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CNBLUE Lee Jonghyun & Juniel (Romantic J) ‘LOVE FALLS’


CNBLUE Lee Jonghyun & Juniel (Romantic J) ‘LOVE FALLS’


2013, Dec 9th , CNBLUE Lee Jonghyun and Juniel became like the main characters in “Music and Lyrics”. With Lee Jonghyun as the music composer, and Juniel as the lyricist, for the upcoming 2013 winter song “Love Falls” that told a sweet winter story of young lovers’  the beginning of love.

It’s the season of love, sweet guy Lee Jonghyun who was obviously wanted to be love and Juniel, lovely from head to toe, their “Love Falls” recording session was now revealed! | Source: FNC Entertainment

Composer Lee Jonghyun, Lyricist Juniel’s ‘LOVE FALLS’

Singer-songwriters Lee Jonghyun and Juniel convey the Christmas season’s sweet love melody through their winter song “Love Falls”. Released on Dec 9th, Romantic J’s digital single with the title song “Love Falls” was a carol-like love song about young lovers’ cheerful tingling feeling. The song was composed by Lee Jonghyun and the lyrics was written by Juniel.

The much anticipated harmony of these two singers was evident in their duet song that was considered the same as “Music and Lyrics” and has gained hot interest from many.

Lee Jonghyun was currently busy with his overseas schedules like World Tour and Arena Tour while Juniel who made her official and national debut simultaneously last year with “Illa Illa” was gaining attention as the next generation female singer-songwriter. “Love Falls” was FNC Entertainment’s first winter season song project; and this year they were offering romantic and sweet melody to the listeners.

Romantic Clip of (Romantic J) ‘LOVE FALLS’ recording studio


This was where Lee Jonghyun and Juniel’s “Love Falls” recording took place, FNC Entertainment studio! Even the sound of these two singers’ preparing to match their keys and pitch through different microphones sounds sweet. The recording started and as the composer of this song, Lee Jonghyun gave a serious look, meticulously checking Juniel’s recording one by one. What do you think about composer Lee Jonghyun’s expression? Even though he was serious, but he was still look handsome,  was not he?


Now it was the time for both Jonghyun and Juniel’s recording!
The warm and sweet harmony of these two singers gain admiration from the staff at the studio.
Their warm voices as well as their aligned breathing made the moment in the recording studio felt very warm. If you just look at them, these two do looks good together! Don’t you think they do look like  lovers?


In between the recording lyricist Juniel checked up the lyrics! With Juniel, who checked and revised in a calm and orderly way, as if she was revenging Jonghyun’s detailedness and Jonghyun who was cheering Juniel, the mood of “Love Falls” recording studio became much more lovely.


Up until now what do you think about CNBLUE Lee Jonghyun and Juniel’s “Love Falls” recording?
Winter was a love season, hopefully everyone will be blessed with love as beautiful as the snow, just like “Love Falls” made by these two! Please have a lovely and happy year end with your loved ones! Thank you!

Juniel’s Sketch – ‘LOVE FALLS’ sketch that is full of sweetness
This was the photo of the sketch done by Juniel while working on “Love Falls” lyrics.
Just looking at the drawing you can already feel the mood of the song!
The carousel in the drawing was actually the one that appeared in the music video.
This was how cute lovely Juniel’s sketch was~

Source Daum

Trans by Ullyiz @ cnboice

Edited and Posted by Tara Lee @ cnboice/bpb decoded

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Trans: Marie Claire January Issue 2014 – Jonghyun-

Lee Jonghyun who finished his filming ahead of schedule take guitar.

He is the guitarist and vocalist of CNBLUE.

If you have not heard the song ‘I’m A Loner’,  you must have left Korea or you might be cloistered.

After their debut that left a deep impression on us, CNBLUE had not had even a day off.

Their album ‘First Step’ and mini-album ‘Re:Blue’ was released. And then they still have an Arena tour in Japan, and they also have a World tour that started in London.
This New year, CNBLUE have planned to go to NY, LA and South America, but Jonghyun has prepared for his solo activity during this tight schedule.

The duet song with Juniel ‘Love Falls’ is his first song that was shown “Musician Lee Jonghyun”.

“I wanted a song for the winter. I thought it was a good song for a duet with a woman singer. But I didn’t realize I had a sister who is good at singing. We are close in age but I thought she was like my sister. Working together filled my heart. ‘ We’ve grown up’ (Laugh)”

Actually music is not his first challenge.
He is good at sports, especially Judo, so he got a gold medal at a game when he was in middle school.
His parents accepted his dream as a musician although he was talented in sports.

“My parents don’t read me a lecture and don’t leash me in. They said that it is good for me to have a lot of experience. But they don’t support me strongly, so I think I have a high level of self-reliance.
I have to do all things by myself, I have to control myself. I always thought so. After I started working, I gave my credit card to my parents but they have not used it. It seems that they don’t want to put a strain on me. I think it is our style. Good.”

It seems his parents have made him believe that they would carry through rather than to watch him on the set sidelines.

When we talk with him, we can understand that.
He is a person with a healthy aura. He always does his best but doesn’t care about achievements.
He only regrets once if he has failed. He is an outspoken young man to think that it’s best to be able to do what he wants to do with the people who he likes.
“I found acting to be fun, different from music while acting for the first time in the drama, ‘A gentleman’s dignity’.”

“Honestly, 24 hours a day is not enough to me even if the activity is only for CNBLUE.

Because the more I spend in time for acting, there is no time for music. I’ll do my best for everything though, even if I don’t have a lot of greed and ambition. I thank to these days that I can do what I want”
Juniel who heard that said

“When CNBLUE was formed, I asked Jonghyun oppa if he wanted to do lead vocals. Jonghyun oppa said I’ll leave the lead vocals to Yonghwa. I only want to do music.’
But he works to compose until the morning. I have no idea whether he has greed or not.”

The truth of ‘Morning work’ was that.

“Actually the work was almost finished around 6:00 am. But staff would come to the office around 9 o’clock, so I waited them to come and I went back home.
If nobody noticed this, my feelings would not be satisfied (Laugh)”

CNBLUE is famous for the good relationship between members. Juniel said this too.

“Members gather and play a game even if they are having a day off. It seems that they don’t get bored with seeing each others faces.”

Before their official debut in Korea, they had live performances in Japan and strengthened their abilities.
They have experienced street lives with a small audience.
Fellowship and partnership has grown more firmly while having a hard time.
If being able to do what he wants to do with the people he likes is Jonghyun’s style, it could be said his dreams already came true.

“The members will be by my side forever. We will support each other without any conditions.”

Source: Marie Claire January 2014 Issue

Translated by Satomami @cnboice

Posted by Linda @cnboice

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Romantic J Performing On Inkigayo Photos

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I was not able to download two pictures and I don’t know why, but you are able to check them out on the source website! Go to the website and click on JongHyun next to the 693! I’m really sorry! >.<


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CNBLUE Lee Jonghyun and Juniel to Release Duet Single “Love Fall” as Romantic J

Romantic J cover
FNC never fail to amaze music lovers by keeping to release new project. And this time FNC gives Boice (especially Burning Souls) and Banila a new surprise. Yes, the duo will release a special digital single entitled LOVE FALL.

With high-school uniform outfits, the duo guitarists get ready to serenade fans this early winter.

juniel cotton candy kiss

At November 27th, through her official Twitter, Juniel uploaded a (possibly) candy kissing scene photo and confessed that she already has boyfriend. Fans start guessing who the boy is, although many conclude that the boy must be no other than Lee Jonghyun.

juniel and jonghyun selcaEarlier today, again via her official twitter, Juniel revealed her true boyfriend by posting a selca with Jonghyun and Juniel on the MV filming set. Making fans more curious about the song that’s composed by Jonghyun and the lyric which will be Juniel’s hand work.
Juniel cover love fallFollowing Juniel’s self release at her twitter, FNC updating Facebook with new photos that undoubtedly flutter many girls with Jonghyun’s hard stare towards Juniel. Making many girls feeling envy and conclude how lucky Juniel is.
The teaser of the song will expect to give another hint on December 6th and the MV can be enjoyed at the same day, the song is expected to be available by December 9th. Is anyone waiting for the song?

Source: Juniel Official Twitter, FNC Facebook
Written by Tara Lee @ cnboice
Posted by Linda @ cnboice