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CNBLUE Lee Jonghyun; “Moonlight Swing” Japanese Lyric, Romanization, English Translation

160615 JP Line


You are a star in my dream yeah

やっと出会えた you and me

Yatto deaeta you and me

Finally, I met you You and me
Be my only angel
Baby makes my dreams come true

今宵 party sharing

Koyoi party sharing

Tonight party sharing

二人で 抜け出そうよ baby

Futaride nukedasouyo baby

Let’s leave together, baby
君の肩に月が唄う 踊ろうtonight

Kimino katani tsukiga utau odorous tonight

The moon sing on your shoulder Dancing tonight

Red carpet mo

We don’t need a red carpet
豪華なシャンデリアも No No

Goukana chandelier mo No No

nor gorgeous chandelier No No

Hadashino mama kakedashite

Run away with bare foot
I’m fall in love I’m fall in love for you

時は流れ 形を変えても

Tokiha nagare katachiwo kaetemo

Even though the time flies away or shapes change

いつまでも変わらずに 夢の続きを

Itsumademo kawarazuni yumenotsuzukiwo

we’ll never change forever and keep watching our dream

Let’s swinging the moonlight together

このときめきを Don’t forget

Kono tokimekiwo Don’t forget

Don’t forget this feeling
月の光 雲の切れ間に

Tsukino hikari kumono kiremani

Moonlight Break in the clouds
Spotlight 照らして

Spotlight terashite

Let’s illuminate them with a spotlight


Saa Tewo tsunagou

Hold hands with me


Kimito bokudakeno makuga agarunosa

Only you and I can make the stage for ourselves

Mou hitorija naiyo

We are not alone
月に祈る Be with you

Tsukini inoru Be with you

I pray to the moon Be with you
夢ならこのままで 覚めることない

Yumenara konomamade samerukotonai

If it’s a dream, let me keep on dreaming
Dreams Come True

I want to be with  you  my baby
Don’t you know my love is true
そっと Kiss you Here my lady

Sotto Kiss you Here my lady

Kiss you gently Here my lady
I want to you Be with you


Bokuga Peter Pan de

If I were Peter Pan, then

Sorenara kimiha Tinker Bell

You would be Tinker Bell

Futarinaraba ikeruhazu

We must be able to go to dream

Yumeno Neverland

Neverland together

Sonna mousoudatte usojanai

This imagination wouldn’t be a lie
さぁ お手を Princess

Saa, otewo Princess

Well, please hold on my hands, Princess
踊りましょう 溶けるまで

Odorimashou tokerumade

Let’s dance ’till we have melted
I’m fall in Love I’m fall in Love for you

言葉に出すよ 大事なことだから

Kotobani dasuyo daijina koto dakara

I just say that because it’s important
君がいる それだけで 世界は綺麗だ

Kimigairu soredakede sekaiha kireida

This world is beautiful, just because you’re here

Let’s swinging the moonlight together

悩みの種は Just Forget

Nayamino taneha Just Forget

Just forget your trouble
雨に打たれ 風に吹かれ

Ameni utare kazeni fukare

Exposing to the rain and blowing out by the wind

Yagate hanaga sakudeshou

It would blossom out flowers

さぁ 手を繋ごう

Saa, tewo tsunagou

Holding hands with me
君と僕だけの 秘密の旅路

Kimito bokudakeno  himitsuno tabiji

Only you and I have our own secret journey

Sagashini ikouyo

Let’s find it out
月に祈る Be with you

Tsukini inoru Be with you

I pray to the moonBe with you
夢ならこのままで 覚めることない

Yumenara konomamade samerukotonai

if it’s a dream, let me keep on dreaming.
Dreams Come True

街を見下ろす 百万ドルの輝きより

Machiwo miorosu hyakuman doruno kagayakiyori

More than ‘a million dollar shining’ that looks down a town,
たった一つ 見つめているんだ

Tatta hitotsu mitsumeteirunnda

I stare at only one Moonlight
Moonlight 君だけに捧げよう

Kimidakeni sasageyou

I’ll give you all

Let’s swinging the moonlight together

かけがえのない My Lady

Kakegaenonai My Lady

My dear My Lady
喧嘩しても 歳をとっても

Kenka shitemo toshiwo tottemo

Even though we fight together or we get older

zutto kimiwo hanasanai

I’ll never leave you

Let’s swinging forever

君と僕だけの 物語は

Kimito bokudakeno monogatariha

You and my story has just started

Mada hajimatta bakari

I promise you forever Be with you
永遠に誓う Be with you

Towani chikau Be with you

Yozorano hoshiwo zenbu kimini okuruyo

I’ll give you all of the stars in the sky
Dreams Come True

I want to be with  you  my baby
Don’t you know my love is true

Kimini okuruyo

I’ll give you all
Dreams Come True

ATTENTION: Because the lyric source is just my hearing from MV, it might have mistake. Thank you for your understanding for it.

Video by Warner Music Japan

Photo by CNBLUE Line Japan

Lyric by Satomi

Posted by Tara Lee

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[TRANS] Live Report CNBLUE 「SPRING LIVE 2016 ~We’re like a puzzle~」 in Tokyo Budokan by Mnet Japan

CNBLUE, said that their 5th Anniversary Tour has the highest sense of unity!!



4-membered rock band CNBLUE has just celebrated their final tour of 「SPRING LIVE 2016 ~We’re like a puzzle~」in Osaka-Jo Hall on May 31st 2016.

This tour is a Spring Concert for Single “Puzzle” which released on May 11th. Start from Nagoya at Nippon Gaishi Hall on May 22nd, Tokyo at Nippon Budokan on May 26th-27th, and Osaka at Osaka-Jo Hall on May 31st, 3 cities with 4 performances and 40,000 audiences. This live report will tell about the Tokyo Budokan concert on May 27th.

Ever since their Japan major debut stage at Yokohama Arena back in 2011, CNBLUE has been well-known with their center stage that’s surrounded by the audiences. In this tour, rather than having a center stage, it provides a normal position seat for the audiences but with 360 degrees shaped (the seats surrounding the stage, meanwhile the stage is just normal but can be visible in 360degree view). It’s only a simple stage configuration to show-down the performance, rather than relying on the LED monitor video production to set a rock band looks.


The opening starts with a new-released song “Puzzle”. Even it’s CNBLUE’s first wedding song themed, Yonghwa skipped his vocals from the start, he was running around from the main stage through the back of the stage. He made such a distance to the audience seats and stretched his hands to the fans. “I was always at the center of the stage being rotated, but today, instead of rotating, there are 3 person running around the stage in front of me”, Drummer Minhyuk said. The distance itself has an inevitable excitement.

In addition, for the classic songs “Can’t Stop” and “Hold My Hand”, Yonghwa moved from guitar to piano section, the venue starts to rise and join the song at the chorus part, and then play the nostalgic song of their indie era “Lie”. The new song, of course, made the audiences happy, but also tickles the heart of audience and also surprising since it’s a long-time-ago song for them. At the up-beat rock song “Ryu Can Do It”, Yonghwa enjoyed singing the rap part, he also did the “Mworago” dance during “I’m Sorry” and putting the hands up and down while having a call-and-response session with the audiences, which make the venue explodes. Yonghwa and Jungshin running around the stage’s runway, and made fan’s excitement reach it’s climax. Yonghwa got sweaty, “It’s like I just took a shower (laughs). You guys always cheer me up, it’s impressing to see it from the top of the stage,” said him proudly with a deep emotion. During Jonghyun’s MC part, a male fan shouted “Saranghaeyo~!”, which means Jonghyun also has male fan (LOL).


In the ‘Ballad Corner’, Jonghyun made a big success, since he has a number of successful ballad song for CNBLUE. After a long time, Jonghyun sang “Eclipse” with a pure vocal and acoustic guitar sound. Yonghwa rushed to the corner and said “I want to dance!” with a high spirit. Jonghyun said “the tension is rising too much”, the fun is also unbearable since it’s been a long time for Yonghwa whose recently active in China for shooting a movie. He also said “Let’s enjoy it all today, it won’t come out again for twice!”, “Hide and Seek” started and he even dance without his guitar. In “Wake up” the fans gone extremely crazy because suddenly six trumpets, trombone, and saxophone horns in any sections (of the stage) and surprised the fans. Each member made themselves as the lecturer for the choreography, but then Jonghyun shows an appreciable dance ability, which makes the audience surprised and yelled “o~” as their voice of admiration. Meanwhile, Jungshin was struggling to dance and everyone cheered him “Good luck~”. Jonghyun tried to change the rhythm of the drum while Minhyuk still dancing at the center of the stage, he said “Everyone, let’s do it!” which also makes audience’s focus moved.  After successfully made such a deep communication with fans during “Wake up”, they then pulling the climax again with the strong bass arrangement on “Lady”, continued with their Korean track “Cinderella” and their latest one “YOU’RE SO FINE”, made fans full of excitement and put them together as a squad in the sense of unity, and also didn’t give them a time to breathe.


At the encore, Yonghwa took the baton to command fans for making a “wave” from the top to the second floor seats at Budokan Arena, “That’s the best wave ever! Buy the DVD of today’s concert later! You’ll see how good it is” he said with satisfaction. “Budokan has become one”, Junghin said, “today’s live is appealing. I’ll always say thank you. I filled with a deep emotion to be able to do live with you all together. Since the songs are well-made, it also good to be performed live! Let’s be happy in the future, 10 years, 20 years…even if we’re running all the way for 70 years, we want to sing together with you all. I pray for everyone, I pray for KUMAMOTO. I hope by listening to our music you can do your best in the future. We’ll see you again in LIVE!” and Yonghwa conclude it all with his smile, then closed with the live performance of “YOUNG FOREVER”.



In addition, the members of rookie trainee from FNC Entertainment who join the survival program to be debuted, [d.o.b], appeared as the opening act for the tour. The Band Team performed CNBLUE’s “I’m Sorry” and the Dance Team performed “I’m a Loner” with their own arrangement.

On October this year, CNBLUE is celebrating their 5th Anniversary of their Japan Major Debut. They start this ‘Anniversary Year’ tour with the new song “Puzzle”. Keep an eye into CNBLUE’s activities more in the future!


Source : Mnet Japan News

JP – ENG Trans by alvianashin @ 4cnboice


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[TRANS] CNBLUE “Puzzle” Interview with eXcite MUSIC Japan



CNBLUE’s first wedding song “Puzzle” finally released, and the official interview published


CNBLUE will release a new single, “Puzzle” on May 11th  which will be their 10th single. It become the band’s first wedding song.


Having 10th single on the 5th year anniversary of your debut is completed! It’s a sweet pop song, but what is the theme?

Yonghwa : Frankly speaking, it’s “Wedding Song”. On our 5th year Japan debut anniversary I have thought that it’s interesting if I have one song about wedding to be included to the album, so I take it as a challenge. I tried to make pop melodies and lyrics with a story, but also linked to the visual, such as a CD jacket and MV, or if you want to show a happy time, such as love and marriage, to your important person by listening to a song? CNBLUE’s “Wedding Song” can be the choice!

Jungshin : It is refreshing, but also has a pleasant sound to portray the early summer. When I first heard it, I honestly thought that it’s a good song.

Jonghyun : Yeah, it’s really good. The melody also easy listening and catchy, it’d likely be exciting to be performed live!

Minhyuk  : The song makes me move and feel the energy. It has such a bright atmosphere, I like it.


There were a lot of songs which made such a “conflict” to be picked as the theme around Japanese debut, but later the theme about love song follows in your Japan and Korean songs recently, doesn’t it? Is a love song is booming for you now, Yonghwa?

Yonghwa : It doesn’t mean it’s booming, especially for me, but because this time the theme is about “The Wedding Song” so it’s necessarily match with love songs.


When is that ‘turning’ time (to decide the song theme)?

Yonghwa : Actually, it’s rusted. I got the feeling like “it’s surely will become a good song”. Since “fancy/colorful lead song” thought was in my head, so I think that this song must be catchy. The arrangement is bright, the music elements consist of 60% upper band sound and 40% dance music. So CNBLUE’s band sound isn’t the main of it.


Yonghwa, the member said in a Japan fan meeting that you are “not likely into a marriage”, but do you have any desire for marriage?

Yonghwa : Hmmm, this situation (talking) about marriage is what I’m worried about! But, work is fun (laughs). Music is my top priority for now, I don’t have thoughts about marriage……. But, I want to make a happy family! We’ll go to the supermarket as a family on Sunday.


Among the members, who do you think is the most likely to be a great husband?

All : (saying at the same time) of course that’s me!

Jonghyun : I like to make a  friendly-family the most.

Yonghwa : No no no, it’s me. I’ll protect my family! I love them! That’s me!

Minhyuk : I think it’s Yonghwa, it looks like he’ll certainly protect them (the family). But I think I’ll try to make a cherish family the most (laughs).

Jonghyun : Well, that’s it everyone!


Let’s leave it all to them (laughs). In Puzzle MV, the scene where Yonghwa-Minhyuk and Jonghyun-Jungshin exchanging glances is impressive.

Minhyuk : Well, I think you can watch it by yourself on the MV, we carefully staring at each other and it’s embarrassing (laughs). Or, like, when we were about going to avert our eyes/gazes, we came out to laugh so many times. But for me, Yonghwa is the one who wants to go around and see what happen to us (laughs).

Jonghyun : For me, it’s fun to look at Jungshin. Because he’s currently on shooting a drama so he focus to be really on act. That’s cool, good!


The MV scene was a reminiscent of the last December’s Budokan circular stage, right?

Jonghyun : Oh yeah, but it’s unusual when it comes to play it on an MV filming. But, I’ve been practicing it during the rehearsal. So, it became like usual for us. We can play it comfortably.


What do you think about the pieces that’s lacking on Puzzle?

Yonghwa : Of course, the music. It may be far from perfect, but the goal is to complete the “Puzzle” to anyone!


I also want to ask about the coupling song. Take Me Higher is made by Yonghwa, it’s close to the music impression during Japan debut, isn’t it?

Yonghwa : Yes. It’s also lead to our 5th Anniversary, we made it to remember where we begin. I think it has grown up a bit compared to the old days (songs), there are many dreams come true. But some is still longing/craving, like, there’s always a strong desire to exceed the great wall. Looking back to the past, while we make our vision to our own destination from now on.


And another one song, Jonghyun’s Be My Love, seems like a gentle-sweet love song, I wonder why the lyrics written in English? Also, what’s the essence that’s needed for a love song to Jonghyun?

Jonghyun : I was making a demo in English from time to time. This song may have more meaning by it’s words in Japanese, but because it’s better to sing it in your own words (in your preferred language) so it’ll be easier to control the emotions, feelings, and a delicate nuances, and I want to straightly convey the “poetic sentiment”. The essence…..when you make a love song you have to mash up the past, the reality, and the future in the delusion (laughs).


From May 22nd, SPRING LIVE 2016 We’re like a puzzle~』will start. Because the last Budokan concert in December was  great, we also expect the same for this time!

Yonghwa : I think it was a trance in Budokan, it’s me (laughs). It was really good and fun. I think the first important thing to do when doing live is to enjoy. But, the power of our fans can make us feel it also. We want to be ‘one’ with you all this time. It’s either made just like the other tour or what…..but there’s a hint to the latest “Puzzle” song (laughs).


Original article by eXcite MUSIC Japan

JP – ENG trans by alvianashin