also the elements of analog sounds. That lyric is also an analog like, because I had an image that a sense of nostalgia. When we arranged it, I always remembered an image that an analog in a digital. I think that I could make this song interesting.

Except the ‘Radio’, ‘Lonely Night’ has lots of scratch sounds and ’Still’ has an electric sound before the bridge. Although I think this time’s your album has the elements of EDM through the whole album, what do you think a fusion with EDM and Rock?

Yonghwa: EDM and Dubstep are popular now, and I think EDM is similar to Rock in some part. The reason is rhythm. I think the rhythm is similar. EDM and Rock has a big difference for the instrument. But when we try to make use of their talents, they seem fit to each other. A digital and a band is only different from the color,
There are some similar elements, in fact.

On a personal note, I thought EDM is completed by oneself in a home. On another front, Rock is consisted as a band. It is a big difference.

Yonghwa: Because I like collecting equipments, I used to buy lots of instrumental and equipments and look up them. About a band, there is each member of each instrument and try to make one music. But DJ is a work by oneself, like work seriously thoroughly, right? For example, I can choose the melody’s length and when I take the effect, it’s depends on ourselves. This is the big difference. But I think EDM is easy to try. If I could just say without fear of misunderstanding, I think we can challenge EDM without study, because we used to express rhythm and melody using by instruments, but now digital can make these sounds using by one equipment. I know EDM or sounds of electronic coming from the sounds of connection of the equipments, originally. I think we must learn about EDM more because its sounds is do creative and has an element that we have to learn.

Are doing EDM sounds  too hard to play as a band?

Jungshin: I don’t think so. Our music has had various music styles like synthesized music and using only band sounds. So I don’t feel the difference of music style.

But will you feel the difference when you have a concert?

Minhyuk: Actually, there is a difference between a concert and recording. Especially at a concert, I usually feel that it’s hard. We can find the best way of playing for us with changing the playing style or a way of expression while recording. But on a concert, it’s like an all-or-nothing bet and we should challenge. So EDM is hard to try and has a limit to try in that way.

EDM and club culture is more popular in Japan than in Korea, we are happy that you released like that song that was like your challenge. Anyway, we were talking about only EDM, but we wonder, are you go  often to the club?

Everybody: No!
Jonghyun: We are totally not go there.
Yonghwa: I don’t like club (He said in English) haha~.
Jungshin: Daikiraide~su(He said in Japanese : I don’t like it)
Yonghwa: Are you sure?
Jungshin: Well. Honestly, I don’t like too much loud music.
Jonghyun: About me, It doesn’t meaning that I don’t like a club, but I rarely go there.
Yonghwa: Actually, I want to go, but I’m not feeling like doing this. Because I feel tired for the next day.
Jonghyun: We are the kind of people to like staying at home rather than to go out.

Are you  the type that you want to go but don’t go?

Jonghyun: actually not. We tried to go sometimes. But we were not able to dance like crazy.
Minhyuk: I just want to go there for listening music.
Yonghwa: Bounce, Bounce~
Jungshin: We have to drink…
Jonghyun: We like to play quietly.
Yonghwa: Of course we like club-music. We hear various of music without any reference to the genre, so anything goes for us. But as a playing place, we don’t like club… (Laugh)


*Part to will be on Awesome magazine interview

Scanned YFTTW

Trans by Satomi @ CNBOICE

Edited and Posted by Tara Lee @ CNBOICE

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CNBLUE serves up an audio-visual delight

The South Korean rock band delighted Singapore fans with energetic performances before finishing off on a touching note

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


It’s hard to imagine that just five years ago, CNBLUE was a struggling young band trying to get their feet wet by playing on the streets and in small clubs in Japan.

That humble beginning is a stark contrast from their Can’t Stop in Singapore live gig last night, where the South Korean quartet performed in front of 7,000 screaming fans.

Three gigantic LCD screens flashed an elaborate clock counting down to the start of the concert. When it seemed time for the boys to emerge, all eyes were glued to the stage, waiting to find out what kind of flashy entrance they would make.

But the way Jung Yong Hwa, Lee Jong Hyun, Lee Jung Shin and Kang Min Hyuk arrived on the scene was somewhat like their group’s early days – simple and straightforward, but eye-catching and ultimately effective: they casually walked out from the back of the arena (flanked by security, of course) onto the platform. Well, flying in on wires or leaping out from below deck wouldn’t be very CNBLUE, would it?

“Thank you for waiting for us; we’re very happy to see you again,” lead singer Yong Hwa crooned to the audience after the band finished rocking out to ‘Time is Over’, ‘Diamond Girl’ and ‘Intuition’.

In the one year and a month since their last show here, CNBLUE had released their fifth mini-album Can’t Stop, which meant that Boices (the official fandom name) had many fresh live renditions to indulge in. Just like Jung Shin promised during our interview the day before, the band played five out of the record’s six songs, including ‘Cold Love’, ‘Like a Child’ and the title track.

Older classics were certainly not forgotten. The cheering in the hall amplified tenfold when hot favourites like ‘I’m a Loner’ and ‘LOVE Girl’ came on, with devotees eagerly singing along without missing a beat (by the way, Yong Hwa told us that the band loves it when that happens, especially in countries outside of Korea).

Adding flavour to the already-stellar musical experience were the impressive stage effects. Pyrotechnics, lasers, confetti and coloured spotlights coordinated flawlessly with the beat and rhythm of each song, giving the eyes as much of a treat as the ears were getting (not that four good-looking boys passionately jamming their hearts out on stage wasn’t doing that already).

The evening ended on a more solemn note when Yong Hwa took some time to address the recent Sewol ferry accident. “Before our last song, I want to say something to thank you,” he said. “A few weeks ago, there was a tragedy in Korea, and many people there are grieving the loss. We saw the yellow ribbons on your wrist and we know what it means, so thank you. We hope our music becomes a light to them and to you.”

For those in the dark, the yellow ribbons are used to show condolences to the ferry victims and their families, and symbolises hope for more safe returns. A local CNBLUE fan club initiated the gesture by distributing the ribbons to concert attendees, who tied it around their left wrist.

With that, the band delved into the aptly named ‘Love Light’ and retreated backstage, but not before bowing with gratitude at the end of the three extended stages and promising they’ll be back again.

WATCH: CNBLUE – Time Is Over
WATCH: CNBLUE – Diamond Girl
WATCH: CNBLUE – Intuition


Source Xinmsn

Text: Tammi Tan

Photos: ONE Production

Videos: Teng Siew Eng & Fiona Lin

Reposted by Tara Lee @ cnboice/bpb decoded


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CNBLUE Still Lyric Translation/ Japanese, Romanization,English




You, Sono koega kanadeteru

You, this voice play was playing 



Sayonarano melody wo

the melody for good-bye



Aimaini gomakasukotomo dekizuni

I can’t cheat ambiguously



You, Arifureta Drama mitai

You, like a common drama



Sashidashita sono yubiwa

the ring you handed over me



Sabishigeni gosenfuno ue korogaru

roll on the staff notation helplessly


Tonight Tonight この思い

Tonight Tonight  kono omoi

Tonight Tonight  all this feeling



Itami saemo subete

Even as a pain


Tonight 心に鍵をかけて

Tonight  kokoroni kagiwo kakete

Tonight  I locked my heart




without losing color


Every day Every night 愛してたよ

Eevry day Every night  aishitetayo

Every day Every night  I loved you


Every day Every night 全て過去でも

Eevry day Every night  subete kakodemo

Every day Every night  even if were all past tense



Zutto zutto wasurenaiyo

I wouldn’t forget it forever


忘れられない You are still in my mind

Wasurerarenai  You are still in my mind

I can’t forget it  You are still in my mind


You, 頭では分かってる

You, atamadeha wakatteru

You, I understand in my head


その涙 その意味を

Sono namida sono imiwo

your tears and the meanings behind it


黒か白 それしかないピアノのように

Kuro ka Shiro soreshikanai piano noyouni

like a piano that has only black and white


You, 抱き寄せた指先が

You, dakiyoseta yubisakiga

You, your fingertips that were pulled by me



Samayotte furueteta

strayed and quavered



Anokoroha annani tokeattetanoni

We had melted together in those days


Good night Good night 終わらない

Good night Good night  owaranai

Good night Good night  it would never stop



Yumenoyouni fukaku

deep as a dream


Tonight せめて眠らせてくれその微笑みで

Tonight  semete nemurasetekure sono hohoemide

Tonight  let me sleep with this smile


Every day Every night 愛してたよ

Eevry day Every night  aishitetayo

Every day Every night  I loved you


Every day Every night 例え嘘でも

Eevry day Every night  tatoe usodemo

Every day Every night  even it was a lie



Itsuka kimino egaosaemo

someday even  your smile


忘れられる You are still in my mind

Wasurerareru  You are still in my mind

I would forget  You are still in my mind


I don’t know who hurt you

I don’t wanna lose you

You don’t know what I feel

You’ll never know this pain

missing you


Tonight Tonight この思い

Tonight Tonight  kono omoi

Tonight Tonight  all this feeling



Itamisaemo subete

Even as a pain


Tonight 心に鍵をかけて

Tonight  kokoroni kagiwo kakete

Tonight  I locked my heart




without losing  color


Everyday Every night 愛してたよ

Everyday Every night  aishitetayo

Every day Every night  I loved you


Every day Every night 君の全てを

Everyday Every night  kiminosubetewo

Every day Every night  all of you



Zutto zutto wasurenaiyo

I wouldn’t forget it forever


忘れられない You are still in my mind

Wasurerarenai  You are still in my mind

I would forget  You are still in my mind


Everyday Every night 愛してたよ

Everyday Every night  aishitetayo

Every day Every night  I loved you


Everyday Every night ずっとずっと忘れないよ

Everyday Every night  zutto zutto wasurenaiyo

Every day Every night  I wouldn’t forget it forever

Video Credit warnermusicjapan

Trans by Satomi @ cnboice

Edited and Posted by Tara Lee @ cnboice/bpb decoded

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FNC Kingdom Second Day by Excite music


[FNC KINGDOM] Second day report



The music festival [2013 FNC KINGDOM IN JAPAN~Fantastic & Crazy~] that was held under the auspices of FNC Entertainment was started on March 15th at Nippon Budokan. This is a first try to gather the concert FNC artist  at once, The first day is called Fantastic Day and second day is being called Crazy Days. The set list will be changed in each day.


The stage was like a castle wall as named KINGDOM, and was surrounded by the audience. CNBLUE who had the honor of closing last day appeared in the warm blue light on the stage. The first song is ‘Like a Child’ that is from their new album ‘Can’t Stop’.  And then they showed ‘Can’t Stop’ that is the first showing for this song in Japan. Yonghwa said “I want to be the one with you. Let’s sing with us!” and the fans sing along with them ‘Love Light’, ‘Starlit Night’ and etc. CNBLUE seemed happy because that is the first live in Budokan. Although they played a warm song with Piano and Acoustic guitar in the first of their concert, the venue was heating up at a stretch after Yonghwa shouted “I want to go to the top of the world!”, and they run through all the four songs from “Robot” to “Lady”. CNBLUE played nine songs all, this is fit to face the start of the Crazy Day.


N.Flying was next who debuted on an indie label on November in Japan and will officially debut in Korea in the spring. Their TV program “Chondamdon 111: How to way to become a star” started in Korea, they are received attention newbie band now. They sang 4 songs include Lady Gaga ‘Poker face’ that was re-arranged rap rhythm and their own composed song ‘Basket’. This genre that is called mixture rock that is defined by rap and hard sound would be one of the important pillars of FNC Entertainment.


AOA appeared after N.Flying. They are first girls group in FNC Entertaiment and that group has 8 people, but consist of the band in 5 people unit and a dance unit in 7 people. A band performed AKB48 ‘Heavy Loatation’ (AKB48 is an idol in Japan), and a dance unit performed ‘Mini Skirt’ that got No.1 in a music program.


Next is special guest TWO SONG PLACE. This is the group which was formed from the popular female talent, SongEunyi and FTISLAND Song Seunghyun who have the same last name. They performed ‘Age-Hight’ and AOA members danced as a backup dancer. To our surprise, CNBLUE Minhyuk attended and danced with TWO SOMG PLACE. Minhyuk said “It’s the first time to show my dance”.


Juniel performed after them. She came to Japan in 2010, and began her music career while going to Japanese school. And then she debuted in official in Japan in 2011. She sang three songs including her composed song ‘Everything is Alright’. She remarked “Because of today is ‘Crazy Day’, I’m taking everything out. “, and she called CEO Han Sungho. “I’m thankful for your love for me”


A special guest in this event is Lee Donggun. He was in the spotlight in the drama ‘Lovers in Pari’ and in the movie ‘My Boyfriend is Type B’, and he co-starred with CNBLUE Yonghwa in the drama ‘ Marry Me If You Dare’. He debuted as a singer first, this time he sang Anzenchitai’s ‘Kanashimi ni Sayonai’. The audience were enraptured by his sweet voice. He said “I’m singing in front of the audience for the first time 5 years. After such a long time, but I want to sing my new song.” And he sang ‘Oh I Love You’.


FTISLAND who is the first artist for FNC Entertainment had the honor of closing on this day. When their name was called, the Lightstick color in the venue was turned into yellow and these lights swung in response to Johnhoon’s guitar sound. Because this event was postponed due to Honki’s injury, this is the long-awaited return concert for the fans as well for them. The atmosphere in the venue became more and more hyper from the first song ‘Shiawase Theory’! Fans twirled a towel while the song ‘Let it Go’ and sang together ‘I wish’ in Korean. To say nothing of Hongki’s voice, his glittering aura and attitude of enjoying the concert gave a lift to fans. Powerful and positive sound tells us happy to become together with music. Hongki shouted “Play with us!” and ran around the stage. “We’ll do our best for playing a music together. I feel it is only for me” Hongki said. The last song was ‘Stay’ with Jaejin’s beautiful voice.


After the encore Hongki asked the fans “I want you are coming back to home in the happy feeling. Are you guys happy now? It’s enough for us, isn’t it?” This his word would be represented this event’s mean. In the last, Hongki called all artists out to the stage, and they took a photo saying “Congratulations on FNC KINGDOM well done!”. This event ended with the artists and fans sang “Like a Bird” together.


We were able to see the interaction across the group, but it is a first time stage to play on the same stage for FTISLAND and CNBLUE. This special atmosphere seemed to promote bonding between the family not only the fans and artists. Also, it became the memorable event with an unreleased CD that was given away to an audience. FNC Entertainment that is thinking a great deal of the artists and their concert could change the band culture in Korea, and would make a new wave in the world.


Source and more photo at Excite

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[STARCAST] CNBLUE, Love for the Fans also ‘Can’t Stop’

Hello, this is Jung Yong Hwa from CNBLUE.
CNBLUE finished 2013~2014 world tour and made a comeback with a new song ‘Can’t Stop’. This album was much harder as we wanted to try new things in terms of music and we also did some serious thinking. Since CNBLUE exclusive comeback show was an all-live performance for the first time of all the new songs, which came out after lots of serious thinking, so it was an anticipated performance but also the one we felt burdened about. We were thinking about what else we can give to the fans who came to see our performance on this day other than ‘Really good music’, the members and I decided to prepare a small gift for the fans.

Our comeback show that was aired was 70 minutes but the actual time of recording was over 15 hours. We were really worried that the lots of fans who came to see us might get tired with the shooting that continued for a long time until the late dawn…
Since it is a comeback in Korea in 1 year, we always felt sorry for the fans in Korea. Activities in Korea decreased as we were focusing on overseas activities while doing the world tour, but we think we still had the feeling of burden in the corner of our minds about activities in Korea. We did lots of serious thinking while preparing for this album and it is an album we produced with most effort so we are nervous about how they will listen to it. Lots of thoughts pass through our heads even when we were preparing water for the fans
It could not be compared to the love and effort that fans send us, but it is a small devotion that we prepared with our minds, hoping that it conveys what is on our minds.

I am really nervous about this comeback as if the debut is just around the corner. ‘Can’t Stop’ is the second self-written title song after ‘I’m Sorry’ and when we think that it is a performance in which we reveal the new album to everyone for the first time… we are looking forward and also excited. 
The members must have been thinking the same thing. While doing this world tour, we met the fans around the world and felt responsibility and were able to feel the minds we had when we just made a debut. We also talked a lot about CNBLUE’s path in music and identity. With the thought of seeing the fans in a long time, and also since it is the shooting site of exclusive comeback show, I could really feel that it is our comeback and lots of thoughts passed through my head.
Lee Jung Shin : I always received something from the fans but thinking that we will give the mind even though it might be small ourselves, I feel sorry and grateful. We have been restlessly holding overseas activities but there were not that many activities in Korea and I think that is why I feel that way even more, and as we took lots of efforts into preparing, let’s burn everything with cool performances!
Lee Jong Hyun : If it is for the fans!! I think wrapping and preparing the gift is far from me but when I think that the fans who are waiting for us and always supporting us will be happy, this is also fun~?
Kang Min Hyuk : World tour, shooting for the album cover, practice… I have been so busy with schedules but it seems like that now I am realizing it is comeback. When I think about letting the fans listen to new songs on the stage, I am excited~?
Ta, da~ We have finished preparing a meal box and water for the fans who will enjoy CNBLUE comeback show that will continue until dawn all they want.

Now that we prepared to meet the fans, it felt like as if it is right before the concert performance. The only difference could be that it is not a 2 hour concert, but a long~ concert that will go on for 15 hours, right~?
The waiting room 1 minute before going up on the stage.
Check the camera script for one last time!
Finished memorizing recording cue sheet also! It went in an order of Cold Love- Sleepless Night- Love is- I Am A Loner/ Coffee shop/ I’m sorry- Like A Child – Diamond Girl- Can’t Stop, but because it is the order of recording, it can differ with the order in which it is aired on TV^^
The instruments that we will use on the comeback show performance also finished lining up in front of the waiting room. Now then, should we go up to the stage in which the fans are waiting~?

CNBLUE all-live comeback show, begins right now

We greeted the fans while making an eye contact with the fans as we are so nice to meet them. Thank you for waiting us for a long time. I hope lots of people enjoy and become happy today with our music.
Our opinions were reflected a lot in this comeback show, and with the warm consideration from the producing staff members such as producing director Hwang In Young and the author Park Mi Na, we prepared while sharing opinions through a phone call even during the world tour. To make the performance that is most like CNBLUE, we could not take our eyes off the monitor after every performance is over even at the shooting site.

Jong Hyun is also diligently watching the performance video filmed using a video camera~

We will put effort into every song and will try making CNBLUE’s own cool performances.
Fighting with the members at the waiting room for a next performance! Since we have been doing lots of serious thinking and have been preparing for a long time, CNBLUE is ‘Can’t Stop’ to show the best possible performance.

This activity is a comeback in Korea after finishing the world tour ‘Blue Moon’ that went from 2013 to 2014, and we think it will be an activity that will serve as a huge transition point as we get to present new music. People can find it hard but we wanted to try new things in terms of music so we paid attention to what kind of songs we will have in the album to detailed parts such as the directing. We chose 6 songs out of 20 songs and listed them on the album ‘Can’t Stop’ and not only the title song ‘Can’t Stop’, to ‘Cold Love’, ‘Love is’, ‘Like A Child’ and ‘Diamond Girl’… We hope that lots of people agree and become happy after listening to our song.

Bonus~ Revealing of CNBLUE’s practice room video!

Written by: CNBLUE Jung Yong Hwa
Pictures: FNC Entertainment
Reposted by Tara Lee @ cnboice/bpb decoded

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[Mania number 1]The Simpsons Mania Jung Yong Hwa, Run for that Very Day


The lighting is hot, almost about to go deaf with the shouts from the fans, is singing, drinking water, the thirst does not go away, the performance is over. An empty stage. It feels empty. Came home, lied down on the bed, is lonely, lights up an incense, mind gets calm. Turns on the laptop, insert a DVD, it is The Simpsons. I get consoled by Homer Simpson’s stupid behaviors today also.


Jung Yong Hwa, the leader of the flowery handsome men rock band CNBLUE. As he made himself famous for the first time with TV drama ‘You’re Beautiful’, Jung Yong Hwa is a handsome man acknowledged by both himself and other people. He is The Simpsons Mania. It does not match. CNBLUE Jung Yong Hwa has a neat image but he happens to like the naughty family The Simpsons, who are good enough to be called mean and evil family. It is same as saying a cool church boy who has good grades, good at sports and even good at singing happens to be a porn mania.




What kind of family is The Simpsons? Homer Simpson, a dad who likes doughnuts and is representative of stupidity but can never be hated, Marge Simpson, who can be said as the only normal member in the family in which her widely stretched out hair and husky voice is charming (She is sophisticated but sometimes has a tendency to fall for beer and gambling), the oldest son Bart Simpson, who is the most naughty kid out of all naughty kids, sister Lisa Simpson, who is so smart as her IQ exceeds 150 and is herbivore and a baby Maggie Simpson, who always have rubber pacifier in her mouth. Isn’t this the animation that is about absurd troubles that this family causes?



The Simpsons was inserted as a 30 second long short story on America’s Fox TV variety show ‘The Tracey Ullman Show’ on April 19th, 1987. Its time of airing increased as it received such positive reactions and the season 1 officially launched after Christmas special production interview on December 17th, 1989 and it is the longest living animation in the world that is continuing until season 25. It looks like it is worth something as it received 27 Emmy Awards and 27 Annie Awards but people who know will know, the loveliness of The Simpsons that only pretends to be bad. It is like smelling your underwear that you have just taken off. The Simpsons is like that.


Can it be that the reason Jung Yong Hwa always looks for The Simpsons is because he might think of himself as a rocker trapped in a cage?

A rock & roll star must get drunk in beer and inspiration and run as if about to explode and has to oxidize. People like Freddy Mercury from Queen, John Lennon from The Beatles and Kurt Cobain from Nirvana lived with beer, who would by now at the pantheon of rock & roll. There were times when those were thought of as the characteristics of people who make a living with inspiration.



Homer Simpson, the dad of The Simpsons, resembles a rock star. He get caught by his wife when he went wildly excited upon seeing a strip girl at his friend’s bachelor party, and a man who fell in love with a baby pig but breaks up because the pig pooped so much. Elvis Presley must have been like Homer Simpson if he became a dad. Out of The Simpsons, Jung Yong Hwa loves Homer Simpson the most.




Jung Yong Hwa said “Homer Simpson is like a rock star. He is a man who breaks the frame or rules we typically think of”. A man who breaks the frame or rules. That is right. A rock star was like this from earlier times. Jung Yong Hwa said “There are times things that Homer or Bart says unclogs my mind”. There are lots of things he want to express but cannot while living in tough entertainment industry but when hearing Homer going “D’oh”, it is exciting. (“D’oh’” is something that Homer Simpson says whenever things don’t work out and it means something like ‘Damn it’. It is even listed in Oxford English dictionary)




Because of his brother worked in animation dubbing, Jung Yong Hwa started to get to know The Simpsons since he was little. He got to know the music through his brother also. To Jung Yong Hwa, The Simpsons and rock & roll naturally came closer at the same time. The sleepless night after he records, performs, sometimes acts and feels like that he used up all of the fuel, The Simpsons consoles Jung Yong Hwa. Like the best friend who grew up together since little, Jung Yong Hwa gets consoled while watching The Simpsons, who freely does things they want to do but still cheerful.



Jung Yong Hwa collects lots of The Simpsons characters. Sometimes, the fans even send it to him. The Simpsons t-shirt, blanket, many dolls, pillow and since he enjoys snowboarding, there is even The Simpsons snowboard. There is also even the Simpsons underwear. Jung Yong Hwa wearing The Simpsons underwear, it makes us to have imaginations for no reason.


We will let imaginations be just imaginations and asked why he likes the incense. Jung Yong Hwa said that he liked and took care of The Simpsons since he was little but started collecting incenses after making a debut. 80% of the things that cover his room are The Simpsons and 20% is the incense.



He said “I coincidentally found an incense with strawberry smell when I went to perform in America” and added “It felt like the feeling of loneliness is decreasing a little when I smelled an incense. No, I am not lonely but I guess it is the empty feeling? When light up incense in times like that, the mind gets calm.”




Jung Yong Hwa uses the king size bed. When he used energy more than he can, whether it is happy thing, sad thing or annoying thing, the smell from the incenses completely fill the bed when he used way too much energy. On a bed soaked with the smell, he watches The Simpsons DVD. It would be better to turn the lights off. Jung Yong Hwa said “There are times I want to go to a quiet place when I used way too much energy. That is when I light up incense, sit on the bed and watch The Simpson”.




Jung Yong Hwa said “I did not get to sleep well while preparing for the fifth mini album ‘Can’t Stop’ that was released on February 24th. (This interview took place in the end of January in which he was busy working on the final part of the album) Jung Yong Hwa said “Since my real job is singer, it looked like my nerve reached its climax” and described.



That is possible as Jung Yong Hwa wrote the lyrics and produced the songs for 5 songs out of 6 songs in mini album. He said “Experiences can be contained in the song, but also might not be in the song” and made a mysterious facial expression. It looked like he had to run a little more to be wild and honest like Homer Simpson.


The Simpsons live in a village called Springfield. At that place, they cry, laugh and make troubles. They love, fight and make troubles. Where could Springfield be to Jung Yong Hwa? Jung Yong Hwa said “My hometown is Busan. I go to hometown whenever I have time and meet with the friends that I grew up together since I was little. That is truly my Springfield”.



Jung Yong Hwa also said that he was granted a vacation an before starting to prepare for the album and went to Busan but did not stay long and came back right away. Jung Yong Hwa said “Taking a break made me anxious even more. That is why I came back right away and started to prepare for an album”. It looks like the stage is more and more and slowly becoming his Springfield.



Jung Yong Hwa said “I want to live according to inspiration”. He said “It is really hard to get agreement while living according to inspiration”. So, he prepares the song, plays the guitar and stays up all night with the colleagues. He goes up on the stage and sings with all his power. On the night in which he feels empty, he meets The Simpsons. While dreaming of the life of the rocker in which he wants to live but cannot yet.


In The Simpsons, lots of stars appeared as cameos. Pop stars such as Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga, and a band Green Day also appeared. Jimmy Carter, the former president of the United States, and George Bush, Clinton and Obama, the current president, appeared. Even Kim Jung Il, the chairman of North Korea’s national defense, appeared so it can be confidently said that someone is a famous figure by at least appearing on The Simpsons. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, appeared also and has a case of falling down as he tripped over Lisa Simpson’s legs.



Will Jung Yong Hwa be able to appear on The Simpsons also one day? Jung Yong Hwa answers “If that comes true, I will be so happy”. He says that he wants to live through inspiration and if he gets widely agreed, leave us and ascend to the pantheon of the rockers, it will be made possible. Run Jung Yong Hwa, for that very day.

*Note: Is anyone excited to see how Yonghwa’s room is? Then the photo above will do :)))






Written by : Star News Jeon Hyung Hwa
Pictures provided by : FNC Entertainment

Reposted byTara Lee @ cnboice/bpb decoded