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CNBLUE Can’t Stop Promotional Photo

The first teaser image of CNBLUE 5TH Mini Album ‘Can’t Stop’, ‘Before Sunset in NY’ taken on Brooklyn Bridge is revealed.


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cantstop6The second teaser image of CNBLUE 5th Mini Album ‘Can’t Stop’, ‘Before Midnight in NY’ taken at Time Square, New York is revealed.

Individual jacket photos of CNBLUE 5th Mini Album ‘Can’t Stop’ are revealed for the first time via CNBLUE facebook. Wish you like the pics of CNBLUE on Brooklyn Bridge.

CNBLUE 5th Mini Album Love is …. Naration Teaser


Watch the teaser here

cantstop16Here is a picture of CNBLUE members practicing for their comeback show~ Please look forward to SBS CNBLUE All-live comeback show, ‘Can’t Stop’ which will be aired on March 2!

cantstop17Track list map of CNBLUE’s new album ‘Can’t Stop’ was revealed through Daum Music! Let’s take a look at artistic track introduction, made by Jung Yong-Hwa!
PS Which song do you most look forward to hearing?


Star Reaction about Can’t Stop


Can’t Stop 1st teaser

Watch the teaser here

Take a close look at some of the key points from CNBLUE’s new album, ‘Can’t Stop’!


Key verses of the songs from CNBLUE’s 5th MINI Album, ‘Can’t Stop’ is revealed~
Please enjoy the highlight medley of ‘Can’t Stop’!

Watch the teaser here


Watch the 2nd teaser herecantstop40

‘Can’t Stop’ Album Package Preview Image


Source CNBLUE Official Facebook

Compiled and Reposted by Tara Lee @ cnboice/bpb decoded




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CNBLUE Arena Tour 2013 ‘ONE MORE TIME’

CNBLUE began their 2nd Japan Arena Tour ‘ONE MORE TIME’ at Super Arena in Saitama, Japan on November 1st, 2013 and have completed the journey at Marine Messe Fukuoka in Fukuoka on December 26th. CNBLUE ARENA TOUR 2013 ‘ONE MORE TIME’ in Fukuoka, we are inviting you guys to the site of their hot last performance!

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OMT1From the leader Jung Yong Hwa, who shines even with the white t-shirt alone. So into playing the guitar~

OMT2Lee Jong Hyun, who gives off a vibe of a model on the stage!

OMT3Power up even for the last performance! The drummer Kang Min Hyuk, who does not get tired

OMT11Lee Jung Shin is also into playing the bass guitar while getting cool spotlights~

OMT12Jung Yong Hwa, who always listens closely to the audience while playing,“I also want to hear the voice of the fans!”

OMT13The entire stage, A leader Jung Yong Hwa appears on a big electronic display in black color~ It has some cool feeling!

OMT14The heat at the concert site is getting hotter~ Fukuoka Arena in which blue waves are magnificent

OMT7Blue lighting and a green laser, It is the picture of the performance hall seen from the sideways in which the lights from the fans shines mystically

OMT6The cool leader Jung Yong Hwa, who sings while playing the guitar “Are you guys having fun~?”

OMT5Lee Jong Hyun’s charismatic look, who is so into playing~

OMT4“Yes, We are also enjoying the performance” Kang Min Hyuk, who is smiling brightly

OMT8Lee Jung Shin, who plays a cool bass guitar. Him playing with excitement is shining!

OMT9One two three, scream~~! Giving off energy on the stage, and is interacting with the audience.

OMT10Lee Jong Hyun also sings a verse while interacting with the fans~

OMT15Kang Min Hyuk, who sings while passionately playing the drum~

OMTIt is an unforgettable sight which highlighted the last performance in a brilliant way.


Written and Photo by FNC Ent via naver

Repost by Tara Lee @ cnboice/bpb decoded

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yongieHello~, I’m Yonghwa!!!! Finally our world tour was over with Chile. Fans in Chile are great too!!!!!!!!!! We appreciate all of you who have supported us while this world tour. I’m also grateful that you’ve made my 25, 26-year-old happy memory. I’d like you to leave it in your heart as a happy memory. I believe I never forget! I hope only happy thing comes to us in 2014. I’ll be with you!

안녕하세요 용화예요!!!! 오늘 칠레를 마지막으로 월드투어가 끝났습니다. 칠레팬분들 역시 최고 최고!!!!!!!!!!! 이번 월드투어를 응원해 주신 모든 분들께 감사드립니다. 저의 25, 26살에 행복한 추억을 만들어 주셔서 감사드리고 여러분들도 행복한 추억으로 남았으면 좋겠습니다. 잊지 않을게요 ! 2014년엔 행복한 일들만 있길. I’ll be with you!

Source @CNBLUE_4

Trans by Satomi @ cnboice

Posted by Tara Lee @ cnboice/bpb decoded

Fiesta June in Between, Jung Yonghwa and Kang Minhyuk Short Story Competition

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cnboice in between fiesta june project posterJung Yonghwa Project

Read Project in English

Baca Project dalam Bahasa Indonesia



Kang Minhyuk Project

Read Project in English

Baca Project dalam Bahasa indonesia


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CNBLUE Talks Maroon 5 Comparisons & Defining Their Sound at Debut NYC Show

The Korean rock band say their first solo U.S. show “is much more meaningful for us and for our fans.”


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CNBLUE has all the qualities of your typical K-pop boy band: Charismatic, good-looking and talent in singing, acting, rapping, playing instruments and beyond.

But the quartet is far from a boy band. Most often compared to acts like Maroon 5 and Jason Mraz, CNBLUE — consisting of lead vocalist/guitarist Yonghwa, guitarist Jonghyun, drummer Minhyuk and bassist Jungshin — is one of the few Korean rock bands that can compete with the idols on the K-Pop Hot 100. In fact, the guys earned their highest-charting entry yet on the K-Pop chart last February when their single “I’m Sorry” peaked at No. 2, spending five weeks inside the Top 10.

And their fans are just as dedicated as any boy band’s.

For the first time ever, CNBLUE brought its show to the East Coast with a performance at New York’s Best Buy Theater on Jan. 21. While the show was announced in December, no one could have predicted the fierce snowstorm would plague fans waiting in line from early hours of the morning to get the best spot in the general admission pit. The temperature refusing to rise above 14 degrees was a stat not lost on the band.

“We’re really worried about our fans who have been waiting since the wee hours of the morning outside,” Yonghwa, via translator, said to Billboard, the only media CNBLUE agreed to speak with before its New York debut. “We’ve dreamt of playing New York for a long time so we’re glad that it’s finally happening. Especially because it’s our first concert of 2014, we want to really go out, even if we faint, we really just want to give it our all… but even if only one fan came, we still would have done the show.”

And it’s that humble, dedicated mindset that has taken CNBLUE so far in the K-pop scene.

Instead of being discovered by recruiters and trained by an entertainment agency, the members of CNBLUE sharpened their skills playing as street musicians in Japan and South Korea. Since its official 2009 debut, the group has steadily risen to be competitive with top Korean acts.

“Most of the K-pop groups are defined by dancing, showmanship and those kinds of things,” Yonghwa added. “But because we’re a band, we think it’s a great quality that all our performances are done live.”

Their unique qualities have transferred over to the Billboard charts. “Re:BLUE: CNBLUE 4th Mini Album” went to No. 1 on the World Albums chart in February andcharted on the Billboard Heatseekers Albums chart, meaning an entry on the Billboard 200 wasn’t far off. In fact, the guys chalk up their first American solo show to a result of their strong chart showing.

NEXT: “We hope that one day people will say, ‘Oh that sounds like CNBLUE.'”

The Korean rock band say their first solo U.S. show “is much more meaningful for us and for our fans.”

“We think it’s an honor that so many people bought the ‘RE:BLUE’ album,” Jungshin reflected, before adding a message to K-pop fans: “We think [the sales] were one of the biggest factors that created this opportunity to have a world tour and come to America.”

While the show had a 20-minute delay due to letting in fans delayed by weather, the venue soon erupted with screams as the boys casually walked out to their instruments. Kicking off with songs like “Where You Are,” “Get Away” and “One Time,” Jonghyun, Jungshin and Yonghwa (who may have been most amped for this U.S. show, an American flag design decorating his guitar strap) worked the stage and interacted with one another, lots of times turning to Minhyuk on drums when they weren’t singing.

The lively movement plus the superb rave-like lighting arrangements were topped off with CNBLUE’s rock ‘n’ roll attitude that further unfurled as the night went on. The boys kept leaning off the stage and closer to fans in the pit, extra instrumental riffs and harmonies were added on top of the arrangements and Yonghwa even threw guitar picks into the crowd and winked at specific audience members. The guys knew how to rock.

When asked about their thoughts on comparisons to Western acts like Mraz and Maroon 5 — watch Yonghwa perform “Payphone” here — Yonghwa said, “We’re fans of both artists, so it’s an honor that people relate us as artists to them. But we hope that one day we’ll have our own color and our own sound and people will say, ‘Oh, that sounds like CNBLUE.'”

And while they’re recording new music — naming Bruno Mars and Kings of Leon as current inspirations — it doesn’t seem too far into the future that CNBLUE can be considered the shining example for Korean rock’s international expansion a la K-pop’s.

“Last time we were here, it was a joint concert with [fellow Korean rock band and labelmates] FT Island, but this time because it’s our own solo concert; it’s that much more meaningful for us and for our fans,” Minhyuk explained.

Meanwhile, Yonghwa wrapped with a message to said fans: “Thank you for all your love and support throughout all this. We promise to come back and provide strength through our music. Please look forward to what we have in store in 2014 and keep supporting us.”

Article written by for Billboard

Reposted by Tara Lee @ cnboice/bpb decoded