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Today’s Guest CNBLUE


They’re a quarter capable rock band. The origin of CNBLUE is “Code Name BLUE”.
They tried for holding concerts or street lives over 100 times and did music activity as ‘music knight-errantry’ around Shibuya and Shinjuku.
They released their 6th single, groovy and danceable rock number ‘Lady’ on July 31st.


– Tell us the highlight of the new single, ‘Lady’!
Jungshin: I’m looking forward to playing the song ‘Lady’ at the live. I’m in charge of bass, so please listen to the bass lines.
Jonghyun: I’ve felt that this is an elegant song since I listened to it for the first time. Melody is good and cutting of the guitar is also really good.
Yonghwa: All 3 songs are like summer. They’re cool songs. Please listen to it.
Minhyuk: Some parts have strong rhythm. Rhythm matches all over this song. I want you to listen to all over the song.


– What parts of the new song is different from previous CNBLUE’s songs?
Yonghwa: Previous our songs released in Japan are all hard rock style. ‘Lady’ contains disco and dance style more than previous songs. In this  the point of view. It’s different from CNBLUE’s style until now.


– Tell us about the lyrics of new songs!!
Yonghwa: ‘Lady’ is the song that he confesses to a lady. The lyrics are a little sexy.
(About the lyrics of ‘Don’t care’)
Don’t care is the song that we give it to our friends and fans.
(About the lyrics of ‘Monday’)
Jonghyun: The song contains pressure that a weekend ends. We put everyone’s pressure that Sunday passes and Monday comes into his song.


– What stage are you going to make ‘SUMMER SONIC’ or ‘ROCK IN JAPAN’?
Jonghyun: It had been our dream. We went to watch SUMMER SONIC in 2009, but we can go to play our live this time. We’re feel honored. We’ll make good live with you and enjoy to play.


– Tell us your enthusiasms to advance into the world in future?
Minhyuk: It is the first world tour for us this time, so we finish it well and we’ll work hard to give a lot of our songs to many fans in many countries. It’s the best things we work hard.
Yonghwa: I want to play at Tokyo Dome (All laugh) I want to hold live at Times Square in New York. It isn’t decided yet.. please support us (All laugh)


– Tell us your process from now and your friendship. Why do you succeed now?
Yonghwa: Our teamwork is good. We have nice personality. I think it’s the reason.
Jonghyun: We understand each other. Although I forget how many years, we’ve lived together. We’re like family rather than members. We’ve persevered..
Yonghwa: We have much passion about music.


– Give a message to fans!!
Jungshin: We hold Zepp tour from July and appear on  rock festivals in August, so please look forward to it!
Jonghyun: We’ll meet at live!
Yonghwa: Please come to Zepp tour and lives and listen to new song ‘Lady’. Thank you.
Minhyuk: Please support this single ‘Lady’ and look forward to our activities from now. Thank you.


All: Kstar Lovers!!

Source Kstar Lovers

Rough Trans by Satsuki @ cnboice

Caps, Edited and Posted by Tara Lee @ cnboice/bpb decoded

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Yonghwa’s snowboarding skills (Trans)

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Everyone, I safely arrived in Japan. Kk.

Is the weather so hot?

It seems to be hot, I’ll publish a video that was taken when I went to the skiing ground in Hongchung in January with my Japanese manager hyung who was a snowboard player.

Kk, the name of the ski slope is Rock.

This is highest grade of this skiing ground, kk.

The other members went to a different place and came down with manager hyung~~

Then, at a very amazing point, manager hyung was taking this and came down. Kk !!!

It’s hot, but be cool as you watch the snow of this video!!!!

So I’ll do the lives well and return to Korea!!!

Top of the world!

Source: Yonghwa Daum Cafe

Caps by baidu YHbar

Video credit: HannahCao9989

Translation by Satsuki @ cnboice

Edited and posted by Tara Lee and Linda @ cnboice


CNBLUE on A Kaigishitsu Short Interview

Yonghwa: Everyone watching A Kaigishitsu , Hello!
All: We’re CNBLUE!
(Lee Jungshin, Lee Jonghyun, Jung Yonghwa, Kang Minhyuk)


Q. Please give brief explanation about new single “Lady”!

Jungshin: This single “Lady”, I look forward to played it live! Please look forward to it!
Jonghyun: This single also suits with summer! Please support it!
Yonghwa: It’s really nice songs. Everyone, please look forward to it!
Minhyuk: The single “Lady”, all songs are really nice. Please listen to these a lot. Thank you!


Q. What kind of lady is your ideal “Lady”?

Jungshin: I like an attractive lady♡
Yonghwa: I like a woman with pure eyes!
Jungshin: Me, too!
Minhyuk: Me, too, (His ideal lady has) pure eyes! Eyes are precious!
Jonghyun: I…
Yonghwa: (He likes a lady with) pretty at whole things!
Jungshin: complete whole!!
Jonghyun: Yes I’m!
Jungshin: The whole are important for him!
Yonghwa: (His ideal type has) good personality!
Jonghyun: Yes, my ideal type is someone who understands me!


Q. Please tell us about your impression with Japanese “Lady”

Jungshin: First of all, they’re cute!
Yonghwa: Japanese ladies are charming.
Jonghyun: Yeah
Jungshin: And they’re kind! I love them. *(Jungshin pointed at camera indicated to Japanese Ladies since this came from Japanese TV program!)*

*All: Laugh*



Q. Please say briefly to Japanese “Lady”

Yonghwa: Lady-san,
*Jonghyun laugh*
Minhyuk: Our gentlemen (!?)
*(He is embrassed maybe for being has wrong impression with his saying our gentlemen, LOL)*
Yonghwa&Jonghyun: Ladies and gentlemen!
Yonghwa: Lady-san, please recommend your friends and ladies about this single!
Jonghyun: Please tell it to a lot of ladies!
Yonghwa: This is very nice song, so please look forward to it!
Jungshin: Lady~!!
Yonghwa: Please listen to it! Thank you!


Yonghwa: That’s all!!
All: We’re CNBLUE!
Yonghwa: Thank you! *bow*
Minhyuk: Lady~!
Jungshin: Lady~! (With funny tone)

*Note: *(…)* line is translator and editor’s note

Source A Kaigishitsu

Trans by Satsuki @ cnboice

Caps, Edited and Posted by Tara Lee @ cnboice/bpb decoded



Yong Hwa: PPTV audience. Hello everyone, we are CNBLUE (in Chinese).


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PPTV: Today is Min Hyuk’s birthday and few days ago was Yong Hwa’s birthday, so happy birthday the two of you.

Yong Hwa: Thank you.


PPTV: Do CNBLUE members give birthday present to each other?

Yong Hwa: Yes, after midnight at home. They bought a cake to celebrate my birthday. Yesterday, we also bought a birthday cake to celebrate Min Hyuk’s. We celebrate our birthdays in this way.

Min Hyuk: Yeah.

PPTV: Should be very interesting!

Yong Hwa: (Laugh)


PPTV: As singers, it should be very busy and tired to hold concert, isn’t it?

Yong Hwa: No it isn’t, I don’t feel tired at all (Laugh…). Having world tours is really interesting. Normally, we have one week to rest in between two concerts. We really have fun when doing live performances.


PPTV: Fans really expect to your concerts!

Yong Hwa: Yeah…thank you.


PPTV: CNBLUE as a band, not only does a great job in music but also being beloved and supported in MC, acting, and variety shows. When do you think you are the happiest moment?

Yong Hwa: We join other activities but the happiest moment will be standing on the stage. It’s just like being home, the happiest moment is to stand on the stage.

PPTV: What about Jung Shin?

Jung Shin: I agree with Yong Hwa hyung. I have the same thoughts with him. Our original profession is singer, and as a band, to have live performance in the concert means a lot to us. pptv14

PPTV: I heard that Jung Shin is filming KBS TV series “Sword and Flower (칼과 꽃)” (the other title is Blade and Petal) and this TV series will be broadcasting in Korea and on PPTV at the same time.

Jung Shin: Oh, really?

PPTV: Yes it is. How do you feel to film ancient costume TV series for the first time?

Jung Shin: The TV filming is still ongoing. Besides, this is an ancient costume series and I am rookie, so I have lots of unfamiliar things but I will get used to during the filming. I also tried many things which are new one to me, and I find it’s quite interesting. The filming schedule is overlapping CNBLUE World Tours, so I feel happy to do two favorite things at the same time.



PPTV: Have you seen Jung Shin’s new ancient costume look? How do you feel like?

Yong Hwa: I saw the photos, but not in person, I think it’s better to watch his new look on TV (Laugh). Please show it to us…(looking at Jung Shin) When do you start to wear this…sorry…


PPTV: I saw the photo of Jung Shin practicing horse riding. It should be very busy in preparing for concerts, and Jung Shin still needs to practice horse riding and to film the TV series, don’t you feel tired? Have you got hurt?

Jung Shin: No, I have never got hurt when practicing horse riding, but I’m a bit worried about horse riding as I didn’t have much practice (Min Hyuk is chuckling…). However, when shooting the film I will be tensed and perform handsomely.


PPTV: Have you felt any difficulties/hardness during filming?

Jung Shin: I have not filmed many scenes yet, and I think something could be inspired during shooting film.

Yong Hwa: Yeah…he is this kind of person.


PPTV: Can you speak any Chinese?

Yong Hwa: Of course, we speak Chinese well.

PPTV: Can you show us some?

Yong Hwa: Da Gou…, Da Gou…, Da Gou… (Noelle: Chinese means Big/ Old brother. Actually it should be “Da Ge”…so it sounds funny here :))

Yong Hwa: Oh… Da Gou, no…?

PPTY: I am your younger brother.

Yong Hwa: How old are you?

PPTV: I’m 26.

Yong Hwa: I’m 25. Da Gou…, Da Gou, but does it mean that I look older than you?

PPTV: No No (Laugh)

Yong Hwa: (Turn to right side…) You need to be careful with what you say, he is your big brother’s big brother. (Laugh)


PPTV: Lastly, will you say something to your fans?

Min Hyuk: I miss you.


PPTV: Just simply says a couple sentences.

Min Hyuk: Thank you, everyone. I miss you a lot. I love you.

Yong Hwa: Thank you all, I’m Yong Hwa. Da Ge, I love you. (Min Hyuk laugh and clap). Thank you very much. Hope we can come to China often and have live performance here. Thank you to everyone for always loving and supporting us. We will show our best performance in tomorrow’s concert. Thank you, Xie Xie, Da Ge.


Jong Hyun: We’re took plane to get here, and I found it’s quite near between China and Korea, so I hope we can visit China often in the future, and we will show our great performance to everyone.


Jung Shin: It’s my pleasure to hold concert in China. We’re come here for our World Tour and I’m sure I will enjoy during the concert.



PPTV: Please say Xie Xie. (In this way, we can end the interview)

Jung Shin: Xie Xie. I love you. Xie Xie.

PPTV: China fans love you very much, so hope you can come to China more often.

PPTV: We also expect to tomorrow concert. Thank you.

CNBLUE: Yeah…thank you.


Source PPTV

Caps and Trans by Noelle cnboice

Edited and Posted by Tara Lee @ cnboice/bpb decoded



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[Spoiler] Added episode 1 captures for the Korean drama ‘Sword and Flower’

Blade and Petal official cap

Added episode 1 captures for the Korean drama “Sword and Flower” (2013)

Directed by Kim Yong-soo-I

Written by Kwon Min-soo

Network : KBS

With Eom Tae-woongKim Ok-binKim Young-cheolChoi Min-sooOn Joo-wanLee Jung-shin,…

Wed, Thu 21:55
Formerly known as “Knife and Flower” on HanCinema
Moo-yeong, the daughter of King Yeongryu from the Goryeo times, falls in love with Yeon-choong, the writer of Yeon Gaesomun and conflicts between revenge and love.

Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2013/07/03

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Posted by Linda @cnboice

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KANG MINHYUK 1 vs 100 edited scene

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MC: Once you guys are receiving scripts, you may compete against each other.
Minhyuk: We don’t compete; if we are receiving scripts we just read it together. What kind of story it is, what kind of drama it is. We are applying audition by oneself and together sometimes. Two or three people together, even sometimes all of us applying together, if we like it; and if our company gives their okay, then anyone who wants to do it applying the audition.
MC: What drama did you guys apply together?
Minhyuk: It’s so old story, Yonghwa hyung’s ‘You’re beautiful’, I took the audition too. For Jonghyun hyung’s ‘A gentleman’s dignity’, I had attended the meeting only.
MC: You are studying that much, then do you monitor other member’s drama?
Minhyuk: Yes. We are monitoring each other drama well.
MC: What do you say?
Minhyuk: Since four men are living together, we’re never praise; we’re just made fun of others.

MC: Ah, you make fun to others. How is it?
Minhyuk: My first appearance in ‘My husband got a family’ was a club scene. I raised my hand saying ‘I will!’ I was so nervous, I raised three fingers only.
MC: Like this?
Minhyuk: I wasn’t strong enough, so I did ‘I will!’ like this. Members saw it and posted that photo. Whenever they saw me at concert or TV show, they do this to me. Once, while we were doing a concert, suddenly Yonghwa hyung turned around to me. I was playing the drums. He did this (imitated Minhyuk’s ways while he raised his hand) to me. I almost threw drum stick to him because I was so angry.
MC: Then, when you’re made fun to others, what do you do?
Minhyuk: Jungshin is acting well at ‘My daughter Seoyoung’. He is very good at tearing scene.
His eyes are originally big, but when he acts those scenes, his eyes got much bigger. I captured that scene and posted it at our chatting site, typing ‘Jungshin, you cry well.’ We are living like this making fun of each other.
MC: You guys are all very stylish now, but maybe you were not at first. How was your first impression to other members?
Minhyuk: From the first, Yonghwa hyung made me think, ‘Is it an actor audition?’ He was wearing a long checked coat, with fair skin, he looked like a prince. Jonghyun hyung was wearing training suit, had short hair and was speaking in hard dialect. He was like a next door brother. Jungshin, his hair was very impressive. He had his hair tied in a bun a lot. It looked like shrimp sushi. You know the shrimp put on the rice?
MC: It’s put on the steamed rice.
Minhyuk: It was very impressive.
MC: He must be hard to make it.

Minhyuk: At first I learned drums, I was lack of power. So I worried a lot. My teachers told me a lot that I needed to strengthen the power. I thought it’s not that drums should be played by power only. Playing accurately is also important, so I practiced more on that point too.
MC: So, are you thinking of making your body bigger, making muscles on your arms, so that you can rolled your sleeves up?
Minhyuk: When we’re doing concert, I felt so hot. We’re performing 25 songs. So I took off my jacket, rolled the short sleeves T-shirt up. After the concert, I was told, ‘You rolled it on purpose!’ by our company people and who watched the concert. On the next day concert, I found myself rolled it again, suddenly I remember the words I heard, so I pulled it down again.
But after the concert, I found my sleeves rolled up. I did it unconsciously. But they say my arms look okay. If you come to our concert, you can see I took my jacket off and rolled my sleeves up. We will have concert on May in Korea.
MC: May?
Minhyuk: Please be sure to come.
MC: Will it be sold out early so we can’t buy it if we don’t hurry?
Minhyuk: The ticketing is not open yet, but once it open, you’ll be difficult to buy. Please hurry to purchase.
MC: Ha ha ha you’re witty.


Video /Caps Credit DNBLUE

Trans by Saturnkr

Edited and Posted by Tara Lee @cnboice/bpb decoded