Because when CNBLUE meets Boice, it creates CNBOICE.

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FNC Kingdom First Day by Excite music

[FNC KINGDOM] First day report


The music festival [2013 FNC KINGDOM IN JAPAN~Fantastic & Crazy~] that was held under the auspices of FNC Entertainment was started on March 15th at Nippon Budokan. This is a first try to gather the concert FNC artist  at once, The first day is called Fantastic Day and second day is being called Crazy Days. The set list will be changed in each day.

The first day was started by FTISLAND who is the first artist in FNC. This festival was scheduled to be carried out at the end of last year, but because of Hongki’s injury, it was postponed to March. Hongki said “I am so sorry about that. But I’m happy to have our family concert in Budokan. Already three years passed after we had our concert in Budokan first. Don’t you think we are grown up cool guys?” This is a return to concert as a FTISLAND that fans and themselves have been waiting for.

And then Juniel, she is a cute solo singer who has a sweet voice, AOA that has both faces of the sexy dance group and band, N. Flying that is aiming to debut in Japan also appeared.

In additional, Lee donggun appeared on stage as a singer for the first time in 5 years. Also attended TWO SONG PLACE that is the group formed by Song eunyi and Song seunghyun. They premiered their song ‘Age-height’ with AOA as a back dancer.

CNBLUE had an honor of the closing of this first day. They are busy with their comeback in Korea, but Jonghyun said “We are so busy now but happy to attend this festival. I want to give our heart back to fans in good music”.  Yonghwa said “ I am happy to heve a concert with FNC artist. FNC became big. I really thanked to FTISLAND they cut own way by themselves”  They performed ‘can’t stop’

In the encore, all artists were on a stage and sang ‘Try again, Smile again’

Source Excite Music

Trans Satomi @ cnboice

Edited and Posted by Tara Lee @ cnboice/bpb decoded

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CNBLUE 6th Japanese Single “Truth”


[CD+DVD] Truth(Limited Edition A)

WPZL-30747/8  ¥2,520(税込)


01 Truth
02 Still
03 HEART song
04 Still (Instrumental)


01 「Zepp Tour 2013 ~Lady~ @Zepp Tokyo」Multi Angle (Blind Love / Robot / Lady)
02 「Truth」Music Video
03 「Truth」Special Feature



[CD+DVD] Truth(Limited Edition B)

WPZL-30749/50  ¥2,100(税込)


01 Truth
02 Still
03 HEART song
04 HEART song (Instrumental)


01 LIVE from ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL 2013 (Where you are / Wake up / Let’s Go Crazy / Robot) (Special Feature)



[CD] Truth

WPCL-11659  ¥1,260(税込)


01 Truth
02 Still
03 HEART song
04 Truth (Instrumental)




[CD+DVD] Truth(「BOICE」限定盤)


WPZL-30751/2  ¥1,890(税込)




01 Truth
02 Still
03 HEART song
04 Truth (Instrumental)




01 「Still」Music Video

02 「Still」Special Feature



Posted by Tara Lee cnboice /bpb decoded

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[STARCAST] CNBLUE, Love for the Fans also ‘Can’t Stop’

Hello, this is Jung Yong Hwa from CNBLUE.
CNBLUE finished 2013~2014 world tour and made a comeback with a new song ‘Can’t Stop’. This album was much harder as we wanted to try new things in terms of music and we also did some serious thinking. Since CNBLUE exclusive comeback show was an all-live performance for the first time of all the new songs, which came out after lots of serious thinking, so it was an anticipated performance but also the one we felt burdened about. We were thinking about what else we can give to the fans who came to see our performance on this day other than ‘Really good music’, the members and I decided to prepare a small gift for the fans.

Our comeback show that was aired was 70 minutes but the actual time of recording was over 15 hours. We were really worried that the lots of fans who came to see us might get tired with the shooting that continued for a long time until the late dawn…
Since it is a comeback in Korea in 1 year, we always felt sorry for the fans in Korea. Activities in Korea decreased as we were focusing on overseas activities while doing the world tour, but we think we still had the feeling of burden in the corner of our minds about activities in Korea. We did lots of serious thinking while preparing for this album and it is an album we produced with most effort so we are nervous about how they will listen to it. Lots of thoughts pass through our heads even when we were preparing water for the fans
It could not be compared to the love and effort that fans send us, but it is a small devotion that we prepared with our minds, hoping that it conveys what is on our minds.

I am really nervous about this comeback as if the debut is just around the corner. ‘Can’t Stop’ is the second self-written title song after ‘I’m Sorry’ and when we think that it is a performance in which we reveal the new album to everyone for the first time… we are looking forward and also excited. 
The members must have been thinking the same thing. While doing this world tour, we met the fans around the world and felt responsibility and were able to feel the minds we had when we just made a debut. We also talked a lot about CNBLUE’s path in music and identity. With the thought of seeing the fans in a long time, and also since it is the shooting site of exclusive comeback show, I could really feel that it is our comeback and lots of thoughts passed through my head.
Lee Jung Shin : I always received something from the fans but thinking that we will give the mind even though it might be small ourselves, I feel sorry and grateful. We have been restlessly holding overseas activities but there were not that many activities in Korea and I think that is why I feel that way even more, and as we took lots of efforts into preparing, let’s burn everything with cool performances!
Lee Jong Hyun : If it is for the fans!! I think wrapping and preparing the gift is far from me but when I think that the fans who are waiting for us and always supporting us will be happy, this is also fun~?
Kang Min Hyuk : World tour, shooting for the album cover, practice… I have been so busy with schedules but it seems like that now I am realizing it is comeback. When I think about letting the fans listen to new songs on the stage, I am excited~?
Ta, da~ We have finished preparing a meal box and water for the fans who will enjoy CNBLUE comeback show that will continue until dawn all they want.

Now that we prepared to meet the fans, it felt like as if it is right before the concert performance. The only difference could be that it is not a 2 hour concert, but a long~ concert that will go on for 15 hours, right~?
The waiting room 1 minute before going up on the stage.
Check the camera script for one last time!
Finished memorizing recording cue sheet also! It went in an order of Cold Love- Sleepless Night- Love is- I Am A Loner/ Coffee shop/ I’m sorry- Like A Child – Diamond Girl- Can’t Stop, but because it is the order of recording, it can differ with the order in which it is aired on TV^^
The instruments that we will use on the comeback show performance also finished lining up in front of the waiting room. Now then, should we go up to the stage in which the fans are waiting~?

CNBLUE all-live comeback show, begins right now

We greeted the fans while making an eye contact with the fans as we are so nice to meet them. Thank you for waiting us for a long time. I hope lots of people enjoy and become happy today with our music.
Our opinions were reflected a lot in this comeback show, and with the warm consideration from the producing staff members such as producing director Hwang In Young and the author Park Mi Na, we prepared while sharing opinions through a phone call even during the world tour. To make the performance that is most like CNBLUE, we could not take our eyes off the monitor after every performance is over even at the shooting site.

Jong Hyun is also diligently watching the performance video filmed using a video camera~

We will put effort into every song and will try making CNBLUE’s own cool performances.
Fighting with the members at the waiting room for a next performance! Since we have been doing lots of serious thinking and have been preparing for a long time, CNBLUE is ‘Can’t Stop’ to show the best possible performance.

This activity is a comeback in Korea after finishing the world tour ‘Blue Moon’ that went from 2013 to 2014, and we think it will be an activity that will serve as a huge transition point as we get to present new music. People can find it hard but we wanted to try new things in terms of music so we paid attention to what kind of songs we will have in the album to detailed parts such as the directing. We chose 6 songs out of 20 songs and listed them on the album ‘Can’t Stop’ and not only the title song ‘Can’t Stop’, to ‘Cold Love’, ‘Love is’, ‘Like A Child’ and ‘Diamond Girl’… We hope that lots of people agree and become happy after listening to our song.

Bonus~ Revealing of CNBLUE’s practice room video!

Written by: CNBLUE Jung Yong Hwa
Pictures: FNC Entertainment
Reposted by Tara Lee @ cnboice/bpb decoded

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[Mania number 1]The Simpsons Mania Jung Yong Hwa, Run for that Very Day


The lighting is hot, almost about to go deaf with the shouts from the fans, is singing, drinking water, the thirst does not go away, the performance is over. An empty stage. It feels empty. Came home, lied down on the bed, is lonely, lights up an incense, mind gets calm. Turns on the laptop, insert a DVD, it is The Simpsons. I get consoled by Homer Simpson’s stupid behaviors today also.


Jung Yong Hwa, the leader of the flowery handsome men rock band CNBLUE. As he made himself famous for the first time with TV drama ‘You’re Beautiful’, Jung Yong Hwa is a handsome man acknowledged by both himself and other people. He is The Simpsons Mania. It does not match. CNBLUE Jung Yong Hwa has a neat image but he happens to like the naughty family The Simpsons, who are good enough to be called mean and evil family. It is same as saying a cool church boy who has good grades, good at sports and even good at singing happens to be a porn mania.




What kind of family is The Simpsons? Homer Simpson, a dad who likes doughnuts and is representative of stupidity but can never be hated, Marge Simpson, who can be said as the only normal member in the family in which her widely stretched out hair and husky voice is charming (She is sophisticated but sometimes has a tendency to fall for beer and gambling), the oldest son Bart Simpson, who is the most naughty kid out of all naughty kids, sister Lisa Simpson, who is so smart as her IQ exceeds 150 and is herbivore and a baby Maggie Simpson, who always have rubber pacifier in her mouth. Isn’t this the animation that is about absurd troubles that this family causes?



The Simpsons was inserted as a 30 second long short story on America’s Fox TV variety show ‘The Tracey Ullman Show’ on April 19th, 1987. Its time of airing increased as it received such positive reactions and the season 1 officially launched after Christmas special production interview on December 17th, 1989 and it is the longest living animation in the world that is continuing until season 25. It looks like it is worth something as it received 27 Emmy Awards and 27 Annie Awards but people who know will know, the loveliness of The Simpsons that only pretends to be bad. It is like smelling your underwear that you have just taken off. The Simpsons is like that.


Can it be that the reason Jung Yong Hwa always looks for The Simpsons is because he might think of himself as a rocker trapped in a cage?

A rock & roll star must get drunk in beer and inspiration and run as if about to explode and has to oxidize. People like Freddy Mercury from Queen, John Lennon from The Beatles and Kurt Cobain from Nirvana lived with beer, who would by now at the pantheon of rock & roll. There were times when those were thought of as the characteristics of people who make a living with inspiration.



Homer Simpson, the dad of The Simpsons, resembles a rock star. He get caught by his wife when he went wildly excited upon seeing a strip girl at his friend’s bachelor party, and a man who fell in love with a baby pig but breaks up because the pig pooped so much. Elvis Presley must have been like Homer Simpson if he became a dad. Out of The Simpsons, Jung Yong Hwa loves Homer Simpson the most.




Jung Yong Hwa said “Homer Simpson is like a rock star. He is a man who breaks the frame or rules we typically think of”. A man who breaks the frame or rules. That is right. A rock star was like this from earlier times. Jung Yong Hwa said “There are times things that Homer or Bart says unclogs my mind”. There are lots of things he want to express but cannot while living in tough entertainment industry but when hearing Homer going “D’oh”, it is exciting. (“D’oh’” is something that Homer Simpson says whenever things don’t work out and it means something like ‘Damn it’. It is even listed in Oxford English dictionary)




Because of his brother worked in animation dubbing, Jung Yong Hwa started to get to know The Simpsons since he was little. He got to know the music through his brother also. To Jung Yong Hwa, The Simpsons and rock & roll naturally came closer at the same time. The sleepless night after he records, performs, sometimes acts and feels like that he used up all of the fuel, The Simpsons consoles Jung Yong Hwa. Like the best friend who grew up together since little, Jung Yong Hwa gets consoled while watching The Simpsons, who freely does things they want to do but still cheerful.



Jung Yong Hwa collects lots of The Simpsons characters. Sometimes, the fans even send it to him. The Simpsons t-shirt, blanket, many dolls, pillow and since he enjoys snowboarding, there is even The Simpsons snowboard. There is also even the Simpsons underwear. Jung Yong Hwa wearing The Simpsons underwear, it makes us to have imaginations for no reason.


We will let imaginations be just imaginations and asked why he likes the incense. Jung Yong Hwa said that he liked and took care of The Simpsons since he was little but started collecting incenses after making a debut. 80% of the things that cover his room are The Simpsons and 20% is the incense.



He said “I coincidentally found an incense with strawberry smell when I went to perform in America” and added “It felt like the feeling of loneliness is decreasing a little when I smelled an incense. No, I am not lonely but I guess it is the empty feeling? When light up incense in times like that, the mind gets calm.”




Jung Yong Hwa uses the king size bed. When he used energy more than he can, whether it is happy thing, sad thing or annoying thing, the smell from the incenses completely fill the bed when he used way too much energy. On a bed soaked with the smell, he watches The Simpsons DVD. It would be better to turn the lights off. Jung Yong Hwa said “There are times I want to go to a quiet place when I used way too much energy. That is when I light up incense, sit on the bed and watch The Simpson”.




Jung Yong Hwa said “I did not get to sleep well while preparing for the fifth mini album ‘Can’t Stop’ that was released on February 24th. (This interview took place in the end of January in which he was busy working on the final part of the album) Jung Yong Hwa said “Since my real job is singer, it looked like my nerve reached its climax” and described.



That is possible as Jung Yong Hwa wrote the lyrics and produced the songs for 5 songs out of 6 songs in mini album. He said “Experiences can be contained in the song, but also might not be in the song” and made a mysterious facial expression. It looked like he had to run a little more to be wild and honest like Homer Simpson.


The Simpsons live in a village called Springfield. At that place, they cry, laugh and make troubles. They love, fight and make troubles. Where could Springfield be to Jung Yong Hwa? Jung Yong Hwa said “My hometown is Busan. I go to hometown whenever I have time and meet with the friends that I grew up together since I was little. That is truly my Springfield”.



Jung Yong Hwa also said that he was granted a vacation an before starting to prepare for the album and went to Busan but did not stay long and came back right away. Jung Yong Hwa said “Taking a break made me anxious even more. That is why I came back right away and started to prepare for an album”. It looks like the stage is more and more and slowly becoming his Springfield.



Jung Yong Hwa said “I want to live according to inspiration”. He said “It is really hard to get agreement while living according to inspiration”. So, he prepares the song, plays the guitar and stays up all night with the colleagues. He goes up on the stage and sings with all his power. On the night in which he feels empty, he meets The Simpsons. While dreaming of the life of the rocker in which he wants to live but cannot yet.


In The Simpsons, lots of stars appeared as cameos. Pop stars such as Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga, and a band Green Day also appeared. Jimmy Carter, the former president of the United States, and George Bush, Clinton and Obama, the current president, appeared. Even Kim Jung Il, the chairman of North Korea’s national defense, appeared so it can be confidently said that someone is a famous figure by at least appearing on The Simpsons. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, appeared also and has a case of falling down as he tripped over Lisa Simpson’s legs.



Will Jung Yong Hwa be able to appear on The Simpsons also one day? Jung Yong Hwa answers “If that comes true, I will be so happy”. He says that he wants to live through inspiration and if he gets widely agreed, leave us and ascend to the pantheon of the rockers, it will be made possible. Run Jung Yong Hwa, for that very day.

*Note: Is anyone excited to see how Yonghwa’s room is? Then the photo above will do :)))






Written by : Star News Jeon Hyung Hwa
Pictures provided by : FNC Entertainment

Reposted byTara Lee @ cnboice/bpb decoded

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Jung yonghwa’s reversal

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We asked him who seems to always arround in the outside freely.

“I draw a clear line in a free place.” was what he answered. ( future’s choice) Park Seju character’s reversal. Will the day when Jung Yonghwa  surpassed his own boundaries comes? It’s not about I will ever surpassed everything else than those line but more likely how I can show my smile .

In the drama filming, I will just feel tired in such a place.

It’s okay.  Wherever I filming drama is fun.

While starting  Furute’s choice drama , I had an expectation. And about the character also. I am confident.

This is my first time taking the role which is older than my actual age. Even though <Future’s Choice>  is a work which I should be almost 2 years older, I often heard that I look a lot older than my age before. So I want to try it.

Often heard about your age? What do you see??

Look at the screen (laugh). But I am not that old though.

When I did <You’re Beautiful> it was entirely my story.

In the previous work, with Park Shinhye, we could matched each other well. In my work this time, since I am doing it together with the seniors, there is a lot of new thing to learn. Even though my body is tired over the schedule, I had fun in the filming.

While taking the role as Park Seju, I hope I could prepared it well. Is there any thought like that?

What should I do before for this specific act. I’d started to think that kind of thing undeliberately. I’ve learn this on the previous acting classes, so I parctice the role character through the wall. But this time, Park Seju is actually look like Jung Yonghwa so I did it with ease. I do it as what I feel. And I did it. So this role is much more comfortable.

Is there any part you are confidence in from the minute you see it?

As you said. Now I think you are right, I am thinking while I am doing.

There is a figure surrounding the drama. It will chosen by the audience.then what is left as an actor Jung Yonghwa is seems the feel of self satisfaction.

That’s right. I who is in charge in this work and role have no regret at all

Not that there was no emotion, they just felt a little bit nervous.

If it’s like that then I am gratefull. If I face back in the past, I would also look at the embarassing part. Not because of me but bacause my feel is so strong. At this moment because it seems that my original expression is what coming out, so there is more realistic and looks good.

Up until now you mainly took such a caring character. Park Seju also such as that. In reality it’s hard to find (laugh)

You are right. It’s imposible.

Personally I wanna have Park Seju’s future

Me to! I really hope it’ll happend to me

Have you ever think about the chance that the drama situation could be real?

Of course, right now Park Seju is riveting to death.

Not being more active?

I like it even just like this… Ah, the dialect is come again

It’s okay. Dialect is fine. This is not an lmage interview though

Ah, yes.

Now is so inovation (smile)

At the site, sometime it’s like that to eunhye nuna. Look at me. Then nuna is like that. Because I don’t want to see it so I won’t see it. In the scenario, that is how it come out. (laugh)

In the drama filming location, we were preparing and also started to savor. for the commitment to the role of scene, we should would have the equivalent energy.

It doens’t matter with my phisical strength. But, the metabolism is… (laugh)

In the scene, improvisation is neede which was I’ve been trained in the stage. While shooting the drama, the touring Japan is also goes on. It’s possible to use it.

Oh! We are doing arena tour too. (laugh)

Honestly, both performance is the same. But, the energy when filming and the energy  when doing performance in the stage is a little bit different. In the stage, we are get audience.

Has already debut for 5 years. Music and performance. Is there any system that covering arround about your atttitude control??

Do drama filming, live performance in Japan twice and back to the filming site, doing both  aigo…  because the show must go on, I take care both my throat and body. But misteriously I went through it and enjoying  a head to the another step up. Further more, I get more of responsible and there is also a lot of thing to learn.

But the thing that miroculous is when most of it make me achieve this high place. While on it, there is been a responsibility and also  a lot of thing for me to learn.

Each time in the stage is not the same. Also there must be a slump to fall in to.

Of course it’s like that. Because without the team with us, we could’t do well in the stage. When there is still a performance we work hard rather than feel burden. Before when we walk up to the stage, we always felt like took a test. Should doing our best is the spell we countlessly said just like what other people do. Now adays, rather than feel burden about the stage, ‘let’s enjoy it.’ is the change that we made. We felt rather more fun even though we busy when on stage set location,  like enjoying while do it.  So we hope the audience can enjoy as much as we enjoy it. The stage it self is the place where the enjoyness occurred.

Rocker life style is seems different. Because while static and calm, you look brighter today.

Of course Rocker is look unstopable even they are surrogate but i am a type who can’t alligned my self well to the group and I hate that side of me.  My self is not the case here, because music never lie. In the  Rock  genre, there’s my way.  I am is my music

There is a lot of speculatioan and such an increasable missuderstanding. In the things like that, is it affect your nerve when writing a piece?

There is not something to worry about. There is also my side that is regret when I could’t selected my part well. My standard is not the kind who can tollerate anything. I set the line by the control instinct. I run into my imagination after switching arround the situation. So it become more painful. There is also several times when it disn’t work well.

Won’t you regret it later?

May be iIll regret it. But for now, there is a lot of think that I can’t do. So I should work harder.

Now that you work hard like this, what is your fundamental purpose?

For me, it doens’t seems I will be happy with just have a lot of money. I will fell it by going step by step

25 years old ‘usually’ have something that they longing for, haven’t you?

I also have something that I envy of. But when I am thinking of it, I also have friends who living in envy feeling over something. To be able to performing well in front of tens thousand of people, of course it’s ought to bear.  If I have something else  I had to  face of, then I would give up. If I can’t stand it, then there is nothing I could do anymore.

25 years old young man who come with such a tough story

Am I that old? (laugh)

Seems so.

“When there is still a performance we work hard rather than feel burden. Before when we walk up to the stage, we always felt like took a test. Should doing our best is the spell we countlessly said just like what other people do. Now adays, rather than feel burden about the stage, ‘let’s enjoy it.’ is the change that we made. We felt rather more fun even though we busy when on stage set location,  like enjoying while do it.  So we hope the audience can enjoy as much as we enjoy it. The stage it self is the place where the enjoyness occurred. “

“Do drama filming, live performance in japan twice and back to the filming site, doing both  aigo…  because the show must go on, I take care both my throat and body. But misteriously I went through it and enjoying  a head to the another step up. Further more, I get more of responsible and there is also a lot of thing to learn.”

Scanned by Byulbagi

Trans by Ully @ cnboice

Edited and Posted by Tara Lee @ cnboice/bpb decoded

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CNBLUE TV Navi March Issue Interview


CNBLUE is a Korean rock band who  officially debuted in Japan in 2011. They got known for their enthusiasm for music and their hot performance. Now their first documentary film is revealed. In this film, the camera crews followed their backstage of the world tour and their home as well as their show. In addition, they visit to the street and the small venue where they started. They talked about their ‘Start’ and ‘Now’, and this film.

The ‘First’ is in everywhere in this film.

—This is the documentary film that is filmed their real. 4 members who take out their enthusiasm for music for making their show. CNBLUE on the screen is not cool and bright CNBLUE as usual. They are just twenty-something young men against stress and pressure.

Jonghyun: Because this is the film that is filmed ‘ A young men’ who live without stop, not to mention fans, even the person who does not know us to be able to enjoy it.

Yonghwa: ‘ROCK IN JAPAN FES 2013’, ‘SUMMER SONIC 2013’ and ‘ZEPP Tour’ are filmed in it. When I saw that, I was really surprised that I had been fatter than now…

Jonghyun: You really had been gained weight. We were surprised. (Laugh)

Yonghwa: Because we were having the tour in that summer. The local food was so delicious…

Jonghyun: Is it related to summer?

Yonghwa: Eh…? No.

Jungshin: I worried to reveal the scene that we were talking intently to each other after the show of SUMMER SONIC 2013. I thought it seems we have fighting.

Yonghwa: Because there were lots of cameras, despite we have to focus our show, we have got nervous.

Jonghyun: Since the film is the first experience for us, I used to say ‘It’s too much’ to the director. But I was getting sad when filming was over.

Minhyuk: That was the scene to show our greedy about our show. I thought it was something new we have not shown so far.

Jonghyun: We were able to make a good film with lots of experiences. I want to show it my kids someday in the future.

Who is the member that works out or cook Jjigae?!

—Their home was shown for the first time on aired. Each room was clean roughly, but there are lots of shoes  in the porch

Jonghyun: Because we are living 5 people (4 members and a manager).

Jungshin: We decluttered living room, but we didn’t have a time to do our each room.

Yonghwa: We are neat housekeeper.


It is one of the highlight scenes that members cook and exercise.

Jungshin: Jonghyun-hyeong was interviewed while his exercise. The women fans can’t resist it!

Jonghyun: Then Jungshin too. There is a scene that he is cooking. Though he doesn’t usually cook, he said “If I married, I want to cook a couple of times a week”. I think he will be a good husband (Laugh)

Jungshin: I usually cook, don’t I?

Jonghyun: I don’t remember that (Laugh)

I want to be with this member even after 10 years.

—They came to Japan before their official debut in Korea. There are scenes that they are visit to Shinjuku, Shibuya and Yoyogi where are the memorial place for them. ‘I was thinking that lots of people hear our song while we were playing on the street one day, but when the signal changed, these people were gone…’ (Jonghyun) After 4 years. They keep going on their way because ‘We want to bring our music to people all over the world.’(Yonghwa) What is the effort that they are being them?

Yonghwa: I have composed songs with English lyric. It leads now. (A present situation that lots of people hear our song)

Jungshin: I think an effort for our dream is just our present activity. As a result, we can have lots of experiences and get satisfaction from it.

Minhyuk: I think a dream would come true when various conditions combines together. So we have to do our best, we would achieve our dream. We have worked with a coalition to make an effort for our show without changing before a debut. I hope we would make a stage together 10 years after.

Jonghyun: It would come in next 10 years’ time. In this 2013, it is the best thing that I was having good times. The worst thing is time goes by with a lighting speed. I was 19 years old when I debuted, but now I’m turned 24 years old soon…

—What will they have a time in this year?

Minhyuk: Because we are still 20’s, we don’t need to stop our steps. It is just ‘NEVER STOP’ for us.

Jungshin: When I saw us in the film, I feel we’ve grew up, but it is not enough. Same as that, when I looked back at this year, I want to grow up so as to think that something was not enough.

Jonghyun: ‘Keep going!’ I think we do what we have to do.

Minhyuk: I want I have good health. So if I got a chance, I could do my best for it.

Yonghwa: It is only 4 years since we have started our activity as a band. I think we have to keep going. Next our goal is Tokyo Dome. I keep trying to have our concert there!

Jungshin: I think so and I want to attend SUMMER SONIC too!

*While the shooting, Minhyuk was stumped about if he put his right arm on Yonghwa’s shoulder. (because Yonghwa is older than Minhyuk) The moment when he decided his mind and was going to do that, Jonghyun put his arm on Yonghwa’s shoulder! Minhyuk’s expression and arm have stood transfixed…   (Funny episode by editorial staff)

Scanned by Nuromianchaochi

Trans by Satomi @ cnboice

Posted by Tara Lee @ cnboice/bpb decoded

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CNBLUE got 9th place in the United World Chart.

CNBLUE got 9th place in the United World Chart. And got 1st place as a Korean singer


Korean band CNBLUE cemented themselves as a tough people for a global record.

According to the United Chart which is managed by Media Traffic (the website that counts the global album sale), CNBLUE ranked in the 9th place in the 2nd week in March and recorded the best ranking among Korean singers.

Their new album, including “Can’t stop” that is the title song and was composed by Yonghwa is marked as “Turning Point” of CNBLUE’s music, and have gotten attention from overseas, not only from Korea.

CNBLUE successfully ended their world tour (They performed 20 times in a 18 city of 14 countries) and was covered widely in the media in Latin America and Europe. They also got complimented by Billboard in America, “CNBLUE returns with “Can’t Stop” which sounds sure to send the rock-pop outfit to the upper rankings of the chart again despite a 180 in sound.”

They are showing the power of the music that has deepened in additional on to the world stage.

The United World Chart count the global album sales in the 36 countries, including America, Japan, United Kingdom, Germany and France, album sales in Korea is also reflected to global album chart.

CNBLUE will attend “2013 FNC KINGDOM IN JAPAN -Fantastic&Crazy-“ that will be held on 15th and 16th in Japan, Tokyo

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Why CNBLUE Changed Their Musical Color?

Why CNBLUE changed their musically color?


CNBLUE had done their change successfully. Behind this change, there are the reasons that mannerism and their distress.


Their new album’s title song “Can’t Stop” goes the way up the top levels in music chart. It’s a rare occasion in this category. Yonghwa said one of the reasons for their risky challenges is his slump.

He confessed to OSEN:  From at the point, my musical style what I have done was become stereotyped, There was the period that I could compose only similar songs and it was suffer me psychologically. This time I was trying to compose a song with the feeling what I feel now, not by constraint.

I composed “Can’t Stop” while imagine us who are on stage. I think this song will show lots of our figure. I used to play piano when our concert, but it’s a first time to show it on comeback show or music program.

I want fans to listen this song on our concert soon. When I imagine it, my feeling filled with happiness. It’s best if lots of people share my song and feel the happiness. Being happy when listen to my song is my pleasure rather than “this is a good song , so accept it!”

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Trans by Satomi @ cnboice

Posted by Tara Lee @cnboice/bpb decoded