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CNBLUE on PATi PATi Sep. issue

PATi-PATi sept 13

CNBLUE will release their 2nd album in Japan ‘What Turns You On?’ on Aug 28th. They will be also released ‘Lady’ ahead of this album. In this summer, they have lots of live in Japan like Zepp tour and Summer Sonic. ‘Lady’ is a disco tune song that has a mature atmosphere, but it contradicts with their public image that is serious and good young man. Which is in fact their true figure?

Everyone says to us do not get a tattoo (Laugh)

—Before an interview, Yonghwa, you have got tanned, haven’t you?

Yonghwa: eh… why everyone asks me so …?  Actually since I play golf recently, I’ve tanned. I didn’t get it on purpose, so I wonder why everyone asks me so.

—Eh? You said you play golf, right?

Yonghwa: Yes. I think it is better to learn as early as possible

—…Well, What is it for?

Yonghwa: Because there is an image that adult plays golf. And I heard that it is good for posture fixing. I take the lesson as possible as I can only when I have time. Recently the number of young people playing golf has grown in Korea.

—Oh, I see. By the way, I am asking about your new single ‘Lady’. Is this a song for Japan?

Yonghwa: No, it is not. We don’t stick to in which country we would release it. We have a stance that we offer a song when we made at the time to release. This time, I had composed another ballad song but it is not like for summer, so I chose ‘Lady’.

—This song has mature atmosphere and it has dance tune.

Minhyuk: A rhythm sounds like disco. I think our live performance is going to be excited with this song. I am also excited to play a drum.

—There is an image that disco is sleazy in Japan. But your Japanese fan has an image that CNBLUE is a good young man and serious rock band.

Jonghyun: It is true. Our image for fan is “GENTLEMAN”… Since everyone has such as an image, so we have to be so …

—Huh? Are you meaning that this is not true in fact?

Jonghyun: Oh, no, no (Laugh).  If we did bad things, our image would get damage even though there is such a good image for us. So inevitably conclude that we have to be a GENTLEMAN as an image that everyone have.

Yonghwa: An image of good young man and GENTLEMAN fit with our image (said it firmly).

Jonghyun: So we are looked at with such an image in Korea.

Jungshin: In fact, we are not outstripping the image.

Yonghwa: We are always (with a proud face) “serious people”.

—Huh? Is it true?

Yonghwa: Yes. Because the leader (=Yonghwa) is like that!!

Jungshin: (in low voices) Too much to say.

Yonghwa: (Glance at Jungshin).

Jungshin: (in low voices) oh, just a kidding.

—If you are so serious people, I think that the image of the disco is unexpected.

Yonghwa: Yes it is, that’s correct (admit openly, everyone laughed). So it goes like that. Since ‘Lady’ is the sexiest song we ever released, we get a disco image on stage.

Jonghyun: We do our best to get the atmosphere of disco, but when we walk off the stage once, we turn out to be serious people.

—Umm. You artfully dodge our question …

Jonghyun: No, no. Actually we are told that we are serious people from FNC staff and people who are close to us, not only by fans.

Yonghwa: So, I play golf.

Jonghyun: Members escape to some sports.

—Don’t you go a disco or night club in your free time?

Jonghyun: Totally not.

—Are you sure?

Jonghyun: We might think that we are telling you a lie (Laugh) but absolutely not.

—But you think you want to go there, don’t you?

Yonghwa: It is going to cost money …

Jonghyun: I think we wanted to go there when we were around 20 years old though; we have been so busy and couldn’t go. Even if we were here now, we have no idea what do we do… (Laugh) And since now we are doing KFHI (Korea Food for Hungry International), we want to be a good model for everyone.

—There is an image that CNBLUE = Serious people and good young man, in both of Korea and Japan. Do you think what a catalyst is?

Jonghyun: No idea.

—Is it FNC’s plan?

Jonghyun: No, it is not.

Yonghwa: It might be because we often wear a suit.

Jonghyun: Yes! It is it!

Yonghwa: Since we have worn a suit from the beginning, our image might be serious. Actually, when we wear a suit, we look so cool (Laugh)

Jonghyun: We didn’t have free time at all at the beginning of our debut. And now, even if we had it, we have no idea how to play because we have not been to play. So we do some sports.

—That’s why you play golf or muscle training.

Yonghwa: Well, I think public image is made by fans or everyone, not by us. Now, CNBLUE = Serious people and good young man, GENTLEMAN. It is okay for us now.

Jungshin: And people have an image for us the rock band that a tattoo does not match (Laugh). Everyone says to us do not get a tattoo.

Jonghyun: Not only tattoo, I had had three piercing holes in my ears but now I never have them.

—Even if you say so, in fact you might have lots of tattoos on your back (laugh)

All: No, no.

Yonghwa: But, kkk (awless smile). My back is absolutely full of tattoos.

—Wow, shows us!

Yonghwa: I am sorry. It is a secret between you and me. (*just kidding all (Laugh))


I thought that the impression when we listened to this song is important.

 PATi-PATi sept 13.5

—Well, can I hear about a song ‘Don’t Care’? What kind of theme did you make this song with?

Yonghwa: This is the song that I want people who think that oneself are alone to hear this song. Don’t worry because I have family and friends … I wrote such a message.

—You wrote this lyric by replacing the fans and you.

Yonghwa: Since I am in this position, I could write this lyric. We have ‘the fan’ that is kind of special position for us, not only family and friends. Because I have the special privilege which general people don’t have, the existence of the fans come out in my head naturally. We have not had such a song that was expressing directly the connection with the fan and us, I wanted to write about this connection.

—Can we ask you about the sound of this song? Why did you make this such as an acoustic sound?

Yonghwa: Since the original was so. About a guitar, we used acoustic guitar only but at the time of recording, Jonghyun put the electric guitar sounds.

—The bridge was played by the brass horns, it is very impressive.

Yonghwa: Most of the songs have rap or the guitar solo part after chorus, but this song has the brass horns. This is the point of this song.

Minhyuk: Since I love that part, I attached my mind about the tone of my drum when I recorded it. I listened to it many times; I thought the sounds that fit with this song’s atmosphere.

Yonghwa: This song is not fancy but I thought that the impression when we listened to this song is important. So as Minhyuk had said, we cared about even one tone of the drum.

— As a result, it turns out contrasting song from ‘Lady’ that has fancy and digital sounds.

Jonghyun: It seems to have a style like Europe or England.

Yonghwa: Actually, there are some points in this song. Since it has a violin tone in the bridge, we can feel Oriental atmosphere. Depends on a person who listen to it the impression would be different.

Jungshin: There may be the people thinking this song to be a sad song. The bass line is simple in this song. If ‘Lady’ has an atmosphere such as digital, ‘Don’t Care’ has acoustic sound. So I feel this one seems more “band sound”.

—‘Monday’ is a song that was made from Yonghwa’s delusion of his specialty?

Yonghwa: Yes it is. The office worker would feel happy on Friday and they would also feel hard on Sunday night, and then greet Monday morning. I imagined like that and wrote this lyric.

—Your world tour will be continued after Zepp tour in Japan. What do you look forward to?

Yonghwa: A dinner with staff after live. I look forward to eat local food.

—Do you drink?

Minhyuk: Since we are tired after a live.

Jungshin: Not too much drink.

Yonghwa: We only drink the first one glass.

—You are serious people even in such as situation.

Yonghwa: Sure!!

—Don’t you think you want to break down that image?

Yonghwa: More than 20 years, we are the same like this, so we can’t. We will stay like this now and in the future.


What is a color of CNBLUE’s personal plane?

 PATi-PATi sept 13.6

—You told us your epic plan that after you conquered the world in your world tour, you will buy your personal plane, and whenever you want to eat Sushi, you would come to Japan using that plane. If it came true, is the body of your plane blue?

Yonghwa: No, Black!

—Eh? Why?

Yonghwa: Because the spots are not easy to notice. (Everyone laughs) The inside makes black not to become dirty.

Jungshin: But If it was all back, it would be hard to see by people, isn’t it?

Yonghwa: It is okay because I make it highlighted block!

—When this plan would become real?

Yonghwa: Since this time’s world tour is our first time one, it might be around next world tour (Laugh)

 PATi-PATi sept 13.1PATi-PATi sept 13.2PATi-PATi sept 13.3PATi-PATi sept 13.4

Scanned by nuromianchaochi

Trans by Satomi @ cnboice

Edited and Posted by Tara Lee @cnboice /bpb decoded 

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CNBLUE on Shukan Josei 2013, 8/20 and 8/27 Combined Issue


You are my Lady

6th single by super band who works on a worldwide level takes Japan in Summer by storm. They came back to Shukan Josei.

CNBLUE who had released creative style in each song released 6th single ‘Lady’ in Japan. This is the groovy song that has an element of disco and dance music to their conventional hard rock style.

“When I heard this song for the first time, I thought it is so stylish. It has good melody line and impressive guitar cutting. So please hear it well.” (Jonghyun / 23 years old)

“This song has a strong rhythm so it is good for live performance. I am looking forward to sing this song with fans” (Minhyuk / 22 years old)

All songs in this single were composed by Yonghwa. The theme is summer.

“This single turned out to feel like the coolness as a whole. ‘Lady’ is the song that is a man confess to a woman he loves. You may feel a sexy feeling a bit for this song. ‘Don’t Care’ is the song that I want to give to fans and our friends. ‘Monday’ expressed the pressure that a holiday is over and Monday begins. We don’t understand much this pressure though. (Laugh)” (Yonghwa / 24 years old)

In his summer, they are taking part in some Rock Festivals like ‘ROCK IN JAPAN’ and ‘SUMMER SONIC’. Hot summer is just starting!

“Don’t miss the bass line that I play! Let’s make great live together” (Jungshin / 21 years old)


Scanned by nuromianchaochi

Trans by Satomi @ cnboice

Posted by Tara Lee @ cnboice/bpb decoded

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CNBLUE Oricon Style ‘Lady’ Interview

CNBLUE was holding Zepp tour released the 6th single “Lady”. They looked back over their school days and talked about how they spent holiday or summer vacation this time.

oricon style lady3

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Made it with imagining we play it in live concerts

-Your 6th single “Lady” was complete. Please tell me a main point when listening to ‘Lady’.
Jungshin: I’m in charge of the bass, so the point is my bass line (laugh). It took from 9 pm to 5 am for recording this song because we thought many things back then. I have played as I think that we will liven up when we play it in this tour since recording. Rhythm makes us high itself and sound is ‘Bang bang! (With high tone).
All: (laugh)
Jungshin: I only imagine that we enjoy concerts with audiences, I become exciting.
Jonghyun: Yonghwa hyung made this song, it’s really good song! I love it!
Jungshin: I love it, too!
Minhyuk: Me too (laugh)

-About “Lady” loved by all, please tell me the episodes of production, the creator, Yonghwa-san?
Yonghwa: I made this song in March or April this year to try to harmonize old style and current style. In reality, I could make it more difficult, but I made it with imagine we play it in live concerts. That’s why this song became simple without complicated sounds I piled up first.
Jungshin: But playing is so difficult.
Yonghwa: Just it’s simple by and large; I dared to use difficult phrases to give importance sounds one by one.
Jungshin: It was hard for me….
Yonghwa: “Lady” was complete early at almost same time as “Don’t care” and “Monday”, but after we finished mixing it, we corrected the latter half of this song or corrected some when bass part recording, and put the correction up. So we took more time for recording.
Jungshin: During my recording, Yonghwa hyung was there all the time. I finished recording at 5 am, Yonghwa hyung had worked until over 6 am. I’m really sorry for him for sleepiness.

-Then, what did Jonghyun-san and Minhyuk-san do?
Minhyuk: I finished my recording then, so though I send him yelling support ‘Keep it up, Jungshin~’ in my mind, I was sleeping at home (laugh)
Jonghyun: Because of his shooting of drama, Jungshin was recording the last. I always do it later than him. I relaxed at home with feeling achieved recording.
Yonghwa: If they had been then, they would have had nothing to do (laugh)
Jonghyun: No doubt we might become in their way (laugh)

-What are contents of lyrics?
Yonghwa: In the lyrics, a man approached a woman earlier. (The lyrics express a man who approached a woman he falls in love at first sight and his feeling that bursts into flame at once.)

-Are these about you?
Yonghwa: (immediately) No (laugh). Our songs hadn’t had such Japanese lyrics. I imagined that the lyrics suit the atmosphere of this song in my mind.

-What is a main point when listening ‘Don’t Care’?
Yonghwa: This song is also simple, but in contrast to strong sound ‘Lady’, it’s impressive acoustic warm sounds.
Jonghyun: This song contained a lot of guitar parts at first, but we were cutting sounds as ‘Lady’, finally, some guitar parts are cut (laugh). But an atmosphere of the song is very good.
Yonghwa: In the lyrics, we are blessed and supported many people and fans, so we happily live. Because, we’ll also live from now on as we appreciate them. And everyone who is listening this song doesn’t live alone. You’re all right because we are close to you. This song directly expresses these feeling.

-We are given strong brave. I’m sure that fans have same thought.
Yonghwa: I hope so.

-Next, please tell us a main point when listening ‘Monday’.
Yonghwa: We aren’t working with periodic schedule, but I suppose that most students and workers feel a gloom like ‘I have to go to school (office) tomorrow~’ at Sunday night, so I wrote them as lyrics.

-Were you so when you’re students?
All: Yes, we were.
Yonghwa: There is a national program ‘Gag concert’ at 9pm~10pm on Sundays. At the ending of this, I was persistently said ‘Go to bed soon because you go to school tomorrow’ by parents.
Jonghyun: It’s the worst (laugh)
Yonghwa: So ending song stirred up our bad feelings (laugh)
All: Tattata~tattatata~ (started to sing)
Jungshin: What’s a name of this song? (All thinking)
Minhyuk: (he searched by iPhone) It’s ‘Part-time Lover’ by Stevie Wonder! (played back at it)
All: Oh yes~!
Yonghwa: Bands play this song live every times, although it’s really good song, our imagine…
Jungshin: Time slot is bad (laugh)

-Indeed. By the way, how did you spend on Sundays back at your schooldays?
Jonghyun: I would go to the church with friends and go home after lunch. ( I’m really curious if he’s really Christian)
Jungshin: I played with friends, anyway.
Yonghwa: Me, too.
Minhyuk: I used to go to the public bath in Sunday morning once in two weeks. After then, I played with friends.
Yonghwa: My family ate ramen as breakfast. Mother wants a rest in Sunday, so we made do with instant noodle different usual (laugh) But I’m glad because I like it.
Jungshin: Ah~ I want to eat ramen.
Minhyuk: I want to eat ramen, too!
Jonghyun: Yeah! Me, too! (Well, CNBLUE’s the most fav topic, FOOD!!!)

-All of you love ramen.
Jonghyun: I look forward to eating ramen when we come to Japan.

-I see. You are active from morning even in Sunday.
Minhyuk: I had slept until 10 am.
Yonghwa: Talking of Sunday, it starts from 10 am,
Jungshin: Oh, it’s ‘Surprise’!
Yonghwa: I go out after I watch the TV program.
Jonghyun: ‘Surprise’ is also popular program all Korean know. If we don’t watch ‘Gag concert’ and ‘Surprise’, we can’t join others’ talk when we go to school Monday.
Yonghwa: And ‘A farm of animals’ , ‘Sunday rounds off’.
All : Oh there were~!

How they spent summer vacation back in their schooldays……

-Now, Japanese students are during summer vacation, how did you spend your summer vacation back in your schooldays?
Minhyuk: I went to my friends’ house and slept over or played.
Yonghwa: Didn’t you go to catch cicadas?
Minhyuk: No, I didn’t. And I sometimes went to school and played soccer there.
Jungshin: Did you get sunburned?
Minhyuk: Yes, but I was in almost friends’ house, so I didn’t become so black.

-How about you, Jonghyun-san?
Jonghyun: I’m a marine man. There is the sea 30 seconds from my house, so I swam with friends every day, went home and eat lunch, and slept… such days.
Jungshin: Did you get sunburned?
Jonghyun: A little. But my skin became only red, turned white soon.
Jungshin: Ah~ I envy you.

-Jungshin-san is interested in sunburn from some time ago (laugh)
Jungshin: My skin becomes black immediately, moreover, doesn’t turn white. So I really envy them (the other member).

-How about you, Yonghwa-san?
Yonghwa: There are many mountains in my home town, Busan. There is a mountain behind my house, so I climbed it with my father. He plays rock-climbing. He climbed even Himalaya.

-That’s full-blown.
Yonghwa: He came back to home a year later.

-Then, how about you, Jungshin-san?

Jungshin: I changed hair color during summer vacation.
Jonghyun: He was a bad boy (laugh).
Jungshin: No, I’m not (laugh). I couldn’t do so when I go to school, so I had my hair dyed gaudy only during summer vacation.
Jonghyun: He was a punk (laugh).
Jungshin: No, I’m not (laugh). It’s expensive to go beauty parlor, my hair can’t be dyed as I expect, so we dyed hair with my friends each other.
Yonghwa: Ah~ I long for those days. We do so by ourselves, brow and ears become dirty (laugh).
Jungshin: But we gradually knew the trick because we did so every years! Dye, dry, dye, dry, we do like it; we can dye hair deep color.
Yonghwa: Also, cheap coloring agents can make more gaudy, such as ‘Yang Kuei Fei’.
Jungshin: Ah~ there was! It’s 300 yen!
Jonghyun: It’s the cheapest!
Jungshin: But I used it when I put my hair back previous color at 2 days ago new term starts.
Jonghyun: He was a punk as I expected (laugh).
Jungshin: No! (laugh)

-Well, please summarize, Yonghwa-san.
Yonghwa: Jungshin is a punk (laugh).
Jungshin: Even Yonghwa hyung…… (Looked at Minhyuk)
Minhyuk: I’m okay with either (laugh).
Yonghwa: Anyway, this summer is hot because we hold tour in Japan and appear ‘SUMMER SONIC 2013’. We want to show ‘Lady’ at live concerts as soon as possible. Let’s liven up together~!

oricon style lady20

『Zepp Tour』を行っているCNBLUEが、6thシングル「Lady」をリリースした。今回は、メンバーが学生時代を振り返り、休日や夏休みの過ごし方についても語ってくれました。


【イ・ジョンシン】 僕は ベースなので、やっぱり聴きどころは、僕のベースラインです(笑)。この曲は、レコーディングのときにいろいろ考えながら録ったので、夜の9時ぐらいから 朝の5時までかかったんです。レコーディングしているときから、今回のライブツアーでやったらすごく盛り上がるだろうなと思って演奏していました。リズム そのものがとても盛り上がるリズムですし、サウンドも(ハイトーンで)“パンパンッ”。
【一同】 (笑)
【ジョンシン】 観客のみなさんと一緒に楽しんでいる姿を想像するだけで、ワクワクしてきます。
【イ・ジョンヒョン】 この曲はヨンファ兄さんが作ってくれたんですけど、本当にいい曲!大好きです!
【ジョンシン】 僕も好き!
【カン・ミンヒョク】 僕も(笑)。


【ジョン・ヨンファ】 こ の曲は、昔っぽいスタイルと今のスタイルを融合させようと思って、今年の3月か4月ぐらいに作ったんです。本当はもっと難解な感じに作ることもできたんで すけど、ライブで演奏することをイメージして作ったので、最初に重ねた音をどんどん省いていって、結果シンプルな構成になりました。
【ジョンシン】 でも、演奏は結構難しいです。
【ヨンファ】 全体的にシンプルだからこそ、1つひとつの音に重みをもたせられたらいいなと思って、あえて今回は難しいフレーズを散りばめました。
【ジョンシン】 大変でした……。
【ヨンファ】 「Lady」は、2曲目の「Don’t Care」「Monday」とほぼ同時期に、曲自体は結構早く出来たんですけど、mixを終えたあとに、後半部分を直したり、ジョンシン君のベースを録っ ているときに直したり、その直したのをまたくっつけたりして、今回は今まで以上に時間をかけてレコーディングしたんです。
【ジョンシン】 僕がレコーディングしているときもずっとヨンファ兄さんがついていてくれたんですけど、僕が朝の5時にベースを録り終わって、そのあともヨンファ兄さんは作業で6時すぎまでかかってしまって、眠い中、本当に申し訳なかったなって。


【ミンヒョク】 僕は、そのときには自分のパートのレコーディングは録り終えていたので、「ジョンシン頑張って~」ってパワーを送りつつ、家でグッスリ寝ていました(笑)。
【ジョンヒョン】 今回はジョンシンのドラマの撮影の関係で、ジョンシンが一番最後の録りになったんです。いつもならば、僕のほうがジョンシンよりも後にレコーディングするんですけど、今回は先だったので、レコーディングを終えた達成感のなか、僕も家でのんびりくつろいでました。
【ヨンファ】 まあ、2人がいてもやることないしね(笑)。
【ジョンヒョン】 確かに、僕らがいても邪魔になるだけですし(笑)。


【ヨンファ】 歌詞は、男性のほうから先に女性にアタックをするという内容になっています。(※ひと目惚れした女性に果敢にアタックする男性の姿、一気に燃え上がっていく熱い心情を描いています)


【ヨンファ】 (即答で)いいえ(笑)。今までこういう歌詞は日本の曲にはなかったのと、この曲の雰囲気にはこの歌詞が合うかなと思って、頭の中でイメージして描きました。

――2曲目の「Don’t Care」の聴きどころは?

【ヨンファ】 この曲もシンプルな仕上がりになっているんですけど、強いバンドサウンドの「Lady」とは対照的に、アコースティックの温かなサウンドが印象的です。
【ジョンヒョン】 最初はギターが結構入っていたんですけど、「Lady」と一緒でどんどん音数を減らしていったら、最終的にギターもたくさんカットされました(笑)。でも、曲全体の雰囲気がとてもいいので、いい感じになったと思います。
【ヨンファ】 また歌詞では、僕らは本当恵まれていて、 たくさんの人、友だちやファンに支えられて幸せに生きている。だからこそ、支えてくれる人たちに感謝しながら、これからも生きていきたい。そして、僕達だ けでなく、聴いてくれるみなさんも決してひとりで生きているのではなく、僕たちがいるから大丈夫だよという想いを遠回しではなく、直接的に描いています。


【ヨンファ】 そうだとうれしいです。


【ヨンファ】 僕たちは定期的なスケジュールで動く人間じゃないんですけど、普通の学生さんとか会社員のみなさんは、やはり日曜日の夜というのは、「あ~明日からまた学校だ~」「会社だ~」と、ちょっと憂鬱な気持ちになるんじゃないかと思い、その心情を歌詞に書きました。


【一同】 はい。
【ヨンファ】 韓国で10年ぐらい続いている『ギャグコンサート』という日曜日の夜9時~10時にやっている国民的長寿番組があるんですけど、そのエンディングテーマが流れると、両親から「明日学校なんだから、早く準備して寝なさい」って毎回うるさく言われるんです。
【ジョンヒョン】 もう、最悪です(笑)。
【ヨンファ】 だから、エンディングテーマは、嫌な気分を煽る曲なんです(笑)。
【一同】 タッタタータッタタター(歌い出す)。
【ジョンシン】 なんて曲名だったっけ?(一同考える)
【ミンヒョク】 (iPhoneで調べて)スティービー・ワンダーの「パートタイムラバー」だ!(音を流す)
【一同】 あっそうそう~。
【ヨンファ】 毎回生バンドでその曲を演奏するんですけど、すごくいい曲なのにイメージが……。
【ジョンシン】 やる時間帯が悪いです(笑)。


【ジョンヒョン】 僕は友達と教会に行って、そのあとご飯を食べて帰ってました。
【ジョンシン】 僕はとにかく友達と遊んでました。
【ヨンファ】 僕も。
【ミンヒョク】 僕はお父さんと2週間に1回、日曜日の朝、銭湯に行って、そのあと友達と遊ぶのが習慣でした。
【ヨンファ】 僕の家は、朝食がラーメンでした。お母さんも日曜日はお休みしたいから、ご飯もいつもと違って、即席ラーメンで済まされました(笑)。でも、僕は好きだから、うれしかったです。
【ジョンシン】 あ~ラーメン食べたいな~。
【ミンヒョク】 ラーメン食べたい!
【ジョンヒョン】 ほんと!ラーメン食べたい!


【ジョンヒョン】 毎回日本に来たら、ラーメンを食べるのが楽しみです。


【ミンヒョク】 僕はお昼、10時ぐらいまで寝てました。
【ヨンファ】 日曜日といえば、朝10時から始まる、
【ジョンシン】 あっ『サプライズ』だ!
【ヨンファ】 その番組を見てから出かけるんです。
【ジョンヒョン】 『サプライズ』も韓国の人がみんな知っている人気番組で。『ギャグコンサート』と『サプライズ』を見ていないと、月曜日に学校に行ったとき、みんなの話題についていけないんです。
【ヨンファ】 あと、『動物農場』とか、『日曜日は四捨五入』とか。
【一同】 あっ、あったね~!



【ミンヒョク】 僕は友達の家に行って寝たり、遊んだり、
【ヨンファ】 せみ取りにはいかなかったの?
【ミンヒョク】 いかなかったです。あと、たまに学校に行ってサッカーをしていました。
【ジョンシン】 日焼けはしたの?
【ミンヒョク】 したけど、ほとんど友達の家にいたから、そんなに真っ黒にはならなかったと思う。


【ジョンヒョン】 僕は、海の男でした。家から30秒ぐらいいったら海だったので、毎日友だちと海で泳いで、家に帰ってご飯食べて、疲れたら寝て……の毎日でした。
【ジョンシン】 日焼けはしたの?
【ジョンヒョン】 ちょっとだけ。でも、赤くなるだけで、すぐ白く戻ってましたね。
【ジョンシン】 あ~うらやましいな~。


【ジョンシン】 僕はすぐ黒くなってしまううえに、白く戻らないから、本当にうらやましいです。


【ヨンファ】 僕の地元の釜山には山がたくさんあって、実家の後ろにも山があったので、お父さんと一緒に山登りをしていました。お父さんは、ロッククライミングをしていて、ヒマラヤまで行ったほどなんです。


【ヨンファ】 そして、お父さんがヒマラヤに行って帰ってきたのは、1年後でした。


【ジョンシン】 夏休みになると、ヘアーカラーをチェンジしてました。
【ジョンヒョン】 不良です(笑)。
【ジョンシン】 違います(笑)。学校に行っているときはできないので、夏休みの間だけ派手な色に染めていました。
【ジョンヒョン】 ヤンキーです(笑)。
【ジョンシン】 違います(笑)。美容院に行くと高いし、自分の思った色に染まらなかったりするので、友だち同士でヘアカラーの薬を買ってきて、お互いに染めあっていました。
【ヨンファ】 あ~懐かしい~。自分たちでやると、耳やおでこについちゃったりするんだよね(笑)。
【ジョンシン】 でも、毎年やってるから、どんどんコツをつかんでくるんです。1回染めて、乾かして、また染めて、乾かしてっていう風にやっていくと、いい感じで濃い色が出るんです。
【ヨンファ】 しかも、安いカラー剤のほうが派手な色が出たりするんだよね。「楊貴妃」とか。
【ジョンシン】 あ~あったね。300円!
【ジョンヒョン】 一番安いです!
【ジョンシン】 でも、「楊貴妃」は、僕は染めるときじゃなく、学校がはじまる2日前に、髪色を戻すときに使ってましたね。
【ジョンヒョン】 やっぱりヤンキーです(笑)。
【ジョンシン】 違います(笑)。


【ヨンファ】 ジョンシンは、ヤンキーです(笑)。
【ジョンシン】 ヨンファ兄さんまで……(ミンヒョクを見る)
【ミンヒョク】 僕はどっちでもいいと思います(笑)。
【ヨンファ】 とにかく今年の夏は、日本でのツアーや『SUMMER SONIC 2013』への出演とライブ三昧の熱い夏です。「Lady」をライブで披露したくてウズウズしているので、みなさん一緒に盛り上がりましょう~!

Source Oricon Style

Trans by Satsuki @ cnboice

Edited and Posted by Tara Lee @ cnboice/bpb decoded

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Hello, this is Jonghyun. The final performance of this tour at Zepp Namba has ended today. This time, since our distance in each venue was so close, we could feel your hot feeling directly and we did our best! How do you think? We are so sad to finish this tour but we’ll do our best to live up to your expectations, now and future. See you again!


Source CNBLUE Official Mobile

Photo Credit Excite

Trans by Satomi @ cnboice

Posted by Tara Lee @ cnboice/bpb decoded

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CNBLUE Interview on Excite Music


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Yonghwa: Everyone who is watching excite music! Hello, we’re CNBLUE!!
Jungshin: I’m Jungshin in charge of bass.
Jonghyun: I’m Jonghyun in charge of guitar.
Yonghwa: I’m Yonghwa in charge of vocal and guitar.
Minhyuk: I’m Minhyuk in charge of drum.
Jungshin: Excite thing these days…
Yonghwa: What’s?
Jonghyun: We are holding world tour these days.
Minhyuk: It’s the best ‘excite’ for us.
Jonghyun: And Zepp tour will start soon, so we’re looking forward to it. (Zepp tour already ended yesterday at Osaka)
Yonghwa: On July 31st, our single “Lady” will be released!!
Minhyuk: Lady~
Jungshin: Lady~
Yonghwa: Please listen to it.
Minhyuk: Our Zepp tour will start from July 24th, so please look forward to it.
Yonghwa: Everyone, please support our “Lady”!! That’s all,
Yonghwa: Thank you!

Interview with CNBLUE

Disco tune in CNBLUE style, keyword is ‘lady’ & ‘baby’

Their new song “Lady” is a disco tune that has nostalgic vibe as if CNBLUE made to revival. This song expresses a rise of heartbeat at the moment love starts and a relation of “you and I” that is deeper by dealing with meaningful words. The attraction of this song is like adult and different from their previous singles. An impact of refrain that the word “lady” sticks in sharp is strong. Even if we only listen to the song once, it makes us imagine an exciting party. They are visiting not only Asia but also Europe, North and South America, Australia as world tour (for sure I’m still waiting for FNC releases the rest of their world tour schedule for Europe and North n South America, though I’m not sure I can attend it either >< ) and holding Zepp tour in 5 cities in Japan side by side, moreover they will appear SUMMER SONIC 2013 and ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL 2013, They are energetically active as a band. CNBLUE advances next stage with new killer tune this summer.

Excite: “Lady” recalls ’70s dance music, what imagination did you start to make the song with, Yonghwa-san?
Yonghwa: Maybe I composed ‘Lady’ last March or April. I wanted to write a song which fits with our imagination such an old (mature) (maybe Yonghwa means that he’s trying to make a step for CNBLUE’s image and shown their maturity) atmosphere. I feel there is a lot of music that recurring from the old days to these days, so I thought we’ll try such music.
Minhyuk: At first, we had 2 types of rhythm about this song. Now disco rhythm only has one key, we considered a lot which rhythm we use.
Yonghwa: Another sound is a bit more rock style.
Minhyuk: It’s also good, but for playing is very difficult. The recent rhythm is simplier.
Jungshin: Nevertheless, I feel this song is difficult among our (previous) songs. When recording bass, I kept in mind I communicate much (discussing the tune with other members), but it took more time than I had expected. This song is challenge for me. When I finished recording, I felt satisfied ‘I did well!’
Yonghwa: We had been recording until 5 am!
Jungshin: Yes, rhythm was very difficult.
Jonghyun: I have felt ‘good song’ since I’ve listened to it for the first time. Different from previous songs, this song is fashionable and trendy, rhythm of guitar sounds interesting. Lyrics are different from ours usual and fit the melodies.

Excite: When you wrote the lyrics, what were you conscious of?
Yonghwa: The melody is sexy, so I wrote lyrics like you see right now.
Jonghyun: Lyrics is so interesting, we just sing as it is.
Yonghwa: Many previous songs have a theme like “dream”. But I changed this time.

Excite: Do you mean you wanted to challenge different things?
Yonghwa: This song is a result that we tried to make music that we recently had wanted to do rather than challenge.

Excite: I see. “Lady” at the part of the chorus is that he longs for, and changes “baby” at the other part which he approaches her. It’s vivid and impressive that the beginning of love is drawn by only contrast of 2 words.
Yonghwa: As you’ve said just now, “lady” and “baby” are in refrain. When I wrote the lyrics, I thought that even if everyone doesn’t listen to other parts well, it’s interesting enough to listen to only “lady” and “baby”. It’s just like the theme of this song.

Excite: Is it important for you to choose words which everyone can intuitively feel the attraction without long explanations when you write the lyrics?
Yonghwa: Yes, it is.
Minhyuk: When I listened to the melody of this song, I felt very interesting “What kind of lyrics will he write?”. So he made interesting lyrics and different from previous songs, I thought the lyrics are just suit with melody. The songs written by Yonghwa-san always have pleasure like “What is interesting point of his next song? What will be a theme?”

Excite: Well, what is the attraction or pleasure for you when you play this song as a band?
Jonghyun: This song has good melody, but I think the point of this song is cutting rhythm of guitar. I’m fun and enjoyable playing this song.

Excite: The 2nd song “Don’t Care” also has comfortable rhythm of guitar. How was this song born?
Yonghwa: This song gives warm feeling. It was born when I played acoustic guitar, I easily came up with it. The result is almost same as a demo.
Jungshin: This song is very simple, so I thought it’s better not to change the first atmosphere of this song. So I felt relieved because the first atmosphere remained when I listened to it after recording.

Excite: The lyrics are like telling oneself “Believe in myself”. I felt that Yonghwa-san’s feelings are obediently expressed from the phrase.  May I take such mean?
Yonghwa: Yes you can. The lyrics completed as soon the same as the melody.

Excite: The keywords of “Lady” are ‘lady’ and ‘baby’, in case of this song; I’m interested in what ‘I’ and ‘you’ point at. I felt they don’t simply express the relation of ‘I’ and ‘you’…?
Yonghwa: umm… human doesn’t live alone, so let’s live as we appreciate around us, I suppose there is such mean.
Jonghyun: Yonghwa played the acoustic guitar in this song, but except it, we did recording with the electric guitar, too. He played with distortion, but it doesn’t suit the song. It wasn’t used after all.

Excite: That’s a little bad.
Jonghyun: I think so~ (laugh) But just, we had thought it doesn’t suit, so we discussed with staffs. But we decided to do ‘No one knows the result, let’s try once’, so did recording… that time was wasteful (laugh)

Excite: But it means that you always think the way to make songs better and you are trying several ways.
Jonghyun: Yes. We prefer this song like acoustic as expected, so it finally became so.
Minhyuk: I think it’s good that important parts of this song. Everyone may memorize only they listen to the part. We finished good recording soon because the singing was good. The entire sounds were also good.
Yonghwa: Especially drum sound was good!

Excite: The 3rd song ‘Monday’ is lively and contains reggae element. The lyrics are about depression in the Monday morning, but it seems not serious disgust. I like such humor.
Yonghwa: About the back of the lyrics… It’s not our case now, for example, office workers feel depressed in the Sunday night because Monday is the beginning of a week. In Korea, there is a TV program ‘Gags concert (KBS)’ broadcasted every Sunday night. When we were students, we heard ending song of it and we once felt ‘Oh I’ll go to school from tomorrow!’
Jungshin: Ah I would feel so~.
Yonghwa: That’s why; I remembered my feelings in those days and wrote the lyrics.

Excite: I felt this song makes our gloomy feelings happy and cheers us. Did you aim at such effects?
Yonghwa: Yes I did, I suppose. I wrote the word ‘Time machine’, it includes my wish ‘If only I could freely come and go among time’.

Excite: You’ll appear ‘SUMMER SONIC 2013’ and ‘ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL 2013’ this summer. Could you tell us your enthusiasms?
Minhyuk: I have a lot of pressure. Many bands appear on those festivals, so there are characteristic drummers. I have pressure like what should I do in them? But I’ll try with easy mind like ‘We’ll show our music!’
Yonghwa: I’m looking forward to it. I’m sure that it becomes enjoyable experience because we have held many lives until now, so we can surely do it well.
Jonghyun: I’m happy we can appear it. I’ll enjoy it with all my might as usual! Only that.
Jungshin: My feeling is also like going to enjoying myself. We’ll appear and watch Summer Sonic 2013 for the first time, so I’m looking forward to it and I’m glad. And Rock In Japan Festival 2013 is outdoor live, isn’t it? We have held concert outdoors in Niigata, Outdoor live has its own attraction as expected. I’m happy that we can be on the stage together. I hope many people listen to our music and come to our concerts.


Yonghwa (Guitar & Vocal) Sunglasses

Whenever and wherever I go, I bring sunglasses. When I look tired or pale, I feel it’s better to wear it. I bought one I have now at Apgujeong in Korea. The points when I choose it are color is black and it can cover my face well. I’m given it as a present, so I have about 20. I use it that fits clothes.

Jonghyun (Guitar & Vocal) Mobile phone

I use mobile phone for everything. I surf the internet, basically listen to music with it, I can do nothing without mobile phone. Even if new type is on sale, I don’t change new one soon, in the case of fashion, too. I’m not interested in such things so much (laugh) I changed because I’m given it this time. Previous one is bigger than present one, this is just size and very useful. Connection to the internet is rapider than a laptop, I can take a picture with it. I use it when recording songs.

Minhyuk (Drums) Mobile phone

I recently began to use this mobile phone. I’m given it by the company that is a sponsor of CNBLUE’s world tour. Mobile phone is really important. Because there is a chatting room for us and we always talk several things. I listen to music and surf the internet with it. It contains sound sources we haven’t released yet. I often play a game with members. We are deep into a game “Everyone’s marble”, which we use 2 dices and buy a plot. In the case that I buy a plot, the truth is that I have to pay money by myself, but when I win, others have to pay it. Finally, a person who have most money and plots wins.

Jungshin (Bass) Mobile phone

When I have free time, I look at several things at the internet. I often listen to music. It contains music sources we haven’t released yet, so I listen to it to prepare a recording. It’s really serious if I lost it! I recently save a script of drama and read with mobile phone. It’s handy because I can expand to read. It’s hard to carry a script… This phone is just size and has useful functions, so I like it. The game I’m deep into is “Everyone’s marble”, but I read a script more than playing game these days. I’m busy because of shooting of drama, tour, etc… They’re interesting for me!

Source Excite

Trans by Satsuki @ cnboice

Edited and Posted by Tara Lee @ cnboice/bpb decoded

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CNBLUE Talk about Lady at EMTG MUSIC


CNBLUE is going to release their 6th single “Lady”!

CNBLUE is going to release their 6th single on July 31st.  This single was composed by Yonghwa (Vo.) is a modern and rock tune with disco sound. We interviewed them about their recording, their feeling for this song’s lyric and Zepp tour in Japan that will be started from July 24th.

—EMTG: This time, “Lady” was composed by Yonghwa. This song has a modern and rock tune with disco sound.

Yonghwa: I composed this song that was mixed nostalgic and modern style. When I heard old dance music, I realized that there are many good songs. I think the recent music style is returning to the old one, so I made this song.


—EMTG: What do members think about this song?

Jonghyun: When I heard this song for the first time, I thought this is stylish.

Minhyuk: I thought it was a good song for live. At the beginning, this song had two types of rhythm. After all, it turned out to be the song that has one key of disco type but it was also good and simple.

Jungshin: As Minhyuk had said, when I choose one of these, I said I prefer to a disco sound one because everybody can enjoy.


—EMTG: When you recorded this song, what were you careful about?

Minhyuk: I thought about how I connect this groovy and bouncy rhythm to the performance.  And I took to segue into the next part.

Jungshin: We took a long time to record because my bass part changed suddenly and I recorded while arranging. But I enjoyed and did well.

Jonghyun: I also enjoyed recording, since this song has an enthusiasm and a bouncy guitar part.

Yonghwa: About singing, it has an enjoyable rhythm; I had a fun to sing.


—EMTG: The lyric has mature atmosphere that is like a man approaches a woman.

Yonghwa: There was no final straw but I thought it fit into the atmosphere of this song. So I wrote this kind of lyric.


—EMTG: The man looks like active person for love. How about you compared to this man?

Jungshin: I am not an active person such as this man. So it overlapped me and got satisfaction when Yonghwa-hyeong sings this song.

Minhyuk: It’s depends on the situation, sometimes I am an active man but sometimes I am not.

Jungshin: Do you? Cute boy (laugh)

Jonghyun: Me too. It depends on the other person.

Yonghwa: If I love someone, I express that. Since I wrote this lyric, I might alike this man who is in the lyric. (Laugh)


—EMTG: “Don’t Care” is a song that dedicate for fan.

Yonghwa: I made the melody first, and then suddenly I wanted to dedicate this song to fan.


—EMTG: How was your recording?

Minhyuk: Recording ran smoothly since this song is good. I personally felt we were doing pretty well on this song than ever. When I was playing drum, I felt good.

Jungshin: Since this song is simple, I played as that. I drank 3 or 4 cartons of chocolate milk while recording.

Minhyuk: Did you make up a story?

Jungshin: No, I didn’t. It’s true! (Laugh)

Jonghyun: At the first time, this song had an acoustic melody. We added some arrangements and a strong sound that has a distortion. The recording took 3, 4 hours but finally we turned it back. (Laugh)


—EMTG: “Monday” is an imposing song that has reggae rhythm.

Yonghwa: Yes it is. At first, I made this song with acoustic guitar but there are many songs with acoustic that I made such us for Juniel, I played this song with electric guitar instead.


—EMTG: Do you have imposing episode about this song’s recording?

Yonghwa: (He glanced at Jungshin) I wonder Jungshin say how many chocolate milk he drank. (Everybody laughs so hard)

Jungshin: Specifically, I don’t have one, though; this song’s temporally title was “Raggae”. (Laugh)


—EMTG: Jonghyun-ssi, was it hard to play this reggae rhythm with stroke mode?

Jonghyun: No, it wasn’t. (Laugh) I like this rhythm.

Yonghwa: It was a little bit hard for me. (Laugh)

—EMTG: Well. Zepp tour that you are going to five cities in Japan will be started soon. Please give us your short message.

Minhyuk: Now we have a world tour, but we prepare a set list only for Zepp tour, so you can look forward to it.

Jonghyun: We will do our best also this time. Let’s make a good live together.

Yonghwa: We prepare songs that you have not heard yet and new songs.

Jungshin: As Yonghwa-hyeong said, we prepare the old songs that you want to hear, and new songs etc… The past arena tour and world tour were energetic rock style performance but about this Zepp tour, we are going to do more soft. It’s not that it is boring performance. So I want you to come to our performance.

Jonghyun: Jungshin, your message is so long… (Everybody laughing so hard)


CNBLUE | 2013年07月31日 12時00分

 メジャーデビュー後、通算6枚目となるシングル「Lady」を7月31日にリリースするCNBLUE。ボーカルのジョン・ヨンファ作詞・作曲の本作は疾 走感あるディスコ風のモダンロックチューン。レコーディングの様子や歌詞に込められた想いなどを語ります!さらに、7月24日から新曲を引っ提げてまわる 全国Zepp Tourについてもさわりをちょっとだけ教えてもらいました。

















イ・ジョンシン:お前が? カワイイやつ(笑)。



EMTG:2曲目の「Don’t Care」は、ファンの方への感謝の気持ちを表現されていますね。
















EMTG:さて、まもなく全国5都市のZepp Tourがスタートしますね! 最後に読者の方へメッセージをひと言ずつお願いします!




イ・ジョンシン:今ヨンファが言ったように、ファンのみなさんが聴きたいなと思っていたのに聴けなかった昔の曲だったり、今回の新曲なども織り込 んだセットリストになっています。これまでのアリーナツアーとかワールドツアーはどちらかといえばロック風のエネルギッシュで駆け抜けるような公演だった んですね。Zepp Tourは、それに比べてソフトな公演になるかと思います。だからといって退屈するような公演ではないので、ぜひ足を運んでほしいと 思います。



Source EMTG Music

Trans by Satomi @ cnboice

Edited and Posted by Tara Lee @ cnboice/bpb decoded

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CNBLUE TV Station 8/3~8/16 Interview

TV Station

Lee Jungshin (Bass)

 A food to survive in summer

Shaved Ice

—  What are you addicted to, recently?

Since I casted  in the drama in Korea, I really don’t have lots of private time. But when I get some time, I do walking to get refreshed  and listening music. Oh, I really love a chocolate milk recently! (Yonghwa said “No, Chocolate milk is mine!! *Yonghwa is chocolate milk lover and  that is common knowledge for fans). Well… That will be mine (laugh)

Kang Minhyuk (Drum)

—  A food to survive in summer

Loach pot

—  What are you addicted to, recently?

A radio control car. I play it with Yonghwa-hyeong and Jonghyun-hyeong at night. Even though it is radio control car, the speed can reach to 80 km/ph and can run on the glass or rough road. Only Jungshin doesn’t have it, he doesn’t want to do things same as everybody, even game.

Jung Yonghwa (Vocal and Guitar)

—  A food to survive in summer

Chicken soup (samgyetang)

—  What are you addicted to, recently?

I started to play golf. Because If I started it now, I think I can have a lead from the people who are in the same age. And I heard that it is better for getting a correct form. (He showed us the practice swing and received a rave by members.)

Lee Jonghyun (Vocal and guitar)

—  A food to survive summer


—  What are you addicted to, recently?

Mixed martial arts. At the beginning, I like to watch and wanted to do it. Now I have been going to gym in Korea, I have got some bruise. (Jungshin said “Since you are very well to do it, you can turn out to a martial artist”). Oh,no, It is just a hobby!

This is the refreshing song perfect for live.

— What about the song “Lady” ?

Yonghwa: I composed this song. This is the refreshing song that was mixed nostalgic and modern melody, and perfect for summer.

Jonghyun: The tempo is good for live!

— What about “Don’t Care” ?

Yonghwa: About “Don’t Care”, the melody is an acoustic, and I put the feeling of gratitude in this lyric.

Minhyuk: When I heard this song, I could relax. I want to hear it again and over again.

Yonghwa: About “Monday”, I made this song thinking of people who is office worker and students.

Jungshin: I empathize some phrase in this song. I think it is the song that has an interesting atmosphere.

— Now you have the world tour. Do you have  any interesting episode?

Jonghyun: It was a first time to have a live in Australia for us. We have been to Melbourne and Sydney though, we were happy to hear all ticket was sold out.

Jungshin: Even though there is a long distance between the Australian fans and us, they know us and came to our live. I thought it was awesome to expand the culture.

Minhyuk: As a memory of Australia, we have a funny episode (laugh). We went to eat Aussie beef steak though, the steak was served well-done. Because the staff heard from somewhere “Korean likes well-done steak ”. The Steak was a little bit firm for us, so we could only eat a little. We were so sorry .

Yonghwa: This was an expensive restaurant…(laugh)

Jungshin: We were very sorry even I remember that now. Well, If we could have our live in France, I want to eat a real and fresh baguette.

Yonghwa: Then does that mean that the baguette to eat any place other than France is not real? (laugh).

Jungshin: Oh, no! It is not meaning so.(laugh)

Jonghyun: Since we will have Zepp tour in Japan from this month, we are looking forward to go various areas in Japan. Especially, I hardly wait to take crab and beer in Hokkaido!

Jungshin: We were talking about the food so far, (laugh) Because it is so close between the fans and us in every Zepp venue, we can feel our feelings directly. We are certainly looking forward to having Zepp tour.

Yonghwa: We will also appear in Summer Sonic and Rock In Festival Japan!

Jonghyun: It is the year that we have lots of live in overseas including Japan. We are supposed to be cooler CNBLUE getting things one by one. We will do our best!

<The episode of interview>

We had an interview in a happy harmony. About a story that Jungshin doesn’t want to do things same as everybody, (Ref. Minhyuk’s column), Yonghwa said “Jungshin hate us~!?” , and got a hearty laugh by members. Jungshin denied it desperately ^^. And during talks about Minhyuk mumbled “I am Cancer” ( *Crab is KANI and Cancer is KANI-ZA in Japanese). But Nobody reacted to it (laugh). Minhyuk said in sadly “everybody ignored me again~” and then it cracked up members.  These 4 people are so close as a real brothers.

Scanned by nuromianchaochi

TRans by Satomi @ cnboice

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